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Shane's World 31

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/23/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Amateur, Young

Director: Andy

Cast: Elizabeth Del Mar, Faith Grant, Jessie James, Jayla, Michelle Lane, John, Stinky Martinez, "The Grizz," TC, James, Geoff Stadium, Andy Treehorn, Felipe Torres, Porno Joe

Length: 2hr 2 min

Production Date: 2002

Extras: Chapter Selection without act access; A fun Behind the Scenes that runs 13 min including more antics, stunts and mixed footage such as Drunky visiting a dance club and a freefall chamber; A decent bonus scene with "The Grizz" and a fair looking gal; An all oral bonus scene with Felipe Torres and some girl; Photo gallery; Bios; Spam; Director Commentary.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 English with a nice, crisp track. The sounds of the actors were clear and easily heard. The Video is Full Frame color. Much of the stunt footage varies, in both lighting and camera work. But this is expected for what it is. The sex scenes were done very well. The lighting was ample and presented in nice tones on the DVD. I was particularly pleased with the direction of the film. Despite having an amateur look in style and actors, the footage was very well captured. There was enough time spent on most acts, the edits were not jarring but smoothly done, and the toggle between closeup and full body also handled well.

Body of Review: In 1940 a man in the mountains saw a 'ghastly' creature that had never been seen before. In 1969 the same creature was spotted at Congress protesting the war on drugs and later in Los Angeles where he apeared drunk and biligerant. After this, he was not seen again. Until now. A group of college students in Florida found him, befriended him and named him Drunky the Bear. But Drunky's new friends may not be a good influence on him. They're a bunch of guys that like to drink, smoke and do dangerous stunts. They jump from cars, off roofs and dumpster dive. Sometimes drawing blood and causing bruises to one another and poor unsuspecting Drunky. But then, they are a fun bunch, and there's nothing quite like seeing a man in a bear costume dragged around the yard or run over with a bicycle. Mixing outrageous and dangerous stunts with some amateurish bang bang, these 9 guys make one hellavuh entertaining flick.

Scene 1: Felipe Torres, Jessie James
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Reverse Cowgirl,
Positions: 69, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Spoon, Doggy
Condoms: No
The M.I.L.F. Two guys pull to a house in their car, where the woman they are looking for lives. They go to the door and ring the bell. A cute woman answers. We don't get her name or anything about her except that she is 31. Not too old really, even for the 24 year old Fellipe. Regardless, she has pretty face, long brown hair. They move onto a bed where she starts sucking him off. The two go into 69, with her squeling quite a bit. She's pretty loud at times but it all seems very exaggerated. While in reverse cowgirl she spins on his dick and goes into cowgirl for a little while until he flips her over into missionary. The positions are given plenty of well shot attention, and ends with a pop to her chest. Usually it's the guy that will ruin a scene with his rambling or continuous grunts, but here the woman did it all and Felipe hardly says a word. Her squeeling and yelling is so bad that I pressed the mute button. It wasn't a sexy moaning and groaning just outright screaming. I like this scene for its clean, amateur look and decent changeup. But the girl did it in for me.

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Scene 2: Porno Joe, Jayla
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl,
Condoms: No
The guys do some more ridiculous stunts including jumping off roofs, eating a bug and keg rolling and trying to set Drunky on fire. Probably the funniest moment is when they run him down with a four wheeler and untap the keg shooting beer all over the garage. After a few minutes of this we cut to a hotel room with a bunch of guys hanging out. They're just shooting the breeze until one of the girls arrives. Jayla comes in with her friend Autumn. Jayla is not my type. An okay, young looking girl, she has a nice slim, body but not particularly attractive. Autumn is her heavier friend who is just along to watch and offer moral support. Jayla's man for the scene is Porno Joe, also a young decent looking fella. They immediately start kissing, and taking each others shirts off. Jayla is completely shaved, with very small breasts. There is some mutual oral gratification, which Jayla does very well, before the vaginal acts. Jayla takes a nice long ride on Porno Joe, moving up and down alternating speeds. Great camera closeups and full shots make this a good scene. The two do a good routine, but unlike the last scene neither one make a noise. The girl was pretty passive, not going out of her way to get into the scene, but it was still enjoyable.

Scene 3: Faith, Fellipe Torres
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: 69, Missionary, Spoon, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: No
Drunky the bear is hungover this morning and the guys lure him outside to drink more beer. The get him to stand on top of a cooler that is tied to a truck. When they drive off the rope comes loose and after a few failed attempts they finally do what was intended and yank poor Drunky off his feet. There are more shenannigans here, most painful is when a Andy Treehorn smacks his head on the street after jumping from the back of a truckbed. Then comes the sex. A nice looking, wide hipped girl comes to the house to shag with Fellipe. Faith is a girl with just a tiny bit of extra meat. She has fake tits, but hide hips and a great behind. She's very excited about sucking Fellipe's dick, and not forgeting the sac. When Fellipe starts to give it to her, she moans softly and plays with her shaved pussy. Faith gets pretty hot and seems to enjoy working her hips to his memeber. When they are in reverse cowgirl, Fellipe pushes her off and spews on the bed. But they come back a second time. She's more vocal this time, as he pumps at her. Ends with a mild facial she doesn't look to happy about.

Scene 4: Michelle Lane
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: No
More rough housing with the guys, including a backyard brawl and James peeing on TC's leg. The fighting goes on longer than necessary. We then jump to a gorgeous, young blonde on a bed with a dildo in her (how's that for a seguay). She starts stroking the dick of the guy lying next to her and then gives him a hot looking BJ. A lot of time is spent with oral pleasure, which was fine with me because this girl was what I expected in this film, foxy and very fit. Unfortunately, there is very little screwing here. They do some nice, hot missionary, a pop to her stomach and then they come back for some more. The second time around is much more exciting because there are more positions. Ends with a cumshot on her ass.

Scene 5: Stinky Martinez, Elizabeth Del Mar
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
Condoms: No
The final scene begins with the guys hanging around outside at a barbecue. Not much happens here so we go to the bedroom pretty quickly. The next girl is a blonde with red streaks in her hair. She has a great body, and manicured and painted toes. Stinky Martinez gets the pleasure of her pretty mouth. Stinky is a rather hairy dude that could use some trimming all over--this was kind of a deterent for the scene. But the girl is cute, with real breasts and a nice tan body so it kept my interest. He's in the middle of getting it on, when the guy from the scene before walks in and takes sloppy seconds. Which is okay with me, as Stinky kinda looks like someone's little brother and not what you expect in a porn flick. This guy gives her a harder pounding and she lets it be heard. In a few minutes he pops on her pussy. One final skit with Drunky has him going down a concrete slope in a shopping cart and a fight between Drunky and a guy dressed up in a Bear in the Blue House costume.

Concluding Words: This film is a strange mix of macho violence, crude stunts and porn. It's likely one that will work for some viewers and not at all for others. Regardless, I thought the film was very entertaining. The stunts were great fun if not painful to watch. And the sex scenes contained a good amount of variation with nice looking, young girls. I might be hesitant to recommend this to just anyone one. It's a strange feeling to jump from laughing and cringing at the acts performed by the guys, to some heated, hardcore action. Couple Alert: In a sense I suppose this is a guy's film, as it really hits on all the things men find entertaining. My girlfriend digs shows like CKY and Jackass, but only in doses, and certainly not on a Friday night, when trying to spice things up. And most women probably won't want to toggle between the two. For that reason I wouldn't recommend this solely as an adult film, because you'll just find yourself frustrated and scanning through the ridiculous stunts. In that sense I would say rent it, because while it is a strange combo, it is entertaining and could be fun. I would however, definetely recommend this as a film that guy's will enjoy. You can't go wrong with violence and hot girls. This title would make a great gift for any guy. The bonus features are pretty solid and as worthy of checking out as the film itself. So it's Highly Recommended


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