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New Girls

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

New Girls

Red Light District/Hot Frame

Genre: New Women

Director: Toni Ribas

Cast: Henriette, Toni Ribas, Tamira, Kevin King, Noemi, Claudia, David Perry, Dark Angel, Sheryl, Mili Jay, Sara

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/4/2003

Extra's: The first extra was an 18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Sophie Evans. It showcased the performers and allowed Sophie to strut her interviewing skills for the camera but the audio was off by being hollow with very low levels. The picture wasn't exactly great either but it did allow for the cast to introduce themselves further. The next extra was an 18.5 minute long Bonus sex section, starting off with Daria Glower teasing the camera before a point of view blowjob was given. It suffered from the same technical problems as the BTS feature but was worth watching. There was also a photogallery and a double-sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as expected. The world knows that Red Light District makes the best gonzo porn in terms of technical values and price for most of their movies but this was one of their affiliate productions (Toni's company, Hot Frame) and it was not up to par. The colors were a bit saturated and the pattern noise was a bother more than a few times but the lighting was inconsistent too. In short, it looked okay but not what I'd expect from RLD. The biggest problem was not the picture though; it was the audio. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English and this in an area where RLD is not exactly known for top of the line material but this one blew goats. The problem seemed to be related to a lack of synchronization at first but it was also hollow and had a very low level to the vocals. I had to turn up the audio quite a bit but that distorted the sound and when they started going at it in the scenes, it was then too loud. In short, the audio needed a lot of work.
Note: My copy was a screener copy on a check disc format so the retail version may well be better than this was.

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Body of Review: Every company in the wonderful world of porn is releasing a series of movies centering on women that are new to porn, from Hustler's Barely Legal series to Red Light District's own Just Over Eighteen. Fans in growing numbers all over have made their voices heard clearly that they want to see new gals in movies rather than just the same old faces. Personally, I like seeing both new gals as well as those who appeal to my tastes that are proven successes but the latest release from Red Light District is New Girls. The movie has six scenes of attractive new gals from Eastern Europe strutting their talents for the camera, under a new deal that Toni Ribas has worked out with the king of gonzo porn companies. If you're looking for plot or lengthy scenarios, you'll want to look elsewhere but if you want what Red Light is known for in terms of hot, young women, read the following breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One: Henriette, a 22 year old Hungarian in her fourth movie, showed off her metallic red hair and lovely curves for Toni before they started kissing. Fans of all natural breasts will appreciate her bountiful harvest as much as those who enjoy women that haven't been used up. Her ass was a piece of work and if I were given the chance, I'd buy her parents a drink for giving birth to her (yum!). Anyway, he went down on her and then started plugging away, first at her pussy and then her ass. She seemed to be inexperienced but tried to keep up with him as able. She did several positions and ATM (ass to mouth) before jerking him off into her mouth.

Scene Two: Tamira, a 20 year old blonde Hungarian (from Budapest), was a bit leaner than the last gal. She had a scene with a minimal interview (virtually none) and a guy named Kevin, on a small green love seat. Her ass was also a site to behold and he couldn't resist tasting her well cropped pussy and ass. She then gave him a decent blowjob topped off with a titty fuck after which they fucked like bunnies, very happy little bunnies. She was less energetic but worth watching. And he jerked off onto her abdomen at the end of the scene.

Scene Three: Noemi, a 19 year old brunette in her third movie and Claudia, a bleach blondish 27 year old gal in her fifth movie, started off their scene by wearing lingerie and playing with one another. Each gal looked somewhat older than her posted age but this is nothing new in porn and shouldn't be taken as a slight towards them. They got to work with porn veteran David on a bed, who wasted no time playing with Noemi. He licked and rubbed her and in no time (through the wonders of editing) she was sucking him off, using her hand to increase friction, with some help from Claudia. I was distracted by something on the camera lens but the scene wasn't bad. There was some PTM (pussy to mouth-technically other gal's mouth) and straight with oral before the toys came into play. An anal plug was used to open Claudia a bit for the inevitable screwing and she took the technical DP like a champ with Noemi doing some ATM action. Claudia licked the semen of Noemi's ass at the end.

Scene Four: Angel, the 21 year old brunette Slovakian on the front DVD cover, made the other gals pale in comparison with her great looks (and they weren't slackers in the looks department either). Toni took this one on for good reason as she ground into his crotch as he licked her nipples and rubbed her crotch in unison. She then gave a great no-hands blowjob with a lot of energy, showing her talents to be well practiced. She started the screwing by sitting on his lap but in no time, I was impressed with the way she rode him, not the other way around. Sadly, the spooning position wasn't as solid but she was still an active participant and he tasted her a bit after that one. They did some foot fetish stuff with her jerking him off a bit but reverted to form in the reverse cowgirl position, something she excelled at, before he rubbed out a couple of loads onto her abdomen.

Scene Five: Sheryl, a 24 year old Hungarian with dark hair in her third or fourth movie, appeared to have the least attractive body of the female cast here. It was nice and lean but Angel was a tough act to follow. She had a scene with David in a large, comfortable chair and he started in by licking her small breasts and going down on her. That he also fingered her a lot is a given since he really likes it that way. She returned the favor by going down on him a bit, with the bent over position a sight to see her curved ass. She rode him cowgirl style and she tasted herself off his dick before switching positions a few more times. She was among the most energetic of the cast, proving me wrong in terms of my initial assessment of her. It ended when he jerked his load onto her awaiting face, something that she did not dodge at all (even keeping her eyes wide open).

Scene Six: Sara, a 22 year old Czech gal and Mili, a 19 year old Czech gal, both with dark hair, started off their scene by playing with one another in hot lingerie by a stripper's pole. Both were the lean gals I've come to expect from the third world country and each had their own style of teasing Toni, who soon joined them. He spent some time going down on them and rubbing them into readiness and they fought for a shot at his penis, taking turns to taste the healthy pole. The gals took turns getting screwed by Toni but also used a large, black dildo on one another too, with some technical DP action going on. If you like PTM and ATM, there was some of that going on too. The gals finished it up by double-teaming him orally, then cum swapping a bit as they rubbed his member on their faces.

Summary: While I greatly disliked the audio and some aspects of the video, I think the cast was looking good or better. I'm going to rate it as Recommended based on the quality of the sexual performances but Toni and Sophie need to compare their technical results with other RLD movies to see what needs improving (it won't take a lot of looking to figure out what looked and sounded wrong). Again, my check disc may not be as good as the retail release (I held off reviewing it in an attempt to see if a local rental outlet had a copy but was unsuccessful) but the sex was well worth checking out for fans of new performers.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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