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Bring'Um Young #14

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/29/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Young

Director: Jon Dough

Cast: Allison Wyte, Cassie Young, Honey, Tia Sins, Jaden, Veronica Lace, Jon Dough, Erik Everhard, John Strong

Length: 2hr 17 min

Production Date: Annabolic, 2004

Extras: Chapter Selection--without act access, Pop Shot Access, Gallery, Music On/Off Ability

Audio/Video: The Audio was presented in 2.0 with little from the expected. All scenes were inside and so the sounds of the actors were easily heard. There were some moments where background noise came through, but it wasn't too frequent. The biggest problem I had was Jon Dough's ongoing comments. The feature allows the viewer to turn the music on or off, which is nice, but Jon's voice can still be heard. And then it's accompanied by crappy music. The Video was in Full Frame color with a nice, clean picture. Lighting and skin tones were as expected. My only qualm was that the camera would occasionally do a quick pan, say from back to front. And I found this a bit jarring.

Body of Review: They weren't kidding when the people over at Annabolic came up with the Bring'Um Young series. And if you have any doubt in the competent and always trustworthy good folks of Annabolic, simply watch---just before they do a scene each girl holds up her driver's license to prove her age. The only girls allowed are 18 or 19, and they certainly look it.

Scene 1: Alison, Wyte, Jon Dough, John Strong
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Alison Wyte is the cute, very young girl on the cover. She holds her license up to prove just how young she really is. A petite 18 year old (at production date) with pigtails and freckles over her entire body, Alison has a beautiful smile and giddy quality about her. Wearing a matching panties and top she lies back in bed in order to service Jon and John. She does a nice job here and after the guys are worked up, Alison climbs on top of John and takes it in. John spreads Alison's pasty, freckled rear as she leans over to continue sucking Jon standing nearby. Next, she rolls off John and Jon puts her in the doggy position giving her a good screw while she is working on John. When John moves Alison into anal she is on top and it's a pretty general act, but when Jon climbs on to offer some double penetration, things get better and we are offered some clean closeups, but boy are the names confusing. This was a great scene and Alison is a pretty, young thang, but the guys vocals drown out hers. Jon particularly, whose name-calling and loud moaning becomes pretty annoying. I guess when you reach his satus in the industry you can do and say pretty much whatever you want, but I wonder sometimes if he even thinks that some of his viewers might find it distracting. Nonetheless, after some more great DPs Alison takes some pops to the mouth. The first she doensn't seem to like, but then has no problem swallowing it down. Jon gives her some more pounding until he reaches climax and then offers up a facial which she chokes on briefly.

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Scene 2: Cassie, Jon Dough, John Strong
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon
Condoms: No
Cassie is the second girl. She has long blond hair and two stars tattoed on her cute tummy. She begins by jumping up and down on a hotel bed, letting her small, round breasts bounce around. This is a hot little scene, except the purpose is defeated when Jon keeps zooming in on her crotch instead of her chest. As she's jumping--and trying not to hit the ceiling with her head--John lies on the bed and motions her down to him. The oral she gives him is very sexy, Cassie has a natural look to her and is very hot to watch. After an amazing BJ and some ball smooching and licking with her cute pierced tongue, she is entered in the missionary position. They do the usual changeups; cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and then we cut to some more oral action. The BJ gets sloppy and large globs of saliva string off her mouth. Some deep throating produces a long strand of spit dangling from her chin. Jon Dough steps up and gives her his own medicine, which of course involves a lot of pumping and pausing to hold off from climax. Although at times this is good, giving some break between the banging and some room for slow, steady thrusting, it really just looks like a guy holding off. And Cassie looks like she's growing tired. The scene ends with some oral, and Jon popping on her chest. After this Cassie has a strange, look of confusion or worry that was a bit unsettling. John gets his dick sucked some more and gives her a facial.

Scene 3: Veronica Lace, Jon Dough
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Sitting on a chair in a hotel room, Veronica rubs her breasts outside of her shirt. She's wearing tight, sky blue shirt that says 'cutie' and a pair of blue flowery panties. Definately a cute girl, Veronica has nice, homely face and plump thighs--although in no way chunky. Soon enough her hands wander downstairs and begin rubbing her trimmed pussy. Jon Dough walks on camera wearing only a towel around his waist. He kneels down and begins to give her oral. This isn't very exciting, Jon can't keep still for long and so there is no slow attention given to Veronica, only some tonguing and fingering that's not too hot. When Veronica returns the favor she does a good job, and she allows Jon to do a fair amount of deep throat which leads to gagging. A few times she has to stop Jon so she can catch her breath. When Jon enters her, it's doggy style and pretty obvious that it's painful. She never gets into the sex and instead always looks as though she is searching for a happy place. Which is too bad. Veronica is one of the hotter little girls on the film and we really don't get to experience her. Instead we mostly see her getting drilled with little expression. When she finally goes into a more dominant position, it's ruined by Jon's blabing and an unexpected pop. Jon pulls out while she is in cowgirl and pops on her rear.

Scene 4: Honey
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: No
Honey is the next girl in the vid. She has a golden complexion and blond streaks in her hair. When Jon pulls her shirt up we see that her nipples are pierced. She also has a piercing above her upper lip. Honey claims to have a little mouth, but tries her hardest to give her best performance. And she does a nice job at giving oral, looking super hot as she stares into the camera. The two lie on the floor and Jon enters her double-pierced pussy. We're about a minute into the position when Jon has to pull out, banging the floor with his fist. Honey just laughs. When they continue Honey tries getting into the action, but Jon has to keep stopping or withdrawing. She begins to look annoyed, and who can blame her? It borders on ridiculous. Which is another letdown. Honey is a gorgeous gal and it would have been great to see more of her and maybe some action that she was really into--did someone say anal? Like the scene before we get a taste of her getting her groove on in reverse cowgirl, but the same faults ruin this scene. It ends with Jon giving a cumshot to her lips.

Scene 5: Tia Sins, Jon Dough, John Strong
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Tia is one of those girls that definately looks her age. She is eighteen, pale and extremely petite. Nearly flat-chested, her thin frame is very delicate looking. But don't be deceived, because this blonde is very naughty, and this becomes clear once she speaks. Her voice is not innocent, but more like someone that knows what she wants. Tia's scene involves Jon and John. She begins with some oral, back and forth between the two guys, and then the usual 2M1F threesome positions. As Jon performs with her, the other guy keeps his member in her mouth, never pulling it out. When Tia climbs on top of John, her little round ass is in the camera and there is some nice action, partly because Jon is out of the picture for a few minutes. By the end they both give her a facial. I don't think Tia was excited about the scene. She didn't make much noise or show any reaction. A few times she looked uncomfortable and even grabbed at the bed sheets. But then she didn't have any hesitation in doing the things she was told to do. And while this was a really good scene (minus the usual) Tia wasn't really my type. She's a cute girl, but too young looking. And her very petite body only added to her apperance.

Scene 6: Jaden, Jon Dough, Erik Everhard
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Spoon, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: No
A bubbly, pigtailed girl, Jaden kneels on the bed with her cherry-printed panties pulled down. She's a definite hottie and perhaps one of the best looking in the film. Her tasks begin with oral for Jon and his pal. Jaden has a nose piercing and a cute stud in her belly button. As she's being spooned we see a cherry tattoo below her panty line. Jaden has the most reaction of all the girls, giving some decent moaning while Jon lays into her and she sucks the other guy off. It gets nice when she climbs on top and rides Erik all the while sucking on Jon. Erik takes her doggy style and when she comes it sends her rolling over and squirming. The guys waste no time, and Erik enters her again while Jon puts his dick back in her mouth. Jon gives her a strong facial to her cheek and surprises her when he shoots some in her eye. She manages to keep a good attitude about it though. Erik then offers a load into her mouth, but she looks a bit disgusted by it and barely moves as it slids off her chin. A great scene overall, particularly with Jaden's own coming which came off as natural.

Concluding Words: I'm torn on this film. There was much that I enjoyed about it: the girls are young, hot and very willing ladies that take quite a bit of heat from the bigger boys. But then things I disliked, I disliked greatly: Jon Dough's constant verbalization of his ego, which he can get away with of course, nonetheless annoys his audience; the lack of enthusiasm in the girls who for the most part are not excited or fully involved but are just kinda there; and finally Jon Dough's stamina. He screws much like a boxer beating a punching bag. There are several, quick, repetitive hits, followed by a short rest with some trash talking thrown in. It's just a distraction. And while the ability to toggle the music is a nice feature, it doesn't drown out the vocals (funny when you want it to, it doesn't). Couple Alert: I would be hesitant to recommend this to all couples. Although there is some deep throating and gagging and very, very mild rough play, it never gets out of control. The biggest concern is that the sex is not fully mutual. There is little to no foreplay or oral attention given to the girls; the sex scenes are begun immediately. It is also not often when the they seem excited or to be enjoying the sex. They're rather passive and receptive throughout and so this might be a turnoff or considered--by some--as somewhat degrading. To reach a conclusion on this is unfair to the girls, whom I think are very worthy of checking out, despite the flaws of the film. So because of them I Recommend this title, but do so with cautionary advice and the suggestion to toggle the music on, or cut the sound altogether.


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