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Extreme Behavior 2

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 5/8/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Fantasy Straight Compilation
DIRECTOR: Toni English
STARS: Nicole Sheridan, Aria, Voodoo, Ava Vincent, Violet Blue, Chris Cannon, Diana de Voux, Anthony Hardboy, Kaylani Lei, Julian, Dominica Leoni, Lena Ramon, Nikita Denise, Randy Spears
LENGTH: 130 mins with bonus material

In the world of pornography, it's rare when you can say, "now there's something you don't see everyday". As the market has expanded and more and more companies try to stand out, there is no such thing as restrictions when it comes to explicit materials. Water sports, bodily functions, all manner of ethnic and physiological permutations make up the standard catalog of most adult entertainment productions. And with the Internet adding its own extreme raison d'etra, smut is now just a cornucopia of concepts and couplings. So when Adam and Eve announce a series called Extreme Behavior, aficionados of flesh can feel their eyebrows (and other body parts) rise up at the prospect. What untold tortures and tantalizing trysts will be revealed in this exploration of the intense? What forbidden fruit will be picked and licked, what unspeakable act of love will play out in vibrant colors and stereo sound for the home theater patron? The answer, oddly enough, is rather ambivalent. According to DVD Talk's Don Houston in his review of Extreme Behavior 1 featured here onsite (apparently subtitled for star Aurora Snow), the outrageous fucking there was all wrapped up in a rather casual coating of fantasy fair. So Extreme Behavior II must be far more ferocious, right? It must really burn up the carnal calories on its way to a total tits and ass workout, correct? Well, yes and no. If you are a neophyte in the realm of XXX, there will be a great deal here that is shocking and sensually unusual. But for true devotees of dick and derriere, this is more softcore fun decked out with hardcore action. Only two scenes here border on the bravura, while the rest settle nicely into a couples compliant atmosphere.

The DVD:
Basically a set of scenes following a pseudo theme derived from their titles ("Spy Games", "Body and Gears") Extreme Behavior II is a nice sampling of some straight (and some strange) sexual practices. The tone can shift wildly from serious to silly and the overall level of performance is very high. Since this compilation was created all at the same time, the visual style is consistent throughout and the production values are lofty. The individual scenes offered are as follows:

Scene 1("Spy Games"): Nicole Sheridan, Aria, Voodoo
We begin with, what is basically, some spy spoofing. Aria and Nicole carry water pistols and are dressed in severe vinyl outfits, very skintight and revealing. They chase the leather-clad Voodoo around a cage set until they manage to trap him. Manacled and totally ensnared, the girls tease him by performing some perfunctory foreplay on each other. They grab at his groin. They also spray him with water and pull on his clothes. Eventually everyone gets naked and Voodoo is let out of his pen. Then the hurricane begins. Frankly, this critic has never seen such a break neck, firestorm free for all of positions, configurations and sexual hi-jinx. Once this trio starts there's just no stopping them. Both Nicole and Aria suck Voodoo's dick and they really ratchet up the raunch with lots of loogey lube. Then Nicole sits on his face while Aria completes the pecker puckering. Nicole wants more man meat so she hops down and does some slapping and sucking of Mr. Doo's swollen tool. Aria occupies herself with some good old-fashioned toe sucking and foot fucking. That's right, after she's licked the piggies, the big one goes for a vaginal vacation as Aria rides his insole like a trouper.

Peter finally finds pussy as Aria grabs a cowgirl seat and starts to saddle up. In the meantime, Nicole moves around and plays with the big guy's balls. She also adds a few spanks to Aria's ass. Whenever Voodoo pulls out of the horny honey, Nicole is there to blow the boy back into shape. Aria also loves to shove her fingers in her dripping cunt while Voodoo is taking a baloney breather and she consistently thrusts her moist digits into the man's mouth for added enticement. Eventually, through a series of thrusts and rubs, Aria unloads a huge g-spot fountain all over Voodoo crotch. Then it's Nicole's turn at the tool. She sits back against Aria (giving the lucky lady ready access to her rack) and Voodoo deep scissors Miss Nick. Every once in a while, Aria leans down and lunches on Nicole's box as Voodoo pounds away. Finally, Nickie reaches the squirting stage and a steady stream of female ejaculate pours from her pussy. As she masturbates to this liquid turn of events, Aria produces another powerful pool of girl juice. Tired of being the only one not cumming, Voodoo turns up the dick drilling and eventually explodes all over Nicole's vaginal area. Aria immediately leaps in for a few healthy licks.

But this is not the end. As if to show Voodoo who is really the best at popping their cork, Aria and Nicole straddle the supine stud and proceed to bathe him in G-spot sputum until he is literally sodden with female foam. Fade out and head for the box of tissues and some petroleum jelly. Aye chi wa wa! Except for the MTV-style jump cutting and non-stop barreling ahead in the action dynamic, this is one hot as holy motherfucking Hell scene. Aria has a nice, muscled build and, though she has an unfortunate face, Nicole holds her own in the tits and ass department. Together, they really teach Voodoo a thing or two about the orgasm. If you've never seen ladies lubircate and expel before, this scene is a great introduction. Some may be turned off by the torrents of twat liquor here, but it does make for an unusual and intense scene. Score: 10/10

Scene 2 ("Ice Queens"): Ava Vincent, Violet Blue, Chris Cannon

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After the high intensity snatch showers of the previous film, it's time to cool down with a little snow cone action. In reality, the frozen treat is a minor player in what is basically a very calm ménage a trios. Ave and Violent make a snow cone and play with it, rubbing the red syruped ice over each other. Eventually, they whip out a couple of ice dildos and give the cold cocks some frozen fun. Just when it seems we may be treated to some girl-on-girl goodness with extra sugary fruit flavored topping on the side, along comes Chris Cannon to inject some beef into the womenly winter wonderland. The ladies immediately greet him with a group penis pleasuring. Eventually, they lay him down, take out their own icicle works and begin a very ritualized blowjob. When one is sucking his cock, the other is giving the inside of her mouth a cold cock chill-down. Each time there is a trade off, Cannon's hot tamale is thrust into the refrigerated jaws of the other. Chris reacts violently as nippy chops hit his warm wood. During one of these icy/hot helpings, Ava takes the prick-cicle and puts it inside her pussy. You can almost hear the sizzling sound.

Ava ends up on Chris's chin, getting a nice snatch snacking while Violet visits the wild west for some backwards range riding. Change partners and Ava is pile driven by Mr. Cannon's deep penetration. When he's finally finished, he adds some special protein pleasure to the top of the girls' sweet snow treat. They really enjoy their handmade helping of glacial guy goo. This scene, while featuring a few moments of mystifying fun, seems far too short. Almost truncated. Before you know it, Chris is making his own Otter Pops and the sequence is over. More could have been made with the syrups (not enough food fun) and the ice dildos should have seen some more twat time. Still, for what it offers, this is another fine example of hot, hardcore action. Score; 7.5/10

Scene 3 ("Caged Angel"): Diana de Voux, Anthony Hardboy
What looks like it will be an intriguing battle between good (Anthony) and evil (Diana), turns into a standard interracial sex sequence. After teasing our muscle man in white (wings and loincloth), Diana does a slow motion bump and grind before Anthony makes a bee line for her booty. He eats her out in a slow, methodical fashion. Diana gets Anthony up against the seat of the birdcage (yes, both of our "angels" are trapped in an oversized aviary) and works her way to his crotch. She kisses and licks his nipples. She lingers over his joy junction. Eventually, she gets his cock into her full, supple mouth and using love bites, some tit play and a strange desire to pull his foreskin up and over the head of his dick with her lips, Diana deep throats the dude. We cut to a scene of Anthony fucking this full-bodied African beauty and she enjoys his long stroking form. Diana then gets on top and rides the baloney pony for a while until Mr. Hardbody is ready to rock and roll. He releases his man spunk all over Ms. de Voux's face and she helps him finish by sucking out the last few drops. Again, this scene feels somehow shortened. Anthony's pale muscled form looks fine against and with Diana's chocolate thunder, but the resulting rendezvous lacks anything extreme or highly charged. Some could consider it erotic, but this critic found it cold. Score: 5/10

Scene 4 ("Body Art"): Kaylani Lei, Julian
With a title like "Body Art', you expect something more than painted-on tattoos and uninspired action. Now, if this scene had 'forced' Kaylani to get a provocative tattoo in an inappropriate place, or featured a more oral exploration of the inspired ink work on Julian's body, the segment would have been a steamy treat. As it is, this is probably the least provocative action in the whole film. Ms. Lei is covered in a black, boring set of flames that would, perhaps, look good on the side of a '67 Chevy. But since they cover about 60% of her body, she just looks like a kid who went crazy with the finger paints. Julian does carry quite an interesting array of tats on his well-shaped body, but we don't get to see many of them. This is more of a pose-down than a prick and pussy parade. When we do get to some action (after the extreme close-ups of the obviously faked imagery on Kaylani's frame) it's of the blowjob, DP, scissors, reverse cowgirl variety. Kaylani is active, putting on a nice game face of frenzied fucking even when the action doesn't indicate it. The eventual cum shot is all over the Hawaiian honey's chest. A very tepid and lukewarm scene without any of the kink or stink you'd associate with tattooing or a title like Extreme Behavior. Score: 3/10

Scene 5 ("Along Came a Spider"): Dominica Leoni, Lena Ramon
Here is a scene that shoots its premise wad before we can even get the goodies off the ground. In a series of very disorienting shots, Ms. Leoni finds herself in a web made of chains. Momentarily startled, she is soon being wrapped in pink cling film. The hands of an unseen female drape her near naked body in layer after layer of clear coating. We eventually see the results of such a cover – Dominica is strapped to the web and unable to move. With her 'prey' immobile, Lena comes out in some very crazy bondage gear and begins to explore her trapped treat. She wears a little spider thimble/knife and cuts holes in the Saran to get to the bawdy bits, which she bites and licks. Just when the tease is getting terrific, the rest of the wrap comes down and we are treated to a rather rote lesbian workout. All the interesting drama built up with the theme of capture and careful cutting is gone. All we are left with is girl eating girl, girl fingering girl and so on. So what could have been a fairly risky and frisky exploration of domination and control turns into same sex stasis. Still, Dominic and Lena do a good job here in selling the cunt canvasing, so those who like their Sappho on the dark and Gothic side will find this flesh feast a decadent delicacy. Score: 5.5/10

Scene 6 ("Body and Gears"): Nikita Denise, Randy Spears
Here are two seasoned pros at the game of fucking, so it's no surprise that this final scene is sexy and sensational. Spears is a scientist in a robot factory watching the latest love doll roll off the assembly line. Unable to control himself, he fondles and fidgets with the inanimate machine until it comes to life. While kissing the diode dolly, he jacks his own joint, building it up into a massive tool of terror. He gives the robot his huge handful and she continues the stroking. Before you know it, she is up and sucking like a pro. As she is wetting his whistle, Randy licks her long, patent leather boots, even going so far as to spit in his hand and simulate a hand job on her long stiletto heel. Then something very unusual happens. Our robot gal (who is, in fact, Slavic sensation Nikita Denise) is hung from a harness in the ceiling, crotch open and exposed. Randy lowers her down onto his stiff prick and they proceed to fuck like reverse cowgirl maniacs for a good few minutes. Then it's back to the blowjob. Randy gets to return the attention by eating out Denise's ass and cunt. After all the salad tossing and clit corralling, Randy pile drives into Denise's wet womb with a great deal of deep penetration. When he is ready to rip, he lets his boy broth flow all over her open face and mouth.

Randy is usually good for a nice, intense session of straight-on pussy pulsating. Here he gets to do that and a little more and Nikita is right there with him every sexy step of the way. While it's true that more could have been done with the robot ideal or the strange, surreal setting (why have all those turning gears if you aren't going to do something with them?). Yet this is still a hot and horny scene. Score: 8/10

Overall, if Extreme Behavior II pushes anything, it's the limits of truth in advertising. While some of the scenes do contain a few fresh and inventive moments, nothing here is really extreme. None of the naughty images that title implies are to be found here. What we do get are a few well-done sex scenes with plenty of penetrating hardcore action, all handled with style and skill by director Toni English. A very prolific filmmaker, her style is visually oriented with the use of subtle color schemes, intense lighting and varying video effects. The result can occasionally be too arty for some tastes, but she does allow the framing to feature all the actors so that we can partake in the passion and playfulness during the sex. She also is more controlled with her use of extreme close-up than others in her profession. This means less pelvic exams and more steamy dynamics. Still, one can't help but feel that more could have been done with this concept. Extreme means a lot of things to a lot of people, but to tell the people they are in for some severe action, only to deliver above average soft hardcore is deceptive. Also, on a side note, porn directors really need a few lessons on the cinematic "flow" of their compilations. This DVD blows its wad with the introductory three-way. After all the action in that scene, the rest of the film can only pale in comparison. Leaving Voodoo and his vixens until the end would have made for a better overall presentation. As it stands now, the rest of the scenes have to try and live up to this monster of an opener.

The Video:
As said before, English has a way with the camera and the 1.33:1 full frame image is colorful and detailed. If there is one flaw in the final product, it is the decision to offer almost every scene with a post-production lag in its motion capture. This means the image tends to blur and ghost whenever objects move rapidly in front of the camera. So when Aria is rubbing herself raw, all we see is an occasional hand and a distortion of movement. It's not always present, but it can interfere with your enjoyment of this fuck flick. Also, the use of video means that a lack of lighting can lead to some overly dark moments. A couple do occur, but overall this is an admirable visual offering.

The Audio:
The electronic beat of the bass and bottom fills the Dolby Digital Stereo with aural excellence. But when the music goes mute and the action is featured without soundtrack, the audio is shallow and hard to hear. This may be one of the few adult DVDs where you actually have to turn up the sound. About the only consistently audible element is the screaming and groaning. Dialogue is all but lost and the ambiance is ruined by the hiss and hollowness in the over cranked volume.

The Extras:
Along with the standard publicity based bonuses (a still photo gallery, a website plug, a series of short but sexy trailers) the real extra content comes in the way of an average additional scene (not even from this movie) and an intriguing Behind the Scenes documentary. It is always amazing to hear what goes through the minds of a porn star before and after they perform. On the featurette included here, we are privy to Nicole Sheridan's fear of having an onset 'squirt' failure. Voodoo tries to explain his lame name and Kaylani endeavors to stand still as an artist maps out the elaborate body painting she will go through for her tattooed scene. Some of the stuff here is superfluous, but we also get an idea of the amount of work and effort that goes into a scene. Just seeing a guy pulling on his pud while the camera angle is changed speaks volumes for the rather rote manner in which these movies are made. There have been better making-of shorts, but the information here is intriguing.

Too bad the bonus scene is so shitty. Even though it features a young Aurora Snow (almost TOO young, by the middle school look of her), the lesbian action is rather routine.

Bonus Scene (from "Sex Across America 3"): Aurora Snow, Nefrititi, Christi Lake
In the backroom of a strip club, Christi and Nefi are initiating Ms. Snow in the ways of the dancer. This means sticking an oversized butt plug up her cunt and ramming the routine right out of her. Both controlling clits are eager to please the young lass. She reacts with some sensual swivels. But then we see that these Sappho shenanigans are just a show for a group of people – guys and gals – who are busy buttering each other's libidos. After a couple of seconds of this spectator stuff, we move into dildo country. Green and red rod replacements are taken out and enter orifices to begin their disappearing act. Perhaps the quintessential moment of the episode is a female daisy chain, in which Nefrititi lays back and takes a plastic tool in her pussy. While Christi keeps the joystick jumping, Aurora gives her a wonder wand in the backdoor. The playful, if pandering panorama ends up with lots of mutual mound munching and a sense of self-satisfaction on the part of the playmates. In general, if you're really into lesbian scenes, you'll like this one. Also, the women are not model quality attractive (and, again, Aurora looks really underage) which lends a kind of authenticity to the sex. But there is no real flow here, just a lot of fooling around. Score: 5/10

Final Thoughts:
If you can get beyond the obvious exaggeration of the title and whittle down your expectations into a more normalized mode, you'll really enjoy Extreme Behavior II. Though the intense tone of the scenes seems to sink after our initial triumvirate drowns each other in joy juice, the overall atmosphere is one of sensuality, sexuality and satisfaction. All the performers are pleasant to look at and the action is kept in focus – technologically and fundamentally - by the unflinching eye of director English. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, this exercise in ersatz severity gets a healthy 7 out of 10 and is recommended for the fiery fucking and sucking included. Since there is nothing really ribald or overly randy in the production, couples will find it a nice mood enhancer. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certificate is granted outright. While it would have been nice to see the envelope pushed a little, to explore some of the more perverse and unusual aspects of hardcore activity, Extreme Behavior II still supplies enough "haven't seen that before" moments to make it worthwhile. And anytime you can witness women drowning a man in their own love liquid, it's definitely a DVD worth checking out.

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