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Morgan Sex Project 4, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 5/12/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Alexandra Quinn, Kelsey, Friday, Randy Spears, Jonathan Morgan, Jason McCain

Length: Wicked, 1hr 20 min

Production Date:

Extras: Chapter Selection without Act Access, Promo Reels, Trailers, DVD-ROM Material--Including a casino game, desktop backgrounds, and web links, Gallery, Bonus Scene--a strong scene with Evan Stone and Kaylynn from 'Morgan Sex Project 5'.

Audio/Video: The Audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. This is a rare, but slowly rising, format for adult films. While I appreciate its inclusion on this title, I didn't find it necessary. Films that include special effects or a notable audio track sound better when formatted in 5.1 capability. But seeing as "The Morgan Sex Project" has documentary-style, there is a tremmendous amount of background noise. While in the bus several things can be heard: cars passing, the engine, other people on the bus talking and moving about. The only moments I found that used the 5.1 sound to its extent were the logo sequences and the opening music. The money and time spent toward developing this track could have been spent elsewhere. The Video is in Full Frame color. The quality is fair throughout the film. The footage goes into black and white at times to mimic the documentary-feel, but I didn't find it necessary, but rather an annoyance. There were some decent shots, but because of the footage it went from good lighting to poor, steady shot to shaky.

Body of Review: 'In March 2001, six Wicked actors drove to Mammoth Mountain, California to shoot a cockumentary of their exploits called "The Morgan Sex Project 4." This is their footage.' So begins the film documenting six lustfull actors in search of snow and sex. The bus ride is a long one, so they must find ways to keep themselves entertained, and what better way than some heated action as the big wheels roll.

Scene 1: Kelsey, Randy Spears
Acts Included: Oral
Condoms: No
As the bus is rolling, taking the cast to their ski lodge, Johnathan Morgan documents the ride there. In a quick tour of the bus, we find Alexandra and Friday on one of the wide beds. There is some Q&A here, before we cut away to Kelsey giving a blowjob to Randy Spears. Kelsey looks hot, her long, brown hair is wet like she just came out of the showers. She shows that despite the bumpy ride she has the ability to keep her rythym and focus on her services. During the process she removes her shirt and unleashes a gorgeouos pair of massive breasts with large, hard nipples, which she uses to play with Randy's manhood. In a matter of minutes Randy is cumming on her great big breasts. Not really a scene, and the blow/handjob goes so quickly it doesn't amount to much.

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Scene 2: Friday, Kelsey, Johnathan Morgan
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Scene 2 finds us back on the bed with Friday, between Johnathan Morgan's legs she talks to the camera telling us the dirtiest sex she's ever had. She's a larger girl, with extra meat on her body, and very animated when she tells her story. She pulls Johnathan's pants down and begins to service him offering nice closeup blowjob. As she undresses she reveals breasts of the same magnitude as Kelsey. There is a rather large tattoo of the letter "F" just above her shaved pussy. As she mounts Johnathan she really goes to town on him, grinding him like a bullrider trying to hang on. After Friday comes, Kelsey walks in on the two and sucks Friday's titties. There are a few more changeups before Johnathan pulls out and pops to Friday's mouth getting some in her eye. This was a fairly strong scene, Friday is not really my type because she's on the heavier side, but she does pack a whopping pair under her shirt. The entrance of Kelsey could have been significant to the scene, but as it turns out she doesn't do much expcept for some sucking and petting. The background sounds of passing cars and other people on the bus make for distraction, but this occurs thorughout, so you just have to get used to it.

Scene 3: Kelsey, Jason McCain
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
After a few short interviews with Friday after her scene and some other short miscellaneous shots of the behind the scenes sort, we are back in the main seating area of the bus. This time Kelsey has her lips wrapped around Jason McCain. Jason looks a bit like Chris from the "Sopranos". Kelsey puts a condom on his dick using her mouth and climbs on top in cowgirl. From this position we see her cute, triangular tattoo on her lower back and her nice round ass. Once Kelsey comes, which occurs rather quickly, Jason flips her over and does a slow pounding. Before I know it, he's pulling out and spurting on her tummy. Although we had a few nice angles here, again it's not much of a scene because it's over before I can really get into it. The actual sex lasts for only about 3 minutes so it's way too short. After the scene there is some footage of Jason joking around, sticking his goods between his legs and bending over to show it poking through while everyone laughs.

Scene 4: Randy Spears, Friday
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Piledrive
Condoms: Yes
The group finally arrive to their destination and unload from the bus. They sit around in the living room of their lodge talking for a few minutes when we cut to Randy Spears in the shower. Friday walks in, and begins to soap him up. Dripping wet, Friday gets on her knees and brings Randy's member to attention. Friday then takes some, nice slow thrusting as she sits on the sink counter with her leg wrapped around his shoulder. The two do a lot of talking and laughing which becomes annoying because they never get into the action. Friday moves the floor and lies on her back with her ass in the air and legs spread. In this position she is nearly smothered by her huge breasts. Randy does some more slow fucking, pulling out to show Friday's hole. Randy pulls out and jerks his load on her stomach. Another fair scene that could have been much better with more time spent on it. The shower scene was hot, seeing Friday's body wet and slippery was a turn on, but they don't stay in there for very long. And as is becoming typical, the scene is over too quickly.

Scene 5: Alexandra Quinn, Jason McCain
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: Yes
There is some short footage of Alexandra Quinn sucking on Randy and Jason. Alexandra does a good amount of deep throating, but makes grumbling, animal-like noises during the act. Not really exciting and not really a scene. We then see the group eating in a low lit restaurant before Alexandra and Jason go back to the lodge for some after dinner get down. Alexandra is a nice bodied, blonde/red haired gal. Wearing a blue mesh top and white stockings and heels, she goes down on Jason. She uses her hands to stroke his member and this part is nice because she has on a pair of white gloves that stretch up to her elbows. Throughout the sex she keeps them on, as well as the her stockings and heels. She twitches around a lot, tossing her head from side to side, as Jason mounts her in missionary. Alexandra is pretty heated in this scene. She likes to work it and does a nice job of going from reverse cowgirl to doggy, breathing heavy and moaning. In the end she happily takes a pop to the face. The best scene so far. We actually spend a decent amount of time with this couple. And Alexandra, while not the most stunning creature, is a cute gal and likes to give a good performance. She was excited about the scene to the very end.

Scene 6: Kelsey, Friday, Jason McCain
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Before the final scene, the group hits the ski slopes. There's some entertaining footage of the cast skiing and sleding. Briefly a quick blowjob or tit-suck tease occurs while on the lift. Back at the cabin Kelsey is busy munching on Friday. Kelsey pulls out a pink dildo and works it into Friday while she rubs at her clit. This gets Friday in a frenzy and she pumps along with Kelsey's motions, causing her large breasts to bounce around. Clothed only in his snow hat, Jason stumbles across the girls and puts his penis in Friday's face. Both girls take him on licking and tonguing his shaft and balls. Some mediocre vaginal sex follows between Friday and Jason. It's unfortanate that Kelsey does little more than touch and feel, because the threesome could have been more exciting with more of her participation. But I suppose she was saving her energy for anal. Jason enters her backdoor in the doggy position while Friday toys her pussy with a purple dildo. Although they never move from doggy it's a nice shot, and Kelsey groans a good deal. He pulls out of her ass in the end and pops onto her large, round rear.

Concluding Words: I liked the idea of this series. Behind the scenes is always a feature I enjoy watching on a film if it gives any kind of insight into the actors or the making of the film. More often than not, the footage is tedious, long, drawn out clips of interviews and chit chat. What I'd like to see is the presentation of the actors in their real selves, and not playing their parts up simply because the camera is present. Granted, this film may not be seeking to do this. The entire project could be scripted and therefore intentional. But it has a feel that it is supposed to be, or come off as, 'documentary' and when this doesn't seem truthful, it doesn't satisfy. With that said, the film is only mediocre. The girls were attractive women, nice, natural bodies. But they never became enthusiastic about the sex, and I found the scenes to pass too rapidly. Usually entailing only a handful of positions, the climaxes came within minutes of the fire being started. And with so much time spent on filming the crew outside of their scene, it came as a let down when the sex was cut short. While some fans of Wicked might enjoy this title as a glimpse of their fav actors being 'real', others, myself included, will likely be dissapointed by the lack of anything worthy. Therefore, if you are a fan of Wicked or of Friday (who is present in nearly every scene) I would suggest renting this title. Otherwise I say Skip It because it's not really not that exciting.


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