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Extreme Behavior 3

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 5/14/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Fantasy Straight Compilation
DIRECTOR: Toni English
STARS: Katie Morgan, Billy Glide, Mason, Mickey G, Taylor St. Clair, Tanya Danielle, Olivia O'Lovely, Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Benjamin Bratt, Kitty, Kurt Lockwood, Joelean, Evan Stone
LENGTH: 130 mins with bonus material

When last we left Extreme Behavior (in its SECOND incarnation), we saw Nicole Sheridan and Aria shower Voodoo with enough vaginal fluid to end the California drought. Chris Cannon and a couple of comely lasses explored the polar parameters of ice dildos and snow cones and Randy Spears gave a real ramrod reaction to his robot paramour Nikita Denise. Toni English had once again created a spellbinding, sensual showcase for some very energetic adult stars to rip up the screen (as well as other, more tender areas). So installment three of this specially created scene compilation series has a solid legacy to uphold. And in many ways, Extreme Behavior 3 does its forefather films proud. It still falls short of living up to its self-proclaimed moniker of manic action. There is still a soft-hardcore aura infused into all the scenes (except for one, but you'll understand when you get there). And there are a couple of instances, just like in each of the previous offerings, that fail to fulfill any flesh fantasy fun. So while this collection is, once again, an able addition to the adult entertainment archives, it also seems to be treading some rather weak wanton waters, living off its earlier incarnations to buy some imagination stimulation time. It's not a matter of seeing something we've already witnessed before (so far, even in footsie frolics, a new way of presenting a similar fetish is always explored). But there does seem to be a dynamic of the underwhelming here. And that's not good for anything labeled XXX or calling itself Extreme Behavior.

The DVD:
This time around, Extreme Behavior fashions its made-for-this-collection set of scenes after clear fetish material (foot, domination, tickling), even if one premise (the circus shenanigans of Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo) pushes the definitional limits of perverted proclivity (since Nicole is an...animal, the guess is bestiality is the obsession de jour). The tone can definitely shift wildly from serious to silly and the overall level of performance is very high. The visual style is also very evocative and consistent throughout and the production values are lofty. The individual scenes offered are as follows:

Scene 1 ("Foot Fetish") Katie Morgan, Billy Glide
In a luxurious bathroom setting, Katie is getting her feet washed by Billy. He takes extra care to gently towel and pat them dry. After they are clean, the beefy he-man starts sucking and licking the petite peds. He adds a little tickling to spice things up. Billy then proves his skills at nail care and treatment via some work with a file and a bottle of polish. When he's done adorning her piggies, he places a pair of black stiletto heels on Katie. He proceeds to shine them with this tongue. Katie takes a pointed tip of the shoe and prods Billy's nipple with it. He removes the shoes and pampers the footpads again. He then moves up her leg to her ass and cunt, giving both a good working over with his mouth. After the salad and snatch tossing, Katie unsheathes Billy's massive member and begins the blow. She then uses her feet to jack his meat and he uses his own hands to help. They engage in straight vaginal sex before moving over to doggie with deep penetration. The final money shot is lavished onto...you guessed it, Katie's foot. This fetish-oriented action is really exceptionally sensual. Director Toni English allows the moments of pampering and playfulness to linger, creating an honest carnal connection between the couple. It makes the sex that much more energetic and the resulting scene a real winner. Score 8.5/10

Scene 2 ("Latex Domination") Mason, Mickey G
We now move to a dark, Gothic dungeon setting. Mickey is manacled to a large wooden cross and he is wearing a pair of black underwear. Mistress Mason wanders in and immediately strips Mickey of his last remaining clothing. She stuffs the jockeys into his mouth and pinches his nipples hard. She then takes out a riding crop and smacks his chest and dick repeatedly. She asks Mickey if he is enjoying it and he responds in the positive. Next on the S&M list is a pair of black leather mitts with tiny metal studs. Mason uses them to caress and cuddle Mickey's member and ballsack. She is angry that he is not yet hard and whips out the cat o'nine tails. After a few lashes to the log, he is at attention. Cut to Mason sitting back on a throne, chest and cunt exposed. With his hands tied behind his back, Mickey eats the dominatrix out. He then sucks on her obviously fake breasts. Unbound, the couple takes to the bed. Mickey tosses Mason's salad and then they begin a session of straight vaginal sex. Mason reinforces her domination and gets on top. When he's ready, Mickey unloads on her long black vinyl boots. In this scene, just like the last, director English allows the actors to take their time, building the tease gradually from the ground up. As a result, you can really sense the electricity between Mason and Mickey. True, the S&M dynamic is dropped once the fucking starts, but overall this is an erotic, exotic scene. Score 8/10

Scene 3 ("Big Breasts") - Taylor St. Clair, Tanya Danielle, Olivia O'Lovely

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We are in the ornate living room of a large house. Our three lovelies are dressed in frilly, fashionable lingerie and appear to be posing for an unknown entity. As they move about, they fondle and undress themselves, exposing their (supposedly) large chests. They begin playing with each other, sucking and jacking each other off. Occasionally, one moves away to masturbate solo while the others prefer a perfumed box lunch to snack on. Eventually, Olivia O'Lovely takes center stage as she is placed in a chair and worshipped by the other gals. They kiss and pinch her nipples. They get a bullet shaped purple g-spot vibrator out and fuck her with it. They spank her tits and her ass. Then everything devolves into non-stop oral sex, with lots of hooter humping and crack fingering. The vibrator becomes the main focus as it is used as part of some passionate tit fucking and a nice bout of pussy penetration and clit corralling. This is the first instance in Extreme Behavior 3 when both the premise and the payoff fail. Usually, even with a weak foundation, the action will still be pretty hardcore. But except for the oral and the penetration, this could pass for some Skinemax lesbianism. Yes, the ladies do generate some steaminess, but there's just not the all out erotic essence one expects from the series. Score: 4/10

Scene 4 ("Pony Girl") Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Benjamin Bratt
The setting is a circus, with lots of balloons and confetti. Ben is a ringmaster, announcing the next act to an obviously fake applause track. Turns out it's Voodoo, who is an equestrian trainer. His latest star act is a more than one trick pony, played by Nicole. Wearing a headpiece, an elaborate leather bodice and chest apparatus (more B&D and less animal husbandry) and a muzzle, complete with in-mouth bridle, Voodoo makes his performing "horse" pose and jump through a hoop. It's not long before Ben wants to test the frisky fetlock of this faux pony and he pops her, doggy style. Nicole responds with lots of whinnies and nays...and by sucking on Voodoo's tool. She then moves over to the ringmaster's rod for some oral attention, while Voodoo takes a long glass dildo and fucks her with it. She then pleasures both pricks with her mouth. Voodoo gives her some straight vaginal lovin', then our master of ceremonies fucks her in the standing scissors anal approach. Then as Ben holds her up, Voodoo gets a little butt bonanza for himself. Our three ring Romeos unload their liquid all over Nicole's face and mouth. There are so many elements here that undermine the scene that it seems difficult to discuss them without getting angry at the action. Nicole and Voodoo are usually good together, and most of the sex is very satisfying. But this misfired idea was bad from the moment they decided to let Nic bray like a wounded donkey. IT IS SO ANNOYING! Also, certain elements are introduced but underused, included the unique glass toy, the intricate harness apparatus and the overall circus setting. The scene truly feels like an overproduced wasted opportunity. While it's not the worst scene in the set (see #5) it is definitely the most grating. Score: 3.5/10

Scene 5 ("Geisha") Kitty, Kurt Lockwood
The Dirge is going to merely list the acts incorporated in this scene. You'll understand why in a moment. Kurt and Kitty perform F on M manual stimulation, F to M Oral with Ball Action (in extreme close-up), M to F Digital Ass Manipulation, Vaginal Scissors, F to M Oral, Straight Vaginal with Deep Penetration, Standing 69, #S in Face and Mouth. Now, the Dirge is no prude. Just like the Ol' Dirty Bastard, he likes it raw with the rest of them. But Kitty is such a mind-boggling underage LOOKING actress (heck, she's more of a prepubescent BOY) that he cannot fathom anything remotely recommendable about her performing skills or the action in this scene. With his NAMBL nastiness warning signs going up all around his repugnance radar, this sequence was an absolute chore for him to sit through. And let's face it, those who like this no-tit wonder with the body of an 8 year old cross country runner are just plain INSANE! Not for this critic, ever. She is not sexy. She is not interesting. She is so jailbait that you'll feel the need to confess to some higher power to prevent your proclivities from sinking to such a personal low. So the Dirge's bias is indeed creeping into this criticism and making a very clear statement. This scene is not sensual: It feels more like a sex crime. Absolutely disgusting. Score: 0/10

Scene 6 ("Tickle") Joelean, Evan Stone
In a very intriguing opening, Joelean stands in a white light box. She is wearing a full body stocking with the crotch open. She swivels and sways and plays to the camera. Then an odd thing happens: dozens of hands come out of the wall, all wearing colored opera gloves, and they begin to caress and tickle her. Joe responds with obvious passion and glee and it's not long before the purple pair are the last ones left. As Joelean moves to a couch, so do the gloves. Turns out, long locked surfer stud Evan Stone is wearing the elegant ladies apparel and he proceeds to fondle her. He then moves down to the mound and munches out, using fabric fingers to pole and prod her. This goes for the anus as well. Joelean shows her appreciation by jawing on his Johnson for a while. The balls, encased in Evan's patented oversized sack, also get a going over. The couple kisses and Evan uses his big ass cock to beat Joelean's breast. They slip into some vaginal cowgirl before moving on to deep penetration scissors. When he is ready, Evan explodes all over little Joe and then he starts to tickle her. The scene fades with them laughing and playing. After the disgusting junk of Scene 5, it's nice to witness professional, MATURE actors having some fun with both their image and their action. Evan's gloved arms are a hoot, making his musculature seem a little feminized. And Joelean in that body stocking is some hot shit. There could have been a little more hardcore humping, but the joy of sex these two provide is irresistible. Score: 7/10

With such a surefire concept, (even if the action isn't as "intense" as they claim it is) DVDs like Extreme Behavior 3 should be non-arguable no-brainer. As long as the performers make the motion hot and the passion prevalent, a series like this could go on forever. So it's interesting to see some of the pitfalls that the actors and director English get trapped in. In the bonus material, Voodoo explains how many of he and Nicole's scenes are dreamt up by the couple themselves. With the horse hockey they provide here, an erotica editor should always be onset to keep their "wilder" ideas in check. Equally uninspiring is the lesbianism. Frankly, the dynamic of beauty and gentility really undercuts what should be fiery hot girl on girl gonzing. This is the kind of snatch sandwiching you'd expect at a housewives suburban roulette party, not a hardcore XXX gal gangbang. But aside from the abomination known as Kitty (sorry fans, the Dirge finds her far too disturbing to consider) the rest of the sex works well here. If every sequence were like Evan's tickle monstering or (especially) Billy's foot fun or Mickey's moments of masochism, Extreme Behavior 3 would be a worthy follow-up to the other films in the set. But certain unsettling aspects mare what should have been another fantasy frolic into under-explored sensuality.

The Video:
English is a whiz behind the camera and the 1.33:1 full frame image she creates is very colorful and full of details. Unlike other offerings in the series, Toni decides against any post-production tricks, so the transfer remains direct to digital clear. The sets also stand out on this DVD as a real attention to atmosphere and mood make up a lot of the production design elements. The S&M dungeon is dark and mysterious, the circus setting a suggestive swatch of color within a bright white environment. The Extreme Behavior series always looks sumptuous, but the imagery here is especially suggestive.

The Audio:
Whatever audio issues Extreme Behavior II had are definitely fixed in Volume 3...with volume being the key word. The lack of listenable levels in the first sequel have been fixed here, so that we can hear all the annoying animal din that Ms. Sheridan utters from her jutting jaw. Indeed, between the nearly blaring music and the overloud underleg noises the actors make, this is one deafening DVD. Remote reconfiguration of the Dolby Digital Stereo will be a must for causal listening.

The Extras:
One of the best aspects of the Extreme Behavior series is the bonus material, including the standard Making Of documentary. But this time, however, the featurette feels like an after-thought, failing to focus on all the scenes and minimizing the input from the actors. Mason does describe how she brought her dominatrix dealings to the hardcore arena and Voodoo explains the inspiration for the three-ring roundup he and Nicole created (Nicole is gagged by the bridle the entire time). During the "Big Breast" sequence, we hear director English barking out the orders. But we get the distinct impression she just points the cameras and shoots whenever Nic and Voo do their dirty dioramas. Elsewhere, we get a nice selection of snapshots in the gallery, plenty of pussy and ass pounding in the previews (a.k.a. Trailers) section and some perfunctory ads. In addition, there is a bonus scene, which lacks the imagination and the zing of the usual Extreme Behavior sequences it's supposed to supplement. The extra here is:

Bonus Scene: From All The Rave Kelsey, Dillion Day
In this rather short scene, Kelsey starts off by blowing big D. Then we move to the response from Kelsey's cock call, which is female frenching with additional finger waving. We then witness some rewound lap lassoing as Dillion drives his dong into Kelsey's crotch. The hound is called up from the backdoor side as ass meets peter in a session of anal doggy. The butt boffing then takes a spooning turn. Mr. Day finally releases all over Kelsey's face and mouth. Aside from some bizarre flashbacks to dance club/rave scenes that were obviously part of the original movie, there is nothing much out of the ordinary here. A nice looking couple copulating and that's about it. Score: 4.5/10

Final Thoughts:
The Extreme Behavior series is one of the better offerings in Adam and Eve's massive catalog. A lot of its success has got to go to Toni English and her desire to explore not only sex and sensuality, but also atmosphere and passion. It's really too bad about the scene with Kitty and Luke Hardwood. The amount of personal put-off it created for this critic really reduced the overall appeal of this DVD. As a result, on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Extreme Behavior 3 earns a 5.5 out of 10, the barest of 'should-see' recommendations. And for those who love that adolescent looking lass, her incredibly hardcore scene will perhaps stir something deep inside your decidedly disturbed loins. So the score may even retain a few more porn purchasing points. Couples will definitely enjoy the remaining moments in this menagerie, so a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. And if you're out there, Ms. English, here is a word of advice. Take some time before the next EB compilation and really focus the foundation of what you want to offer. Hem in Nicole and Voodoo a little. Avoid actresses who suggest some manner of pedophilia. And remember the best elements of the earlier three installments. For you see, the Extreme Behavior series contains some top-notch nut and nookie action. But there is a real potential to let the fancy pants prettiness and artistic mood speak for the motion. And we can watch pay cable and get that kind of carnality.

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