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Nasty As I Wanna Be

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 5/15/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Compilation

Director: various

Cast: Nikki Tyler, Alexis Christian, Chasey Lain, Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal, Madelyn Knight, Racquel Darrian, Jill Kelly, Brittany Andrews, Sindee Cox, Melissa Hill, Jon Dough, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Bobby Vitale, Unk

Length: 1 hour 48 minutes

Production Date: various

Extras: 3 Bonus Scenes, Behind the Scenes for Vivid Games, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video is presented in full frame color. Being a compilation, the picture quality ranges, but for the most part is poor with a distinct grain. The lighting isn't spectacular either, with a number of scenes too bright or too dark, and never just right. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds decent. There is a noticeable hiss in the audio track. Background music is present in all the scenes and tends to be too loud. Overall, it's less than decent.

Body of Review: Nikki Tyler, a big name in the adult industry made her mark with Vivid. In this compilation, 10 Nikki filled scenes are brought to life from the past. Like many of Vivid's titles, they recycle older scenes from features, put a big name on the cover and sell it. People buy it and while some may enjoy it, others will be disappointed. Sit back, relax, and check out the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Nikki Tyler, Jenteal
Scene From: American Pie
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Damn, what is hotter than a blonde and a brunette? Witnessing them naked? Both of the girls look pretty damn hot, wearing short shorts and small tops. Of course, the clothes come off a bit too quickly. The scene contains fairly standard girl/girl action, but it's really hot. I was especially going crazy when Nikki was sucking on Jenteal's tits. These two girls really exploited each other for a fairly good scene.

Scene 2: Nikki Tyler, Bobby Vitale, Unk
Scene From: Bobby Sox
Acts Included: Toys, Oral, Straight
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
So Unk is watching a porno, jerking himself off in a theater. Bobby and Nikki show up and give him a live show. The pair gets hot and heavy and there are some wonderful shots of Nikki getting unclothed. It's just too bad the scene was so dark, because at some points it was difficult to see Nikki in her little striptease. Anyways, the action moves into oral and straight sex. The content is fairly decent, I really wasn't that impressed with it. However, the foreplay and teasing drove me crazy.

Scene 3: Nikki Tyler, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi

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Scene From: Flipside
Acts Included: Oral, Titty Sex
Positions: blow job
Condoms: No
Nikki looks pretty hot in this scene, wearing a fishnet suit that covers her body. She spends sometime soaking her lower body in a relatively small bath. Queue Tony and Tom. The two guys each go for one of Nikki's breasts. After a bit of tit play, there is some oral sex, which is followed in straight. The scene ends with a cum shot on her ass and her breasts. This scene was really crowded! Three people crammed in a really small bathtub, in the corner of the bathroom. Which meant it was just hard to see the action and really get a chance to appreciate it.

Scene 4: Nikki Tyler, Jon Dough
Scene From: Nikki Loves Rocco
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: blow job
Condoms: No
Here we find Jon and Nikki getting up close and personal. The scene takes place outdoors, on the over pass of a freeway tunnel. Jon eats her out and then gives her a mouthful. The scene is oral only and the action was over way too quickly. A longer oral bit would have been very appreciated. Anyways, a fairly lax blow job by itself.

Scene 5: Nikki Tyler, Melissa Hill
Scene From: Nikki Loves Rocco
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Nikki looks damn hot in this scene. Her tight shirt really shows off those gorgeous breasts. Oh man it's hot. On the other hand, Melissa is wearing some big poofy red skirt and doesn't seem to provide that much excitement. The girls proceed to have a fairly average girl/girl scene. They do not use toys and rely upon their skills with the tongue and hand. Nikki looked great in this scene and that seemed to be the only thing I could enjoy.

Scene 6: Nikki Tyler, Brittany Andrews, Sindee Cox
Scene From: Out of Love
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Fake blondes and fake boobs. We get a bit of each in this scene. The girls all look pretty damn hot. Nikki's tight outfit really stands out, she's quite the looker. The other girls seem to be fairly good looking, but they aren't extremely hot. Anyways, they have a hands on experience with each other, just girl on girl with a lot of heavy petting. It was a decent scene.

Scene 7: Nikki Tyler, Jill Kelly
Scene From: Street Legal
Acts Included: Toy, Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
I've never been the hugest Jill Kelly fan. Blondes really don't do it for me. Still, Jill put out some kind of vibe that screams "I'm a hot blonde." Well, she does look hot. In this scene, Jill plays the customer and Nikki plays a car mechanic. One thing leads to another and they're having sex. This girl/girl action looks especially good when Nikki is eating out Jill. Nikki's bust tends to be pushed in the air, it looks good. The girls also use toys in this scene. Overall, it's a very hot scene.

Scene 8: Nikki Tyler, Madelyn Knight, Racquel Darrian
Scene From: Torrid Tales
Acts Included: Toys, Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Nice boobies, nice bodies, and some pretty nice looking faces, that's what Nikki is up against in this scene. The action opens with a lot of oral sex. Eventually the hotties bring in a strap-on dildo for use. At this point, I lost all interest. The she-male facade that comes with the strap-on dildo repulses me. Anyways, Madelyn does the work and rails the other girls. If you don't mind seeing strap-on dildos, you might get a kick out this scene. I know I didn't.

Scene 9: Nikki Tyler, Alexis Christian, Janine
Scene From: Where the Boys Aren't 8
Acts Included: Toys, Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Janine looks fricking hot in this scene. We open with a great shot on her breasts. Not too long after, Alexis has her mouth on her luscious tits. The action in this scene starts off fairly normal, girl/girl oral sex only. Eventually they kick it up a notch and bring in a dildo. I found this to be a pretty good scene. I was really diggin' Janine and her chest.

Scene 10: Nikki Tyler, Alexis Christian, Chasey Lain, Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal
Scene From: Where the Boys Aren't 9
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
This scene features a group of glamorous looking babes in a lot of "taste" testing. The girls do their thing outdoors by a campfire. The girls all go pretty wild, moaning and tasting each other. The action isn't streamline, so the camera jumps around a bit too much for my tastes. Anyways, I would have preferred to have seen a smaller group, so that the camera focus could stay in one place. Overall, it was a somewhat decent scene. Seeing all of those hot chicks was really nice. Usually, I don't feel much for large girl only scenes, but I did sort of like this one.

Concluding Words: I've never been a huge fan of Nikki Tyler and I most likely never will be. While I do find her incredibly attractive, it's more or less that she's just great to look at. I've never been truly impressed by any of her work, but there has been the occasional scene that I have enjoyed. Since she primarily did girl/girl work, it's hard to find stuff I like. I personally do not like girl/girl scenes, except for an occasional scene. Anyways, this feature, being a Nikki Tyler compilation, didn't have very much boy/girl action. Even what was presented as boy/girl, wasn't that great. The strongest scenes from this title are the girl/girl scenes. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with this title, but I still enjoyed it. There are enough hot babes to see in action that make this a worthy rental.

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