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Under Contract: Savanna Samson

Studio: Vivid » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 5/22/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: David Stanley, Anita Ranaldi, Paul Thomas, Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Savanna Samson, Autumn, Mickey G, Steven St. Croix, Nikita Kash, Cheyne Collins, Eric Masterson, TJ Hart, Evan Stone, Dale Dabone, Ann Marie, Dru Berrymore, Taylor St. Claire, Nicole Sheridan, VooDoo, Randy Spears, Sunrise Adams, Dillion R

Length: 2:28

Production Date: 2002-2003

Extras: Bonus Room, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Previews, Sexy Talk, The Web

Oh, those Vivid people are so sneaky, renaming More Adult Fun as Sexy Talk. It still is a waste of menu space, along with The Web. The Bonus Room is still here as well, but it always holds something good. A scene from Sweet Heart, with the main attraction, Savanna Samson, and Lee Stone, starts the party, as Lee eats our cover girl out on a piano. Looking in the camera during a blowjob, Savanna sizzles here, whether blowing or boning. The second clip brings more Savanna, as she fucks Erik Everhard in Taya's Tales. A tub-side BJ inspires Erik to go down on the staircase, and then back up, cramming her mouth full from above. Some hot rimming is followed by a bannister-balanced bout of pussy-eating and a wallball. Reverse cowgirl and some anal lead Erik to cum on her pussy, in what is the hottest scene on the entire disc. I don't understand why it was relegated to the Bonus Room. A clip from Woman Under Glass features Manuel Ferrara's uncut hose enjoying Savanna's oral talents and her tight twat. They flip through several positions before he fires on her like a machine gun.

The Behind the Scene feature goes behind the camera for the filming of Woman Under Glass, particularly during the scene shown in the Bonus Room. The feature begins with a dull interview with Savanna that's intercut with footage of the filming. The speed picks up though when we meet Chi Chi LaRue, the director. It's possible that he was the inspiration for the character of Scotty in Boogie Nights. An overweight flamer, he screams his direction at his performers from behind walls, making domething dirty simply filthy. I guess it works though, as he makes some fantastic porn. The feature ends with some disaster, as Savanna is injured, apparently on her nose, as Chi Chi comes running, yelling about her recent nosejob.

An automatic slide show Photo Gallery is done with real style, but is still frustrating due to the lack of any controls. The Previews here run 8:15, and include trailers for Heart of Darkness, Deep Inside Lola (which includes several nice facials), Chloe's Pool Party and Another Woman's Eyes.

Audio/Video: Everythign here is crisp and vivid (pun intended), as there's nothing that goes back more than two years. The music (when there is music) is at appropriate levels, while the sounds of sex can heard clearly. Thankfully, there's no glamour scenes here, where the girls's moans are dropped out.

Review: Savanna Samson was a successful stripper before making the jump to adult video, but she had no trouble adjusting. With pierced nips and pussy, she makes a striking impression. Vivid was smart in signing her, as she's a natural, and a friend of Howard Stern's, guaranteeing publicity for her films. I mean, as a wedding present for her husband, she shot her first porn, with superstar Rocco. That's a woman with a true love of porn. This compilation draws its scenes from just a short span of filming--less than a year's worth. But despite her limited experience, Savanna's already a true star. Let's go to the videotape.

Scene 1: Savanna Samson, Autumn, Mickey G (Anything)
Acts Included: Oral, Toy Play, Masturbation
Positions: N/A
Condoms: N/A
Savanna and Autumn are nurses with tremendous bedside manner. Savanna gives Autumn's pussy a gentle tongue bath, before penetrating her with a thick pink vibrator, until Autumn gives it back in spades, getting Savanna up on all fours for a deep probing with a silver vibe. She works it like a corkscrew, with some extra tongue, as Doctor G watches and strokes. Savanna rides her friend's toy enthusiastically, driving Mickey crazy. A double dong comes into play and the young candystripers fuck each other silly, as a couple watches on TV. (Why don't they cut the non-sex plot pieces when putting together compilations?) In the end, Mickey doesn't even get involved as the girls finish each other off. One of the better lesbian scenes I've seen lately.

Scene 2: Savanna Samson, Temptation, Dale Dabone (Big Blow Out)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggie
Condoms: Yes
A photo shoot gets delayed, leading those on the set to find something (or someone) to do. Savanna and friends find each other, getting into a group grope that winds up with Dale's cock deep inside Savanna's pussy, while she eats out Temptation. An extended doggie-style session brings Dale close to the edge before he unleashes his stream onto the two eager girls' faces. There's not a lot of variety here, though the sex is hot, mainly due to Savanna's sexuality. The fact that she wears a pair of glasses through out the entire fuck just puts it on another level.

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Scene 3: Savanna Samson, Steven St. Croix (The Fetish Underground)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Doggie, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
A blindfolded Savanna is met in a barn by, of all people, Steven St. Croix. Is this some kind of joke? Of my first five reviews, three have this jester of jizz in them. What are the odds of that? But, I'm not going to complain this time, because I'm focusing on Savanna, who takes to his cock like it gives out $20s. Seriously, her deep-throat technique should be taught in schools. Some teasing preceds her offering up her love canal, which he invades redily, as she stands, and then while she's on all fours. His animalistic entry works here, considering the setting. A bit of assplay from Savanna, during which she inserts two fingers into her backdoor, sets up an anal entry by St. Croix. He doesn't go too hard here, but he doesn't have to. In a few minutes, he's spurting on her from door to door. A glossy fuck that doesn't get too hot, but isn't worth skipping either.

Scene 4: Savanna Samson, Mickey G (Girl of My Dreams)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: 69, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Facial
Condoms: Yes
There's no lead up here. We jump right in, as these lovers please each other orally in a 69. Savanna once again gets to show that she knows her way around a cock. Once they're good and wet, Savanna impales herself on Mickey's meat, and gets the bed squeaking. Seriously, the bed is loud as hell. The sex is hot, but you can't ignore what sounds like what you heard through the wall last night. While the noise continues, so does Savanna, as she reverses, and gets her pussy pounded from underneath. Mickey gets a chance to see the view from the top, and pumps her fast and furiously, before coming on her face. If you like your porn silent, mute this and watch it. Otherwise, it's pretty tough to listen to those bedsprings whine. Subtract a star if you listen.

Scene 5: Savanna Samson, TJ Hart, Dale Dabone, Evan Stone (The Good Time Girl)
Acts Included: Oral, Fingering. Vaginal
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
There should be a law against dialogue in compilations. Especially when it's spoken by TJ Hart. The scene starts with TJ and Savanna getting dressed, but then Dale and Evan come in, and the clothes come off. Can't these girls make up their minds? Savanna throws her legs up over her head so Dale can get his mouth on her moist muff, while TJ strips for Evan. As Evan starts to chow down, Savanna's already sucking off Dale. I'm pretty sure a DVD of just Savanna Blowjobs would do very, very well. Back to the scene... TJ follows Savanna's lead and starts swallowing Evan's sword, so we have dueling cocksuckers. After a few moments, the girls switch partners, and open for boning business. Another swap and Dale's balls-deep in Savanna, while...wait...the couch is squeaking? What kind of furniture do these people buy? The cause of the noise would be TJ's fuck-buddy Evan, who's obliterating her hole. Dale decides to move to the floor, and the backdoor, getting deep in her ass. A litle more oral, and both guys use Savanna's face for a target. Seems like she really likes the facials.

Scene 6: Savanna Samson, Steven St. Croix (Grand Opening-Vivid)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
St. Croix! Again! This is not funny! I need to talk to my agent... On the plus side, Savanna shows off her deep-throating skills on St. Croix's root again, resting her chin on his balls. Using a desk for support, Savanna give up the doggie-style befor getting on for a cowgirl ride. Her ride is so rough and hard that St. Croix seems genuinely surprised when his cock explodes in a torrent of cum within a minute or two. A short scene, but a hot one. As much as I dislike Mr. St. Croix, he seems to have some definite chemistry with Savanna.

Scene 7: Savanna Samson, Nikita Kash, Cheyne Collins, Eric Masterson (Long Story Short)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
Fade in on Nikita's mouth full of cock. That was the original opening of On Golden Pond, but it was cut, so they used it here. She's got a real whore's face, with the deep-set eyes that say, "You're going to come and I mean it." Using plenty of spit, she gives Eric a slippery suck-off that is met and raised by Savanna's skillful suckling of Cheyne's rod. The two guys look almost stoned as their whistles are wetted, which would make sense with the passionate way these girls smoke cock. It's not long before Eric pops off on Nikita, but Cheyne needs more, stepping up to the missionary bat. He fucks her hard and fast, and then again from underneath, a wet coupling marked by the sound of their flesh slapping together. His orgasm is a bit weird, as he's outside of her for a moment, when all of a sudden he rips off the condom and starts moaning and shooting all over her ass. Without Savanna, this scene would be worth skipping.

Scene 8: Savanna Samson, Ann Marie, Dru Berrymore, Taylor St. Claire, Mickey G, Dale Dabone, Steven St. Croix (Looking In)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Toy Play, Threeway, Anal, Facial
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
This one's an epic undertaking, with four girls and three guys (including St. Croix AGAIN), all playing a game of sexual oneupsmanship. Ann starts things off right, eating out Dru and fingering her ass. Watching this, Taylor takes Dale's cock in her mouth, and gives him a licking that keeps on ticking. Cue Savanna, who walks by the window, catching Dale in the act. Looking for revenge, she hooks up with Mickey and Steven. Mickey eats her out and fingers her while Steven holds her.

Taylor resumes her Hoover imitation on Dale's love gun, setting the stage for a bone-off. All seven meet up in the house, where they get into some serious group sex. Dale, with one eye on the two cocks Savanna's sucking, boffs Taylor, while Ann straps on to fuck Dru. Up on the table now, Savanna hops on cock while sucking off Steven. Lust takes over though, and soon they're swapping without care. Among the highlights are Dale's harsh hump in Dru's cunt and the climactic double-dildo drilling Savanna receives while standing on the table. With seven hot participants, this one never bores and often soars. I apologize for the picture quality, but it was hard to find an inch of the screen without sex.

Scene 9: Savanna Samson, Nicole Sheridan, VooDoo, Randy Spears (Portrait of Sunrise)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: 69, Standing Side Entry, Doggie, Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: Yes
Savanna goes back to her roots in this one, dancing around a stripper pole once again. Only this time, the customers are apparently allowed to touch, as one comes up to the stage to eat out Savanna, and soon, it's blowjobs for everyone. This action morphs into a combination 69/missionary/doggie four-way. They split up, with Nicole taking Voodoo's cock while holding onto a pole, and Savanna riding Randy's spear. Throughout the whole thing, Nicole is screaming the most assinine comments, which brought down the interest factor for me. After some hard fucking, the guys dump their load on the girls' faces.

Scene 10: Savanna Samson, Sunrise Adams, Dillion R (Savanna Scores)
Acts Included: Oral, Scissoring, Vaginal, Daisy Chain, Anal, Facial
Positions: Scissors, Missionary, Daisy Chain, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Here's the perfect lesbian scene for the non-lesbian fan. Having two beautiful women like Sunshine and Savanna go at it certainly keeps me interested. At least until they start spitting on and smacking their pussies. That's when I start thinking, "I wonder what else is on?" Savanna gives Sunshine's slot a thorough going-over, eating and fingering her tasty love muffin, and then Sunshine does the same to her. Some very active scissoring raises the heat level dramatically, as does the way Savanna attacks Sunshine's pussy. This was not acting. When Dillion enters, the girls' attention shifts to him and his pussy prober. Savanna lubes it up in her mouth, before giving Sunshine a go at it. Dillion is not ungrateful, and he eats them out in return. A three-way seemed obvious, and that's exactly what happens, as Dillion buries his member in Sunshine's trim, while Savanna sits on her face. A daisy chain leads to Dillion plowing Sunshine's ass and Savanna's front, before cumming on Savanna's face.

Concluding Words: If you're a fan of blowjobs, beautiful women, hot sex or simply just strippers, this is a fantastic DVD. Nearly every scene offers some top-quality action. Most "Best Ofs" unfortunately use clunkers to fill space, but this one includes hit after hit. I think, if Savanna sticks around, she's going to make some legendary films. Though not perfect, this collection of her greatest hits is worth having in your collection.

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