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Hot Showers 14

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 5/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All Girl - Showers

Director: Clive McLean

Cast: Giselle, Katin, Alex, Roxy, Sara, Melanie, Serena, Kate, Charlie, Shawnie

Length: 1hr 20 min

Production Date: Hustler, 2003

Extras: Chapter Selection with Act Access, Slide Show, Trailers, Cast List, Behind the Scenes-7 minutes of the filming of the first scene, Director's Profile, Spam

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in the usual 2.0. I found the track to be consistent throughout and was overall very pleasing. There were no notable problems. There is a music track that opens each scene and comes and goes throughout, generally stopping when the action of the girls becomes more heated. The Video is Full Frame color as expected. I enjoyed the quality of the film. It was above what is expected for the typical adult film. The lighting was well done, although it did become a bit harsh at moments (a common problem on closed sets), and the camera work and edits were done smoothly and without any great problems.

Body of Review: Taking a shower usually means the body is cleaner, but the girls of Hustler's Hot Showers 14 only grow dirtier. Ten young, nasty gals pair up for some soaking, slick bodied action as they rub their wet bodies against one another and use the shower to drench each their tight, little pussies.

Scene 1: Giselle and Katin
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal Dildo Play
Positions: 69, Piledrive, Doggy, Missionary
Giselle is in town, visiting Katin. When they enter Katin's apartment, which looks more like a torture chamber by the concrete floors and drab decor, Giselle asks about the bed where she will be sleeping. But Katin has other thoughts on her mind, and pushing Giselle to the wall, she turns a faucet and the two are soaked in seconds. The girls in the scene are very cute. Katin has an olive complexion, and although a bit heavy for my tastes, she looks damn sexy in tiny black shorts and brown netted shirt. Giselle is a nice figured blonde with perky breasts and very long nipples. Little time is wasted before the two are under a shower and drenched from head to toe. The two begin undressing, revealing their natural bodies and wet skin. Katin has two terrible tattoos wrapping her waistline which are not very sexy only because they are so large. Once they are undressed and good and wet, they move to a nearby bench and get into a 69 position with Katin on top. This is a very nice position, and the girls look amazing with their wet hair. The camera offers alot of great, clean close-ups as they play with each other's shaved pussies with dildos. Katin lies with her back on bench and her legs in the air while Giselle toys her. This position (more or less piledriver) is very sexy, and since Katin is the larger of the two girls it looks as though she may fall off. There are a number of really good closup shots of the girls, particularly when Giselle gets her wide ass spread in doggy. Most of the focus was on Katin, who is a cute girl, but the less attractive of the two. That was a bit disappointing. There was also a music track for most of the scene. To hear more of the noises these cute gals make would have been nice. We get some of this throughout, but mostly at the very end during climax.

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Scene 2: Roxy and Alex
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: Doggy, 69
Alex is an okay brunette, with a decent body squeezed into a leather, bondage outfit. Her breasts are uncovered and poke out of the contraption in pinched cones. Her knee-high, black boots are a nice touch. She sits alone in a small cage, but jumps to attention when her master arrives. Roxy, a long, black haired vixen enters the cage wearing red stockings and heels, and a red, leather outfit and thong. She has an amazing body, and reminds me a good deal of Christina Aguilera when she was in her black hair phase. Apparently Alex has been bad, and Roxy unleases the hose, spraying her in teasing gushes from the nozzel. It takes the girls a few minutes to get out of their outfits which is done with no attention to the possibility that slow undressing can be done erotically and with a teasing pace. Once this is done, Alex spends too long licking Roxy's shaved pussy which I found boring only because it was all done in the same shot. Alex gets the hose next. Kneeling on the bench, her nice ass is sprayed. She's left her red heels and stockings on which is great because her body is amazing in them. The oral that follows is nothing extraordinary. The girls move from doggy to 69. And the scene ends with Alex in Doggy and Roxy fingering her pussy until she comes. I really dug Roxy. Her outfit is an absolute turn on, and her resemblance to Christina is in my opinion pretty striking. It's unfortunate that we don't get to see her face all that much. And although most of the scene's attention was on her, a greater variety in positions or the inclusion of some toys would have made this a much stronger scene. The music was not as prevelant in the scene--another good thing, as it sounded like a Madonna rip-off.

Scene 3: Sarah, Michelle
Acts Included: Oral, Dildo Play
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
Two stunning blondes enter a room, climb onto a smooth platform and begin to hose each other down in slow, erotic motions. Sarah is the larger of the two. She has an amazing body with a slightly heavier frame. Bare except for her long hair and a few scattered tattoos she is certainly a pretty girl to look at. She has braces on her teeth, which at times is a cute attribute, but looks awkward on her as she hasn't quite grown used to them so her lips jut out and her mouth stays open alot. Her partner is equally beautiful with a lean, tanned body and perfect little breasts. After some slow, sensous dousing with a hose, the two tongue and finger at each other's pussy. A great, well shot scene that doesn't try to hard to be anything it is not. The two teens are hotties enjoying each other's bodies, and one couldn't ask for much more. It's unfortunate that the music continues to come and go, and the girl's bodies become dry only to be wet in the next shot. Simply bad continuity, but worth noting as it was obviuos.

Scene 4: Kate and Serena
Acts Included: Oral, Dildo Play
Positions: Missionary
Two very young girls return from a private baseball practice with their coach. They're dressed in denim cut-offs and short pink shirts and matching sneakers. Both girls are rather short which only makes them look younger. Kate has a tan body, with large legs and a nice round behind. Centered on her back is a large tattooed design. Serena looks like a country girl, pale body, hair in a pigtail. When she talks she has a drawl in her speech that is not exactly sexy, but sounds sluggish and a bit dumb. The girls undress from their outfits, making idle chit chat in the process. Despite their different body types, both girls are hot. They have perfect, tight figures with tiny breasts. Under the shower they do some wet oral, beginning with Kate kneeling on the shower floor and eating out Serena. When they move to a nearby bench we get a better glimpse of Serena's pink, shaved pussy. Kate does nice, slow fingering and tonguing, bringing Serena to climax in a matter of minutes. Serena's turn isn't up just yet, however. She lifts her legs into the air as Kate slides beads into her vagina. Moving them in and out Kate brings Serena to orgasm a second time. Again there was nothing extraordinary about this scene, but what worked so well was the cute girls and their smoking little bodies. As seen before most of the focus is spent only on one of the gals. It would have been better if Kate was given more screen time.

Scene 5: Shawnie and Charile
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: 69, Missionary
Charlie enters a futuristic-looking shower, with plexiglass sides. She's dressed in all black lingerie which is nice on her little body. She turns the shower on and begins to undress. Charlie is a cute gal. She has a perfect, teen body with budding breasts. As the water pours down her tight figure, she moves around, turning slowly and running her hands all over her body. Once she is nice and wet, she leaves the shower and wakes Shawnie, who is sleeping in a nearby chair. Shawnie is a larger girl, with a decent body and long, dirty blond hair. Charlie takes her to the shower and pulls her under the water where the black, lace outfit she is wearing becomes soaked. They pull off her wet underwear and the two begin masturbating. The two do a quick 69 and then Charlie lies on her back with her legs in the air. Shawnie gives her pussy some soft poking with her fingering while Charlie spreads back her pussy lips. There are a few decent pussy gapes here, and Charlie is sexy with her legs over her head. The scene ends with the couple rubbing their pussies together until they both reach climax. I enjoyed this scene but wasn't as impressed with it as the two before. The setting was a bit wierd, with a very dark background and a continuous glare from the lights gave it all a very harsh feel, where as the others were more inviting. I've always thought Charlie was a cute girl, but she is more amazing when her hair is wet and her body is glistening with water. Shawnie didn't do much for me, and since most of the focus was on Charlie, I was okay with it this time.

Concluding Words: Although this feature started off a bit slow, it was pretty strong. The girls were hot, young women and they looked amazing throughout. The scenes seemed to follow the same pattern of positions for the most part, usually ending with one of the girls with her legs in the air reaching orgasm. This makes for a great shot, but what I found most lacking was that it became a bit of a trademark by scene 3 and so it signalled the end of the scene. There was also the pattern of the camera focusing primarily on one girl and her rise to climax. For most of the scenes this was a let down because it was often the cutest of the pair that was exlcuded and I felt a bit ripped off when she didn't have a greater part. Despite these shortcomings the film was overall very strong, and this is mainly due to the cute girls and clean, well done filming. It is not the most erotic or most sexual flick, but its purpose is well met. Therefore I would say it goes Recommended for anyone looking for nice, slow paced, wet, girl-on-girl action that is unfrivolous and nicely presented.


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