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Sex Ambassador

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 5/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Director: Kovi

Cast: Michelle Wild, Mandy Bright, Dora Venter, Lea DeMae, Maya Gold, Victoria Swinger, Sandra Shine, Monika, Attila, Choky Ice, Mick Blue, Lauro, Giotto, Thomas Stone, Kevin King

Length: 1hr 32 min

Production Date: Digital Sin, 2003

Extras: Behind the Scenes--runs 15 min and is a lame BTS of the orgy scene and some random prep footage. I don't speak French so I don't know what was being said, Chapter Selection--no act access and really just random spots of the film, Gallery, Trailers, Spam

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0. The sound is very clear, but don't expect to hear much. The dialogue, generally between scenes, is easily heard, but the vocals of the actors during the sex scenes is drowned by an obnoxious and boisterous techno track. The Video of the film is Full Frame color as excepted, with moments of black and white, monochromatics and other assorted tinting. All of these effects incorporated with sudden cuts, blurring, bursts of light at edit points, and little time focused on any one shot made the video more of an experimental romp than a film that could be enjoyed. Throughout the entire movie I felt as though I were watching a music video rather than a porn flick.

Body of Review: Michelle Wild is a sex ambassador and she has received a letter from the Secretary of the Enjoyment State. She is being sent to the Banana Republic where her mission is unlcear, but where she will continue to perform her duties as madame ambassador. Hard work is ahead of her, but she has fallen in love with the country she is in now. All she can think of are the good deeds she has given to the people there there, tasks that include anal sex, facials, and hot European threesomes.

Scene 1: Michelle Wild, Mandy Bright
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: No
Michelle Wild is a tall, beautiful woman. Her long legs and natural breasts are to die for and when she slips from her nightgown and into a bubble bath, I wished the scene stayed there. Instead we go into a 'flashback' and into what is only the begining of what becomes a hum drum film. The scene begins with the sexy Michelle Wild kissing Mandy Bright. Mandy is a decent looking older woman. Her brown hair is pulled back in a tight bun and her outfit is a drab beige. Neither of which is very exciting. Mandy has an annoying tendency to stare into the camera. It is not the sultry, erotic stare that can be hot, but more like the aggresive act of a camera hog. This ruined much of the film for me. And as it later turns out, many of the actors acknowledge the camera in a manner that implies a need for attention. The sex begins with the memory of a threesome. Michelle and Mandy swap spit with each other while a blonde dude licks Michelle's neatly trimmed pussy. Strong bursts of intense light (an annoying special effect) transition us from one shot to the next. So we are given a multitude of varying angles with no real focus. When the scene turns to the blowjob sequence Mandy's attention to the the guy's shaft is pretty thorough. She likes to deep throat it, and make it very messy, leaving long, thick trails of spit on his dick. After some quick poking at Michelle's pink pussy, Mandy jumps on the guy for reverse cowgirl anal. Fairly clean with some nice shots, but the the act, like much of the scene is riddled with the blinding light proceeding each edit and an overwhelming number of face closeups. The scene's final act is the best. As the guy pounds Michelle in doggy, Mandy lies beneath bush and catches the cum on her tongue as it slips down Michelle's pussy.

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Scene 2: Michelle Wild
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon
Condoms: No
Scene two comes from the madame's memory of the day she stumbled across a handsome, young chef in an isolated villa. Michelle is wandering, naked except for white stockings and diamond necklace, when she finds the man and expresses her interest in him by showing her oral skills on a banana she pulls from a fruit platter. As she does this, the chef's attention hightens and Michelle climbs on top of him in reverse cowgirl. Michelle looks amazing in this position and as she bounces up and down she moans with pleasure (although nearly drowned out by the horrible, techno-like music). But again, Michelle is overly aware of the camera, staring constantly into it. And the film went between slow motion and standard rate, jolting my vibe of the scene. Like the first scene the cuts are followed by flashes of light, although there are fewer here and at a weaker intensity. Again the best act came at the end with the cumshot. As Michelle lies on her back, the young stallion hovers his crotch over her face and does a push-up routine into her mouth, eventually cumming onto her tongue. A stonger scene than the last only becuase it was slightly more coherent and less choppy.

Scene 3: Company
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
A sexy brunette with bright red eyeliner crashes a lawn party where guests are wearing party masks. The brunette is dressed in a tight, leather outfit and brandishing a whip. When she arrives, she makes one of the party's servants lick her boots, signalling to the other guests her intentions. She then moves from guest to guest spreading her perverse influences until the group turns into an orgy. Nothing extraordinary happens here. Group scenes are difficult to convey with description, and--I imagine--they are difficult to film. This one is a mess. There is nothing to give it any structure. Because the camera work of the film is unconventional--and practically unwatchable--with its varying speeds, flashing in and out of shots--and now the use of blurring and monochromatic tinting--things only grow worse. The action of the actors is good, if one has patience enough to weed through the drek to find it. And there are a number of good acts that could have been enjoyable if the film wasn't so experimental and artsy fartsy. All the guys pop their loads onto the faces of the masked women which is a nice touch, but by no means one that salvages the scene.

Scene 4: Michelle Wild, Sandra Shine, Victoria Swinger
Acts Included: Oral, Dildo Play
Three gorgeous women are working out in the villa's small gym--in their underear no less. They take a break from their excercises when one of the girls pulls out a double-ended purple dildo. This gets them excited and they take turns petting each other's breasts and tonguing their purple friend. These three ladies are gorgeous with perfect bodies and nice, beautiful faces. It's too bad that I can't see them for 50% of the time, as they too are clouded by the special effects plaguing the film. After some mild foreplay the girls move to oral and then a little double action with dildo. The girls are so hot that this might have been the best scene of the film and perhaps a contendor for the the best lesbian threesome of the year. But again it was near impossible to watch, much less something to get excited over.

Scene 5: Michelle Wild
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: 69, Standing Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
The final scene of the film (hang in there it's almost over) finds Michelle dressed in black lingerie and a pink feather boa. She squirms around on the hard, marble floor of a large sitting room, when a tall, suited man stumbles upon her. As she leans over, the man climbs under her and begins to eat her pussy, sucking really hard and pulling with his teeth a long strand of pearls from her vagina. This scene is a bit more tolerable. Although the effects and abnoxious music are present, there is far less. The couple do the 69 routine, orally pleasing one another. They then move on to a handful of changeups and some decent action. I liked this scene the best--which is far from a compliment--yet despite the minimal use of visual effects, there was the constant gazing into the camera by the actress, which for reasons already mentioned, conveyed the feeling that the actors were simply full of themselves.

Concluding Words: My first impression of Sex Ambassador came from the DVD packaging. It's very stylish. A clear, colorless case with attractive cover art and the gorgeous image of Michelle Wild in the center. And the screenshots presented on the reverse depict clean, well-lighted stills. This cover looks like a million bucks. But maybe I should have known more about New Sensations, a studio I'm not familiar with. Or maybe I should have seen Kovi's other films--he's done a handful, but none I have every viewed (his 'Victoria's Wet Secrets' is on my review queue, and I'm dreading it after struggling through this one). But if I've come away with anything after watching this film, it's the reiterration of the old adage we were taught from a very early age: You can't judge a porno by its cover. And the mantra certainly holds true here. Sex Ambassador is a terrible mess. The footage is riddled with pestering special effects that make the scenes disjointed and impossible to enjoy. Partnered with this is a music track that is so heavy and grinding that the mute button became a life saver. At the few times when the action was enjoyable, it did not last long or was ruined by the actor's constant gaze into the camera. My girlfriend and I popped this film in one night and discovered how laughable the women were asthey stared into the camera with that "look at me" expression. Neither one of us could wait until the film was over, and when it was it was a relief. A true mishmash of bad effects, poor direction and lousy production. Skip It


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