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Lay Me Down

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 5/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cast: Mercedez, Cherokee, Holly Hollywood, Nicole Sheridan, Evan Stone, Kurt Lockwood & Chris Cannon

Director: David Stanley

Length: 1 hour 47 minutes

Extras: Position Room, Vivid Girl Extras, Bonus Room, Vivid Previews, More Adult Fun [which are the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning] and the Web.

Audio/Video: This feature was in the standard 1.33:1. Though the majority of the feature is dark, there weren't really any compression error. There was slight grain, but no pixelation. The audio? Ugh. The music was WAY too loud, at times drowning out the dialogue and moaning.


Cherokee & Evan Stone
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions:  Doggystyle. Modified Missionary.
Condoms: Yep.
After a fingering by Evan, Cherokee gets on top for some reverse cowgirl. While she's riding, the sexiness of this position increases thanks to the camera focusing on Cherokee's ass as she leans forward. It gets even hotter [if such a thing is possible] when we see Evan doing Cherokee from behind while she's doing a split and rubbing her pussy. After some intensely erotic doggystyle, Cherokee is vertical, doing another split, while Evan is standing above her as he spikes her with his dick. During this position, the "Vivid Angle" feature pops up. I REALLY appreciated this since angle 1 was the dreaded "gyno shot" [at least for me it is], while angle 2 was shot from a foot or two away from the couple. The scene ends when Even shoots on Cherokee's stomach and it ends with Evan looking into the camera saying "See what you made me do".


After the alarm rings, Mercedez wakes up and longingly strokes the empty half of her bed and says an apology to herself. Cut to Mercedez at her job, sitting at her desk in a daze while staring at a picture of her and Evan. We flash to our next sex scene...


Mercedez & Evan Stone
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Mercedez looks good in just about anything, however, she looks extremely HOT in the red bra and thong she's sporting while they're kidding around in bed. After Evan gives her a "wet willy" [yes, he sticks his finger in her ear], they begin getting touchy-feely and once Mercedez does away with Evan's boxers, she takes off her bra and begins giving Evan's stiff dick a lengthy sucking. When she's done, she removes her thong and Evan spreads her legs for some missionary style penetrating. After that, we're treated to some reverse cowgirl. This, in my honest opinion, is one of the best and sexiest positions that I like to see Mercedez in. Following some more missionary, the scene ends with Evan shooting on her chest. There's another angle selection during the shot - I went with number two. While this was the hotter of the two, it also unfortunately highlighted the slight implant scars].

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After the remembrance of times past, we join Mercedez in her office again. Cherokee invites her out for a night on the town, but Mercedez is hesitant. "What? You think i'm going to embarass you? Ohhhh...you think you can't take me anywhere? You're going to hold the Christmas party against me still." It takes convincing, but eventually Mercedez accepts her offer. Cut to Cherokee embarrassing Mercedez as she's dancing with a stripper on stage. She tells Mercedez to get on stage because her life is "slipping away" and hands her a glass to drink. Cut to:


Mercedez & Nicole Sheridan
Acts Included: Oral.
Mercedez is on stage, leaning against the stripper's pole, as Nicole massages her thighs before removing Mercedez's panties. Nicole begins licking Mercedez's inner thigh before moving up to her pussy. After some time, Mercedez retuns the favor by giving Nicole's pussy a good licking. The two ladies do some fingering before the scene ends with them entwined in a 69 as Cherokee and another female watch. I don't know if it was David's intent to mimic David Lynch's bar scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but the sound mixer should be shot. You could hardly make out what Mercedez was saying. Actually, now that I think about it, the whole flick has been this way. So, we cut to:


this is as close as it gets, guys.

Cherokee wakes Mercedez telling her she's got a wicked hangover and needs to get something greasy to eat. After a taco and ice cream feast, Mercedez tells her to chill out and later they can have another girl's night out. She declines, citing a prior commitment and after walking to the door, Mercedez tells her if her plans don't work out to call her. As Cherokee is headed out the door, Mercedez pulls her back and plants a kiss on her. Uh oh. Could this be heading where I think [HOPE] it's heading? Cherokee is startled and tells Mercedez that she'll see her at work on Monday and walks out before Mercedez can apologize. DENIED. Later, after Mercedez finishes washing dishes, she holds up her wedding ring and reads the inscription that says "One ring to rule them all". Seriously though, there is a bright light that brings us to...


Mercedez & Kurt Lockwood
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Mercedez, looking lovely in another red bra and thong combo, begins giving Kurt a pretty good blowjob [there are two different angles during this action -- I chose angle 2 again]. After removing her thong, Mercedez gets on top for some cowgirl. While it's not reverse cowgirl, Mercedez most definitely looked hot during this position. However, the heat amplified a thousand-fold with the next position - doggystyle. As i've previously said, this is one of Mercedez's HOTTEST positions. The action concludes with some missionary before Kurt shoots on her stomach [two angles during this act -- I went with number one]. 


After a brief bout of post-coital "what-the-fuck-did-I-just-do"-itis, Mercedez tells Kurt to hurry up and get out before Evan returns. He takes his time, prompting Mercedez to pick up a vase and throw it at him. She ends up clocking him in the head and knocking him to the ground. She walks over and discovers that she didn't really knock him out, and Kurt continues dicking around as Mercedez opens the door to shoo him out. Once she opens the door, Evan walks up and after seeing Kurt on the bed [and Mercedez in her sexy, pink robe], he turns around and storms away [porn drama at its FINEST]. We fade back to Mercedez still staring at the ring. Unfortunately, she drops it in the sink. As she reaches down the drain to retrieve it, the disposal comes on. Cut to Chris, a plumber, as he retrieves the mangled piece of gold that used to be her ring. He leaves telling her a part for her sink won't be back until Monday. As Mercedez is putting on some sexy stockings, Evan calls. After being told that she has a date, Evan tells her to stop by the club afterwards, if she doesn't "fall in love". Fading into...


Mercedez & Chris Cannon
Acts Included: Attempted Vaginal.
Positions: Attempted Missionary.
A brief shot of Chris grinding on top of Mercedez. Apparently, someone forgot to take his viagra. Since he can't get it up, Mercedez tells him to go home to his wife, tell her what happened ,that he loves her and he'll never do it again. Mercedez meets up with Evan at the club. After some small talk, Evan tells her he wants to get back together with her under one condition: she has to watch him fuck someone else. "I know it sounds like a bad porn movie, but if you did that for me, i'd come back. Now I know you wanna punch me or something...". "Where to?" asks Mercedez.


Evan Stone & Holly Hollywood
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Cowgirl. Doggystyle.
Condoms: Yep.
A hotel room, it looks like. 

While Evan is running his hands over Holly's body, he asks Mercedez if that's what she did to Kurt. He throws Holly down and begins licking and fingering her pussy and ass. Next, we see Holly giving him some head. After taking off her clothes and giving Harry some more head, Holly gets on top for some cowgirl. He fucks her doggystyle before and some more fingering. The scene ends with Harry stroking his dick in front of Holly's face before he shoots in her mouth. Right after he does that, Mercedez storms out. 


The final shot is of this movie is Mercedez, writhing around in the center of the bed looking as if she's been set free. And in case she didn't convey that sense of freedom of "a brand new day", Stanley superimposes footage of the sun coming up to hammer that notion over our heads.


Position Room - Here you can jump directly to your favorite position. Choose from Pussy Eating, Blow Job, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie or Cum Shot.
Vivid Girl Extras - Scenes featuring Mercedez from "Driving Mercedez Wild", "White Hot" & "Women In Uniform". The other two extras, from "Amnesiac" and "Color Blind 3" have nothing to do with Mercedez.
Bonus Room - Has a Mercedez "gallery" [2m], a "gallery" of scenes from the movie [1m] and a Behind the Scenes featurette [8m 25s].
Previews of two movies that weren't titled, "White Wedding" and "Wild Poppy". 

Concluding Words: David has assembled an attractive cast that looks VERY good in action. While the story is ordinary and the acting merely adequate, the sex is extremely hot. I could watch Mercedez and Cherokee fuck all nite. However, during the entire flick the background music drowns out just about every single bit of dialogue there is. Initially, I thought it was David's homage to David Lynch's trippy dream sequences. As time went on, it just became plain annoying.

This disc has plenty of HOT sex. The direction is great and the "Vivid Angle" option is used at precisely the right moments. Unfortunately, the thing that was annoying [and what ultimately kept it from being a Highly Recommended disc] is the sound. For some people, the actresses moaning and sex talk is almost as important as the positions. I'm not one of those people, but I DO like having a balanced mix of dialogue and music. This disc lacks that. For that reason, i'm giving it a mere Recommended.

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