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Coral Honeymoon

Studio: Private » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 5/25/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Alessandro del Mar

Cast: Donna Marie, Philippe Dean, Francesco Malcom, Rita Neri, Viktorie, Miki Blu, Jennifer Dark, Elena, George Uhl & Giancarlo Bini

Length: 1 hour 31 minutes

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish & Italian

Subtitles: Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish & Greek

Extras: Trailer, Backstage Photobook, Movie Photobook, "Making Of" featurette [3m13s], Production Notes, Trailers for Private Life Of Kate More, Reality 23, Hole In One, Castings X 28 & Cleopatra 2.

Audio/Video: Wow! This picture is one of THE sharpest i've ever seen on an adult film. The colors are vibrant and helps bring out the lush island setting. There is little to no edge enhancement. AND....it's anamorphic too! Private did a GREAT job with this video presentation. The audio wasn't too shabby either. It was pleasantly clear and the soundtrack wasn't overwhelming.


Our story begins with a newlywed couple checking into the posh Coral Hotel for their honeymoon. Donna Marie is eager to consumate the marriage. Her husband has other things on his mind. After telling her to go upstairs and relax by taking a shower, Richard wanders the property and  stumbles onto a waitress going the extra mile for a tip...
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggy. Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl. Spoon.
Condoms: Nope.
After asking her to lift up her dress, the man begins rubbing her ass while she starts stroking the stiff bulge that's in his shorts. As Richard is observing this, Donna's in the shower rubbing her pussy, wondering why her husband always leaves her alone. Back outside, the waitress is now sucking on the customer's dick. After laying back for some missionary, she gets on top for some reverse anal cowgirl which turns into anal spooning. He fucks her in the ass from behind before she makes him cum by jerking him off. She licks a finger before she tells him she must go


Upon returning to their suite, Donna interrogates him about his activities. He tells her he was looking around. She responds by telling him that while he was looking around, she was taking a shower and now she's clean so they can fuck. He piles on excuses...he's tired and really hungry. He tells her he's going to take a shower and they'll meet downstairs for dinner. Grudgingly, she agrees. Cut to the couple at dinner. Again, she tells him that she wants to have sex and, again, he comes up with another excuse. This time it's time for him "to go jogging".

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Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Missionary. Cowgirl. Doggystyle. Spoon.
Condoms: Nope.
Francesco is seen talking to a maid. He tells her that the couple that just arrived are honeymooning and asks to see her legs. They begin kissing. After stroking his dick, she begins giving him some brief head. Next, we see him licking her pussy before sliding in for some missionary. She gets on top for some cowgirl followed by doggystyle. After some spooning, he strokes until her shoots in her mouth.


Donna gets a call from her father as she's standing at the foot of a boat. She lies to him about Richard being "a changed man" and tells him that her husband's standing right by her. In actuality it turns out...


Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Spoon. 
Condoms: Nope.
He's leaning against a rock on the beach, rubbing this sexy blonde's pussy while she strokes his dick. After some time, she gets on her knees to give him head. Watching her alternate between sucking his dick and stroking it, while rubbing her pussy and seeing her boobs bounce made this a very HOT part of the scene. Eventually, she gets on top for some cowgirl before switching for some reverse cowgirl. There's some anal spooning and some reverse anal cowgirl, before he shoots on her ass.


When Richard heads back to their suite, Donna's wearing some sexy lingerie and looking very cute as she tells him to come to bed with her. He tells her he feels sick and he's going to go out and get some fresh air...he's got a headache and some stomach problems. She offers to go with him, but he tells her to get some rest.


Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal. 
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl. Spoon.
Condoms: Nope.
Apparently, a good cure for a headache and stomach problems are to have two girls grinding up against you. Richard's on the beach having one girl stroke his dick while the other one sucks it. After doing away with her bikini bottoms, the dark haired beauty backs her ass up and gets a stiff dick in her pussy as a reward. Once they're done, the brunette gets on top for some reverse anal cowgirl while the dark haired girl lets her fingers and tongue wander. He gives the dark haired chick some spooning before bending the brunette over and doing her in the ass as she plays with the dark haired girl. The scene ends with a shot to the dark haired girl's face.


Richard strolls up and tells his wife he was on the boat. She tells him that she would've gone with him. He promises that she will....next time. We cut to a boat where a trio, that includes Francesco, are conspiring to have the female pick up Richard, while Mickey fucks his wife. Francesco tells them he's going to go to sleep, but Mickey and the female tell him to stick around and enjoy the sun.


Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl. Doggystyle. Spoon. Scissors. Double Penetration.
Condoms: Nope.
The guys begin kissing, licking, stroking Isabella. Francesco licks her pussy while she sucks Mickey's dick. Cut to Mickey doing her doggystyle while she sucks Francesco's dick. Another cut to Isabella riding Mickey reverse cowgirl and then letting Francesco spoon her while she sucks Mickey's dick.  There's some anal scissors before a double penetration before the scene ends with a double shot to Isabella's face.


While Donna is on the phone with her dad, Francesco eavesdrops. Once she hangs up the phone, Francesco steps over and tells her that Richard is cheating on her and offers proof. She follows him to another part of the hotel and they spy Richard playing with Isabelle. As Francesco and Donna look on, Richard tells Isabella that he just married his wife for the money. Donna tells Francesco that she needs a boat to get off the island so she can get a divorce. He tells her that Richard should pay. "Do you mean fuck a stranger?" Donna asks. Francesco nods. They come up with a plan for her to meet Francesco's two friends and fuck them on the pier so hubby can see. Later that evening, as they're both lying in bed, Richard is trying to get busy with Donna. She tells him that she's really tired and he should just go to sleep. Fade to the next morning...


Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal. 
Positions: Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl. Double Penetration.
Condoms: Nope.
As Donna leans against a palm tree, Mickey and a friend are groping Donna's pussy and tits. She takes turns giving them both blowjobs before bending over for Mickey's friend to fuck her doggystyle while she strokes Mickey. Afterwards, she gets on top of Mickey for some reverse cowgirl while sucking Mickey's friend. As she's riding Mickey reverse anal cowgirl, she tells them that she wants a dick in her ass and one in her pussy. Mickey's friend is happy to oblige. The scene ends with Donna taking a double shot to the face.. 


Back in the hotel bar, Richard's trying, and failing, to pick up a chick. She walks away. Francesco walks up and tells Rich that he really doesn't work at the hotel -- he's really a private investigator hired by Donna's father. After threatening Richard with photos of his infidelity, Richard sets up a meeting to exchange Donna's money for the proofs. Francesco meets Donna and tells her that her transportation off the island has been arranged. However, they have a problem. According to Francesco, Donna's father hired a private investigator who saw her fucking on the pier and snapped photos. Fortunately, Francesco is a friend and he's sure that if she pays him, he'll give Franc the photos. She tells him money is no problem.

The flick ends with a Francesco lounging by a pool as he boasts in a voice over how easy it is to blackmail cheating couples and how much money he's made.


Concluding Words: This disc is gorgeous. The anamorphic widescreen picture is fantastically sharp and the sound is clear and well balanced. The locations are exotic and the colors are extremely vibrant and sharp. Oh yeah, there's sex too! And it's HOT. Every single scene generates heat, particularly Viktorie's scene [scene three]. This is most definitely a flick that you could feel comfortable watching with your significant other. A definite "couples" disc.

After the last two Private discs I reviewed, Private Stories 5 and Private Stories 6, I was beginning to think that they had lost it. This disc reaffirmed that they haven't and it gets a very enthusiastic Highly Recommended.

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