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Slumber Party 18

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 5/25/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All Girl

Director: Shane

Cast: Jenna Haze, Bella Donna, Kaylynn, Monica Sweetheart, Natasha, Jana Cova, Josie Lynn

Length: 1hr 23 min

Production Date: Shane's World, 2002

Extras: -=Behind the Scenes=-Runs 20 minutes and is footage of the girls talking about sex, joking around and drinking; with some misc. sex footage. Definately worth a look as it's as entertaining as the film. -=Bella Donna Live=-a 13 minute interview and solo scene. -=Pornstars at Home with Kaylynn=-A 14 minute tour of Kaylynn's house. Very entertaining as Kaylynn walks around in her underwear, shows where her Summer's Eve is stashed, opens her fridge to us and tries on a few pairs of shoes. The last half is a solid solo scene. -=Gallery=- -=Bios=- -=Weblink=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film was presented in the usual 2.0. Despite this, the sound was remarkably good. All of the voices of the actresses could be heard during both speaking and sex scenes. There was no music, but at times the mic did come too close to the actresses and so there was some distortion. Otherwise I was very satisfied with the sound. The Video of the film was in Full Frame color. The images were very clear and colors very crisp. I was especially pleased with the camera work as a whole. Shots were steady, nicely executed and without jarring edits or too much time spent in one position or angle. Hands down, this is some of the best girl on girl footage around.

Body of Review: Shane's World continues their slumber party theme with volume 18. Not only are these sexy young gals itching for a girl's night and some private time alone, but their determined to make it worth their while. From wrestling on the carpet in their undewear to bowling naked, the foxes of Shane's World know how to get each other's pussies nice and wet for the camera.

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Scene 1: Bella Donna, Kaylynn, Jenna Haze, Natasha, Josie Lynn
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Dildo Play,
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
The girl's begin their slumber party with the activities that occur only in the fantasy of men. They spend time talking about sex, trying on different clothes and walking around the house in only their undewear. They get very silly at times, inhaling the helium from the party balloons and talking dirty or spanking one another on the ass. The highlight is when they begin wrestling in the living room and we get to see Jenna Haze rolling around the carpet in a g-string and tiny-tee as she tries to pin Kaylnn to the floor. Everyone's favorite harlot Belladonna stunning beauty and never seeming to age looks particularly young in boyish underwear and knee-high socks. The catfighting is pretty tame, but does get exciting and the girls do toss each other around a few times. After a few rounds of this Jenna, Bella and Kaylynn sneak off to a private room. Bell and Kaylynn take turns sucking on Jenna tight, small pussy. Jenna gives a good show and a great deal of screaming throughout. Much of it seems pushed of course, but Jenna's amazing to hear and see. Natasha and Josie then join them and Natasha lies back on the bed for her turn. Josie is a cute full figured blonde with a left nipple piercing. Bella gives her some fast fingering until her arm begins to tire and Jenna pulls out a vibrator. The scene turns into a number of different scenes ranging from dildo play, licking and sucking to strapon action. Despite this the film manages to be well shot. The adorable faces of the girls makes it worth watching and their enthusiasm keeps it interesting. A superior scene for this reason and the fact that it is done in a way that seems authentic and unpretentious. Most notable is Jenna delivering a strapon to Bella, and Kaylynn riding Bella's breasts.

Scene 2: Kaylynn and Natasha
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
Kaylynn immediately goes down on Natasha on a couch. Natasha is a pretty gal, dressed in all pink with braces and a pink barbell in her clit. Kaylynn isn't my favorite, a bit awkward looking, but she does put her tongue pretty deep into Natasha's pussy and gets her yelling to the point of giggling. When a girl in a film reaches the point of laughter, this always rings more authentic to me and I think she's digging the scene. Kaylynn then lies back, but she is much quieter in comparison. Which must be why we return to Natasha bent over the couch with Kaylynn burried in her crotch for one final scene. A well shot and fun scene, but the gals in this one are the least exciting and least attractive of the film. Something different or nastier may have garnered a greater rating.

Scene 3: Monica Sweetheart and Jana Cova
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
The girls load into a car to go to a bowling alley. During their drive we are offered an intermission from Monica Sweetheart and Jana. Natasha is a cute bleached blond gal with nice body and ample breasts for her type. Monica is good looking but not quite as luring as Jana. She has a much more homely look and is a bit larger, but by no means fat. Their large hoop earrings don't make a sexy addition but remind me of the 80's. The girls enjoy some private time on a bed, kissing each other and undressing. Michelle gets Jana's pussy nice and wet with her tongue and then with her fingers. Jana has a nice, close shaved mat of hair that is cute and sexy on her. After she comes, Michelle gets the favor returned. A typical girl on girl scene, but the shots were well done and lighted well. There are a number of great closeups of the gal's cute little pussies.

Scene 4: Josie Lynn and Jenna Haze
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Strapon
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl
The girls arrive at the bowling alley and unload from the car. They spend a few minutes looking for a ball that suits them, and then begin a game of strip bowling. This is a really exciting scene, not simply to see 5 young girls bowling naked, but also because the girls are being silly. Some are terrible at the game and laugh and joke about it. Bella is pretty solid, and keeps in the lead. After a few frames Jenna's pussy is warmed up and ready for her scene with Josie. Just to be sure she shows the camera that it is already wet, and sticks her finger in it and tastes. Josie then lies back on one of those bowling scoreboard tables and Jenna begins eating her. Once Josie's pussy is good and wet, Jenna shoves four fingers inside her and gives her a good workout. Jenna straps on her favorite toy and gives Natasha some vibe action in doggy. After cumming, Josie reciprocates and gives Jenna oral. I've always been a fan of Jenna's, but at times she's over the top with her screaming and this is a scene where she does this. I could be wrong, but it seems tad much in the overacting department. Nonetheless a very nice scene that is tastefully clean and well filmed.

Scene 5: Belladonna and Natasha
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Standing, Doggy, Missionary
Standing out on the lanes, Bella and Natasha kiss each other on the lips and titties. Bella spreads her nice ass and Natasha crawls under her for to give her oral. Bella's ass is amazing, perfectly tan and round, which is only one reason why she remains such a favorite. She's apparently very good at oral too. When Natasha kneels onto the hardwood floor, Bella rubs her tongue and practically her entire face over Natasha's pussy and ass, sendig her into a frenzy of moans. Bella takes some tongue in the same position, but not for too long. Natasha crawls back onto the floor and Bella continues with more oral, which is okay with me since Natasha is the giggly type. Although I would have liked to see more of Bella on the receiving end, it was fun to hear Natasha laughing and see her wiggle with pleasure. Before the end, there is some nice pussy to pussy grinding and in one great moment Bella gets her asshole spit on and licked by Natasha. Bella gets backridden and spanked for a few minutes, but this kind of stuff would have been stronger if played through more and not just last minute additions to the scene.

Concluding Words: I've always been a fan of Shane's World and its consisten presentation of natural, attractive girls without trying to meet any kind of expectations. Known for always giving their viewers that 'girl next door' girl, Shane's World hasn't failed me yet. This is one of the reasons Slumber Party 18 works so well. The ladies here are a broad range of looks and body types, but they all have that natural beauty in their apperance. This is something I truly enjoy about SW productions and find replaced by makeup and silicone in too many of the other titles floating around. What SW proves, is that these modifications are not necessary to make a film hot and exciting, and for this the studio deserves all the praise they can get. And if that doesn't cut it for you, if magnified breasts and painted mugs are your thing, then SW's unconventional filming might moisten your pallete. Slumber Party 18, like the rest of the series and many other SW films, keeps a high level of entertainment by showing its girls doing silly or fun things, e.g. bowling naked and wrestling on the floor in their undewear. For this title, most of the scenes are some of the best; they have beautiful women in pro-shot footage. The ones that lack do so slightly and only because they are on the same disc. I greatly enjoyed this title not just because it kept me excited, but it kept me entertained. Highly Recommended


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