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Seymore Butts' Female Ejaculation Review

Studio: Seymore Butts » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/27/04

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The Movie

The granddaddy of true filth, Mr. Seymore Butts, has been bringing his loyal army of smut aficionados his own unique brand of dirty movies for God only knows how long know. This latest specializes on the mystical female ejaculation, giving you thirteen actresses having fifty-five squirting orgasms over the span of just over ninety minutes. With that kind of quantity crammed into an hour and a half, don't be surprised that there is virtually no lead up at all no foreplay, no plot, no nothing except squirting gashes and groaning girlies.

Alisha Klass, an extremely orgasm hungry brunette, is featured in a whopping eighteen scenes on this disc. Whether it be at the request of another woman's mouth or via the aid of a finer or three up the ass or a cock in the ass, Alisha groans her way through the film with an almost eerie amount of enthusiasm, and sprayback! She's got some serious muscle control to be able to get that kind of range. Her raspy voice makes things even more intense, as she's consistently wailing as she squirts all over her playmates, and the camera. She's also not afraid to keep going, as after having her pussy eaten and her ass fingered, she grabs a vibrator to use on herself and mashes it into her snatch until she squirts again and again.

Taylor Hayes, makes five appearances in this compilation. Again, there's a penchant for anal fingering which ultimately leads to a lot of squirting as this foxy brunette shows no fear in taking what her friends are willing to give her ad covering the camera in her girl juice.

Jordan McKnight is only in one scene where a white man fingers her pussy from behind as she screams her way to a climax resulting in a mildly wet conclusion.

Allison Embers, a nice looking blonde, shows up for two scenes and is so into being fingered until she squirts that she looks a little stoned. It's all good though, she's having fun and it shows.

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Montana Gunn is a decent looking blonde who shows up for one scene to let Seymore and a cute blonde girl pummel her pussy until it squirts, but when she does, it's not really all that noticeable and doesn't register too high on the scale compared to some of these other gals.

Stephanie Swift is a knockout brunette who makes one appearance but it's a good one as she's fingered into a wet and messy climax by her man. There's no shortage of wet slurpy sound effects in this scene!

Nici Sterling, another nice looking brown haired gal, makes two appearances here and is almost as loud in the 'squishy sounds' department as Ms. Swift is. She's fingered and fingered and fingered some more until she successfully grunts her way to a sloppy climax in each scene.

Tina Cherry brings her big breasted self to the table for one scene only, and it's a quick one but it's long enough for her dude to manually get her off until she spurts.

Taren Steele, a cute blonde girl, makes three loud appearances as she squeals her way to three separate and enthusiastic puddle making orgasms courtesy of three different partners.

Ava Vincent shows up for one scene and one scene only and by the time we see what's going on, she's halfway to a meltdown, but there's still plenty of evidence to prove to any court that this girl is a wet one as she's fingered by some gnarly man in a wifebeater until she gobs all over the bed.

Bonita Saint, another single scene girl, gets fucked in the ass and uses a vibrator on herself until she hydrates not only the man and the woman helping her along, but most of the camera's lens as well. She's a cute blonde, and plenty of fun from the looks of things.

Lori Rivers is a short haired brunette working with another brunette and a camera man and a toy as she squirts by the bucket load and literally produces a puddle of girl juice all over the bed that pools up between her ass cheeks. She makes only one appearance.

Alysha is last, but not least, as she shows up twice to lend her nicely defined blonde box to the fun. Both times she's fingered to waterworld and produces no small amount of liquid love for all involved.


Video quality on this DVD is all over the place. Some of the footage is crystal clear, some of it is poorly lit and grubby looking. Most of it though, thankfully, is of average o better shot on video porn film quality. A lot of the scenes show a little bit of a red tinge to them that looks a bit unnatural, but it's only very slight and not too distracting unless you're looking for it.


We're left with a plain vanilla Dolby Digital 2.0 track that sounds like basic mono as there is next to no channel separation at all. Audio jumps levels from scene to scene, just as the video quality does. Some of it sounds good, some of it is far too loud, and some of it is actually a tad quiet. Most of it is fine though, and the important part (that being the moans and squishy noises!) comes through just fine.


The Bonus Scene on this DVD is a How To Ejaculate Reference Guide which is essentially Seymore showing you how to warm a girl up for squirting fun through his G Spot Tip, through to Warming It Up, then on to Rubbing, and finally to Tapping. This scene is punctuated with clips from the feature as well as some new footage from a cute participant. Aside from that, there are trailers for Tongue In Cheeks, Strictly Business, Squirters 2, Jamaican Me Horny, Think Sphinc and Welcum To Casa Butts. Last up, there is an add for an 800 number and a weblink.

Final Thoughts:

While the first few come scenes are interesting and fun, after a while this turns into overkill. Still, if female ejaculation is your bag (and I know there are a few of you out there who crave this) then this is essentially one stop shopping that cuts to the chase and eliminates any excess material for better or worse. Rent it

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