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Gauge & Friends

Studio: New Machine » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 5/31/04

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Genre: Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Gauge, Adara Star, Bridgette Powerz, Jasmine Rose, Joelle, Leanni Lei, Misty Rain, Vixen, Nikita Denise and Ed Powers

Length: 3:23

Production Date: February 2004 (Compilation date--actual scenes aren't listed)

Extras: Previews, About New Machine

The extras are slim on this DVD, with the majority represented in the Previews section. There's a trailer of Belladonna Exposed; two Randy West videos, Please Cum Inside Me!! 6 and Up and Cummers 122; and three Hardline releases, Wet Inc. 2, The Younger the Better 1, and Make My Butt Cum!. The About New Machine screen is a link to the company website and the company contact info.

Audio/Video: The quality of the audio and video on this disc swings wildly from scene to scene, thanks to the amateur style of most of the clips. One scene, with Leanni Lei, is done with a professional look, and that one has good audio and video, not great. In the rest of the disc's scenes, there's heavy grain, focus issues, lighting problems and extrernal noise on the soundtrack, but like I said, that's the style of this disc.

Body of Review: Gauge is one of the hottest starlets on the market, and this compilation looks to trade on her good name, by pairing some of her early work with clips of girls who, like Gauge, are on the petite side, with the exception of Nikita Denise's healthy frame. This is a disc for fans of amateur hardcore, with its bedroom, setless filming, visible equipment, intrusive cameramen and technical problems. Let's take a look at what's available here:

Scene 1: Gauge (Dirty Debs 146)
Acts Included: Oral, Threeway, Vaginal, DP, Facial
Positions: Spoons, Fingercuffs, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: No
Ed Powers alert! Tiny Gauge, with the face of Fiona Apple and the body of a porn star, gets things started right off the bat here, taking two guys in her mouth at the same time. This swordfight sets the tone for the scene, as she's continuously got two cock inside her, whether it's in her mouth or pussy. An underlight doggie-fuck looks like something from one of those "In Search Of" shows, hosted by Leonard Nemoy. Watching this, I realized how odd it is to see a hairy sack in porn.

Then its Gauge's turn to take a ride on the Reverse Cowgirl Express, while still stuffing her face. Some double penetration is up next, with a return to the ball cam. Someone must have found a second light, because the action looks a bit better. A shift to missionary allows Ed to take control, and the two guys fire across her bow. If not for Gauge's presence, this scene would have been unbearable. When either guy is on bottom, he barely moves, and there is little to no heat from either one of them. I've seen plenty of Ed Powers, and this was not even close to his average.

Scene 2: Gauge (Dirty Debs 129)
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Facial, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Gauge demonstrates her natural talent as a cock sucker in this scene, playing to the camera as she fondles her tits and fingers her pussy. Her reward is a rimjob, which serves as a proper lube job for the anal plowing she receives next. After switching from doggie to reverse cowgirl, she truly gets into the fucking, as her breasts bounce in the circles that natural funbags make. Missionary position is ther key though, as her guy cums across her face and chest. But the fun isn't over, as he puts his pierced tongue to good use and eats her out, with a bit of assplay to boot. The refractory period seemingly over, it's time for 69, with Gauge taking as much of his cockmeat as possible, before she takes a seat on his tongue. More pussy licking follows. warming the couple up for some straight-up missionary fucking. It doesn't last long though, as they flip through the Kama Sutra in short order, trying out several positions, including some lube sessions between her lips. In the end, the marathon session ends with a pop in her mouth that gets on her hair and face. It's rare you see two cumshots in one scene, but this extensive clip covers just about all the bases.

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Scene 3: Gauge (Dirty Debs 128)
Acts Included: Oral, Anal
Positions: Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Do you realize how hard it is to find a frame of Gauge without a mouth full of cock? It's not easy. Especially when the fade in starts with a wet blowjob while her man fingers her pussy. Another rimjob prepares Gauge's ass for entry, a slow and arduous task here. But once he's in, he's there to take care of business, pounding away at her tender backside. Gauge's breasts are mesmerizing as she rides to town in the reverse cowgirl. A return to doggie brings her guy off, right in her mouth, which leads her to explain why she swallows. Cue Ed Powers, who steps up to bat to give her a second chance to spit. She blows him readily, until her gets a piece of her backside. Guage doesn't seem very into the sex, giving some feigned moans and looking bored. Eventually, he cums on her face, completing the lesson. This one fell apart in the second half.

Scene 4: Adara Star (Real Female Masturbation 13)
Acts Included: Masturbation
Positions: N/A
Condoms: N/A
Though Adara's a very pretty girl, and she seems to enjoy herself a lot, I don't get a lot out of solo scenes, especially ones where the director tells her what to do. The feel goes from a voyeuristic thrill to enjoying someone else's glass dance. One is exciting, one is dirty. Plus, after she cums (as far as we know), she spends the next minute or so chatting with the director. Is pacing a dead art? I hope not, but this clip argues otherwise.

Scene 5: Bridgette Powers (Dirty Debs 146)
Acts Included: Oral, Toy Play, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Spoons, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: No
I can't tell you how excited I was to see this little lady on the scene selection screen. Though I would prefer to not see Ed Powers involved, I thought it would be a joy to see the one known as "Bridgette the Midget", after her many appearances on "The Howard Stern Show." Bridgette starts the party by blowing Ed, while using a mini-vibe on herself. The BJ is wet and sensuous, as she slurps down his manhood and tongues his balls with her pierced tongue. Admittedly, it's a strange sight to see someone so small chow down on cock, especially as well as Bridgette does, bur many of the shots are done in close-up, so only the context of her small hands gives away her stature.

As she strips to reveal her tiny pierced titties, it gets weird again, but a close-up of her pretty face saves the day. Of course, then he starts fucking her pint-sized pussy, and the scene enters a realm from which there may be no return. Word of caution: do not accidentally cover her head, with say, a word processing window. The results will scar you. I know little people shouldn't be looked at as freaks, but watching this scene gave me a creepy feeling, especially when you couldn't see her face. And when Ed goes to the back door, in close-up, it reaches a level of strange I've rarely felt while watching porn. Such acts done to such puny parts... and Ed's creepy "bad uncle" vibe doesn't help matters. When he cums on her face, I felt relief more than anything. She should just do close-up blow job videos. I'd buy every one.

Scene 6: Jasmine Rose (Up and Cummers 62)
Acts Included: Oral, Fingering, Daisy Chain, Rimming, Vaginal, Anal, Internal Pop
Positions: Missionary, Side Entry, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
This exotic cutie knows her way around a knob, and keeps her mouth crammed as her pussy is eaten out in preparation for a deep dicking. A teasing, halting penetration gives a good view of just how lilttle Jasmine's entry is in comparison to the cock she's about to receive. The two guys treat her like a sex toy, using all her holes for pleasure, with one round of doggie-style remembling a jackhammer pounding her pussy, with speed and power that rocks her body. A move to her ass does little to slow the action down. They take turns fucking her ass, as she sucks the other guy's cock, before a reverse cowgirl ride brings the heat, climaxing in an internal cumshot, followed by a facial.

Scene 7: Joelle (Foot Lovers 4)
Acts Included: Toy Play, Foot Play
Positions: N/A
Condoms: N/A
This is a short scene from a foot fetish video, so there's not a lot of action. Dark-skinned Joelle's pleasuring herself with a remote-controlled vibrator, while rubbing her feet on "the camera's" cock, which is seen from a first-person vantage point. The sound of the vibe is clear and distinct, which is key, as there's no real action to see on-screen, unless you're into feet. As she jerks the cock off with her toes, she has, what seems to me, a badly-faked orgasm. Unfortunately for a scene centered around feet, they got a girl with unattractive legs.

Scene 8: Lelanni Lei (America's Most Wanted 4)
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, 69
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie
Condoms: No
Leanni and her long-haired lover take to the couch in one of the glossier clips in this collection. A mouthful of muff gets the heavy-breathing going, as Lelanni mounts his tongue, before they slip into a 69 session. Lelanni handles the job at hand with ease, working his shaft while sucking the first few inches in. With his pole ready to ride, Lelanni gets on top, and gets filled in a bouncy bit of reverse cowgirl. When she's done pounding down on him, it's his chance to do the same, taking her from behind. He doesn't last long here, and is quickly exploding on her face and in her mouth, with his white cum contrasting nicely against her dark skin. A quick but effective scene.

Scene 9: Misty Rain and Vixen (I Love Lesbians 3)
Acts Included: Oral, Toy Play, 69
Positions: N/A
Condoms: N/A
Oh joy. Not only is it a lesbian scene (one of my least favorite genres), but we get the pleasure of listening to the pervy director talk during the sex. Well, at least Musty Rain is hot. Vixen reminds me of Chloe Sevigny, and that's definitely not hot, no matter how many blow jobs Chloe gives on-screen. As this scene begins, Misty is eating out Vixen, but the two quickly change places, and Vixen starts licking Misty's pussy from behind. After some extended box lunching, a vibe is brought into play, and Misty's the lucky girl who gets diddled with it. It's then Vixen's turn, and she's schooled by Misty, who uses everything at her disposal to get her off, including a second, bigger vibrator. With two toys in her twat, Vixen is moaning hard.

Unfortunately, at times, it's hard to see exactly what's going on, because the scene was shot during the day next to a big sliding glass door, with backlights the girls and covers them with shadows. With her own desires satisfied, Vixen gets to wield the big cock, introducing a new, bigger dildo to Misty's slit. If Misty's faking, she's doing a great job of it, releasing a torrent of whimpers and moans as Vixen fucks her.The first vibe returns for another go-round, stimulating Misty's clit.

They aren't done though, as yet another toy is presented, and quickly inserted into Misty's ass, while she pleasures herself with the first vibe. The girls have had enough of playing with toys though, and get into some wild and loud 69ing, which ends with Misty fucking Vixen with the big vibrator. Misty carried this scene and made it hotter than it might have been without her.

Scene 10: Nikita Denise (Dirty Debs 127)
Acts Included: Oral, Masturbation, Vaginal
Positions: Doggie. Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: No
As I watch yet another Ed Powers scene, I begin to wonder if my problem with him is simply jealousy, in that a guy whose ass I could probably kick, is getting laid by some amazing girls, including Gauge and now Nikita, a Czech beauty. I can assuade myself though that it is truly his looks that bother me, as I never wanted to see my drivers-ed teacher naked. The luckiest man alive starts this scene getting a BJ from Nikita, as she plays with her pussy. Nikita has wonderful eyes that really read on camera, giving her oral technique an added dimension. A bit of action from behind leads into a reverse ride that gives a great view of Nikita's pussy being plugged. Her cute tits hang and sway, while her "Boris and Natasha" accent makes it all the better. Some anal navigation is up next, and she takes it with aplumb, whether its from below or behind. Nikita maintains eye contact with the camera most of the time, giving the sex a "peeping tom" quality that makes it very hot. A missionary fuck brings things to a boil, and Ed pops in her mouth. She holds it, and pushes it slowly out of her mouth, so it drips down her cheek. A very beautiful girl, but the sex isn't very energetic. This could have been hotter.

Concluding Words: There are some good-looking girls here, including Gauge, Adara Star and Nikita Denise, but the sex is simply underwhelming. And Bridgette Powerz... well, I don't begrudge anyone wanting to see this, especially if you've never seen midget porn (I had previously only watched films with Napoleon, a male midget.) It just was a little weirder than I hoped. Perhaps with a different partner than Ed Powers, Bridgette shines. Of course, if you're a fan of amateur-style porn, this is a great disc to spin. There's plenty of genres represented and some good sex, to boot. For the rest of you, this is a rental to see Gauge, Adara, Bridgette and Nikita.

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