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Nasty Art: Sexual Strokes

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 6/6/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Lesbian Scene Compilation
STARS: Dee, Isis, Darian, Victoria, Tiffany, Ruby, Vanisha, Ava, Natalia, Katie, A.J., Irwin Bomb, Angelique DATES OF PRODUCTION: 2003
LENGTH: 120 mins with bonus material

Erotica has had a place in the world of art for centuries. Many great masters utilized the nude to accentuate and star in their classic canvases. Frankly, there is nothing more fetching than a well-oiled figure, pigments capturing the perfection of the human form. From bountiful, zaftig women to male versions of the Greek gods, abs and pecs making up for the occasional case of immature phallus, painting and sculpture do the naked human figure proud. However, as times and tastes have changed, so have peoples perceptions about placing the birthday suited up on their wall as a living room accessory. Indeed, most unclothed art is considered incredibly randy, reminding the owner of a swanky speakeasy or a gentlemen's club versus a trip down the corridors of a muted museum. Maybe this is because as art has progressed, pop has taken the piss out of tits and ass portraiture. Where naked ladies with lumps and bumps were long ago visualized in repast or relaxation, today's naked dames are drawn to nudge the naughtiness. Where, in the past, pubis and pillows were sheltered and serene, modern artists accentuate the naughty bits, knowing that risqué pushes product. Irwin Bomb is such a contemporary carcass curator. He has made a name for himself among hardcore and softcore fans as a brush bandit who likes to feature his subjects in super sensual poses. His modus operandi is simple. He stages fantasy sequences with sexy models and then captures the carnality in pen and ink. Sometimes, he comes up with a bona fide visual stunner, almost photo realistic in its flesh tones and figures. Other times, his images can resemble a high school boy's secret sketchpad, an image just waiting for a telltale cum stain to cap it off. Nasty Art: Sexual Strokes is a movie that claims to feature the artist in his domain, working with his porn star posers to show exactly how he achieves his vision. Unfortunately, as both an instructional guide and a hardcore sampler, the compilation is as slight as paint thinner.

The DVD:
Nasty Art is unlike any other scene compilation in that it attempts to provide an additional element, mainly insight into how artist Irwin Bomb creates his carnal canvases. Each sequence has a name ("Love on the Nile", "Vampire Lust") that indicates the theme to each painting. The actresses/models involved also get credit, since once they finish the pose down, they will be bumping and grinding with the best of them. Scenes are then divided into two or three individual elements. The first is always the introductions and the preparations. If there is a second section, it could be labeled "softcore", since the ladies only suggest certain XXX frolics. We don't see much tongue fucking or ass eating. The final installment of each episode would be called the "hardcore" portion, since the dildo ramming and ass fingering takes place here. Irwin is never involved in any of the action. He is too "professional" to stop painting and partake of some pussy. Even Angelique, his documentarian (who disappears halfway through) cannot be coerced into some Sappho solidarity. So we end up with lesbian histrionics, only borderline bold in their antics, matched with several scenes of paintings in progress. Individually, the sequences feature the following premises and performers:

Scene 1: Dee and Isis
Subject: "Love on the Nile"
3 Sections, 25 mins
Acts include: Fondling, Kissing, F to F Oral, 69, F to F Grinding
For nearly half an hour, two Hispanic honeys play Egypt as they dress in "homemade" belly dancer suits and pose in a tender embrace. There is a lot of talking during the initial moments, as Angelique wants to question Irwin over every aspect of the painting process. While the conversation continues, the girls get it on in a very slow, sensual manner. If you like your ladies Latino, you'll pool droll all around your La-Z-Boy with this gal-on-gal goodness. There is nothing extreme or overly passionate about their sex acts, just long lingering kisses and some very erotic grinding. Still, one can't help feel just a tad underwhelmed by this progression. Angelique's faux accent is very annoying and if Irwin tells her once, he tells her two hundred times he won't be dropping trou and tossing in his trout anytime soon. As irritating ersatz Arabic keyboard noodling plays in the background, we witness some warm, wanton women doing the dirty deed. If that's enough to sharpen your pencil, this first installment of Nasty Art will make that #2 stand up and cheer. Others may hope for something a little more fiery. Score: 6/10

Scene 2: Darian and Victoria
Subject: "Vampire Lust"
2 Sections, 19 mins
Acts Include: Fondling, Kissing, Fingering, F to F Oral

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As Irwin sets up for this next sitting, Angelique is still around, discussing the importance of preparation for painting. Our duo of divas walks in and get undressed as Irwin grabs his brushes. The ladies take to the bed and lay on top of each other, stomach to back. Our bottom gal grabs her partner's ass. The top talent latches onto her ladylove's tit. Together, they seem caught in mid embrace, about to embark on some serious slutty sharking. While they begin to beguine each other, kissing and touching, Angelique asks lots of questions. When the ladies get lost in their lesbianism, Anne must talk to the mumble mouthed Irwin. Eventually, the scene gets down to the real kitty nitty gritty as pussies are eaten and inner workings fingered just for the fun of it. By now, you get the idea of Nasty Art. Women come to pose for Irwin, and while he mixes pigments and applies shadows, the ladies lunch on each other. Unlike Scene 1, the girls here are much more animated in their same sex shenanigans. They try to sell their basic broad stroking into something more extreme. It doesn't work. Nor is Irwin's art that impressive here. While he adds fangs to the femmes to capture that dirty Dracula look, the overall image looks very amateurish. Score: 5/10

Scene 3: Tiffany and Ruby
Subject: "Lesbian Mermaid"
2 Sections, 20 mins
Acts Include: Fondling, Kissing, Finger, F to F Oral, Spanking, 69
Ruby is a young pup that Irwin "claims" to have met at the grocery store. Obviously over conversations regarding the ripeness of certain melons, Ruby was coerced into posing for the artist. He envisions her as an innocent mermaid and once she is naked in the studio, the portrait begins. Angelique is along for the last time, asking a series of silly questions. When the observers learn that Ruby has a jealous, domineering dyke for a girlfriend, tension settles in the air. But when the rather slight Tiffany shows up to check on her gal pal, she's about as threatening as a toddler. Some words are exchanged between the parties (attempting to show Tiff's over-protectionism) and then we get to the poon play. All the standard Sapphic moves are highlighted with a dominant/submissive vibe heavy in the air. In the end, Irwin unveils what is probably his best painting in the series. The mermaid looks just like Ruby and the backdrop really sells the seashells by the seashore. The sex, however, is another nautical chronicle altogether. Both of these young looking ladies are very plain and derivative, not sexual or sensual in any way. So to see them together is about as enticing as watching Irwin's paint drying. The resulting picture is pretty. The non-artistic aardvarking in between is not. Score: 4/10

Scene 4: Vanisha
Subject: "Caught in the Act"
2 Sections, 10 mins
Acts Include: Masturbation, Fondling, Fingering, Dildo Play and Penetration
Finally, something completely different and lesbian free! Vanisha is modeling solo for Irwin and she strikes a seductive, almost classically Playboy pose. Suddenly, Irwin runs out of paint and has to head to the supply store to stock up. He leaves Vanisha alone in his studio and, like the old saying goes, while the artist's away, the pussy will play. Vanisha heads to her purse and pulls out a vibrator. She fondles and feels herself up. She licks the metal monster and then inserts it into her waiting womb. She brings herself to sexual ecstasy and manages to cover up her self-copulation in the nick of time as Irwin returns with the items he needs. The painting continues and the resulting canvas compliments Vanisha very well. She teases Irwin about being left alone. "Aren't you afraid I'll take something?" she giggles. No, says Irwin. He's got the place wired up with surveillance equipment. He knows everything that goes on in his dwelling. Vanisha gives a sheepish grin. As masturbation scenes go, this is pretty pathetic. Ms. V seems into it, but the overall storyline suggesting art in progress is fairly ridiculous (would a professional really not have the supplies he needs before starting a sitting) and feels just like what it is; an excuse to get Vanisha alone. Score: 3/10

Scene 5: Ava and Natalia
Subject: "Manhattan Cheesecake"
3 Sections, 25 mins
Acts Include: Fondling, Kissing, Fingering, F to F Oral, Dildo Play and Penetration, Strap-On Fucking
While walking down the street of a major metropolitan area, Irwin sees a couple of luscious ladies lunching in a local restaurant. He walks in and introduces himself. The gals give him a skeptical response. He eventually gets them to agree for a posing session and when they show up, they still seem doubtful that Mr. Bomb is on the up and up. He promises that he is and manages to get one of the gals naked. She sits back on a bed, puts on a pair of long black gloves and then starts taunting Irwin. She calls him names and wonders when he is going to climb onto the bed and defile her. Irwin defends his intentions, saying he is only interested in the art. Well, the honey is pretty peeved when she learns that dick ain't coming (or cumming) her way anytime soon, so she challenges her girlfriend to join her in some lesbianism. These women really love muff diving as there are endless scenes of box brunching. Eventually, a jelly vibe dildo comes out from somewhere and immediately finds a hole to crawl in and out of. After the hand manipulated device is done with, a large strap-on is brought into the musky mix. A few fucks later and Irwin is done. The ladies are impressed and wonder how Irwin discovered his love of sex art (he used to paint standard landscapes and still life). Irwin explains in Scene 6. Although a faux phallus is always a welcome addition to the sundry Sappho stuff, our ladies are too luxuriant in their utilization of this temporary tool. The fucking should be more frenetic, not friendly. Still, the babes really try to bump booties and they play off the passion well. While not a perfect scene by any stretch of the imagination, its still better than most of the material here. Score: 6/10

Scene 6: Katie and A.J.
Subject: "Irwin's First Time"
2 Sections, 17 mins
Acts Include: Fondling, Kissing, Oiling, Fingering, F to F Oral, B&D, S&M, Dildo Play and Penetration
Painting women, that is. In a foolish flashback that has Irwin playing a total geek (no typecasting there, right?) we are introduced to a couple of wicked Wiccans who introduce Mr. Bomb to the desire to paint pulchritude. These Goth gals, covered in jewelry and multiple piercings pose alongside a huge cauldron (so we realize they're witches, not bitches) and then give Irwin a potion. Then they get to the greased girl-on-girl groin grabbing. They kiss a great deal, they play with leather straps and a small wheel covered in needles (perfect to gently roll over nipples and other naughty areas). The entire time they are abusive and domineering over Irwin. Eventually, after all the snatch snacking and ass eating, a rather large dildo is utilized. It goes in one gal and is pumped like a water hose by her handmaiden. The plastic porking goes on for several minutes, with positions ranging from straight to doggie and back again. The women complete their copulation and head over to see Irwin's work. The painting has turned out well. Irwin's new destiny has been shaped. In this final sequence, the actresses really go all out, trying to top anything that came before it by being as totally entranced by the hardcore as they can be. The result is a nice, naughty scene. Irwin's acting is just awful, proving the best place for him is behind the easel. Score: 6/10

It's hard to say what's wrong with Nasty Art: Sexual Strokes exactly. True, it fails to deliver any real insight into the artist process, mainly because it never deals with the issue realistically. In between 10 to 25 minutes, we are supposed to belief that Irwin can sketch, paint, airbrush, color adjust and touch up his mini-masterworks, rendering them exactly as they look when finished. Frankly that's BULLSHIT and the reason behind it is simple: Irwin painted several of these canvases between 1997 – 2003. So unless we are seeing old archival footage (and we know we're not, some of the sittings are "recreations" with actresses who merely resemble the images Irwin created) the ruse is revealed. Without a step by step to indicate how he uses his mediums to make his magic, the artistic aspect of the DVD is a dud. And the sex is really skimpy, bordering on the softcore most of the time. Without a guy to inject a little (or hopefully BIG) presence in the proceedings, we are left with lots and lots of lipstick lesbianism. Only a couple of times do these lasses turn up the same sex heat. The majority of their moments are as tame and tepid as Irwin's personality. And that's another thing: as the main focus of this film, Irwin Bomb has the personality of a petit four. He seems very shy, introverted and overly polite. He has no outward charm and very little charisma. Yet we are supposed to believe he can coax any honey out of her skivvies at the drop of a hint. Sorry, but suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Nasty Art doesn't excel in the area of solid sex. But its even worse in dealing with the entity it's supposed to emphasize.

The Video:
Presented in a 1.33:1 full screen image, the transfer of Nasty Art is nothing to shout about. The colors are basically balanced, and there is some nice contrast in the visual element. But the overall look is VERY homemade and amateur, as if cheap camcorders and outdated technology were used to film this material. One imagines that as long as the sex is shown in a decent, detailed manner, for fans of fuck films, that's good enough.

The Audio:
Sonically, Nasty Art has a lot of issues. The actresses are perfectly understandable, their dialogue and diversions captured in decent Dolby Digital Stereo. But Irwin and Angelique seem to be recorded by bad body mics buried under their own asses. You can barely hear what they are saying and the majority of their mumbling is drowned in ancillary ambiance (street noise, women undressing). Now, Irwin is obviously a soft-spoken guy, but all human voices supposedly register on the decibel scale. He barely whispers most of the time and seems so coy that the thought of his own shadow would scare him. So we end up with a roller coaster aural arrangement where some aspects are excellent while others are lost in a muffled shuffle.

The Extras:
The bonus content here is a little shabby. All we get are a gallery of Irwin's work (which definitely runs the gamut from good to god-awful) and a three-minute piece of Irwin drawing a charcoal portrait of a conventioneer, mislabeled as a Behind the Scenes featurette. What would have been better is a real time studio session, a time-lapsed look at one of Irwin's creations in-progress. It would give us a better idea of the length of time and the effort that goes into each canvas, something the movie itself plainly avoids.

Final Thoughts:
With attractive women giving each other a nice long licking and pretentious pictorials passing for painting, Nasty Art should be a seductive, sensual experience. And if you paid $8.95 on a digital cable pay per view, you'd probably feel you got your money's worth. There's loads of lesbianism, Irwin's carnal canvases and enough interaction to sell the entire scenario. Only problem is, with so much stellar hardcore action out there, the softer softcore material feels that much more lightweight and fluffy. Therefore, Nasty Art gets a middling recommendation and a less than exciting 5.5/10 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter. Do to the very docile dimensions of this release, ladies will probably appreciate the more passive tone. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is awarded. Still, anyone hoping for an erotic exposé on the life and times of artist Irwin Bomb should perhaps pick up one of his books, or spend a few moments over at his website (http://www.nastyart.com) to get to know this relatively private pen and ink man. He's one of the few filmmakers (yes, he produced and directed this title) who doesn't toss himself into the middle of the monkey business and attempts to maintain a professional relationship between himself and his models. While Nasty Art is underhelming in its hardcore fuck and suck sense, it still manages to make the craft of creation seem as mysterious and magnificent as the old masters. Nothing here matches the great and glorious works of the past. But for many fans of flesh and female-to-female antics, that won't matter very much. Nasty Art will really deliver the drawings for them.

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