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Belladonna's Redline

Studio: Don Goo » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/14/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Belladonna's Redline

Don Goo Enterprises

Genre: Compilation, Belladonna

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Belladonna, Victoria Givens, Filthy Frank, Rachelle, Fabio, Joshua, Amy, Destiny, Ian Daniels, Angelique, Mary Jane, Candi, Gorgio, Tommy Gun, many others but none were credited and few were called by name

Length: 204.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/1/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: None

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and almost every scene looked like crap. The pixelation was so bad that the picture broke up more than once and the grain in some scenes made me think I was working for the CIA trying to decrypt secret documents. The video noise was also bad and many scenes had the colors washed out by poor lighting. In short, the picture looked really, really, really, bad on average. The audio was presented in some kind of stereo English but it was also poorly done with no quality control at all and several scenes just blatantly unsynchronized. While watching Godzilla movies can be fun, not in your porn it isn't.

Body of Review: Cheap compilations are plentiful these days and we must all beware of taking the bargain route when buying them. For all the fussing you'll hear about companies like Vivid or New Machine Publishing, some companies pride themselves on releasing the absolutely cheapest compilations known to man. One such company is Don Goo. In spirit, the idea is to give consumers a lot of fuck for their buck but the end result is often like what I found with Belladonna's Redline. You'd think that Belladonna was in more than one scene given that she's prominently displayed on the front DVD cover but you'd be wrong to assume such a thing. In fact, her scene was a lesbian scene too and fairly short so don't expect your personal engine to go past the redline unless it's because you're mad you spent money on this compilation. Here's a barebones breakdown of the scenes by cast as noted but with no credits or cast list, it's all but impossible to know who was whom here:

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Scene One: Belladonna, had a lesbian scene with an unnamed blonde. I thought she was cute and while I couldn't place her name unaided, the two had fun sucking each other and rubbing their crotches together. There was some foot fetish action too but not enough to get someone into that off.

Scene Two: In this scene a brunette and a white guy had a scene outdoors. The picture looked so compressed that I could barely watch it, seemingly it was VCD quality. They did oral to one another and some straight boning of her pussy but I've seen better looking scenes from Shot At Home releases (and they really stink!).

Scene Three: After Filthy Frank makes a speech about getting in on some action, he was joined by Victoria Givens, and then the scene changed to another trio, with two guys doing Rachelle. She wasn't all that great in the sack but her boyfriend, Fabio, didn't seem to mind another guy helping him.

Scene Four: Next up was a Black gal who blew a white guy in a dark room. Most of the time, she just jerked him off and the scene, like many of the others, came from Filthy Frank's Real Amateur Porn series.

Scene Five: Amy, a blonde gal that looked like she was doing the scene on a bet, blew a guy with a small penis. She jerked out his small load to finish him up. Boring!

Scene Six: The next blonde was actually kind of hot. She masturbated until Ian Daniels walked in the trailer house window and joined her. She blew him and they screwed vaginally but she just laid there so don't waste your time.

Scene Seven: A couple of lesbians, a redhead and a brunette, had a scene on a bed. I'd have done either one of them but neither was especially hot. After some oral between each other, a guy walked in and the redhead left so the guy and brunette finished off the scene. He looked kind of gay and his dick was small but they finished up in no time.

Scene Eight: Angelique, a Black gal with nice curves, and Frank had a scene in a small bed. I thought her ass was sweet and the rest of the body looked inviting too. His dick was probably only 70% as large as Ed Powers so if you're expecting a lot out of this scene, you'd be disappointed in no time. Heck, I've seen fingers bigger than this guy and she blew the two pump chump to completion in no time at all.

Scene Nine: Amy and Mary Jane, a couple of blondes that looked like a couple of fourth tier gals had a scene where the audio was way out of synch with the picture. They did the oral and toy route but aside from using a vibrator anally, and ending part way through the scene, it was boring.

Scene Ten: Candi, a heavyset brunette and Gorgio, a weirdo, had a scene when she was on her period. She did a lot of oral on him and fingered her bloody pussy a whole lot, spreading it all over her ass. He then boned her pussy with a condom, something I bet all of you like to do during your girlfriend's monthly visitor. It ended when he came on her ass.

Scene Eleven: In this scene, a lean blonde, perhaps Amy again, had a scene with two of the regular guys. She seemed as emotive as a blade of grass and they seemed as skilled as Russian sailors while drunk on shore leave (I've seen them so don't fuss at me about it). Oral and straight sex without any reason to care.

Scene Twelve: Next up was a brunette with some highlights and the guy from an earlier scene. There were no vocals, just a cur rate music sequence that got real old, real quick. They slowly got into the action with him sucking on her breasts and then crotch. Her blowjob wasn't all that swell and it ended before they were done.

Scene Thirteen: Frank rubbed up and tasted another gal next. I didn't catch her name but I found out that Tommy Gun was the one that got to eat and meat her, if you catch my drift. He stuck nearly his whole (large) hand inside her and while she was no beauty, at least she liked the sex. The gal had a bit of loving from another gal at the end but it cut away too quickly.

Scene Fourteen: A blonde with nice breasts was blowing a guy that looked like a hippy (Fabio?). They did some more oral with each getting and giving, before they screwed in a rather mechanical way.

Scene Fifteen: An older gal, probably in her forties, took care of a Ben English look-alike on a couch. They appeared to be amateurs and if you like that kind of porn, why buy a compilation of a mix of everything?

Summary: To sum it up in a couple of words, Skip It. The whole thing was terrible and Don Goo Enterprises knows that they release far better titles than this so why waste everyone's time on this crud. I'd sum it up in two letters as "P" and "U" but I wanted to make sure you got the hint. Wow was this bad. I wouldn't wish this on one of those sellout critics you'll find on another website it was so bad (even they'd have trouble justifying how poor it looked and sounded). Look for Bella's many fine, and hot, movies elsewhere.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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