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Dream Girls in St. Martin

Studio: Private » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 6/15/04

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Genre: Straight

Director: Alessandro Del Mar

Cast: Cristina Blond, Elen Neveril, Sandy Style, Jessica May, Janet Alfano, Robert Rosenberg, George Uhl, Francesco Malcom and Max Cortes

Length: 1hr 30 min

Production Date: Private, 2003

Extras: -=Chapter Selection without Act Access=- -=Behind the Scenes, clocking in at a measly 7 minutes despite it being rather entertaining=- -=Cast Index=- -=Director's Interview, running 17 minutes, sheesh=- -=Trailers=- -=A Variety of Language options, English, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish=- -=Subtitles, Swedish, Danish, Portugese, Polish, Greek and Dutch=- -=Production Notes=- -=Company Info=- -=Gallery=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in your typical 2.0 format. Despite this, the sound is clearer than one would expect. The waterfalls and water splashing that is in the backdrop of the film came through nicely and was very crisp. There are a number of alternate audio tracks, should you need them, or wish to hear some pretty funny dubs. The Video is presented in the unexpected 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen. This was a nice addition to this title because of the setting. The expansive beach locales offered great images and colors. I was very impressed and please with all aspects.

Body of Review: Not much could be better than a trip to the gorgeous isle of St. Martin. Well, perhaps if you had a boatload of stunning, young women. Shot on location, director Alessandro Del Mar delivers not only an amazing view of nature, but also a pretty amazing cast of natural, hot ladies.

Scene 1: Elen Neveril and Robert Rosenberg
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Condoms: No
The girls of St. Martin are gathered together for some advice from director Del Mar before being free to do whatever they wish. This involves a quick skinny dip in the ocean and a poorly scripted and acted scene of two gals and their anticipation of the morning shoot. Luckily this only lasts for a minute or two, and once the scene begin we are introduced to Rosenberg filming the very lovely Elen. A busty lady with bleached blonde hair, Elen lies floating in a pool. Rosenberg says he can further her career, but it comes at a cost. Rosenberg begins by eating her clean shaven pussy, before he enjoys a reciprocated blowjob. The blowjob is pretty clean and typical, but since the two are standing in the shallow end of the pool it is wet and pretty erotic with the sound and glisten from the water. Elen is a gorgeous woman. Her skin is nicely tanned and she has an amazing, natural body. She was sexy to watch and hear as the two did their various positions, particularly when she went anal in cowgirl and bumped her ass up and down, splashing water everywhere. I was really excited about the scene. Filming it in and around the pool hightened the erotic level.

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Scene 2: Sandy Style, Jessica May and Robert Rosenberg
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary,
Condoms: No
Before we begin Scene 2, we must endure an atrocious skit involving bad acting and terrible, broken English. Nonetheless, another filmmaker wannabe talks Elen into recruiting her friends for a film shoot. But while he's filming a blonde gal teasing the camera, Rosenberg has got him beat. Under a waterfall, Rosenberg is filming two very lovely ladies. Sandy Style is another amazing blonde who looks alot like Elen from the scene before. Jessica May is equally stunning. Her body is also nicely tanned and she has a big, great smile. The two are amazing under the waterfall and particularly when they give Robert oral. After a nice blowjob and some ball licking, made sexier by their wet hair and dripping bodies, Jessica May climbs on board in reverse cowgirl anal. The girls do a number of positions and vary it back and forth between vaginal and anal. Usually as one gal gets boned, the other sits on a nearby rock rubbing her lonely pussy. This was another great scene. The girls were downright beautiful and while there is nothing 'fresh' about the action it is presented in a very clean and erotic manner. Again the water is a nice touch. Jessica takes a facial and then both girls finish the scene with some last minute sucking.

Scene 3: Janet Alfono and Cristina Blond
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
On a sailboat somewhere off the coast, Rosenberg has recruited some help in filming two lovely ladies. Janet and Cristina are pretty hot, but in comparison with the girls before them they are not as attractive. Their bodies are just as perfect, skinny, with long tan legs and perky, natural breasts. The two give a lot of teasing for the camera guys and before long Robert has them talked into doing a scene with them. I like the pacing on the scenes so far. Every act is given a decent amount of attention, and there's not a long drawing out on the blowjob--which at times can last forever. Here, within a minute the hard action is underway. The gals offer a variety of positions and acts, keeping it pretty mixed up between the two couples. There is a decent dp from Janet, which is nice, but comes in the scene already in progress--we don't get entry footage. Which is my only problem with the scenes so far; the edits are smooth and well done, but we go from one position to the next with no in between time, preparation or insertion. Despite this, the scene was again well done and pleasing. I didn't care for it quite as much only because the gals weren't as attractive as the ones at the beginning and they were on the water, but not in it. Both guys end by depositing a pretty hefty load on the faces of both gals.

Scene 4:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
Condoms: No
Inside a boat cabin, the wannabe filmaker is finally scoring a subject. And it's not bad for a first timer. Elen Neveril returns for some action that is more hanky than panky. After a mediocre blowjob and fast fingering from the fella, Elen gets it in missionary. She then switches to anal in doggy and reverse cowgirl. These acts are damn hot, and Elen is lovely. But everything flies by so quickly that it all seems rushed and can't be enjoyed. Unlike the other scenes, the pacing is all off here.

Scene 5: Jessica May and Sandy Style
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Jessican and Sandy show off their hot bodies in flourescent colored bikinis as they prance around the bow of a moving boat. They tease the camera for a while, and eventually to the point of exhaustion. Here it gets a bit out of hand, and overplayed. The girls beckon to the camer a with their hands, lick their lips and say things in broken English that come out sounding goofy and awkward. After about 5 minutes of this silliness, the magic happens. Some guy ( I don't know these European actors very well) puts down his camera and puts on the moves. Lucky for him it works. In no time the gals are sucking on his dick. Where the last scene lacked, this one filled in. The threesome take their action to the beach and go at it as the surf comes in. Sand in unwanted isn't much of an issue for these characters. And they get it just about everywhere in the number of positions they offer. This scene was a nice way to make up for the lousy one before it. The beach gave a nice backdrop and the sand a clean but dirty aspect. The guy eventually pops his load, making sure each girl gets her share.

Scene 6: Cristina Blond, Elen Everil and Robert Rosenberg
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy
Condoms: No
Robert Rosenberg captures on film some more teasing from two final gals. Cristina Blond and Elen Neveril tease the camera for a short while before convincing Robert to join them on the upper deck of the boat. Their scene together isn't bad, but it is one of the weaker. They do a number of positions and acts, but by now it's all fairly blah. The action is good, but only for about 4 scenes worth. By the fifth or so, it all becomes rather repetitive. A solid scene, but not too exciting.

Concluding Words: There's a great deal that I enjoyed in this title. The girls are simply beautiful. They all have natural, tan, slim bodies and they do an assortment of acts. The island and surrounding areas that the film was shot is stunning, and it adds a nice, peaceful and erotic element to the movie--espeically in the scenes shot with the actors in the water. And while I enjoyed the action of the film--it was well paced and clean cut--things began to grow pretty stale after 3 or 4 acts of the same stuff. The actors are all foreign (French perhaps?) and so their accents and grammar is down right terrible. Things such as dirty talking and camera teases only come off as ridiculous and awkward. But despite this, the move is a very solid one, and one I might easily recommend to Couples because of its clean shot and unexcessive sex. The acts are all tasteful and the backdrop of the island is certainly eye-catching. It might be a great flick for a weekend rental, because I fear most people, couples included, may grow tired of the poor English and predictable acts. Rent It


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