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Seymore Butts' Orgasamatic

Studio: Seymore Butts » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 6/20/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo Scene Compilation
DIRECTORS: Seymore Butts
STARS: Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle, Halli Aston, Seymore Butts, Rub, Vanessa Chase, Tatiana, Tom Byron, Jordan McKnight, Taylor Hayes
LENGTH: 120 mins with bonus material

Over the years, toys have become an important part of the parameters of pornography. Used to be that as long as a scene had a guy and a gal, or any same sex combination of said, there was no need to aid the action. But sex has become so specialized in the last few years, made safer by the scare from AIDS and STDs and more personally exploratory thanks to the availability of adult material. The result is that the use of vibrators, strap-ons and dildos is more acceptable than ever. Heck, even that old crone of carnal information over on the Oxygen Network, Sue Johanson, does a nightly segment on the super satisfying and less than stellar sex toys. Anyone who's sat through the wealth of pre- and post- millennial fuck films now available has seen such a variety of rubber, glass (?) and plastic false cock configurations, as well as electric and battery powered pussy pelters, that it takes a lot to shock the jaded. Let's face it; it's hard to keep finding something new in the arena of the autoerotic manipulator. Enter, the Sybian; a sex toy on steroids; a half-moon shaped snatch shifter with a massive motor encased in its vinyl covered housing, a series of interchangeable soft swirling dildos at its apex and enough vibrating power to knock your fillings loose, all controlled with a handy remote. Famous ass man, Seymore Butts, has made a career out of harnessing the horny potential of this twat tingler. For anyone interesting is seeing this vaginal violator in action, Butts is releasing a complication collection of some of his most intense Sybian scenes. Matched with some newer inserts of the Tushy Girls discovering the wonders of the womb raider, Seymore Butts' Orgasamatic is an interesting introduction into the torqued tormentor of the tender vittles and the shape of toy films to come.

The DVD:
Seymore Butts' Orgasamatic is a scene compilation clip fest featuring a rather unique approach to the narrative structure - and an even more distinct masturbation machine at the center of all the sex. Called the Sybian (an actual device marketed under this name since 1987) this heavily motorized pussy pulverizer is like a personal jackhammer for your honey hole. The Tushy Girls - Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle and Halli Aston – are introduced to the pulsating pummel horse and before you can say two rides for a quarter, the ladies are hoping on and off the supersonic stimulator and really giving their cunts a good convulsing. As they enjoy their shivering straddle saddle, Seymore regales them with stories about other lucky ladies who have experienced the Syb sensation. As they quiver and cum, we cut to the clips. Along with discussing each scene, the interludes in between will also be addressed, since there is some pretty hardcore action going on there as well.

Interlude #1 – as the girls look the large tremor terror over, Seymore tells them of a time when a girl named Ruby busted the bucking fucking bronco:

Scene 1: Ruby, Seymore Butts
Ruby has the oversized sex toy safely between her legs and while Seymore manipulates the controls, he gets in some hearty tit sucking as well. As he puts the motion to her mons, she responds with equal thrust power. Before you know it, she's broken the jittering jumper seat and Seymore must service her personally. Getting his fingers in on the g-spot and his lips down on the clit, Mr. Butts provides a tongue wagging good time on Ruby's privates. He is very rough and aggressive – he needs to be with this girl: she just busted a several horsepower humping mechanism – and Ruby loves it. True to his name, Seymore heads for the butt and provides a nice rimming to round off matters. In a scene that illustrates Butts' strengthens and weakness as a porn provocateur, this encounter with Ruby is rich in sexuality and passion, poor in camera and technical work. Indeed, the hardcore action is hot and spicy in this part motorized, part manual girl glorifying. But Butts loves the extreme close-up, the in-tight POV framing that usually makes it difficult to understand what's actually going on. Ruby is a very loud girl and her moans and groans add a lot to the erotica. Score: 7/10

Interlude #2 – with Halli hunkered down on the inside the poon cervical scrambler, Alisha takes the controls and drives her to dizzying horndog heights. Watching over them, Samantha plays with a series of toys, exploring her orifices with the help of Senior Sphincter. Seymore talks about another young lass who loved the Sybian's shimmy:

Scene 2: Vanessa Chase, Seymore Butts

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As he walks into a house, Seymore finds Vanessa giving the ol' Sybster the ride of its life. She loves every cunt-concaving minute of it. As the controls are twisted and turned, Vanessa hangs on for dear life and when her plastic pony ride it over, she gives Mr. Butts a grateful groin grazing. An intense blowjob with plenty of ball sucking ensues. Seymore holds out as long as possible, and when he finally unleashes his inner liquor, it's all over Vanessa's waiting mouth and face. The reason this sequence works in one reason and one reason only – Vanessa Chase. She gives Seymore one of the great cocksuckings this critic has ever seen. Slow, sensual and full of luscious mouth movement, affirmed arousal will be the result of this hot, hardening scene. Score: 8.5/10

Interlude #3 - Similar to the previous linking material, Alisha is now on the device with Samantha doing the remote ramrodding. Halli is in toy heaven, and Seymore helps close off any of her cracks with rubber relics. As Alisha shakes and sweats, she asks Seymore about the time he, Tatiana and Tom Byron took the Sybian for one of its initial spins:

Scene 3: Tatiana, Tom Byron, Seymore Butts
Tom and Tatiana stop by to visit Seymore. Laying her lewd lens on the Sybian, she is immediately intrigued. With her attention – as well as other issues...and tissues aroused, Tatiana takes it for a test grind. She LOVES it. She gets so hot and horny she leaps onto Tom's log and lunches on it for a while. Nuts are even nibbled as the carnal carousel glides into overdrive. Unable to live without a live cock in her cunt, Tatiana steps off the snatchmaster and Tom takes her from behind, doggy style. Seymore plays with her butt while keeping the camera firmly on the action. Switching to the cowgirl position, Tatiana gets a few tender ass slaps as Tom's pole pistons her innards. The range is ridden in the reverse anal amalgamation and Seymore again offers g-spot stimulation. When he's finally ready to unload, Tom provides a nice face of funky spunk for Tatiana to relish. Orgasamatic finally breaks out of the masturbation/oral mode to deliver a hardcore fuck scene and it is a dozy! The set up is perfect – convincing the young lady to sample the Sybian's delights. And the couple copulation between Tatiana and Tom is very steamy. Seymore is around, having to stick his hands and his fists in places they may not belong, but the overall intensity of the passionate porking makes this another killer sequence. Score 8/10

Interlude #4 – Samantha's on the machine, Halli is at the controls. These gals really get into the same sex stimulation. Alisha is worker herself over with various toys and ever the vigilante director, Seymore sticks his mitts in to help out. Before much develops, it's on to a flashback.

Scene 4: Jordan McKnight, Taylor Hayes, Tom Byron
A recommendation before you start off this scene. Get yourself a handy tube of lube. Locate the requisite boxes of Kleenex, or necessary gross of towels. Drink plenty of fluids and clear your mind of life's daily distractions. Once all your preparations are in place, release the remote, grab onto your groin and join this threesome in one of the wildest, wettest free-for-alls you'll ever witness. So much fucking, sucking, fingering, licking, ass eating, cunt tonguing, dick poking delirium goes on in this sequence that it's hard to keep the acts – or the actors - straight. Let's just say that the ebony empress Jordan starts off on the vibrating seat and the sizzle starts there. She sucks on Tom. Taylor, a wild-eyed wench, tosses his salad. Then everyone gets in on the redeye taste test. Jordan and Taylor get into some heavy lesbianism. Tom takes his tent pole and pitches it where he can. Multiple meat munching occurs. Taylor loves to play clean up during the acts, doing numerous "'X' to mouth" chores on dicks and devices to savor the musky goodness. Eventually, we get down to the doggie/cowgirl/reverse/anal antics, but these gals find plentiful ways to spice this standard shit up. Taylor squirts like a hose during a particularly intense sequence (the camera has to be cleaned off when she's done unloading – the girl had to be dehydrated with the amount of fluid she looses) and fingers disappear into everyone's asses. There is even some spanking and toe sucking included, rounding out the ribaldry. Never once does the action here seem forced or fake. These people are genuinely getting off on each other and the passion shows. If there is one reason to by this DVD, it would be for this corker of a pulchritude parade. Score: 10/10

Interlude #5 – with the same set up as in #4, Seymore takes control of an overlarge dildo deep in Alisha's ass, and after churning her colon like fresh butter, our loud lass unleashes a fine spray of female ejaculate straight into the air. With all the robo-reaming seemingly over, Seymore starts to leave. A grateful Alisha stops him and offers to "thank" him for his manual mauling of her anus:

Scene 5: Alisha Klass, Seymore Butts In a small den somewhere in the house, Alisha gives Mr. Butts some sensual head. The camera is up close and very first person POV. Removing her mouth and adding her pussy, we witness a magnified version of regular cowgirl. After a few fine strokes, Alisha jumps down, gets the lotion and lubes up Seymore's stiff sausage. Applying more grease to her hooters, it's tit fuck and fondle time. The slick prick slides around Alisha's hands and chest and Seymore builds to a bountiful climax. As she strokes and stokes his rod, Butts blows his bounty all over her face. 'Thank yous' are traded and the movie ends. It's very erotic to see a woman work a cock, in real time, with just her talent and a lot of shiny lubricant. Alisha has fine finger work and the sensation really comes across the screen. Sure, it would have been nice to keep the chaotic copulating going, but after the triumph threesome before and the pussy juice loosening directly preceding it, this incident ends the DVD on a nice, but naughty, note. Score 7.5/10

Overall, the interludes themselves are also very hot. The girls really seem to be enjoying themselves and even when openings are stretched to the physical limit (by mammoth or multiple toys) the ladies love every moaning minute of it. While never going for the full-out gal on gal gonzo we're expecting, these sizzling self-service moments make Orgasamatic a spicy clip compilation. Overall Interlude Score: 7/10

It's easy to understand why this disc rates so highly. Unless they are some of the greatest groin grinding thespians ever to grace the adult entertainment screen, you can usually tell when the talent is really getting into the action. And never once, during any part of Orgasamatic, do you think anything other than these guys and gals are enjoying every fucking minute of the hardcore histrionics. Watching Taylor unleash a torrent of chick cum time after time or Vanessa sensually slurp on Seymore's shaft sells this sex perfectly and gets your loins in a locked and loaded position early and often. The only downside to this set is Butts' gonzo shooting style. It can get boring very quickly, especially when we want to see what's going on and he's too busy jamming his hands into a woman's ass. Getting in too close takes away from the personal dynamic, rendering the actors redundant to the scene. Several times, just as the groove is thumping and pounding, a disorienting zoom or seas-sickening pan will occur. Obviously offering a "you are part of the pussy" perspective, the visual flair in Orgasamatic takes some getting used to. And some may never get in sync with its sloppy shot shortcomings. But the overall heat generated by this set, matched with the attractive and active participants, makes any movie making muck ups excusable.

The Video:
Clearly filmed with handheld equipment in less than technically perfect conditions, Seymore Butts' Orgasamatic looks remarkably good. The 1.33:1 full frame image is clean, colorful and missing those usual transfer issues (flaring, bleeding) that come from a video shoot. While details can be diffused and faces washed out in the extreme close-up conventions of his filming style, Mr. Butts still offers a good picture and professional print.

The Audio:
Since most of our ladies are very LOUD in their responses, the aural issues in Orgasamatic have nothing to do with volume and everything to do with depth. The soundtrack is very flat, with little to liven up the sequences except Seymore's incessant talking and the occasionally sounds of squishing and squirting. While this sonic vιritι ideal may seem authentic and realistic, the audio limitations make it rather dull and derivative.

The Extras:
Along with a biography of Alisha Klass, a slideshow of onset snapshots, a series of trailers and the typical website/phone sex ads, the real bonus feature offered on Orgasamatic is a extra scene, featuring Seymore, and a couple of comely lasses:

Bonus Scene: Mari Possa, Flower, Seymore Butts
Seymore catches Mari and Flower playing in a bedroom. Mari has a huge, ribbed rod embedded in Flower's rancid rosebud. After giving her a royal reaming, Flower gives the tainted toy an appreciative ass to mouth mothering. Another toy, this time made of glass, finds a home in Flower's fetlocks and Mari works the womb with precision. With both ladies dripping and demanding, Seymore drops trou and gets his rocks off. Our glad gals lick his swizzle stick and explore his balls and gooch with glee. When he's ready to eject, the ladies lay back and take his steamy seed all over their chests. Whenever an oversized toy is employed, scenes border on the bruising as the body's physical limits seem to be tested. Still, Flower's not complaining and Mari loves to explore her holes with her handheld helpers. And anytime a woman licks a man's taint spot, it's cause for celebration. Not the best scene on the disc, by a long shot, but still a pleasant, mischievous exchange. Score 6/10

Final Thoughts:
With a higher profile than most porn producers – thanks almost exclusively to Showtime's popular Family Business series starring Seymore and his motley menagerie – the Butts line of product are ripe for discovery by a whole new audience. Indeed, this inexperienced clientele who, up until cable told them so, didn't know this guy even existed, will be eager to find out just what makes a Butts title so sleazy. Orgasamatic may not provide that tantalizing glimpse into the gonzo glory inherent in Seymore's style. Using an ersatz-storyline to frame his clips, an usual machine to increase the interest level and several sensational sequences of sex, this is probably not the best example of Butts butt-oriented bravura. In his love it or hate it way, Seymore is trying something new and the Dirge responded to it well. This DVD is highly recommended and on the Peter Meter, a solid 8.5/10 is awarded. On the couples level, the presentation of a cohabitation certification is open to doubt. Ladies may look at the Sybian and the sex toys and scream, "Yes, please!" Others may see such vicious violators and immediately run for their gynecologists. Whatever your preliminary reaction, if you stick with the Sybian's shivers and the hot and horny action it introduces, you'll be satisfied with a randy ribald title. And let's face it, after the humming hobbyhorse hysterics of the high voltage vibrator, you'll never think of toys the same way again.

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