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Double Anal Climax

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 6/24/04

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Genre: Anal

Director: Tristan Seagal

Cast: Robert Rosenberg, George Uhl, Rudolph Rohn, Julie Silver, Sarah, Tristan Seagal, Sara O'Neil, Janet Alfano, George Reno, Bibi Fox

Length: 2:17

Production Date: June 7th, 2004

Extras: Photos, Trailers

The Photos section features 16 stills from the film are rotated in five-second intervals. The stills take up maybe one quarter of the screen, and really aren't very interesting. 11:45 wirth of Trailers includes previews of Cum Filled Throats, Vol. 2-5, Latin Cock Suckers, Tits & Ass, No. 6 and On Your Belly, Up Your Ass. It's funny to see the exact same sets featured in this movie being used in these previews. It's all about saving money. Unfortunately, this is one of the weakest bonus presentations I've seen on a disc that actually has bonuses. There isn't even a separate screen for the extras.

Audio/Video: Double Anal Climax features your standard full-screen presentation, with a quality transfer. Fleshtones are just as they should be, while the colors are just right. The level of detail is high. which unfortunate;y allows you to see imperfections, like the pimples around the girls' cooches The camera work is also very good, getting in tight to show all the action.

The audio is very good, capturing every moan and every slap of flesh on flesh. There's no music during the scenes, so there's not much to distract in the audio mix.

Body of Review: As I noted in my review of D.V.D.A.: Double Vaginal, Double Anal #2: Double or Nothing, double anal penetrations have some limitations inherit in them, namely the lack of mobility that cramming two cocks in one colon creates. But to the good people at Devil's Film, limitations are merely challenges. This time out, they took on the double-anal task with five willing and able girls who didn't mind not sitting in the weeks that followed.

Unfortunately, these girls (and the guys that provide the stuffing) aren't credited well on this disc, and are also rather unfamiliar to your humble reviewer. I tried my best to match names to faces, but it wasn't easy. Identifying the guys was, in fact, something of a lost cause, though the majority of you reading this probably don't care. If anyone recognizes the cocks and cunts here (and I'm looking at you, Devil's Film), drop me a line, and I'll update my review. Until then, onto the sex:

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Scene 1: Sarah
Acts Included: Toy Play, Oral (M), Vaginal, Teabagging. Threeway, Anal, DP, Double Anal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Fingercuffs, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Sarah's a dominatrix in need of two hard and hung studs to please her. Luckily, she's found just the dungeon for her. The two guys in the bunk bed are more than happy to fuck and get sucked by this sexy brunette. Devil's Film girls are a notch or two below the actresses at the top studios, thanks to the visible skin problems and such, but they can certainly deep throat a cock, which meets the job requirements. An internal anal pop precedes a spin in the sex swing. This angle gives a great view of her ass going from its gaping post-reem state to normal. Most of these scene seems a bit passion-less, but when they start a DP (which is shot nearly entirely from the sack-side), it really picks up. After some vigorous pumping, there's a cut, and suddenly they're both in her ass. Not showing the penetration is a bit disappointment. I'm guessing it wasn't easy, and not sexy, but that's sort of the point here. Plus, they didn't show the withdrawal, so we miss seeing what condition her condition is in. The Russian judge will not be happy about missing the dismount. A dual facial isn't enough to make up for the lack of entry and exit footage. Also, the lighting could have been better, as some of the sex ended up in the shadows.

Scene 2: Bibi Fox
Acts Included: Toy Play, Oral (M), Vaginal, Anal, DP, Double Vaginal, Double Anal
Positions: Fingercuffs, Spoons, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
This scene wastes no time, as blonde Bibi gets busy using a doubledong on herself. But it's not long before a friend arrives to take over the toy, penetrating both holes to bring her off as she blows another playpal. Bibi's a bit hotter than Sarah, and more vocal in her enjoyment of the attention she's receiving. Her massive rack doesn't hurt either. Both guys take a try at her pussy before giving her crack a crack. A first, abortive attempt at double anal turns into a DP play, turning Bibi into a wheezing, bouncing mess. This is the kind of warm-up a girl needs before turning her ass into a double occupancy. Despite the title, the first tight squeeze takes place in her pussy, and thankfully, the penetration is shown this time. Sadly though, when they go to the backdoor, it's scissor-time again, and we miss the main action. Sure, there's some pull out, push in action, but it's not the same as the first initial entry. This scene falls into the DA trap, as the man on the bottom is rendered immobile, and neither cock moves much. They do return to Fingercuffs position, in order to finish, and one std delivers a truly titanic cumshot, spraying her from head to (camel)toe. A solid ending to a hot scene.

Scene 3: Janet Alfano
Acts Included: Toy Play, Oral (M), DP, Anal, Double Anal
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Side entry
Condoms: No
The doubledong is back, and this time it's Janet and her pussy that are getting a work-out. With her engine primed, its time to cue the stuntcocks, and they spring into action and into Janet's mouth, like a 2-for-1 sale on lollipops. These three get right down to business, starting in a double penetration that's very active, stretching her holes out in preparation for the main event. A big cock in her ass leaves her hanging open, and the camera gets a good look inside, before the doubledong finds a new home in there. With all three holes filled, they go for four, by attempting double anal with the doubledong, but it's not working. Then, one guy has trouble staying hard, and ends up trying to cram wet rope in her. Luckily, his big-dicked partner picks up the slack by plowing her ass, giving the camera several shots of her winking brown eye. Soft-Serve comes back to try some more, but he's obviously troubled, bringing the heat of the scene down. No one likes to see a cock fold in half. When they finally get into the DA action, the Viagra candidate ends up wrecking the fun repeatedly. When he actually gets going, it's too late. A pair of facials is nice, but only serves to underline Slinky-dick's problems.

Scene 4: Sara O'Neil
Acts Included: Oral (M/F), Fingercuffs, Vaginal, DP, Double Anal
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
I want to say I know Sara from something, but I can't figure out what it is. Maybe it's the facial resemblance to Alanis Morrisette. Either way, she's a pro with her clear cockwand, diddling both holes until some real meat arrives. She's not half bad with the blowjobs either, as we learn when a couple of cocks come along. A DP follows, with an extra helping of deja vu, as one dick goes limp. Fortunately, he's able to delivery the goods, despite the brief downtime. Her real breasts bounce with every thrust of their double anal fuck. which, for once, actually started with penatration. A cut gives us a pair of pops, in another position, including one that actually hits the camera. There's something you don't see every day.

Scene 5: Julie Silver
Acts Included: Toy Play, Oral (M), Fingercuffs, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Blonde Julie doesn't like labels, so she places her translucent butt plug in her pussy instead, before eventually using it for it's intended purpose. Done with her stretches, and with the butt plus firmly in place, she greets a pair of cocksmen with a warm, waiting mouth. Julie's got a solid set on her, and they only add to the heat of this scene. Some deep throat action is nice as well, as her pussy gets pumped with purpose. It's then, when you recognize Soft-Serve from Scene Three. Hopefully, this time, he took his medicine. But, as we quickly learn, he didn't. So once again, we get to watch him bend his cock in an attempt to fuck Julie. The charade ends mercifully, as they return to DP, before blowing their tops on her face. How this guy got into porn is a mystery, as he turns this scene into a waste of a good porn starlet.

Concluding Words: After being disappointed by D.V.D.A. 2, this disc presented a much better set of double anal scenes. he girls, while not of a Vivid caliber, are good looking, nonetheless, and all but one seemed to be really into the sex. Best of all, they all seemed to be packing natural racks. While the limp-dicked performances by one shameful actor brought those scenes down, on a whole, this is a very good disc for a relatively rare subgenre. If you're into this kind of sex, you could do much worse than renting this one, though the near complete lack of extras certainly hurts the overall value.

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