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Friends & Lovers

Studio: Sin City » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Dawn is the new sexy neighbor in town. She's hot to troy and not afraid to show off for the men around the town she's just moved into. While this doesn't sit too well with their wives and girlfriends, she's just gotta do what she's gotta do and what she's gotta do is get it on.

Chapter 1: Chloe Dior and her manly man friend are in the bedroom and what starts off as a simple smooch session quickly turns into a muff dive jamboree. She's eager to return the oral lovin' and gobbles his manhood with no small amount of enthusiasm. One thing leads to another and she mounts him, riding her shaved beaver atop his dong with reckless abandon until, a few minutes later, he turns her over, gives her some doggy style pokes for a few, then blows his wad in her face.

Chapter 2: Devon Michaels and Randy Spears hop into bed with each other, only to commence for Randy to start eating shaved beaver as soon as he can get her skirt up. She gets to knob gobblin' straight away though, until he decides it's time for her to hop on top for a ride. This seems to go well, then he puts her on her back and hits her from the side angle until he's finally had all he can take and pulls out to spunk on her nice flat stomach.

Chapter 3: Brooke and Trevor Zen are on the couch getting to know each other a little better in this scene. He works his mouth on her from top to bottom, and she goes ahead to return the favor. We lay witness to yet another cowgirl session for a few minutes and then just like in the first two scenes he flips her over onto her back and throws her legs over her head for better access. After this goes on for a bit, he comes in her face as she likes his prick with her pierced tongue.

Chapter 4: Brooke and Chris Cannon are parked out on lovers lane – the perfect spot for an overly aggressive and sloppy blowjob! That's exactly what she lays down on the lucky bastard for about four minutes until he erupts into her throat, then she hops out and he rides into the sunset.

Chapter 5: Porsha Blaze and Randy Spears are having a little fireside chat that leads into a fireside fuckfest. She starts with a bit of a lap dance and then proceeds to slurp his salami right down to the short and curlies. After that, she hops on for a cowgirl ride, until, surprise surprise, he flips her over and does her from behind until it's time to put her on her back and go to town from that angel. When he's ready to shoot, he pulls out and covers her tits in his stud sauce.

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Chapter 6: The best scene is saved for last, as Hannah Harper (in my opinion one of the hottest girls working in the industry today) gets it one with a lucky guy on the stairwell. She deep throats his dong for a few and then he lays her on the stairs and gives it right back to her. After he chews her bald box for a bit, he does her doggy style on the stairs until he decides that it's time to stick it in her forbidden zone in the only anal scene in the movie. Once he's done this for a bit it's time to pull out and come all over her pretty face.

Overall, while a few of the scenes are very similar, Friends And Lovers is a pretty decent skin flick. It's well shot with a good looking and enthusiastic cast and doesn't delve so far into kink land that you couldn't watch it with that special someone. There aren't any condoms here and the sex is all very natural looking – which is a rare but good thing in modern porno.



The video is presented 1.85.1 non-anamorphic widescreen. Color and skin tones are reproduced naturally (which is important, considering all the skin on display) and the movie is lit much better than the average adult film seems to be. Though it was shot on digital video, compression artifacts aren't a problem, though there is quite a bit of edge enhancement (most noticeable in the outdoors scenes – not so much during the sex scenes) and some shimmering that rears its ugly head in a couple of spots. Overall though, Friends And Lovers gets a presentation that is above average in quality as well as in cinematography – the widescreen canvas is used nicely and the compositions are both revealing, and at times, somewhat artistic as well (consider that an added bonus).


The plain vanilla Dolby Digital Surround track may as well be mono aside from the music, which does make use of other channels besides the front center speaker. Dialogue is clean and clear though and the levels are balanced very nicely. When the bass in the music kicks in your subwoofer feels it and says 'thank you', which adds a bit of spice to the whole affair. Hiss isn't a problem at all and aside from a couple of scenes where the dialogue is just slightly overshadowed by the music (and this is only a minor issue), this track is more or less problem free.


The films director, Francois Clousot, gives a full-length director's commentary but unfortunately, doesn't have a whole lot to say about the film. There are quite a few times where nothing at all is said and the track basically just reproduces the original audio of the film itself. When he does have something to say, most of the time he's just discussing what's happening on screen without giving us much in the way of new information. He barely says anything at all during the actual sex scenes (which take up most of the film) and there's not a whole lot of interest in this track.

This DVD also has text bios for most of the cast including Brook, Chloe Dior, Devon Michaels, Hannah Harper, Porsha Blaze, Randi Wright, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix and Trevor Zen. All of the female stars are interviewed on camera and give basic background information on where they're from, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, and what they like to do both in front of and away from the camera. These interviews run between four and five minutes each and aren't particularly insightful, they just give basic information on each girl in their own words.

A Behind The Scenes piece runs about six and a half minutes and is non-narrated behind the scenes footage. It's not really presented in much of a context but it is rather fun to see the girls when they're not in 'performance mode' goofing around and having a good time on the set of the production.

The Pop Shots option is a montage that runs just under three minutes that consists of the six money shots from the film. If you want to see chicks take goop in the face, this is the feature for you as that's pretty much what happens in all of these scenes. Not that I'm complaining or anything…

Rounding out the extra features are three photo galleries - Glamour, Hard and Bis. Glamour is a collection of non hardcore sexy and nude shots, Hard is a collection of hardcore stills, and Bis is a collection of behind the scenes photos.

Aside from that, the usual porn movie extras such as a Company Profiles, a Phone Sex Link and a Web Site Link are also provided.

Final Thoughts:

While the story is nothing more than a reason to segue into more steamy sex scenes, it at least ties things together (sort of) which makes this entry more interesting than the usual compilation of fuck sequences that passes as porno these days. A/V quality is above average and the extras on this release are actually reasonably interesting, making this DVD easily recommended.

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