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Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 6/25/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Demonia, Rachel, Djiana, Lilian, Yvana, Lucie Lee, Katarina, Alena, Martina, Kevin Long, Alain Deloin, Pascal St. James, Joachim, Bob Terminator, Claudio Meloni, and Tristan

Length: 2hr 58 min

Production Date:

Extras: -=Chapter Selection with Act Access=- -=Behind the Scenes, Runs 30 minutes=- -=Trailers=- -=Director's Profile=- -=Slideshow=- -=Spam=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in the typical 2.0. For the most part the sound is pretty much as expected. There is an exhausting music track that drowns out the actor's voices and noises. Although they can be heard to a certain extent, the bad music is a major turnoff. Something should be said about what can be heard. The dialogue comes through clearly and it's pretty obvious that it was laid separately. The synching of the track to the video is so poor that it is nearly laughable. It goes beyond dubbing, which makes me wonder if the actors (being European) were told to simply move their mouths and not actually speak lines. Sometimes they don't move their lips; at other their conversations involve the same lip movements. Regardless, it's so bad it's funny. And sad when Hustler is promoting this as a big budget title. The Video of the film is in Full Frame color. I didn't see any problems with the print or transfer. I found the colors to be quite good and all scenes well lit. There are a number of great shots and amazing scenery which serve as great backgrounds. At times the camera--which I assume was on cranes or tracks--pulled away or panned above the actors at too great a distance, instead of staying at a reasonable distance. A minor point, but one that made the camerawork noticeable.

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Body of Review: Mr. Hill is being blackmailed, but by whom he doesn't know. In order to solve this crime, and keep his job and lovely wife safe, he must hire the help of an investigator, a man that not only knows a thing or two about the law, but also about poon.

Scene 1: Rachel

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary

Condoms: No

Rachel is a very pretty woman. She reminds me a great deal of Jennifer Aniston, although not quite as stunning. Nonetheless, Rachel is a beautiful brunette with a slim, tan body. She and another man (the pool boy perhaps) are skinny dipping in the pool. One thing leads to another and the couple goes down on each other. The man then takes her in standing doggy and Rachel shows her nice, wide ass. She does a lot of moaning, but it's at about the same level as the ongoing, crappy music. The couple moves to the edge of the pool for some spooning. This is a pretty decent scene. The sex is straightforward and so far it's moving at a good pace. The best thing about it though, is Rachel's uncanny likeness to Anniston (Rachel being no doubt a moniker of the television role). From a slight distance or from the side, she greatly resembles her, and it's a pretty convincing little illusion at times. And that alone adds a different element of flavoring.

Scene 2: Lucie Lee and Yvana

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, DP, Anal, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Missionary,

Condoms: No

When Mr. Hill arrives to his office, he checks with his secretary (whom I hope turns up later, as she's a true hottie) and begins going through the day's mail, in which he finds a blackmail letter. He then drives to a hit man-type guy to do some PI work and perhaps protect Mr. Hill, but the guy tries to calm him down, and does so by introducing him to two gorgeous women, both dressed in shiny, gold miniskirts. They hike them up to their waste for a bit of labia licking, and we see that the blonde is completely shaved, but the dark-haired gal has some hair down there. It's not too much, but enough to get in the way. The foursome does the usual fuck-suck-suck chain before breaking off into couples. This is another good scene for the same reasons as the last. There's an ample amount of variation. They don't stay in one position too long. This, along with a handsome cast of women and men, making viewing this scene a pleasure. The only let down is the overzealous camerawork, which tends to close in and draw way back, putting some distance from the camera and the actors. I didn't like this because it made the camera an obvious part of the film and felt a bit intrusive as it isn't the style of the film. The blonde girl (god I wish I knew the names of these European actors) takes a clean dp while munching on the brunette's carpet. And then, just to be fair, the gals switch positions. Unfortunately, this isn't part of the film, and so we come into the switched action already in progress. This offers a polished look in the end, but does remove from some of the 'naturalness' of the action. Both men pop their loads on the girl of their choosing.

Scene 3: Djiana

Acts Included: Oral, Facial


Condoms: No

Okay, so the guy that just finished boning Mrs. Hill returns to the office where he works alongside Mr. Hill. Realizing that Mr. Hill is out, doing some boning of his own, he sweet talks his lovely secretary into giving him a blowjob. Djiana is about as beautiful as they come. She has long brown hair and very seductive, piercing eyes. She looks fantastic when sucking the guy's dick and then gulping it back when he fills her mouth. Nothing but the blowjob, ma'am. Too bad, I would have really enjoyed seeing more of her body, and since she stays put in her chair, we don't see much. Ah, well. She's stunning, but the scene is nothing too extraordinary.

Scene 4: Katarina

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Positions: Spoon, Cowgirl, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

The Hill's maid drives out to the desert where she meet with her co-conspirator, a man in a black mask who talks really fast in long, run-on sentences. He details their plot and then takes his reward--a brunette, bound and gagged in the back of the car. He unties her and takes her to the top of a sand dune where he 'makes' her his slave (no there's no domination type action, it's all pretty phony). On her knees she sucks him off in nice, long bobs, paying plenty of attention to making his member stand stiff. They roll onto the sand and he enters her from behind. The entire time the guy keeps his mask on, so this adds a little strangeness to the scene. But nothing bizarre occurs. More disconcerting is the fact that they are fucking in the sand, and it's almost cringing to watch as sand creeps its way to their various nether regions. All around another solid scene that was hot and satisfying.

Scene 5: Lilian

Acts Included: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, DP, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Spoon, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

The police meet Mrs. Hill for some question, and relying on her beauty and charm, she passes their interrogation onto who else, but her servant. Lilian is not bad looking. A black-haired woman with tattoos on her body and large hoop earrings. Her pussy is pierced a few times and she has some ink of a heart just above her slick vagina. She takes the three officers into the bedroom and sets about answering their questions. If the first question is whether she does anal or not, the answer must be yes, but she takes it in the ass within a minute of the scene. She does this while sucking another dude off and the other guy just stands around looking silly. For the most part, this is the weakest scene so far. Lilian can only do so much, and when there are too many dicks and not enough vaginas, someone usually looks like a boob. It gets a little better in the dp, when she sucks the third guy off and everyone is participating. The three guys unload on her face for a typical facial, but then one of the guys comes back for a second time.

Scene 6: Demonia and Rachel

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Spoon, Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Demonia and Rachel roll around on a bed dressed in black stockings and cute lingerie outfits. Slowly they undress while Mr. Hill jacks off nearby. It's a lovely scene, and although I'm not crazy, gung-ho for lesbian action (24-7 that is), the gals look amazing here. Hill almost ruins it by breaking up their beautiful moment. But here he comes sticking his pecker in Rachel's mouth. The women take turns getting banged by Mr. Hill, and the best moment comes when Rachel takes it in doggy and has her head between Demonia's stocking thighs. It's not hard to picture, well you know who, especially in this position. Both women are served a nice helping of spunk which they share with a soft kiss.

Scene 7: Alena

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

If you're still keeping up with the story by now, you may need help. Otherwise here's what happens when things get good. The now promiscuous Mr. Hill goes to a massage parlor to relax from the stress of being blackmailed. There he encounters the alluring Alena. Alena is a tall brunette with nice, firm legs. She's not overweight by any means, or even heavy. She's simply a full sized woman, and not the type that are wispy thin. She undresses from her little white outfit and climbs on the massage table. She spends most of her time getting her hairy pussy drilled in missionary, before he pulls it out and sticks it in her ass. Alena is pretty exciting in this scene, but not so much in comparison with that earlier. I dig her looks, but something about the massage parlor atmosphere gives the scene an 80's vibe. Could just be me. She rides him in reverse cowgirl until he pulls out and pastes his load in her tangled bush. A bit messy.

Scene 8: Matrina

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon

Condoms: No

A young stud pilot is busy tying up the runway by getting his fuel checked. A long legged Matrina is on her knees servicing him. Matrina is a cute gal, but by no means gorgeous. She has a nice face and great body, but she's your everyday girl, which is sexy in its own way. I really dig her long legs, particularly when she is bent over the side of the plane. The couple move into the grass and she rides him for a while until he flips her over and pounds her in doggy. This only lasts for a short time, when he pulls out quickly and shoots his load into her ass. It dribbles out and runs across her pussy. A pretty solid scene, although the hair wasn't really a turn on. And grass clippings stuck their ass.

Concluding Words: The box cover heralds this as big-budget. And I suppose a film can be considered this if it includes a car explosion and some planes. The fact that it's shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa should tell you already where a good chunk of the money was spent. And even with a great landscape to shoot on, some footage of skydiving and even a little gun down, the shot that struck me the most was of a peacock taking a shit on the outside patio. I'm not sure why it's included (beside some inside joke), but if nothing else it shows that entertainment can come cheap. But I digress. As a whole the film is very strong. I would even recommend this title to Couples. The action is filled with an ample amount of variation: there's anal, dp, facials, etc. And everything is done with good care to the shots and the scenes. There is no sloppiness in this film, and because of that there is an air of control and good, clean action. Also the lesbian scene, is over fairly quickly (within a minute or two, although they do interact throughout) which can become tiring for some viewers. With nearly 3 hrs of action there's going to be a good deal of variation. Not all the women and not all the scenes were great. But the ones that were are well worth viewing. And anyone with a thing for Jennifer Aniston might enjoy the resemblance the lovely Rachel has. This title is worth being seen, and comes Recommended.


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