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Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 6/29/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Straight Compilation
DIRECTORS: Michael Ninn
STARS: Georgia Adair, Sharon Wild, Justine, Dominica Leoni, Evan Stone, Mario Rossi, Anthony Hardwood, Matt Bixel, Scott Styles
LENGTH: 134 mins with bonus material

One of the pulchritude platforms porn is founded upon is the debauched difference between the good girl and bad babe. Most adult movies are built on the backs of bitches who will suck, fuck, stick, stretch, lick, drink, dump, pump, prod and poke anything with a pulse, and sometimes without, just to get a rise out of their reactive fan base. Sure, these ladies are lovely to look at and may even hold complicated degrees in bio-physics, but none of that really matters when they have a 12 inch long log sticking out of their ass, a couple of cocks in their hands and a myriad of man meats moving in and out of their mouth. Do we really care for a lady's well-learned etiquette when she's squirting female fluid all over her male/female/any combination of the aforementioned lover like a leaking lagoon? Nope, apparently the adult industry is not looking for Miss Congeniality when it comes to casting cum drinking, gaping ass lasses who'll service any manner of member for the gratification and glorification of smut. So what, pray tell, is a proper piece of pussy to do? Well, if you're Georgia Adair, you take charge of your career, get behind the camera and start experimenting with your own visions of vice. In Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait, Michael Ninn gives this delicate and delicious – not to mention decent – young woman a chance to show how sweetness and light can work to make a porno bawdy and bright. Just because she is passionate instead of perverse (well, most of the time) doesn't mean Miss Adair's antics are dull. On the contrary, she's a scorcher in this sex scene compilation.

The DVD:
In the cavalcade of hot honeys, Georgia Adair is simply sizzling. Often referred to as having a girl next-door quality, many men are wondering why such a blistering piece of ass doesn't reside in their neck of the neighborhood. Utilizing a novel approach to setting up the scenes, director Ninn gives us a semi-serious behind the scenes look at a typical day in the carnal career of Ms. Adair. We witness her in the make-up chair, helming a portable camera to catch a couple of sequences and interviewing other actresses on their preferences and passions. There are also elements of fantasy from other Ninn Worx titles: surreal settings, complex camerawork and ethereal exercises in evocative erotica. Mixed in with the patter and the chatter are the following hardcore sequences:

Scene 1: Georgia Adair, Scott Styles
We start on the stairs, where Georgia performs a provocative strip tease. She gets so overheated with this show and sell display that she gets all Chrissie Amphlett on it and starts touching her tender tunnel. Enter Scot Styles, who immediately makes an express route to her ruby ridge. He eats her out in long, lingering laps. Georgia, being very grateful for the grazing, reciprocates with a sensual oral offering. She even tit fucks Scott to further seal the appreciation. Taking the reverse cowgirl position, Georgia rides the pulchritude prairie. The couple then lay on their side and fuck in a spoon-based frenzy. Finally, Scott needs to relieve his seed and his load languishes all over Georgia's mouth and face. And as if that wasn't enough, while she gives his cock a good cleaning with her tongue, director Michael Ninn shows the shot all over again, from a different angle and in slow motion. Ms. Adair's attractive, ample assets make this a very steamy scene. She looks amazing and matches well with Scott's meat puppet stud qualities. The action never lapses and Ninn captures it all with his usual flair. A nice, naughty way to start off the sex. Score: 7.5/10.

Scene 2: Sharon Wild, Matt Bixel

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Putting on her filmmaker's cap, Georgia whips out a portable camera and "films" the action between Sharon and Matt for porn posterity. Before her man comes to service her snatch, Sharon is wildly whacking her own pulsating privates. She's really into the self-satisfaction when Matt arrives to show her how happy she'll be filled with penis. But first, he gives her a mighty mouthing as his lips hit her labia with ease. After Connie the linguist finishes her "French" lessons, it's on to the Wild Womb West as Sharon saddles up for a ride on Matt's member, reverse cowgirl style. The ass is the next aspect to enter into the flesh fray as Mr. Bixel boxes Sharon's chute with his shaft (and, by the way, it's a doggy day celebration). Matt pulls his peter and unleashes love liquid all over Sharon's subtle mouth. Georgia catches all the action and we even see the pop another time, from a different perspective. Two scenes, two sequences of hot action. Even with Georgia playing video voyeur, the fucking is very fulfilling. Ninn's style sometimes subverts the sensuality (too many tricks and not enough treats) but we still get arousing ribaldry. Score 7/10

Scene 3: Georgia Adair, Justine
It's time to move on to girl on girl glorification as Georgia and Justine fluff and puff each other with risqué relish. It begins with Georgia behind the viewfinder again. Justine is jousting her joy junction and she's really into the finger fun. Georgia can't resist joining in and the ladies start kissing and fondling in a very passionate manner. Tits are an especially tasty target for our two lewd lasses. Soon, mutual snatch snacking ensues, fingers freely entering and exiting orifices. When a big red glass dildo appears, it's time for multiple moments of vagina to mouth as the crystalline cock plugs both participants' pussies. A good time is had by all. Same sex scenes can occasionally be dull, especially when it appears the actors are merely going through the ho-motions. But Georgia and Justine appear to be really into each other, and while the red haired Just can't compare to Adair in the looks department, she more than holds her own in the sensual sizzle. Score 6/10

Scene 4: Dominica Leoni, Mario Rossi, Anthony Hardwood
This sequence begins with Georgia interviewing Dominica. The coy Czech chick discusses some of her favorite aspects of the industry. After the Q&A, Georgia is, again, an up close and personal crewmember as her handheld camera catches Dominica stroking herself. Mario makes his move and begins munching on the mons. While he's caressing the cunt, he talks a lot of gibberish. When Dominica desires dick, she gets her guy to roll over and with extra attention to the balls, she blows her boy with vigor. A couple of quick turns and the couple are spooning in straight vaginal fashion. Since everyone knows that two heads are better than one, the addition of Anthony Hardwood (who first gets a little sucky sucky from Dominica) increases the carnality two-fold. Straight anal then makes an appearance. Finally, the threesome combines their crotches to make a decent double penetration with lots of smack and splatter. Money shots abound as Dominica gets a face and mouthful, with instant replay of the releases, of course. Dominica is shy and a little strange (she comes across like she has something to hide in her interview) but she can turn up the heat between the sheets. Two bad her partners are a couple of cockheads: entities only capable of thinking with their pricks. While they handle their hunk histrionics well, they don't give off a great deal of viable vice vibes. Score 6/10

Scene 5: Georgia Adair, Evan Stone
In an atmospheric outdoor setting, Evan and Georgia put on the absolute best scene in the set. Without going into a great deal of detail, they kiss and cuddle, perform passionate oral sex on each other, engage in tit fucking, reverse cowgirl (both straight and sideways) and a very intense, sensual session of straight vaginal fucking. Evan is in his element here, as Georgia is very receptive to his outdoors rock star ramifications. Toward the end of their intimacy, the couple stops showboating, Evan lays on top of his lady and the pair fuck as if no one else is there in the room. It sure looks and feels real and if these actors were faking, they should earn some manner of hardcore Oscar. A perfect sequence. Score: 10/10

The trick to Georgia Adair appears to be matching her with someone of similar sentiment. Evan Stone, though he's gifted with a groin the size of a steam shovel, has a reputation for being a sensitive onscreen lover. And he definitely melds with Georgia's equal innocence, to work wonderful wang magic. Ninn's busy visuals even add to the erotic atmosphere by concentrating on crossing images of Georgia and Evan enraptured with each other. The other ladies in the compilation have a hard time living up to Ms. Adair's delights. They tend to fall back into the typical tart tendencies of being over the top with their reactions and less than believable in their bonking. Still, the skill in which Ninn presents his prurience means that, flaws and all, everyone here looks like a copulation champion. Georgia Adair is a porn superstar in the making and "Becoming" her is an excellent showcase of her specialness.

The Video:
Ninn never makes a lousy looking movie and Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait is no exception. The 1.33:1 full screen image is amazingly bright and breathtaking. The use of a golden/yellow lighting style really accentuates the actors' features and makes the sequences glow with a radiance suggesting heat and fire – something definitely associated with this collection.

The Audio:
Again, Ninn knows aural ambience and his titles always have gorgeous sonic atmospheres. The music is marvelous and the narration/dialogue is crisp and clear. The Dolby Digital Stereo really suggests the scope of some of the settings and the overall impression is one of evocative environments of erotica.

The Extras:
The Ninn Worx attention to detail does not dovetail over into DVD manufacturing. In order to guarantee great picture and awesome sound, the spare space on the disc is relegated to a few bits of bonus material. We have a snapshot gallery that is interesting, but seemingly irrelevant to the presentation. The only other extra is a typically telling behind the scenes featurette exposing the weird and wacky world of adult filmmaking. Georgia and her fellow cast members get a chance to act up, goof off and basically bare their soul to the confessional camera. It's insightful to hear an actress express discomfort with cock size, or an actor explain how he deals with droopy dick. These trade secret specials offer a rare chance to see how porn is actually produced and provides the called for content that the disc otherwise avoids.

Final Thoughts:
The famous saying is, "Nice guys finish last". But what about nice girls? Where do they end up? Well, if they're at all like Georgia Adair, they sit right along side Jesse Jane and Jenna Jameson in the pantheon of superstar porn queens. With a genuine, genial style and the sexual skills to pay the bills, she's destined for great things. And she proves that a good gal can rise up to the top of hardcore hierarchy without resorting to some of the demeaning dimensions prevalent in XXX films. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait is given a generous 7.5 out of 10 and is Highly Recommended for fans of pure, pleasurable passion. Couples will canoodle in natural states of naughtiness thanks to this title, meaning the awarding of a Cohabitation Certification is basically a given. Granted, there is nothing like good old-fashioned monkey fucking to get your rod in a rigid state. And the wanton women who lubricate their loins for a nice hard session of sharking just can't be called out for liking their sticking severe. But let's not piss all over the glad gal either. Someone like Georgia Adair should be championed for being her own person, for maintaining a sense of personal dignity while having dicks and dildos shoved in and out of her over and over again. Sure, it's hard to celebrate a person for making the adult industry her stock and trade, but Georgia Adair is different, and the DVD self-portrait is a perfect example of why this is so. Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait is exciting and inviting...just like its star.

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