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Tight & Fresh

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/3/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Amateur/Couple

Director: Unbilled

Cast: Alaura Eden, Tawny Roberts, Lucy Lee, Allison Wyte, Ashley Moore, Kinzie Kenner, Annie Body, Veronica Velour, and Some Dudes

Length: 2hr 8 min

Production Date: Adam & Eve, 2003

Extras: -=Chapter Selection, without Act Access=- -=Trailers=- -=Slide Show=- -=Web Info=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in the expected 2.0. While not the most remarkable track I've heard, the sound was generally clear. There was no music during the scenes, so for the most part all of the actor's voices and actions could be heard with decent clarity. The Video is in Full Frame Color. The video quality borders on downright terrible. All of the scenes are either under lit or plagued by an obnoxious and blinding glare from over lighting. Take your pick, there's one or the other throughout. Unfortunately, it is the poor video quality that really dipped this flick way down. There was also a heavy amount of grain and video noise.

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Body of Review: Boasting brand new girls and amateur pussy, Adam & Eve films brings its new title Tight & Fresh to DVD. With over two hours of amateur scenes, this flick is targeted toward those looking for fresh, new faces and a next-door girl look.

Scene 1: Kenzie Kenner and Lucy Lee

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,

Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary,

Condoms: No

Kenzie and Lucy waste little time undressing some muscular dude and servicing his thick dick. Two good looking gals, they take their time giving him a slow, long blowjob. Kenzie is a very attractive girl with a great figure and long, dirty blond hair. She's hot in her little pink undies, which come off very quickly. Lucy is a decent looking Asian gal. She's got a pierced tongue and nose, and while not really my type, she's not too bad to look at. She pumps her pussy with a red dildo as Kenzie rides the man in reverse cowgirl. This goes on for a while, until he moves her into doggy. Lucy keeps at it with the dildo and fumbles the guy's balls, but there's little chemistry among the three. The sex moves smoothly and with slow, even momentum. Yet I there was little energy in the actors. They didn't really seem into the action and kind of just along for the ride. When Lucy takes it doggy style, Kenzie sits back with a dildo of her own, but contributes nothing to the scene. The guy eventually pulls out of Lucy and pops to her tummy. Some decent fucking, but very lacking in energy. The actors could have been more excited about their parts.

Scene 2: Allison Wyte

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Piledriver

Condoms: Yes

Alison is a fair-skinned gal with strawberry blond hair. She's speckled with freckles all over her body, including her perky, natural breasts. She has a nice face and very naughty little smile. I'm not stoked about all the freckles, but in some way it is kind of cute. Some lucky guy has the opportunity to suck at her shaved pussy before having his manhood pleasured. The bj is over pretty quickly, which is fine because it isn't too remarkable. The action picks up when Allison climbs on the guy as he sits in a chair. She gives him a good ride and we hear a lot of flesh against flesh and some chair squeaking. He bends her over a desk and pounds her from behind before moving her into a piledriver. The action here is pretty fair, and is at its best when Allison is getting bounced around. It's rather stunted when she moves very little. Everything ends with a pop on her chest. Not a great scene, but a little more exciting than the first.

Scene 3: Annie Body

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy

Condoms: Yes

Outside on a patio we meet another fair-skinned gal. Annie is a red haired woman, with long, curly locks. She has a nice figure that is kind of ruined by a pair of globe-like, fake boobies. The man in her scene licks her lower lips while she moans to his motions. He sucks her feet for a few minutes while playing with her pussy. Things move very fast here. Before we know it the two are involved in vaginal play. The guy thrusts his pelvis into hers as she sits on a lawn chair. There are some nice close-up shots from below coupled with decent overhead angles. Annie huffs and puffs during the sex, but neither one get too animated. It's pretty run of the mill fucking. In one okay moment, she gyrates on his pecker in reverse cowgirl. Near the end as the guy gives it to her in doggy, Annie begins to look disinterested and so the scene is pretty much a disappointment. He pulls out of her pussy and gives a healthy pop to her chest.

Scene 4: Veronica Velour

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Doggy, Missionary

Condoms: No

Veronica and her stud for the scene make out on a couch. He pulls up her tight dress to show her wide ass. Veronica is a good looking woman. She has a nice face and decent body, but a shitload of curly, dyed hair. It gets everywhere and is out of control. For a full sized woman she has small, droopy breasts. And she seems to be embarrassed by them because we never get a good glimpse of them. She is always blocking or hiding them. The pacing on this scene is pretty quick. The oral breezes by, and before long she is getting it from behind. Veronica gives little effort to make the scene very sexy. She pretty much just takes what is given to her. Before long the guy is spurting onto her chest. The lack of chemistry here, and the fact that she kept covering her breasts, put this one into the gutter.

Scene 5: Jesse

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary

Condoms: Yes

Jesse is good looking woman with blond hair cut very short--a nice attribute because you don't see short hair very much in adult films. She has a homely face that looks good at times, and a bit strange at others (hmm a two facer, possibly?). Regardless, she begins with some good moaning as her man services her pussy. She then sucks his schlong for a good while, and frustratingly, much of this footage is presented from the back of her head. She rides her man pretty well in reverse cowgirl, taking nice, slow strides. One of her best features is a perfect, round ass, but sadly it gets very little play on camera. Jesse is probably the most vocal of all the girls so far. She screams a little when the guy pounds her, and it was nice to see her little tatas flapping about. Despite all this, the scene was poorly lit and the camera work was shoddy. There were a lot of decent shots, but a few too many aerials and close-ups that became a bit distorted.

Scene 6: Amanda

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Missionary, Scissors, Doggy

Condoms: Yes

Amanda is one of the better looking gals on the video. She has nice, petite school girl look. Her brown hair is very long and curly (perhaps too long, as it's quite a bit). She puts an ample amount of attention into sucking her man off, and even offers him some brief titfucking. There's some chemistry between the two in this scene. Amanda moans and groans a lot, and her man delivers good action. The sex is more realistic in that the two seem more into each other. There's more control of the camera and the acts last just long enough.

Scene 7: Ashley Moore

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy

Condoms: No

Blonde vixen Ashley Moore is on her knees in seconds sucking off some dude in a backyard. A beautiful girl with a hunger for cock, Ashley is what most men want to see in a film--a cute honey with lots of energy. She has a pretty solid body. With long legs and shaved pussy the only thing I wasn't crazy about were the nipple piercings that really weren't attractive on her. Ashley enjoys some tongue and fast fingering as she lies back on a lawn chair. I dug this scene a little more than most on this film because of Ashley's performance. It wasn't anything too rememberable, but it was much more heated than the others.

Scene 8: Aluara Eden

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal

Positions: Doggy, Missionary

Condoms: Yes

A stunning brunette in black, fishnet stockings goes down on a lucky man in a kitchen. Aluara's long legs look amazing in her stockings, and with her top hiked up and her pretty breasts exposed, she is very sexy. The couple trade oral favors before going at it on the kitchen table. Her pussy gets very wet and creamy as the fire is stoked, but the best is when she takes anal. Her ass is perfect for this and great to watch as it gets reamed. Aluara moans and whines a lot through the scene, mostly during anal, but she's not very active. Her attention was on the acts, but she never took control or initiative. Not necessarily her fault, but it was a let down to see such a gorgeous woman have little control of her scene.

Scene 9: Tawny Roberts

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, ICS

Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

A very cute blond woman in blue jeans and a leopard print bra makes out with some guy with bleached hair. Tawny has a nice figure. Not too thin, with itty bitty breasts she has a cute, shaved pussy. Her man gives her oral with some quick rimming before putting it in. What follows is pretty decent, no nonsense fucking. The two go at it in nice, smooth strides. The pacing was right on here, and both of them, although not highly enthusiastic, were digging the action to some extents. A strong scene that ended in an internal cumshot which Tawny pushes out. As with much of the film, this scene could have been improved by the image quality.

Concluding Words: I can't recall ever seeing an Adam & Eve production, but I've always associated the company with putting out movies and products geared toward interested couples. And one of their latest films, Tight & Fresh, certainly follows that mission. But I don't think I would go so far as to consider the actors here as all that tight or fresh. For some of the girls, this was their first film, or at least one of their first. Others had a handful already under their belt. The most amateurish aspect of the film was the video. The quality of the film was super low grade, and ranked down there among amateur shot porn. Unfortunately this was the breaking problem for the entire film. The action was decent, the girls mostly hot, and the pacing well done, but the video quality was unbearable and really did a horrible injustice to the actors. I don't see how big named companies can produce a feature and then release it with such a bad look. It makes me feel sorry for the actors and crew that spent their time doing their jobs only to be slapped in the face with a shoddy outcome. Although this would never have been a great title, it could have been a strong one. If more attention had been put into the quality of the film, the lighting, the images, it would have been a very good flick for customers. This, along with no features worth mentioning, makes this a title worth overlooking. Skip It.


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