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Touch Me

Studio: Erotic Media » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 7/4/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: D'Salvo

Cast: Nick Lang, Sandra Iron, Alissia, Sandra Russo, Viva Singer, Jessica May, Tina Thorn, Frank Gun, Alberto Rey, Julian St. Jox, Christ Mountani,

Length: 1:42

Production Date: December 20, 2001

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailer

Slim pickings on this disc, when it comes to extras. The Photo Gallery contains 22 stills taken from the movie, while the Trailer, for D'Salvo's Decadent Love is one of those porn previews that tries to pretend like it's not teasing a porno. A for effort, but it's not all that enticing.

Audio/Video: The full-screen video here is one of the best adult presentations I've ever seen. Encoded at an average of 7mbps, the film is crystal clear, with nice shadows and accurate skintones. The production values here are top notch, and all the colors and textures are reproduced excellently.

The audio is clear Dolby Digital 2.0, but the problems reside in the source materials. Besides the bad dubbing job, the music is often a bit too intense for the scene it's backing. There are several parts where the music should be in a Hitchcock film, not a porn. The mix also goes south about halfway through the movie, burying the dialogue.

The DVD: This is one of those true gems, the kind of film that takes cheesy porn dialogue to new heights. A foreign film, the actors are all dubbed into English. Now, I'm a traditionalist at heart, demanding subtitles over dubbing, but here, I'll take it. It just makes the whole thing that much more entertaining.

The story is simple: there's a group of friends, and everyone is screwing everyone else. Key to the story is Sandra Russo who seduces a student who seduces her daughter. From there, it all-out sex. Despite being a feature, the girls always look at the camera, which gives the scenes a voyeuristic quality, but takes away from the feature idea.

The sex here is very traditional, and it moves quickly. Don't let the 1:42 running time fool you. There's a lot of plot here, and the fucks go fast. Despite that, I've never really seen a porn with such terrific sets and camera work, and it made me want to watch not just the sex, but the plot as well. The scenes are full of color and production value. This is one solid film.

Let's take a look at the scenes:

Scene 1: Sandra Iron, Frank Gun
Acts Included: Oral (F/M), Fingering, Vaginal
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Some footsie at the dinner table gets everyone horny, so it's time for some non-stop action, punctuated by the use of slow motion. Sandra is a heavily pierced and tattoored cock-hound who's ready for anything, gobbling Frank's gear with gusto before taking him inside for a passionate ride. Her big tits are put to goo use, as she's on top during this solid fuck session, while a slow-motion cumshot in her mouth puts a wonderful cap on the scene. There's only two positions here, but the action is hot.

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Scene 2: Sandra Russo, Nick Lang
Acts Included: Oral (F/M), Vaginal
Positions: Standing Side Entry, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Sandra has her eye on Nick, a young student staying at her home. She tries everything to turn him on, but doesn't get a reaction until she catches him in the stables late one night. After some halfhearted rejections by Nick, they get down to it. Some oral preliminaries set up a standing screw that leans toward the romantic instead of the explicit. There's a lot of focus on her face, which shows the pleasure she's receiving. Another slowed-down pop wraps things up nicely, with a strand of cum dripping down her chin.

Scene 3: Jessica May, Alberto Rey, Julian St. Jox, Tina Thorn
Acts Included: Oral (M), Anal, Vaginal, DP, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Fingercuffs
Condoms: No
Like the rest of his friends, Alberto is having an affair, this time with Jessica. Meeting her for a rendezvous, he brings along a pair of black buddies, and they give Jessica all the cock she can handle. This girl has what can only be descibed as a sex face. Her face simply says "Fuck me." And the guys do. The foursome tries out every hole, using a nearby video monitor to double the pleasure. When Tina walks in on them, she draws the attention of a pair of pricks, and she takes them on easily, sucking and fucking them hard. The five-way includes a good mix of pussy and ass. You can tell this isn't your usual fuck flick, because the two girls never get into it with each other, which normally would be automatic.

Scene 4: Alissia, Nick Lang
Acts Included: Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
After fucking her mom, Nick takes the time to tap Alissia's ass, taking her on a date at her father's behest. After they swap oral, Nick gives it to her standing up, and then seat in a carriage in the middle of the park. Again, though you can see everything, the scene is not about the penetration, so much as it is about the feel of the fuck. Alissia's a cute, young blonde with a blase look to her, but she fucks well, and can suck dick with the best of them. That's especially evident when she takes the trademark slow-mo cumshot. Oddly, there's an Italian voice running through the scene, which could be the director. No matter what, it's distracting from what's a pretty hot scene.

Scene 5: Alberto Rey, Sandra Russo
Acts Included: Fingering, Oral (F/M), Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie
Condoms: No
With Nick busy with her daughter, for the first time in the flick, Sandra actually fucks her husband. Alberto gives her slit the proper oral attention it needs, and she returns the favor, swallowing down his sex. With their passions aroused, Alberto pumps her pussy with his mammoth meat. Outside on the patio, draped in shadows, the scene is very sexy and glamorous. Once again, a slo-mo pop ends the scene.

Scene 6: Christ Mountaini, Tina Thorn
Acts Included: Vaginal, Oral (M), Facial
Positions: Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Entry
Condoms: No
While everyone else deals with the betrayal rampant among them, two of the workers decide to get in on the fun, having a go of it in the stables. Christ sneaks up behind Tina and they get right down to it, fucking and sucking right there among the horses. Tina's a capable cocksucker, and with her dark eyes and full lips, she can throw a come-hither look better than most. As she works Christ's cock in a reverse cowgirl, she never loses eye contact with the camera, making the scene hotter than it really should be. Surprise! A slo-mo cumshot lands on her face.

Scene 7: Nick Lang, Alissia
Acts Included: Oral (F), Fingering, Vaginal
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie
Condoms: No
I may have fallen asleep between scenes, but I totally missed where Alissia got engaged to be married, especially since she was just fucking Nick a few scenes ago. But anyway, Nick breaks up her wedding and steals her away, taking her to the same apartment where half the scenes here took place. With her bridal headpiece still on, they get it on, starting with some shared oral. By the way, nothing hotter than a bride giving oral, especially if she's still in her dress. The video monitor makes a return appearance, as these two share some very sexy stand-up fucking, until he cums on her ass.

Concluding Words: After reviewing several misogynistic DVDs, it was nice to get a disc that's loaded with simple, down to earth sex that's actually sexy. Though there could have been more coupling, what's here is enjoyable. Having a well-shot film presented in a polished format makes it all the better. This is the kind of film a couple could watch and enjoy. I recommend it as a break from the usual shot-in-a-warehouse compilation style DVD. This one is worth a look for just about everybody. With more extras or more sex, this would have been highly recommended.

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