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Teens Make You Cum the Most #2

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 7/5/04

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Genre: Double Anal, European

Director: David Luger

Cast: Hypnotic, Allison More, Janet Alfano, Melissa, Sean Michaels, Claudio Meloni, Robert Rosenberg, Dave Hardman, George Uhl, David Perry

Length: 2:19

Production Date: March 7, 2004

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Bonus Footage, Web Access

We might as well get the Web Access out of the way first, as it's only an html link to David Luger's website. These should never be an extra, especially on a disc with just three listed.

What we have left are and Bonus Footage. The BTS (9:08) starts with an interview through a translator with Janet Alfano, which is like a train wreck. It's bizarre to see people talk so casually about ripping anuses. Another conversation, with Hypnotic, follows, but it's not really that interesting, because it feels like she's not being honest--like she's still acting.

A scene with 19-year-old Tracie kicks off the Bonus Footage, but it feels like a lift from another DVD. She claims this is her first time on video, and it's easy to believe that, because she looks extremely young. But after stripping down, she gives a first-person POV BJ, and then gets on top for a ride. It's extrememly sexy, and shows she's done this quite a few times. An internal pop ends this love fest.

But that's not all, as an extra scene with Julie Silver follows. Once again, we're first person, getting a well-performed blowjob from this Czech cutie. It ends in a facial, though she gets quite a bit in her mouth, showing the camera for added effect. She gives great head, but I couldn't stop staring at the pimple on her forehead. Call me shallow, but it was distracting. In all, you get just over 34 minutes of extra sex.

Audio/Video: The full-screen video is your standard gonzo presentation, with a pretty clean look, though, in several scenes, the double anal action is obscured by bad lighting. Considering that this is reason most will look at this DVD, it's very disappointing. The soft look of the video is likely due to the camera used, as the encoding is done at a relatively high average of 5.5Mbps.

As far as audio goes, the Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack is good enough for the job at hand, with the sounds of sex reproduced clearly and accurately. There's no music used, so there are no mix problems.

The DVD: Another double anal DVD for me to review means once again going over the limitations of the genre. 1) Two guys in one hole prevents a lot of movement. The easiest job in porn? Bottom man in a double anal scene. As long as you can handle carrying the weight, there's not much work to do. 2) You need good lighting. You've got a very tight sandwich going, and to see what's happening, you need a light shined in there. Especially if one of your cocks is darker than, say, a sheet of paper. And 3) The girls aren't going to be that attractive. Simply put, if you're hot, you don't need to be doing this kind of porn. If there's a hot girl involved, she's either a) filthy or b) European.

So it's no surprise that four of the five girls getting the two-on-one treatment here are from across the pond. David Luger went to Prague and back to find loose enough rectums for this special feature, and now, we get to take a look at the future fans of Preperation H:

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Scene 1: Janet Alfano
Acts Included: Anal Fingering, Vaginal, Oral (M), DP, Double Anal, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Janet looks a lot like a girl I went to college with, which definitely doesn't hurt this scene's impact on me. I recently reviewed another of her double-anal performances, in Double Anal Climax, and though it was sabotaged by a cock that simply couldn't stay hard, she was enjoyable. Here she has better playmates. The scene starts with a lengthy bit of solo ass play, before two guys show up on the scene to lube her up and take her for a spin. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Janet enjoys being DP'd, despite her insincere moaning. The double anal suffers from the same problems nearly every double-anal scene has, namely the lack of mobility. Bad lighting doesn't help, as I was unsure I was seeing double anal at first. As usual, there's a cut before the final facials and a bit of traditional vaginal sex, in order to get the guys off.

Scene 2: Julie Silver
Acts Included: Masturbation, Anal, Oral (M), Double Anal, ATM, Facial
Positions: Fingercuffs, Spoons
Condoms: No
Like Janet, Julie was also in Double Anal Climax, and interestingly, she also had the limp-dicked co-star. This time, she's got a big black stud, who preps her ass by way of his thick digits, and his hard-working co-fucker, who work together to pummel her ass until it's gaping and ready for a pair of probes. Unfortunately, once again, because of the camera work and lighting, I couldn't really tell if they were both fucking her in the ass. It was dark as night back there, and you couldn't see a thing. The only proof that they were both in there was the devestation left behind. Also not working for the viewers enjoyment of the scene were the constant interruptions of the double anal for ATM action. A simple spotlight and this scene would have been much better.

Scene 3: Hypnotic
Acts Included: Masturbation, Fingering, Anal, Oral (M), Double Anal, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Standing Double Anal
Condoms: No
The box said that David Luger filmed four Czech girls and one from Los Angeles. I'm going to guess that Hypnotic isn't Czech. She is, surprisingly, the girl with the worst teeth though. Anyway...this scene is overwhelmed by the director's racial commentary. For example, "When's the last time you had some white cock fuck you in the ass?" and "I love your big lips." Nice. It's pretty obvious that she's there simply for the "white friends" enjoyment. Thing is, I think porn is hotter when it seems like the girl's actually into it. Hypnotic is an animated head queen, capable of deep-throating several inches, all the while taking several more up her ass. The lighting is a bit better (or it's the contrast against Hypnotic's skin) so it's easier to see all the action. Unfortunately, that's not the case when these three break new ground with a round of standing double anal, as there's no light from underneath. They give it to her for a good long time, before eventually cumming all over her face. Take away the KKK-level comments, and it's a pretty good scene with an OK looking girl.

Scene 4: Allison More
Acts Included: Masturbation, Anal Fingering, Oral (M), Anal, DP
Positions: Spoons, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Allison's a very hot Czech chick who seems to enjoy fingering her ass more than actual sex itself. A lengthy warm-up session gets her back door ready for the two guys waiting to plow her. After a few preliminary humps and a couple of blowjobs, both guys get in her behind, causing her to sound like an opera singer. After nearly an entire scene of repetitive co-grinding in her ass, the extended DA session is abandoned, as the guys switch off to a DP, before they drop a couple of loads on her face. This scene doesn't last two long, but it's one of the better DA attempts I've seen.

Scene 5: Melissa
Acts Included: Anal Fingering, Oral (M), Anal, DP, Teabagging, Rimming, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Fingercuffs
Condoms: No
This girl's way too cute to be doing this kind of movie, but she is Czech, and the theme for most of these freakshow DVDs is Euro-splotation. When life is cheap, sex is even cheaper, I guess. But either way, Melissa's an avid anal adventurer, letting her fingers do the walking deep inside her sphincter, in advance of a two-man mission to mess up her ass. Instead of jumping right into the double-stuffing though, as has often been the story here, they treat her to a DP, giving her time to loosen up. But after a rimjob on a fellow European, she gets the dual-dick treatment, which gets her yapping like a puppy. Each guy takes a try at being the more mobile top man, before they finish off in fingercuffs, spraying her with "white gold."

Concluding Words: If double anal wasn't so "rare", I would say that this genre should simply go away. It's obvious that the guys can't get off doing it, so why not just have it as part of a scene, instead of it being the main event. I doubt you'll ever see a double-anal scene where the two guys pull out and pop. It's just not enough movement for these guys. The scenes here, on their own are good, but because of the focus on one hole with two poles, the frustration factor is higher than it should be. This is a good example of double anal, one of the better ones in fact, but for the average viewer, there are better choices out there. This is a rental for the double anal fan/curious.

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