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5 Star Kobe Tai

Studio: Vivid » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 7/7/04

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Genre: Compilation

Director: various

Cast: Asia Carrera, Chasey Lain, Janine, Brittany Busty, Lene, Joey Silvera, Nick East, Jon Dough, Ian Daniels, Tim Hard, Vince Vouyer, Randy West, Tony Tedeschi

Length: 1 Hour 42 Mins

Production Date: 1994 to 1998

Extras: 3 Bonus Scenes, Behind the Scenes: Savanna Takes Control, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video in this feature is presented in full frame color. The picture quality ranges from poor to good. There are some scenes that look very sharp, but others that look relatively bad. The latter suffers from high traces of grain and various color defects. It's a true sign that some of these scenes were made a long time ago. The audio is presented in 2-channel mono, but in general isn't spectacular. The quality ranges, with the majority of the scenes housing a hiss.

Body of Review: Asia Carrera is one of the most popular Asian adults stars. Her career began long long ago in 1993 when Director Bud Lee first spotted her talent. In 1994 she quickly became a success in the adult scene. In 1995, Asia was given numerous nominations at the AVN Awards. Some of the nominations included "Up & Cummers the Movie" for Most Outrageous Scene, "The Swap 2" for Best Group Scene, ""Bad Girls: Lock Down" for Best All Girl Scene, "Bonnie & Clyde 3" for Best All Girl Scene, and "The Masseue 2" for Best Supporting Actress, Best Tease, Best Couples Scene, and Best All Girl Scene. Asia also took home awards with "Elements of Desire" for Best All Sex Film, "Sex" for Best Film, and "Shame" for Best Video. Quite a remarkable start to a wonderful career. Over the years Asia's popularity had continued to rise. She's a great looking gal with remarkable talent, a raw energy that is unique to her, and the prettiest face the adult industry may ever see. Sadly with at end of 2003, Asia has retired from the adult industry. This Vivid compilation takes a look into some of the very early scenes in her career, some pre-boob job and some post-boob job. Fans of Asia will rejoice with the chance to see her in action once again! Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Asia Carrera, Chasey Lain
Scene From: Scrue
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
This scene opens with Asia looking pretty hot and acting a little nasty, as she fingers her clit and rubs her luscious tits. A busty babe, Chasey appears and joins in the action. The action looks pretty solid, but it's all one way. Asia is on the receiving end for the entirety of this relatively short scene. It's too bad that we never get to see Asia suck on Chasey's big breasts.

Scene 2: Asia Carrera, Janine, Nick East
Scene From: Bad Girls 1: Lockdown
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Scissors
Condoms: Yes
Pre-boob job Asia, gets her body lathered up with oral by Janine. After Asia is oiled up, Janine eats her out. Once Nick enters the scene, Janine leaves and he takes over. After a bit more oral sex, Nick engages Asia in straight sex. The scene ends with Asia taking the cum shot on her ass. The action that was present was pretty good, but I had my disappointments. Since this scene had Asia and Janine, I really wanted to see more girl/girl play. These two hotties really could have heated things up with a bit more play. I was also unhappy with there not being a blow job in the scene.

This scene review comes from my review of The Real Asia Carrera.

Scene 3: Asia Carrera, Jon Dough

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Scene From: Last Act
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
In this scene, a very naked Asia joins up with Jon, while some dude watches and gives moral support. After a bit of touching, Asia gets in Jon's pants and sucks him off. The blow job has way too much hand action and not enough sucking. Next the pair engages in straight sex. The scene concludes with the cum shot on her tits. This was a fairly decent scene. There wasn't the high energy that I'm used to seeing Asia's scenes.

This scene review comes from my review of The Real Asia Carrera.

Scene 4: Asia Carrera, Ian Daniels, Tim Hard
Scene From: Original Sin
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Doggie
Condoms: Yes
This scene stars the post-boob job Asia getting dressed for the coming sex scene. She looks mighty hot as a few of her nicer features are highlighted during this very short bit. She joins a few guys in another room, who are playing poker and the scene cuts. All of a sudden Asia is getting double plugged, a cock in her mouth and pussy. It's a bit disappointing that we didn't get to see her stripped down, as well that the foreplay was entirely skipped. The scene continues to cut back and forth between Asia with the guys playing cards and the sex. Overall, it was lacking the streamline action needed for a good scene. However, it was nice to see Asia get her face and chest covered with cum at the end. That's definitely not a common occurrence.

Scene 5: Asia Carrera, Janine
Scene From: Player
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
The lovely Asia (pre-boob job) joins Janine in for a sauna. Janine goes for Asia's breasts and oral sex ensues. The action continues with standard girl/girl action. This was a fairly enjoyable scene, seeing an older (or I guess younger?) Asia with Janine was pretty nice. The girls seemed to click together, but then again, I'm a bit partial to Asia, whenever does she not perform well?

This scene review comes from my review of 5 Star Janine.

Scene 6: Asia Carrera, Vince Vouyer
Scene From: The Bitch
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissors
Condoms: No
Vince is one lucky guy. This scene opens with a very hands intensive and hot blow job. There are some nice close ups of Asia's pretty face on Vince's tool. The action continues with Vince eating Asia out, before he engages her in straight sex. The scene ends with the cum shot on Asia's ass. This was a pretty hot scene, with great oral sex and nice straight action. I really loved the close ups of Asia during the blow job and seeing her in reverse cowgirl.

This scene review comes from my review of The Real Asia Carrera.

Scene 7: Asia Carrera, Randy West
Scene From: Mission Erotica
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
The lovely Asia doesn't look so lovely in this scene. It's mainly because the clothes she is wearing aren't very revealing. I suppose she still looks great, just not naked enough. Fortunately, the clothes come off pretty quickly and her lovely lips are wrapped around Randy's cock. The blow job looks pretty fascinating, but Asia bobs her head way too much and the action doesn't look entirely fluid. The sex is done fairly decent, but doesn't scream hot. Asia is great to see in action, but this scene just wasn't her best performance. Overall, it was still fairly enjoyable.

Scene 8: Asia Carrera, Brittany Busty, Joey Silvera
Scene From: Scandal
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary
Condoms: Yes
This scene opens with some lovely girl/girl play. Asia gets her sweet mouth on Brittany's huge tits, something to get anyone a little excited. Next the girls move into a little oral sex and eat each other out. Joey joins the girls and once his pants are down, Asia gives him an incredible blow job. The action continues with straight sex and a lot of fingering. The scene ends with the cum shot on Asia's vagina. The opening of this scene was pretty good, with great boy/girl oral and girl/girl oral. The sex in this scene wasn't nearly as fun. Overall, I'd say it was a fairly good scene..

This scene review comes from my review of The Real Asia Carrera.

Scene 9: Asia Carrera, Lene
Scene From: Bawdy & Soul
Acts Included: Oral
Positions: girl/girl
Condoms: No
Hot damn post-boob job Asia looks great in this scene. We find her sweet ass paired up with a relatively busty blonde on a large bed. The action opens with some stimulating foreplay. The girls spend most of the scene eating each other out, with a steamy climax in a sixty nine position. This is one of those girl/girl scenes that are really exciting. Two busty babes? What more could you want?

Scene 10: Asia Carrera, Tony Tedeschi
Scene From: Suite 18
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Scissors
Condoms: No
Here's a younger version of Asia, pre-boob job. She looks pretty cute, but not nearly has hot as she does post-boob job. The action opens with some decent oral sex. It definitely doesn't mark the high point of Asia's career, as the blow job is a bit timid. The sex in the scene reveals some fairly tame action. Overall, the scene just wasn't very impressive. Those who are familiar with Asia's more exciting work, this scene will leave you feeling a little cold.

Concluding Words: While I consider myself a fan of Asia Carrera, her limited work with Vivid doesn't present her best work. Considering the majority of the work was conducted at the beginning of her career, a lot of the scenes aren't really great. It wasn't until later (post-boob job) that she began to really shine in her scenes. Unfortunately, this compilation houses a lot of the earlier work and doesn't present Asia in the way I love to see her. Similar to my review of The Real Asia Carrera, 5 Star Asia isn't a great title. Fans of Asia should look at this for a rental and even if you're not entirely familiar with her, it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

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