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Soccer Girls

Studio: Private » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/15/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: J.F. Romagnoli

Cast: Maria Bellucci, Cristina Bella, Lisa Sparkle, Cindy Lords, Victoria Swinger, Cory Beby, Zenza Raggi, Lauro Giotto, Bruno SX, Frank M., Nick Lang, and Franco Roccaforte

Length: 1hr 57 min

Production Date: Private, 2004

Extras: -=Scene Selection Without Act Access=- -=Behind The Scenes, running 7 and is more like a long commercial with some bonus footage=- -=Photo book=- -=Cast Index=- -=Production Notes=- -=Trailers=- -=English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian Audio Tracks=- -=Multiple Subtitle Options=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 as expected. The sound wasn't the strongest aspect of the disc. In the beginning it was quite terrible. The dialogue was nearly impossible to hear as it was drowned out by noise from the rest of the film. And the music track was equally overpowering. Once the sex was underway the music track faded, and as the movie progressed the vocals became much better. The first scene was really the worst and could have just been a bad take. I was able to quickly forget about it. The Video of the film is in Full Frame and was quite clear and with good colors

Body of Review: Private films know what men like. Women and sports. Throw some liquor into the film--anywhere is fine--and there's a series destined to do well. While we may have to BYOB, the good folks of Private don't leave us empty-handed. Some of the most luring babes of the good continent of Europe do some fancy footwork on the field to, if for nothing else, get nasty and sweaty and take showers. With this flick everyone is sure to score.

Scene 1:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
There's some kind of plot going on here, but I can't hear a damn word the actors are saying. The sounds of the girls undressing (which are nice) and their subsequent showers (even nicer) drown out the voice over and any dialogue. Oh, well at least there are about a dozen naked women on screen throwing towels at one another and rubbing their wet skin. Works for me. Some guy enters the locker room all pissed off about something. Maybe he's the coach and they girls just lost their soccer game. Regardless one stunning girl (I don't know their names and the cast list were totally screwed up) takes him into the back to ease his tension. This dark haired beauty has an amazing body, long, slender legs and perfect breasts. She sits on the edge of a tub for a few minutes to rub her clean pussy and then invites the guy over for the fun. The oral moves very slowly but has a nice sensuality about it. It's definitely a scene that takes its time with the foreplay. Once the screwing begins things speed up and the transitions between acts come more frequently. I like the pacing of this scene and it's definitely one that is aiming toward couples. My only problem was that it began with an overpowering music track. But it stopped once the action took stage. Also because the scene is set in a shower room there is an echo of the actor's sounds. Minor but a tad irritating.

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Scene 2:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
The soccer team holds a press conference to talk about their upcoming game. One woman, posing as a reporter, seduces another reporter to gain inside information about the team's strategy. In an empty locker the two exchanges leads and swap fluids in the meantime. This lovely woman is another long haired brunette with a stunning body. So far these are not extremely young women, but they appear to be in their prime. She pulls off her clothes but keeps her black stockings and garter on while she services the reporter's dick in great detail. The girl is super hot riding in reverse cowgirl but I was upset when this was the last position and the dude popped gently onto her chin. I was digging the action and enjoyed hearing the girl's little moans. This one could have gone on for a bit longer, but it was still a strong scene.

Scene 3:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, DP, ATM, Anal, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
Condoms: No
The next five minutes are spent developing the plot line, which I never fully heard. But the girls head to an elaborate mansion that evening for a fancy party. There's a lot of footage of people walking around and speaking indistinctly, and after much ado about nothing things settle upstairs in a bedroom where two lovely ladies have met up with two guys. There's some decent oral action between the two couples and then the gals climb on in reverse cowgirl at the same time. Both girls are equally stunning so it was a pleasure to watch them. And a nice surprise came when one took a dp while the other sat in a chair masturbating. Things end with a pop to each of the gals and some minor swapping and cum play. Overall a very fun scene, despite continuous panning shots to capture as much as possible--typical for any group scene.

Scene 4:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Three women stumble across a guy lurking in the upstairs corridor. With nothing better on the itinerary for the night they decide to make his dreams come true and take turns sucking his dick. One of the brunettes jumps onto him and rides him pretty hard, while another brunette plays with his balls and occasionally pulls his dick out to lube it up. The foursome makes a love triangle of sorts to keep everyone satisfied. They take turns fucking and sucking, always making sure that each is getting some of the action. The blonde gal keeps unnoticed for most of the scene until she takes it analy. Just after that the guy is delivering a pop to the three waiting faces. Another good scene, although not as strong. With three beautiful women and one guy there was a lot of potential for variety. I would have liked to seem some sharing--a Nugent condo perhaps? But I don't think it's that type of flick. For what it is, it’s strong.

Scene 5:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Standing, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
Condoms: No
Still searching for a breaking scoop, the newswoman heads back to the locker room where she finds another coach she tries to catch in her web. To do this she gets on her knees and sucks his dick. When her top comes off, she proudly displays the most perfect and flawless pair of breasts I've seen. They are so symmetrical they look like the breasts of a mannequin. The reporter gives good attention to the guy’s dick in long, soft up and down movements that are amazing. All around her body is very tight. And with her nude stockings on--which aid her in some foot fucking later--her legs are very yummy. The guy takes her on in a number of positions all of which are filled with energy and packed with some nice shots. A rock solid scene that had me wanting more of this gal.

Scene 6:
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Positions: Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: No
The team isn't playing worth shit, but at least love is still in the air. The coach, despite his disappoint, finds some nookie in one of the gals. Another brunette with slim legs, this one isn't quite as attractive as the rest of the cast. A bit gaunt and toothy, she's been quietly tucked into the last scene. But, thankfully, like the rest of the girls she does have what it takes to make the team. Her breasts are love, real and firm looking. She likes to whine a lot when she gets drilled, but it seems forced cause the guy only prods at her. When she jumps into reverse cowgirl and is in control the action gets better, but then they switch to anal with him in control and we go back to pulling out and putting it back in which seemed to imply he was pacing himself. Some good sex, but weak in comparison to the strength of the rest of the film.

Concluding Words: Concluding Words: I enjoyed the last Private production that I viewed. So when I popped this title in and heard the horrible sound track at the opening of the first scene, I was really PO'd to have my expectations ruined. But, luckily this soon became history and I had forgotten about it by the end of the second scene. Things got much better. The action of the scenes kept me interested. The girls, a dream team of soccer sluts, couldn't be more gorgeous. I wish I could match their faces to their names to give them some form of high praise; but the cast index kept repeating faces and names and mismatching them--argh. The action is smooth, clean and carefully filmed making this a good title for Couples. Had the opening scene's technical problems been ironed out there would be few bad things to say about this one. It comes Recommended.


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