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Let Me Taste It 3

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/17/04

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Let Me Taste It 3: Double Dippers


Genre: Gonzo

Director: Steve Drake

Cast: Lyla Lei, Joe Monti, K.K., Jean Pallett, Isabel Ice, Lee Stone, Trinity James, Chris Charming, Jazz Duro, Haley, Aspen Stevens, Alexis Taylor, Benjamin Brat, Alesha Bizart, Romy Roundell, Magnum Force

Length: 119.5 minutes

Date of Production: 3/9/2004 (box), 1/15/2004 (credits)

Extra's: Some of the extras were actually pretty good, if short. My favorites were the eight solo scenes. While they didn't last nearly long enough for my taste, each woman of the movie got to masturbate by herself for the camera. I'd like to see future volumes expand this concept and provide additional footage but that's not my call to make. Another decent extra was the eight interviews with the women. Again, they were far too brief but at least they all got a few moments in which to shine. The photogallery and cum shot gallery (where the male orgasm part of each of the six scenes was collected) for those who care) were okay but I'm not partial to either.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the typical 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as expected. Much of the camera work seemed a bit rough and the lighting was not perfect but overall, it looked fairly decent most of the time. In the first scene, there was some noticeable pixelation but it didn't lock up my DVD player as some poorly manufactured releases have done in the past. The flesh tone accuracy varied with the lighting and there was also some minor grain but for a low budget release, it wasn't bad. The audio was presented in stereo English and seemed about average in most ways. There wasn't a lot of separation or dynamic range but most adult releases aren't much better so you have to chalk this one up as generic in that area.

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Body of Review: Most porn consumers know Steve Drake as a guy that has performed in front of the camera hundreds of times over the years. Like many of his contemporaries, he turned to directing and he seems to have found a home at an up and coming company, DVSX. His latest release for them is Let Me Taste It 3: Double Dippers, a modern fable about the joys of women tasting their own bodily fluids off the penises that have sampled them (ie: they do ATM and PTM depending on the sex acts of the scene they are in). Pussy to mouth is becoming increasingly popular these days and ass to mouth is likewise one of the acts gaining a lot of ground in gonzo porn. If you like seeing the usual action but with an emphasis on this type of thing; the movie wasn't bad. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Lyla, a lean Asian that looked like so many others these days, started off her scene with Joe, K.K., and Jean toying with her. They quickly got down to business with the guys alternating between getting oral and screwing her pussy and ass. She sucked them clean throughout the show and while her energy level wasn't exactly stellar, she seemed able to handle anything they could throw her way. The most extreme act was the DP and the massive facials but fans of very lean Asians might enjoy it more than I did.

Scene Two: Isabel, one of the cutest brunettes in porn these days, started off her scene wearing a pink bra and panties as the massive Lee and her made out. Her clothes came off and he went down on her, seemingly enjoying himself as much as she did. Her oral was less polished which will either please or disappoint you depending on what you like (some like the professional approach while others like the amateur approach). When the actual boning started, she rode him a lot harder than I'd have thought possible considering his sizable penis, especially in her ass. I could tell it was a mixture of pleasure and pain for her but she had some chemistry with him and it made the scene enjoyable to watch.

Scene Three: Trinity, is one of those blondes that you never forget when you meet her in public. She just has a way about her that combines the excesses of porn and the willingness to do whatever it takes to get her partner off. Her scene started off as she knelt before Chris and Jazz, blowing them with tremendous energy in front of and on top of a bed. Chris tapped her pussy first and the guys each got to sample her tight crotch as the other got more oral loving. They also tapped her fine ass and while she didn't appear as energetic doing anal, she always kept her dirty mouth talking when it wasn't full of their pussy and ass soaked dicks. Like the other scenes, she took the facial in the end, although she wasn't a cum dodger like some gals and even swallowed it down like it were expensive caviar.

Scene Four: Haley, another cute brunette with a curvy body, had a scene with one of the guys from scene one (I think it was Joe) on a couch. They macked out before he went down on her, sampling the youthful goodness that she had to offer, before it was her turn to orally satisfy him. She slobbered a lot and seemed a bit new to deep throating but it looked like fun so don't skip it. The couple then started the boning action and she was able to accept most of his penis in her two holes, tasting it after each position with a variety of moans and some minor dirty talk. Her ass blemishes didn't work for me but they weren't as pronounced as some in the industry so your mileage will vary as to how much it will impact your viewing pleasure. It wasn't a bad scene but she didn't live up to her potential.

Scene Five: Aspen, a hot looking brunette, Alexis, a very lean blonde, and Benjamin, a guy that looks like a young Seymore Butts, had a scene on a fancy couch. He went down on Alexis while she went down on Aspen to start off the fun but it wasn't long before they started getting busy in a real way. Aspen blew him lazily and after a position shift, kept doing so while Alexis rimmed him before Aspen climbed aboard his penis to ride. It wasn't a bad ride either as Alexis cleaned him off regularly but the lighting varied too much for my comfort. My favorite part of the scene was when the gals got into pile driver position beside one another (propping each other up) and he went back and forth on their pussies. There was no anal this time but that shouldn't matter since the scene was pretty good without it.

Scene Six: Alesha and Romy, a couple of gals new to porn, one sporting blonde hair and the other a brunette, took on Magnum by a couch. The gals double-teamed him orally before the screwing began. I loved Alesha's very long ponytail and fans may want to note that she was the only one in the scene to do anal but each gal contributed something to the trio of fun. Romy, a German, wasn't as capable as her partners but it was her first movie and fans like that a lot I'm told. The sex was by the book but kept to the oral theme and each gal sampled juice off his dick. For the most part, the action was generic here with brief flashes of heat that weren't sustained.

Summary: I think with some more work, this series could be really good. The cast was attractive enough for most tastes, had enough variety of women to appeal to large audiences, and the concept of the gals tasting their own juices off the guy's dicks growing in popularity so the technical side is probably what Steve needs to work on the most. I'd also like to see better extras since a minute long interview and very short solo scene is kind of weak but the feature itself needs tweaking in minor ways too. Perhaps if the solo scenes were incorporated into the feature and extended, that might help the flow of the scenes a bit. I'm going to lean on the conservative side this time and give it a rating of Rent It but fans of PTM and ATM will undoubtedly rate it higher.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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