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Mayhem Explosions

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/22/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Popshot Compilation

Director Various

Cast: Various

Length: 2hr 17 min

Production Date: Mayhem, 2004

Extras: 5 Trailers, Web Info, Spam, Pop Access by Groups of Ten.

Audio/Video: The audio and the video of the film varied greatly. Depending on which films the footage was pulled from, there were differing qualities. Regardless, for the most the picture and sound were above adequate.

Body of Review: Imagine this: What would the world of adult films be like without the pop shot? That finalizing moment of male ejaculation has come a long way. From its initial role of illustrating man's completion, to its crucial part in signifying the scene's end, the cumshot is about as essential to adult movies as baseball is to the American pastime. But don't let me go off on a tirade about what the cumshot represents and what it means to me (although I, like most men I imagine, have a place in our dark hearts we reserve for these quick, few seconds), there's no denying that were it to suddenly vanish we would all miss it dearly and very likely wait at the curb for its return. After all, an adult film without the cumshot would be like, well…Well it would be a porno without the fucking. Which, strangely enough is exactly what cumshot compilations are. Yet, somehow they seem so natural—an almost why didn't I think of that concept. So love it or hate it, the cumshot doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon. Mayhem films embraces its sticky friend by garnering 144 nasty pops to the mouth and various other places.

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The Scenes: One hundred individual popshot scenes are crammed into this disc which runs 2 hours and 17 minutes. Of those 100 there are 144 pop shots directed mostly to the awaiting and open mouths of hungry young ladies. Over the course of the film many of the scenes fall into the rut of repetition and you might find yourself saying, "Yeah, yeah, how 'bout something different?" Which is really what a good cumshot or facial manages to do. It stands out. Whether through the thick, shoestring spunk flying across the camera's frame or the exasperated wince of the surprised recipient, a memorable pop shot is one that you show to your friends on a lazy, Sunday afternoon ("Come over here Ted, you gotta see this."). Among the 'you've gotta see this' ranking are the following. And excuse a lack of adequate identification of stars or films as an index of any sort is lacking—although not a bad idea, hmmmm:

1: The lovely Aurora Snow, sharing the DVD cover, is pounded in the ass as her mouth is filled with hot jizzum. The dude eventually comes in her rear and she blows ass bubbles and gives the camera some nasty, gooey gapes in the process. A third guy unloads onto her face and a fourth takes on her butthole. And then here comes a fifth and six to repeat the process.

2: Ashley Blue has her asshole cummed on by 9 different guys and then has their spunk spoon-fed to her. Her reaction when gulping down their loads varies from nonchalance to near vomiting. Certainly not the cleanest or most erotic scene, and more apt to please the hardcore cummy fan.

3: A cute brunette with cum on her face gets nailed by guy number two. When he pops his baby cork it shoots to the back of her throat in a nice surprise. She manages to gulp it down anyways.

4: A not-too-bad bleached blonde gulps down two fellas, and sticks out her tongue after each one to show a clear palette.

5: A sexy blonde plays with one dude's cum as though it were silly putty, stretching it and pulling it out of her mouth.

6: A mediocre blonde gets banged and as he unloads in her mouth guy number 2 enters her pussy before filling her mouth with his own goop.

7: One gal has her asshole filled with cum and another, awaiting beauty eats it out of her ass.

8: There are quite a few scenes of ass filling cumshots involving dick to mouth transfers, including one with Ashley Blue.

9: One dude pounds a cute, young gal on the lawn. When he comes and pulls out of her ass she farts and spews cum.

10: A three-way snowball involving Aurora Snow and two lovely blondes.

Concluding Words: While the cumshot may not be the highlight for many people's night-o-porn watching (particularly when cuddled up with the misses), it remains an incredibly important experience for others. So much so that it has gone beyond simple pops to the chest or the face. The cumshot has taken on its own life, a persona perhaps so large in scope that it can not be contained. Except, maybe, in a compilation. Which is precisely why they exist, to satisfy those wanting to witness that final expulsion of fluid or that immediate, unexpected reaction. Mayhem Explosions does a pretty good job of not only compiling a smidgen of what is out there for the newbie that may be interested, but also keeping the clips fresh enough that oldies might return. For what this title sets out to do it certainly delivers. And while I only highlighted on a few (a mere ten out of 100), there are many and each with their own unique attributions. In a way cumshots are like snowflakes—no two are alike, and you have to look closely sometimes to see what it is that makes them distinctive. This flick is Highly Recommended for its purpose and its audience, and especially at its price.


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