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Seymore Butts' Slippin' In Through The Outdoor

Studio: Seymore Butts » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 8/9/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo Compilation
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
STARRING; Seymore Butts, Morgan Fairlane, Ron Jeremy, Hakan, Taylor Hayes, Gina Winters, Tom Byron, Mark Davis
LENGTH: 145 mins with bonus material

Sometimes, a single performer can make an adult film. Fans all have their favorites, and the minute they see that name up above the DVD marquee, it's a must own property, no matter what. Jenna Jameson could produce a 4-hour documentary of her latest pap smear and it would rack up significant sales and cash flow for whatever company configured the compilation. Jesse Jane, another overwhelmingly preferred hardcore honey, has titles that always elicit groans of gratitude from smut enthusiasts. From Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy to any number of the wild world of Wicked/Vivid gals, there are performers who push people to the pleasure point, time and time again, no matter the porn parameters and plot – or lack thereof. Perhaps it's time to add Taylor Hayes to that list, if she's not there already. One of Seymore Butt's more maniacal finds, this female fucking frenzy is a dream date for anyone who'd like to push the boundaries of bush bombing. This glam gals loves to fuck and suck, no two ways about it. It's written all over her sweat slicked, as well as other bodily fluid flushed face. In the latest installment of the Seymore Butts Home Movies series, Slippin' in Through the Outdoor, Taylor appears in 4 of the 5 scenes and her presence is devastatingly erotic. When she gets going, and it doesn't take much to churn her butter, this babe bonks and blows with a passion bordering on the obsessive. And then, as if to add her own exclamation point to the porking, she's good for a gallon of girl goo or two. This wench can squirt like a chuffed champion. All of Seymore's 'day in the life' ludicrousness aside, it is Taylor's talent for taking it as hard as she gives it that makes this Butts bonanza XXX-tastic.

The DVD:
As with most of these Home Movies titles, we are treated to a very basic premise: Seymore Butts carries around a camera and records the events in his life as they happen. There is a very 'off the cuff' and unrehearsed feeling to the filming that adds to the air of authenticity. If you believe this film, Mr. Butts spends his days fending off phone calls from his possessive Jewish mother and watching all manner of mainstream (and wannabe) adult stars sample some steamy skin in his living room/bedroom. Recorded with handheld haphazardness, Seymour is always trying to get in on the act. In Slippin' in Through the Outdoor, the most he manages is a few finger-fulls of pussy or pucker. Perhaps the best part of these video "journals" is a chance to see porn performers with their hair down, so to speak; actually sitting around, joking and illustrating that they are more than just bodies with holes and/or protuberances available for carnal configurations. We begin our balling bash in the following manner:

Scene 1: Morgan Fairlane, Ron Jeremy, Hakan
The Set-Up: Ron has brought Morgan, who he claims is his "girlfriend" to meet Seymore and, perhaps, do a little filming. Turns out that international stud muffin Hakan is in the house as well, and Ron is jealous that the male model will steal his gal. Turns out that Morgan is someone the 'Hedgehog' met the night before, and as she herself says, there is more than enough of her to go around.

Ron and Hakan attack Morgan like a couple of hungry cats on a fish carcass and before you know it, there is lots of licking, sucking and caressing going on. Morgan gets up and performs a bit of cabaret before she strips off all her clothes and let's Rod eat her pussy. Hakan takes out his half-erect cock and lets Morgan give it a little arousal mouth to member. He even does a little face fucking in hopes it solves his softness problem. Ron gets out his decades old dependable dick and gives the gal a good straightforward vaginal going over. As she gets it in the snatch, Morgan manipulates and tastes Hakan's naughty nuts. There is deep throating and vaginal doggy before the German giant takes over and does some dumper moves. After the anal fingering comes doggie, gaping and the deep penetration of the pile driver. Scooting onto the continental cock in the cowgirl position, Ron steps in and delivers a double dose of dong in the rancid rosebud. Soon it's an all out duo penetration parade as both dongs do their damage. When they can no longer hold in their joy juice, both men spray seed all over Morgan's derriere.

While it is always fun to see the hobbit-shaped Jeremy in full out hardcore mode, this scene has one distinct disadvantage that forces it to the rear of the randy line. Thanks to some bad camera work, or maybe it's lax personal hygiene, Ms. Fairlane looks positively putrid in this wanton workout. Her skin has a green-gray tinge to it and the overwhelming amount of acne and other blemishes indicate that she needs a good exfoliant as part of her daily skin care regime. This, along with the non-stop talking by all the parties involved (even with penis in full poke and prod mode, our loverboy lotharios just won't shut the Hell up) results in a scene that is as hard on the eyes as it is on the ears. While worthy of some consideration for the professional flesh fun going on, this DVD has much better fuck feats ahead. Score: 6/10

Scene 2: Taylor Hayes, Gina Winters
The Set-Up: Taylor calls Seymore from the airport and says she has a new "friend" that she'd like to introduce to him. Turns out it's the petite party girl Gina Winters and within a few moments of arrival, lesbian love is in the air.

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Taylor begins the 'getting to know you' nookie by playing with Gina's tiny tits, sucking and tonguing her nipples. Seymore gets his hand in for a little boob bumbling before making a digital dive into Ms. Winter's warm wonderstuff. As he fingers her folds, he produces prominent pussy juice that both ladies love to sample and slurp. Eventually, all the touchy feely fun is over and the real-time twat tasting begins. Taylor snacks on snatch for a while, and then tosses some salad. Seymore supplies some anal fingering (which Taylor also taste tests to secure freshness) and after Gina is driven to the brink of joy junction, Taylor gets a similar treatment. Soon, it's toy time and a plastic penis plows Ms. Hayes hallows. She erupts in a volcano of vaginal spray. After some more salad tossing and the insertion of a weird anal toy into Gina's ass, Seymore manipulates the crack-cramming device as Taylor takes faux phallus to Gina's glory hole. Climax is claimed and the whole scene ends with several smiling, satisfied faces.

Here is a perfect example of how Ms. Hayes elevates a scene she is in. Almost forgetting that the camera is there, she concentrates on making sure Gina is serviced any way she can. When it's her turn to take on the toys or the tongue, she battles back with a shower of snatch sauce that is intense and erotic. Since squirting is the female equivalent of a money shot, Taylor is a guaranteed gusher and her obvious orgasms make even the most lazy lesbianism scorch with Sappho sizzle. Score: 7/10

Scene 3: Taylor Hayes, Tom Byron
The Set-Up: Taylor has returned to Seymore's house the next day to, again, meet up with her friend Gina. Tom comes over and asks Seymore if he would like to go to lunch. After fielding a couple of phone calls, Mr. Butts catches Taylor and Tom going at it.

This is a perfect porn scene - make no mistake about it. Taylor and Tom match up so well that you swear the line between job and genuine sex is blurred into oblivion. When Taylor blows Tom's tool, she moves from the head to the shaft to balls to the taint and finally to the salad in a full tongue torment of Byron's batch and behind. He responds by producing a rock hard rod for some exceptional hardcore humping. But first, he must return the oral favor and he enjoys all the cunt cuisine (with some available ass slapping as a side dish). Fingers also find several enclaves to escape into as the couple prepares to pound each other like cheap veal. First Tom provides some straight sex and the reaction is resplendent. Taylor cums for the camera in a wild and wet womb waterfall that dribbles out and around Tom's cock. Then she rides his baloney pony like a professional bare back bitch as the reverse cowgirl configuration gets a wonderful workout. When Mr. Byron gets ready to blow, Taylor lays him back on the couch and takes the load full on in the face. As he is sputtering and stammering, she immediately adds to the excitement by tossing his salad and giving his asshole a friendly fingering. Tom is so taken aback by this added incentive that his dick responds with some spasms of pleasure.

As said before, Taylor and Tom are perfect together. The sex is hot and steamy. Both bedfellows cum in bucketfulls and the fuck facets make you wish Taylor would come over to your house and work her porn prowess on you. Fantastic. Score: 10/10

Scene 4: Taylor Hayes, Gina Winters, Tom Byron
The Set-Up: Gina arrives to meet Taylor, who has by now finished fucking and is sharing a shower with Mr. 'B'. Seymore goes off to conduct some more business and when he returns, Tom is again being serviced by Taylor, this time, with the help of Gina.

Draped in a towel, Tom gets his rod reanimated by blowjobs from Taylor and Gina. One concentrates on the cock while the other works the walnuts. His gooch is even given a going over and salad is also tossed with tasty abandon. Eventually Tom gets Gina up on the bathroom counter and starts concentrating on her cooch, while Taylor masturbates to a full flowing climax. Everyone enjoys more rectal roughage and there is a great deal of mutual fingering. When boner meets bush, it is Tom to Gina in the vaginal doggy dynamic. Whenever Tom removes his cock from Gina's sugar walls, Taylor tastes it to see just how sweet it is. There is more vaginal squirting and some straight anal with optional gaping. Tom eventually deposits his dong dew all over the gal's face and asses.

Again Taylor is terrific here. Like a risqué ringleader she leads Gina and Tom through an incredibly sizzling sequence of sex acts. And just to make sure we know how erotic all this fucking and sucking really is, Ms. Haynes makes like a fountain and let's her carnal cup runneth over, time and time again. Gina and Mr. Byron are no slouches. They steam up the scene with their own anal attention and finger frenzy. While not as perfect as Scene 3, this is still great hardcore sex. Score: 8.5/10

Scene 5: Taylor Hayes, Gina Winters, Mark Davis
The Set-Up: Seymore is asleep when the doorbell rings. Turns out it's Mark, standing in the doorway with both ladies lunching on his log. Seymore shuttles them in quickly and the trio take to the couch to continue the potential coitus.

In many ways, this is a repeat of Scene 4 with a different guy and a greater concentration of cock to cunt (or ass crack). In the beginning, there is the mandatory shared oral with one gal going down on Mark followed by the other. Each deep throats and concentrates on the balls. After a little tit play and salad sampling it's time to get down to the fucking. In the vaginal mode, there is schlong slapping, straight sex, pile drivers and the occasional delivery of dick to mouth. There is also reverse cowgirl, doggy pile driver and some fingering. When we finally find ourselves in ass country, there is bountiful bowwow and its 'attached at the hip' companion in carnality, reverse cowgirl. After Mark creams his seams with a nice explosion of spunk all over his comely cohorts mouths, he gives them both a cum covered kiss, much to Mr. Butts delight/dismay.

Everything that was said about Scene 4 applies here. Taylor is great, Gina more than holds her own and Mark seems to enjoy some of the more randy and raunchy aspects of sex – even going so far as to sample his own spurt. While the multiple positioning does cut down on the passion, just seeing everyone having a hardcore good time in the plow and puff department makes for some exceptional XXX fun. Score: 8.5/10

While some may find Seymore's shenanigans funny or even endearing, it's just so much showmanship compared to what we've come to this DVD to experience, and thanks to the talent of Taylor Hayes, we get all that we bargained for - and so very much more. Part of the problem with most pornography is that one gets a real sense of ultra-professionalism and/or going through the carefully choreographed motions most of the time. Either that, or the sex is so sloppy and haphazard that you want to get out of its way, let alone stick around and watch it transpire. What Butts and his titles excel in is a kind of porn that has a naturally naughty feel. The gals really appear to be into the action and while it may just be the best method acting in the history of hardcore, one does get the sense of pure enjoyment and palpable passion from the performers. Butts does have some careless camera issues. He tends to believe, almost religiously, in the extreme close-up and can't always be depended on to capture the craziness with clarity and logic. Still, even while constantly sticking his meaty hands into the action, he does manage to sell the sexy sizzle with pseudo professionalism. It bares repeating that if Taylor wasn't on hand with her whore-like love of unbridled fucking, Slippin' In Through the Outdoor may not have been the bastion of bold balling that we get here. This is indeed a case where one woman, and several other agreeable participants, creates one Hell of a XXX treat. If you're looking for heat and lots of attention to meat, this Seymore Butts Home Movie is your ticket to ride...reverse cowgirl style.

The Video:
As a handheld camera creation with very little post-production work, the 1.33:1 full screen image does have a few focus issues and obvious grain. Seymore sometimes shoots when available light is at a minimum and the tell tale gray specs of tanking technology are occasionally viewed. Editing is also a little suspect from time to time, as jump cuts ruin a couple of very ribald moments. Still, the overall transfer is very good and even with all the POV predictability, this is a bright, colorful collection of sex scenes.

The Audio:
Utilizing the internal mic in his camera, Seymore barely captures the conversations occurring during Slippin' in Through the Outdoor. During the initial discussions with Ron, Hakan and Morgan, we miss every other sentence. However, there are times when Mr. Butts is taking a more Q&A approach to the recording and when he does, the exchange of words comes in loud and clear. The sounds of sex are also highlighted in the Dolby Digital Stereo presentation, so we never miss a moan or misinterpret an orgasmic ovation.

The Extras:
As is standard with most adult industry DVDs, Seymore Butts includes a photo gallery, some trailers and other merchandising messages from the ass loving organization. But the only truly worthwhile bonus is an extra scene between Butts babes Mari Possa and Flower:

Bonus Scene: Mari Possa, Flower
This is a strap-on session, with Flower donning the dong and Mari making like the 'maiden' on the bed. After a little salad tossing, Flo goes right for the rosebud and fucks Mari in the ass, in both the doggie and straight position. Every once in a while, the fake flounder is removed and a little wide open gaping is presented. After about 7 minutes of full out fucking, the dildo is done and Mari gives the girl girth some A to M action. If the idea of a basic, no holds barred sex session between a couple of babes and a plastic prick folds your sheets, then this bonus scene will give you hospital corners in the crotch. However, the brief running time and overall lack of a convincing climax means it's just tame toy time for lovers of lewd antics. Score: 4/10

Final Thoughts:
Taylor Hayes is the reason why Slippin' in Through the Outdoor is highly recommended here. Aside from her perfect sex scene with Tom Byron and her helping hands (and lips, and cunt, and ass...) in the rest of the material here, she shows how sex onscreen can be wild and wicked, electric and engaging. Her bubbly personality – as well as her knowledge of tropical fish (there is a scene in Seymore's house where she rattles off the names of his amazing salt water aquatic collection) – makes her a must have for any human hankering for hardcore action. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter this Seymore Butts extravaganza earns an 8 out of 10, representing the high end of praise for porn. Couples will also enjoy most of the machinations here, so a Cohabitation Certification is easily granted. The old saying says that it takes two to tango and the same goes for non-masturbation oriented sucking and fucking. All the other participants in this particular Seymore Butts showcase give the XXX their very best shot – money or otherwise. But it is Taylor Hayes that sets the standard by which all other bonking must measure up. She single-handedly makes Slippin' in Through the Outdoor a fantastic piece of adult diversion. When Taylor turns up the volume, a stiff time is guaranteed for all.

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