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White-Hot Nurses 3

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Brandon Woodway » Review Date: 8/17/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Patrick Handsome

Cast: Liz Honey, Aniko, Servine, Sonia, Sharon Babe, Katy, Kelly, Tera, Alena, David Perry, JPX, Zoltan, Bob Terminator

Length: 105 minutes

Production Date: December, 2003; January/February, 2004

Extras: Photo Gallery (20 images), Six Previews for other Hustler titles, Director's Profile -- a six-minute interview with director Patrick Handsome in which he discusses his videos and what he finds sexty, a 26-minute Behind-the-Scenes segment, which is basically on-set video of the actors posing for publicity stills, and a Cast List.

Audio/Video: The feature is presented full-frame and looks quite good. Shot on video, Whilte-Hot Nurses 3 shows some artifacting and video noise during quick camera movements, but otherwise the picture is stable. The colors look fine, but there is some "video white-out" at times. The DVD's audio track is tough to judge, as there is basically no dialogue in the film. The music comes through clearly, as do the women's moans, but the volume level shifts radically, so the audio will suddenly shift from near silence to loud sex-sounds. (So, be careful if you're trying to watch this on the sly!)

Body of Review: There are probably many male sex fantasies that women just don't get and I'm sure that sexy nurses is near the top of the list. It's hard to explain the allure of women in the medical profession (maybe it's a power thing), but I'm sure that nearly every man have fantasized about a nurse or dental tech giving him a "special exam". Hustler's Whilte-Hot Nurses 3 doesn't necessarily capitalize on that theme, as there's only one scene in which a nurse molsests a patient, but it does contain a lot of hot hospital-bound sex. The actresses costumes are the old-style white with white hosiery nurses uniforms that one rarely sees these days, and that certainly adds to the video's mystique. (Please note that the cast listing on the DVD box, in the credits, and in the cast list don't match up, so I've provided the best names possible.)

Scene 1: David Perry & Liz Honey
Acts Included: Oral, Fingering, Vaginal
Positions: Rear-entry, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Female Dominant
Condoms: No
In this scene, David Perry is playing a doctor and the attractive Liz Honey is his patient. She enters his office and disrobes, clad only in a black garter belt, black stockings, and strappy high-heeled sandals. Liz lies down on the examination table and David dons a pair of rubber gloves and begins to give her a vaginal exam (fingering). This is not very sexy. However, things change when Liz becomes aroused. She takes David's cock into her mouth, and is treated to a great deal of thrusting on his part. He then enters her vaginally from behind, as she stands with one leg propped up on the examination table. Liz then flips over for a missionary session where she has one ankle on his shoulders. This section contains some nice opened-mouth kissing which is ruined when he spits in her mouth. Why?! David then lies on the table to enjoy some reverse-cowgirl action, which is followed Liz turning around to go female-dominant. The scene ends with Liz jacking David's cock into her mouth. Liz has a very nice, natural body and the scenes offers some hot action.

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Scene 2: Aniko, JPX, Zoltan
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: DP, Rear-entry, Reverse-cowgirl, Female-dominant
Condoms: No
Aniko, a tall blonde with noticeably fake breasts and large, white teeth, and Zoltan (Really? Wasn't he on "Battle of the Planets"?) attend to patient JPX. Aniko starts by cutting off JPX's pajamas. Zoltan then begins to kiss and undress Aniko while JPX strokes her body, and then begins to lick her pussy. Zoltan strips Aniko down to her teddy and stockings, and then begins to fuck her from behind while she goes down on JPX. (While she is quite naked, Aniko keeps her glasses on and her hair in a bun, capturing that "nurse" look.) Aniko then climbs aboard JPX for some reverse-cowgirl action, while Zoltan kisses her breasts and plays with her slit. JPX then enters her anally, and is quickly followed by Zoltan plugging her other hole for some DP shots, which continue as she turns over to face JPX. The scene comes to a close as she jerks off both guys onto her face. Aniko is somewhat odd looking, but still sexy and this scene offers some intense action without ever getting too nasty.

Scene 3: Sonia & Servine
Acts Included: Oral, Sex Toys
Positions: Oral
Condoms: No
Nurse Servine is clearly tired from her shift and enters a lounge to rest. She removes her high-heels and lays down on a sofa. She is soon joined by Sonia, her begins to rub Servines feet. (Both are wearing nurse's uniforms with white, shiny tights.) Servine begins to stir as Sonia sucks her toes. Sonia then produces a pair of scissors and cuts open Servine's tights, revealing her pussy. After some more foot-play and kissing, Sonia goes down on Servine, who removes her top and begins to play with her ample breasts. Servine pulls a clear dildo out of nowhere and hands it to Sonia, who begins to fuck who willing co-worker with it. This continues for a few minutes and they then switch positions, so that Sonia is lying underneath Servine, and the dildo play goes on as Sonia fingering herself through her tights. They then switch off and Servine makes love to Sonia's hole with the dildo. (Sonia's tights having mysteriously disappeared.) This scene is somewhat surprisng, given the heavy foot fetish slant to it. There are some hot moments here, but the scene is repetitive and simply goes on for too long.

Scene 4: Sharon Babe, Katy, Tera, Kelly, Bob Terminator, JPX
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Sex Toys
Positions: Missionary, Rear-entry, Reverse-cowgirl, Female-dominant
Condoms: No
This orgy scene begins with the cast making beds in a hospital room. When Katy finds a strap-on dildo, the work grinds to a halt. Tera volunteers to put on the dildo and is soon undressed. Thus, the sex-play begins. Katy goes down on Tera's dildlo while Sharon begins to such JPX. On the other bed, Kelly takes Bob into her mouth. All four women are soon stripped down to their stockings. Tera fucks Sharon from behind with the dildo, while Kelly rides Bob reverse-cowgirl style. Katy perches herself on a table so that JPX can fuck her from behind. Some partner swtiching occurs and Katy takes Tera's dildo in her ass, as Bob fucks Sharon missionary-style. Kelly flips over to face JPX while riding him. Things get even wilder when Katy mounts Bob's cock and Tera fucks in the ass with the dildo, and Katy is still able to blow JPX while this is happening. Kelly and Sharon play with a clear dildo on the other bed. The DP aciton continues as Tera then fucks Kelly's vagina with the dildo while Bob puts it in her ass. Sharon plays with the clear dildo while watching JPX take Kelly anally. Bob then comes in Tera's mouth, while JPX shoots onto Sharon and Kay's faces. This orgy goes on a big too long (it's 22-minutes total), but it does contain a very nice variety of sex and the women are extremely hot.

Scene 5: Alena & David Perry
Acts Included: Fingering, Finger Licking, Vaginal, Oral
Positions: Rear-entry, Reverse-cowgirl, Female-dominant
Condoms: No
David Perry appears to be playing the same doctor he portrayed in the opening scene and he enters the office of Alena and immediately begins to paw at her. Alena leans over a chair while David licks and fingers her pussy and ass, having her lick his fingers after each act. She then removes her clothes to reveal a black garter belt with two-tone black and red stockings. She gives him a very enthusiastic blow-job and he then enters her from behind. David then sits in the chair while Alena rides him reverse-cowgirl style. They then move to the bed, where David fucks Alena side-by-side from behind, and she then mounts him. The scene concludes with him cumming in her mouth. This scene is good, but very routine in its presentation of the sex acts and positions. Also, David spits on Alena's pussy at one point, which seems very out-of-place for this scene. Alena is very pretty, has a great body, and is a willing participant, but both seem bored at times.

Concluding Words: While Whilte-Hot Nurses 3 may not accurately capture the classic nurse fantasy that many men have, it does contain some great sex scenes. The video contains no real plot to speak of, and is made up of vignettes in which people have sex in a medical setting. Also there is no dialogue for most of the film. Director Patrick Handsome knows how to clothe his actresses in sexy outfits and gives the viewer a vast array of angles and positions to separate. The video offers a nice mixture of hardcore/gonzo sex (strap-on dildo action, anal, etc.) with more straight-forward play. Thus, Whilte-Hot Nurses 3 will appeal to those looking for a high-quality flick, but may also work for couples who want something more adventurous.

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