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Prague by Night 2

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 8/20/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Director: Richard Mailer

Cast: Kathy Anderson, Dany, Eva, Sindy, Lacy, Carol, Honey, Slavomira Boskova, Jessica Florentino

Length: 1:26

Production Date: 05/17/01

Extras: Bonus scene (Tera Patrick, Sex Offenders #3), photo gallery, trailers, promotional reels, star galleries

Audio/Video: Presented in full-frame aspect mode and shot on digital video - possibly one-chip (low end). The source sound is horrible, which makes the Wicked DVD 5.1 track a prime example of the medium not being able to save the art. Or porn, as the case may be.

Body of Review: Because evidentially there weren't enough attractive women in America, Wicked Pictures set sail (or, more likely, flew) to Prague to meet and greet the prettiest Czech girls this side of Jaromir Jagr. Shot vignette-style, "Prague by Night 2" features Czech women, unidentified guys and absolutely no shots of Prague at Night.

Scene 1: Kathy Anderson, some guy
Acts Included: Oral (blowjob), vaginal.
Positions: Standing doggie, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl
Condoms: Yes.
We open with shots of Anderson walking around the streets of Prague. She returns home to her man, cooking in the kitchen. Words are exchanged (impossible to know what - the sound is atrocious), clothes are shed.

Among the low-lights of the scene: Camera position that makes the screen alternate between too light and too dark, depending on the thrust, a horrible angle that ends up showing nearly nothing but hairy man-ass, and Anderson appearing to be mentally preparing her grocery list.

Scene 2: Dany, some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal, anal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, spoon, doggie
Condoms: Yes.
Dany and the same some guy as the previous scene are out for a walk through the neighborhood. There's some groping outside before moving into the apartment More necking on the couch before the guy gets up close and personal with Dany's lower piercing.

-- sponsored by --

Dany is reasonably cute, in a beer-goggled sort of way. The make-up gun was set to "Tammy Faye" that day, though, and the 80s retro fashion is amusing, Prague-is-still-a-decade-behind-our-fashion style.

Scene 3: Eva, a new some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spoon, doggie, missionary
Condoms: Yes.
We start out at lunch, with what only can be described as a Central Casting Italian, already with his equipment out. She gets the hint quickly, going down under the table...

Eva is cute, especially amidst her competition on this disc, blonde and fairly slender. She also actually looks like she wants to be there, which is a first at this point in the feature.

Scene 4: Carol, the original some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, doggie
Condoms: Yes.
There's something involving a door - again, the sound is so bad, it's tough to tell. Carol and her man walk around to the side of the house and decide to suntan, except with more contact and less tanning. Oh, and instead of tanning, they have sex.

For the second time, we're "treated" to the sight of the woman putting the condom on the guy. Was Wicked making a safe sex instructional video and a porn shoot broke out?

Anyway, the poorly-dubbed moaning takes away from the scene tremendously, as does a bizarre minute-long show where all we see is the guy's dick and her ass from the same angle. It's like the camera guy fell asleep.

Scene 5: Honey, Slavomira Boskova, Jessica Florentino, two guys
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal, anal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, doggie, double penetration
Condoms: Yes.
This vignette is titled, "The Queen and Her Servants." Playing the role of "Queen" will be Honey, and as we fade in she is being served by Boskova (with a name suitable for a Wimbeldon bracket) and Florentino. Queen Honey orders in two slaves to serve the servants (oh delicious irony), and we're underway with your traditional five way - just another Friday night.

The only problems with this scene are the obnoxious Casio music, the relative unattractiveness of the women and the awkward stop-and-start sex. Other than that, it's just great.

Scene 6: Lacy, some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal, anal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, doggie
Condoms: Yes.
It's time for another outdoor scene, as Lacy and her boy have a picnic, without the food part. In fact, we go from zero to blowjob in the fastest time thus far on the disc, then right into Lacy riding cowgirl.

I'm partial to brunettes, so I'm biased towards Lacy. She's a pretty average looking girl, really, but makes up for it in enthusiasm, which is enough to stand out in this feature. The scene seemed short, but was still the hottest on the disc.

Scene 7: Sindy, some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal, anal.
Positions: Standing, doggie, spoon
Condoms: Yes.
There's a reason that Sindy is the film's cover girl - she's clearly got the best body, and she gets to show it off while swimming nude to start the disc's final scene. She turns to say something to the guy that may or may not have surprised her (she can act and the mic can't pick up her dialogue). Whatever she said got him to disrobe and jump in, not that it would take much.

The editor gets to take most of the blame for this scene; there is tons of dead space where the pair are getting into various positions. For instance, after some aquatics shenanigans, they get out of the pool. It takes a good 45 seconds for them to get situation on the floor next to the pool.

Concluding Words: Maybe acting in pornography is tougher than the jokes make it out to be; most of the women in "Prague by Night 2" couldn't be bothered to "act" like they wanted to be there. That, combined with horrible sound quality, make this an easy pass.

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