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Black On White Crime 4

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 8/30/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Straight Compilation
DIRECTOR: Mike Metropolis
STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Francesca Sins, Heather Gables, Jessica Sweet, Madison, Bryan Pumper, Sledge Hammer, Wesley Pipes, Domeniko, Bryon Long
LENGTH: 130 mins with bonus material

Ebony and ivory fuck together in perfect harmony, that is, if you believe the adult industry. Perhaps the most amazing development over the last 10 years or so in the realm of porn is the growing popularity and product surrounding multi-racial coupling. For a nation that just 40 years ago forced people of color into socially segregated situations without thought to their human rights or dignity, to now embrace hardcore heroics from all races is downright amazing. Certainly there are those fans for friggin' in the riggin' who want their XXX pure – either because of proclivity, prejudice, or a combination of both. And no one is so foolish as to believe that 400 years of discrimination can be reversed by having a couple of big black studs pumping the pork pie out of as many comely Caucasian asses as they can. But with African American actors turning up more frequently in straight (read – non-fetish specific) genre titles and the focus on females of specific ethnicity for compilations and collections, smut is striving to become a Benetton commercial of carnality. Devil's Films wants to exploit this notion of bi-racial balling with its line of lewd offerings. One such series is entitled Black on White Crime, and aside from the overly sensational moniker, these movies are just basic cock and cunt collaborations. Though there is a kind of hip-hop hokum (lots of "bitches", "hoes" and pimp handing horseshit) going on, that facet of the foolishness is never really played up. Instead, what Black on White Crime #4 strives for is a greater understanding of how hot and flavorful a combination of steaming chocolate and sizzling vanilla can be. And for the most part, it makes its point in a fierce and fiery fashion.

The DVD:
Nothing more than a collection of unrelated scenes, Black on White Crime #4 offers five installments of above-average action without superfluous storylines or pointless plotting. Oh sure, Scenes 1 and 4 try for a hooker with her handler dynamic (with very unconvincing results), and Scene 3 has Heather Gables hard up for Britney BLEEP! tickets (with "Spears" obviously censored every time the name is mentioned, looks like Devil Films wanted to duck some potential slander liability). But the minor moments of narrative are instantly swept away once the sex starts. With each scene lasting a good 20 to 30 minutes, the friction gets frantic and the humping is heated and horny. Looking at the installments individually, we get the following fornication fun:

Scene 1: Lauren Phoenix, Bryan Pumper
The minute that Lauren walks in, Bryan is amazed by her ample ass. He is so fixated on it that he gives her a little backdoor salad tossing. He even eats her pussy and fucks her with his tongue. Before you know it, dong is delivered doggy style and the sex games have begun. But wait a minute! Hold the phone! Pumping cannot proceed without some V to M. And of course, whenever lips lunch on log, a blowjob is n0t far behind. Sure enough, Lauren licks Bryan's licorice stick, focusing on the shaft and balls. He even fucks her face for a while. Vaginal variations are next as cowgirl and her backward kinfolk are frequented. The couple switches between both female superior positions at will. Finally fed up with the fuzz pot, Bryan goes for the butt and performs a little pounding pile drive, bowwow style. Several times during the drilling, Mr. Pumper takes dong from dumper and does a very strange thing. As the open anus gapes for the camera, he slides his face toward the fudge tunnel and takes a big, obvious sniff. HUH! WHA THA FU...! Anyway, all pucker perfume aside, the rear-end ramifications continue with spooning, fingering, straight and some A to M. Actually, some is a bad term. MULTIPLE would be better, as Ms. Phoenix can't keep the buttcracked cock out of her mouth. When Bryan is ready to unload, he pours his peter pulp right down Lauren's throat.

Everything that is right about Black on White Crime #4 is offered in this scene. Lauren loves doing the dirty boogie with Bryan and the feeling is obviously mutual. This couple works up a sweltering sexual sweat as they run through practically every position in the book. Still, there is a missing element to the sequence that is almost unexplainable. It's almost as if the performers are afraid to get too frisky. Several times, just as it seems they are about to burst, they pull back on the bonk brakes and cool the copulation down significantly. Had they really let fly, this sequence would warrant a much higher score. Still, it is a libido-launching panorama. Score: 7.5 out of 10

Scene 2: Francesca Sins, Sledge Hammer, Wesley Pipes

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We go two for two in tantalizing twat to tool time as Sledge and Wesley really manhandle the petite Francesca, and the relatively unattractive lass keeps coming back for more. Mostly because of the incredibly ample junk in her trunk, our horny he-men put the meat to the heat and turn up the temperature on this eventual double penetration presentation. Ms. Sins performs a little camel toe cabaret for the camera, showing off her tight terrycloth fashions before stripping down to take on Sledge's stiffee. She blows the beefy bo-hunk, even swallowing his sausage in a little lesson in loose gag reflexology. Once Fran climbs on top for some cowgirl coupling, Mr. Hammer lives up to his name. Giving her a ball peen hammering, the duo dunks and drops in a very intense manner. Sledge especially loves to grab onto Francesca's pliable pooper and squeeze/slap the cheeks in erotic response. Once Wesley Pipes steps in to offer up his pole-sized pencil cock (he is all length with minimal girth), the combinations go somewhat wonky. Our Sin-ful Miss sucks him off, and then Mr. Pipes pokes her rancid rosebud while Sledge still sits in her snatch. But once the DP reverse cowgirl and anal pile driver occur, it's hard to tell who's zooming whom. The kookmahl comes out to 'rear' its gaping head and both men spill their seed all over Franny's mouth.

There is a particular point in this fuckfest where the dread-locked Sledge has Francesca face down on the couch and he's working her ass with his massive member. As he pumps and grinds into her over and over again, the actress looks like she's in dick heaven. It is a particularly potent sequence in what is an overall lesson in the proper staging of binary hole humping. Wesley's mid-scene entrance is acceptable and he doesn't try to hog the heroics. This is really a repast between Mr. Hammer and Ms. Sins and the results are scorching. However, a few points are docked because due to some disturbing factors. For all she adds to the scene, Francesca is one dog-ugly witch. With a pair of Keen painting eyes that are WAY too big for her small face, she looks like an alien. Also, director Mike Metropolis allows the passion in his performers to be circumvented with horribly awkward editing that destroys some of the fuck flow. Those issues aside, this is still an excellent, erotic experience. Score: 7 out of 10

Scene 3: Heather Gables, Domineko
Nothing destroys decent porn more rapidly than outright goofy shit, and Heather's hankering for concert tickets is worthy of a White Trash Whore series skit, not a serious scene of otherwise serviceable sex. The constant referencing to the performance passes really grows irritating – especially when both Mr. D and Ms. G are such god-awful actors. At least they can fuck and suck, and begin this scene with the standard oral action. After proving she can Lovelace her man, Heather climbs on top of Dom and they do the cowgirl in a very rough fashion. There is lots of ass slapping and some strange strangulation going on that, frankly, neither performer seems to be enjoying. While he has her in his 'grip', Dom sucks the subtlety out of Heather's hanging tits. Eventually they maneuver into anal cowgirl and a strange smut sequence begins. Domineko batters Heather's bum for a couple of minutes, then she leaps off to lick the icky stick. This happens at least a half dozen times in the scene, so much so you'd swear our leading man has given Ms. Gables a bad case of ants in her snatch. Finally, the only way to stop her shaft snacking is to turn her over and pile drive her dumper directly into next week. After some shitter spooning, Dom delivers a drowning of dick drink all over Heather's face. And believe it or not, the bitch still has the nerve to ask for those elusive concert tickets.

This scene gets a 5 out of 10 because it only gets about 50% of its hardcore right. There is too much ass to mouth and not enough positional particulars. Especially seamy is all that throat grasping garbage. It is neither sexy, nor a sure sign of domination (it is more likely misconstrued for something a little more 'rape' oriented, which has no place in a straight title). Again, our filmmaker fails in the cutting room department, with the scene shifting wildly from unnecessary close-up to brand new banging poses in a single stupid jump cut. So, what's good about the scene? Heather and Domineko. They find a way to sell this sex even when all the other elements are conspiring against them. Remove a few of the performance pitfalls, and this is would be one of the better entries on the DVD. Score: 5 out of 10

Scene 4: Jessica Sweet, Wesley Pipes (Huh? Again?)
Mr. Pipes gets his pimp on as he sits back and swaggers while Ms. Sweet makes short money excuses. Payback is apparently not a bitch, it's a tongue fucking as Wesley makes Jessica perform a little complimentary cabaret before dining on her pussy. This is when the bush bathing occurs and Jess is so jealous that she wants in on the oral options. She blows Wes, getting him good and hard for the hornswaggling that's about to occur. The couple start off in the cowgirl position, then move through the backwards prairie home companion before doggy pile driver develops. Throughout the fucking, Mr. Pipes suffers from some taffy trouble. But once he gets into anal, the tool becomes taut. Starting straight and ending in a deep penetration, Jessica often jones on the fresh from the bunghole jock- that is, until Wesley cums all over her lips. Wesley, with his wooden dowel wiener, is decent in small doses. But in this solo sequence with Ms. Sweet, a little of his thug life lothario shtick goes a very long way. Still, the sex is steamy and the direction somewhat straightforward. But something just doesn't click between these performers to make their sharking significant or sensual. Score: 5.5 out of 10

Scene 5: MMadison, Byron Long, Wesley Pipes (Yes! Again!)
When the men stumble upon the mousy Madison, all balling bets are off as they strip her down and proceed to plow her petite pastures. First, they force a little dueling blowjobs on the babe and she banters the beef with tongue-teasing efficiency. Next, the gents get her horizontal and while one has his nuts serviced, the other dines on Ms. M's mons. As she continues to suck on cock, penis finds pussy and some straight vaginal variations occur. We then get the regulation pile driver, doggy and even a little dick-mouth kissing. The final cowgirl configuration results in orgasms for all involved. The unusual aspect of this scene is the finish. Both men blow directly into Madison's vagina – no obvious money moment - and the camera closes in for a shot of the cream pie particulars. As cum drips slowly from slit, our satisfied sirs take off with their fuck buddy's purse. Like Scene 2, it is one particular performer that makes this scene work. But unlike that sequence, where Sledge carried the carnal load, it is Madison who makes the sex sputter. She seems lost in the action, wanting more and taking all that's given. While it would be a shame to overlook the lack of a real pop shot (seeing semen drip from a snatch is just not the same thing), Maddy's desire to take it on the inside illustrates her more than game attitude. And thanks to Byron's balancing presence, Wesley's third appearance in this compilation is a lot less irritating than before. Score: 6 out of 10

Never achieving a moment of overall greatness, and yet also failing to fall apart completely, Black on White Crime #4 is a swell selection of mixed-race couplings that offers a lot more steam than many similar productions. One reason for this XXX success is the particular porn pieces at play here. Each actor is carrying massive meat, a cock that could shock the average actress. But instead of shying away from the orifice stretching, the gals of Black on White Crime are totally up to the assignment. Never once do you get the feeling that these ladies are experiencing anything other than utter satisfaction pushed to the load bearing limits. But professional plooking can only take you so far and part of the reason why Black on White Crime #4 doesn't soar into the sexual stratosphere is the desire to keep everything more or less derivative. Indeed, the most usual aspect of this collection – that is, the bi-racial sex – is old hat. So something new has to be brought into the mix in order for this title to excel beyond its taboo-busting trappings. Director Mike Metropolis (who is actually listed as "shooting", not necessarily choreographing, this collection) has no real style beyond the 'point and capture', and when he does try something evocative or inventive, the results are usually head scratching, not hardcore. P.O.V.'s that offer very little "p" or "v" are not what adult entertainment fans are looking for and without exceptional sex, Black on White Crime #4 is just a satisfying, if occasionally unoriginal, sex scene offering.

The Video:
Perhaps because of the obvious contrasts in skin color (milky whites matched up against various versions of chocolate thunder) the 1.33:1 video image has excellent contrast and authenticity. Instead of messing with the fleshtones or muddying up the frame with out of focus foolishness, Black on White Crime #4 is a professional, and near pristine production. The all around transfer is clean and clear.

The Audio:
Going for a more rock than rap approach to the music, the bumper tunes used in Black on White Crime #4 are first rate and rendered well in the Dolby Digital Stereo. Some of the sonics suck when the performers are trying to "act", and the outdoor elements captured in the Heather and Dom's 'Britney' ballyhoo make for some noisy nonsense. But aside from the occasional dropped out dialogue and indistinct conversations, the aural attributes here are first rate.

The Extras:
Sadly, the bonus features leave a lot to be desired. The collection of trailers is more like an overview of the several series in this porn provider's catalog, with little concentration on specific titles. We learn very little about the various versions of ethnic-specific smut Devil's Films offers (the exact opposite reaction to what a set of ads for your product line should invoke). The only other added feature is a fairly crappy slideshow, an adult entertainment extra that is rapidly becoming the porn DVD equivalent of "scene selection" or "interactive menu" in mainstream packages. Pointless, and adding nothing but some novelty to this disc, when it comes to extras, this XXX presentation is pretty pathetic.

Final Thoughts:
Having said it before, it still bears repeating: there is something satisfying about seeing strong men of color slamming the skin tone tenets out of a poor little white gal. It offers a thematic tension and risquι resonance that causes other potboiler pairings to pale in comparison. This is not to say that every mixed-race title is about the struggle between the majority and the minority, but when you are dealing with such an inferred dynamic (especially with a confrontational title like the one offered here), the sense of sexual revenge is particularly palpable. All the racial elements aside however, Black on White Crime #4 is still a steamy, sexy collection of scenes and earns a healthy 6 out of 10 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter. It is indeed recommended. And even though some of the smut is a little rough and tumble, it will still be acceptable to most open-minded couples. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. Devil's Films deserves from credit for taking on the once onerous taboo of interracial sex and making it more or less mainstream. While it probably won't open any minds, it will definitely raise some carnal "cane". This is a compilation that anyone – repeat ANYONE – can enjoy.

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