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Virtual Sex with Briana Banks

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 9/10/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

b>Genre: Point of View, Interactive Sex

Cast: Briana Banks

Length: Claimed over 2 hours, but it feels like 10 minutes.

Production Date: Jan 20, 2001

Extras: None

Audio/Video: The video is presented in full frame color. The picture quality isn't very good. There are both some good and bad issues. First the good. The lighting was done very well, detailing the action without flaw. On the other hand, the picture quality wasn't extraordinary. There is a slight grain in the picture. At some points, it's not very apparent and others, it is. However, it isn't so terrible that it ruins viewing pleasure, as the detail of Briana's hot body is still depicted fairly well. The video also suffers from a choppy picture, which was my biggest disappointment. During fast motion from the camera panning or Briana squirming, the video gets very choppy. These problems are due to video compression. This DVD comes as a single layered DVD and in order to fit that much footage on a singe layered DVD, the picture quality was comprised. The audio is presented in 5.1 digital surround sound. The sound quality is a lot better than the video quality. There isn't anything terrible about it. The sound comes off very clear, whether it's Briana talking dirty or moaning with pleasure. However, the 5.1 seemed to be overkill. There really isn't much distinction between channels. In other words, a weaker 2-channel stereo audio track would have been just as good.

Body of Review
This title is the next installment in Digital Playground's Virtual Sex With... series. These titles provide the viewer with point of view action in an interactive environment. This perspective details what the action would look like if you were the girl's actual partner. The interactive capabilities of this title take it a step further, providing you with the ability to pick acts, positions, when to climax, the girl's sexual attitude, and even change from an overall view of the action to a close-up.

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Like the other titles in the series, it stars a very popular porn star. While not nearly as big as a girl like Jenna Jameson, miss Briana Banks has done very well for herself. It's partly due to her great looking face, her hot body, her large (plastic but nice) breasts, and most importantly, her steamy sexual appetite. While I haven't had a lot of opportunities to see her in action, what I have seen, I've always enjoyed. Briana is one sexy lady and in this interactive title, we get the change to pretend just how steamy sex with Briana can be. Here's an overview about what kinds of acts you can perform with Briana.

This option is only available at the beginning, once you selected the foreplay or sex options, it's gone forever (or at least until you restart the title). Anyways, it's almost four minutes of the lovely Briana removing her clothes. I found it to be very hot. However, I was disappointed that there weren't more options revolving around the tease. For instance, in Digital Sin's My Plaything: Stacy Valentine, you can select what article of clothing she takes off. As well, the naughty/nice attitude feature is present for Stacy, but not for Briana. I found this to be very disappointing, because Briana is one sexy babe. Watching her strip and tease can be very exciting.

This probably should have been an extra. It doesn't really fit in with the rest of the title or the whole virtual sex appeal. It's a short featurette with Briana providing some sexy background information and it's really not that entertaining.

In this mode you have a few different options with Briana. You can fingering her, bang her with a dildo, watch her finger herself, watch her orgasm from "your" touch, and change her mood from innocent to naughty. Despite that I generally flame any usage of toys, watching Briana take that dildo inside her was pretty hot. Similarly, the fingering was plenty of fun. This was mainly due to the multiple angles feature. I really enjoyed being able to go from a first person view of her body to a close-up of her pussy. Oh just thinking about it gets me excited.

This mode houses the bulk of Briana in action. It includes oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, and cum shots. The oral sex is pretty hot. Watching Briana suck down the stunt cock is definitely enjoyable. I was dissatisfied that there was only one oral sex option. Also, there isn't a naughty/innocent toggle. Briana is good at sucking cock and I really wanted to see more of it! On the other hand, the vaginal sex has four different positions: missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Missionary gives a pretty nice shot of Briana getting worked lying on her back, with a great view of her tits. In doggie, we get to look at her back and her wonderful ass. It wasn't the most appealing of the positions for me. I'm a breast man, so naturally staring at her back and ass just wasn't terribly exciting. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions were my favorites. In cowgirl, there's a great view of just her upper body. It's pretty much non-stop bouncing boobies, very cool. The reverse cowgirl gives a better view of the overall action, with some nice focus on her tits, body, and the penetration. The next sex act is anal. This is sadly restricted to only missionary. In this case, I would have loved to have seen her in anal doggie. Watching her butt cheeks get spread in anal sex would have been really hot. Something else that I really enjoyed about the sex positions were the alternate angles. Like the Foreplay mode, it provides some very hot close-ups of the action.

The innocent/naughty toggle mode makes this interactive title even better. Changing her attitude between good girl and bad girl also changes the tempo of the action a bit, with innocent being fairly laid back sex and naughty providing a lot more heated energy. The last feature are the cum shots. You can select for a climax at anytime, which leaves Briana's hot body cum stained. However, the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions do not have visual cum shots. This was disappointing.

Concluding Words
I really enjoy point of view titles and the concept of interact sex makes it even better. The major reason that I like point of view is due to the great close-ups of the action and I especially enjoy seeing a girl's eyes looking up at me during oral sex. Anyways, this title did a fairly good job with both. However, I would have liked to have seen more oral sex options in this title. Overall, I found this to be a very good title. I enjoyed watching the lovely Briana Banks in action. But due to the nature of the title, it won't appeal to everyone. However, if you do enjoy sex in first person, this title is definitely for you. Fans of Briana or hot girls with big breasts should also check this title out. There's enough wholesome content for me to give this a recommended recommendation. Finally, I just want to say that I have been more impressed with Digital Sin's interactive series My Plaything. There's a lot more options and bonus features in those titles. Had Virtual Sex with Briana Banks been fitted more like the My Plaything series I would have easily given it a better recommendation.

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