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P.O.V. Pin-Ups Vol. 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/5/04

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Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 3

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Straight

Director: Julian

Cast: Cameron James, Julian, Kami Andrews, Gen Padova, Nikki Hunter, Brandy Lyons, Jassie

Length: 138.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/8/2003 through 12/17/2003

Extra's: Extras are often something that low-end companies either forget about or barely address and that's a shame since decent extras can add value to a DVD (converting it from a rental to a must buy in some cases). Platinum X Pictures tends to waive back and forth between providing decent extras and some pretty good ones, typically preferring to offer a lengthier movie instead. This time, there was an 11.5 minute Behind the Scenes feature that showed the gals getting ready for their scenes or goofing off and it was fun to watch, if not the best I've seen of late. There was also an 11.5 minute set of photoshoots where the gals all did the pose routine for the still camera, as caught on video. The extras were rounded out with some trailers, a photogallery and a pop shot compilation from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as expected. Unlike Volume 1, the colors were a bit too saturated and the lighting not quite right (it was usually a bit on the dark side). There weren't a lot of compression artifacts but there was more grain than I prefer and the point of view angles not always complimentary to the cast. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English with minimal separation between the channels. I thought the vocals were better this time around as I could hear what the cast was saying (without the need to boost the audio too much) although the dynamic range wasn't exactly flattering in most cases.

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Body of Review: Porn is one of the few industries where there is no glass ceiling, contrary to popular reports. If you can make someone money by virtue of your sexual skills, marketing prowess, or simple hard work, you'll find a backer if you look hard enough. Further, if your name comes from being a performer, you can move up the food chain by getting behind the camera if you're popular enough; a growing trend these days in porn. Julian, former boyfriend of Jill Kelly, is one such guy. Known for his muscular body, rugged good looks and large penis (not to mention his growing collection of tribal tattoos covering his torso), Julian has proven his sexual talent time and again in front of the camera. Platinum X Pictures, in a deal with the hunky dude, has signed him on as a director with some decent results. His latest release is P.O.V. Pin-Ups 3, a collection of six scenes where he has sex with a collection of various women as he records the action as though the viewer were part of the show. This type of camera angle is used to limit the guy's exposure while centering solely on the gal and is something a lot of fans have asked for in recent years. I really liked Volume 1 when I saw it and figured that this newest release couldn't be too bad, given the format and cast so here's a look at what took place:

Scene One: Cameron, the blonde on the front DVD cover with the excitingly clear eyes, was up first. If you like your performers lean and youthful, she sure fit the bill here; even though I don't think the make up job did her justice in the movie (she looked better on the cover). As with all the scenes, Julian was her partner, a perk of being the director I guess, and she appeared genuinely happy to work with him. After the obligatory tease with some masturbation, he joined her for the usual oral and straight sex. It wasn't a bad scene but even though she seemed to like him, the chemistry and heat were not all that great, making it a filler scene for the most part.

Scene Two: Kami, a dark-haired gal with some serious curves, wore a fishnet body stocking as she teased the camera. While she looked more like a gal you'd pick up in a neighborhood bar during the middle of the week, she seemed to be prepared to do whatever it took to put herself above the crowd. After some solid oral moments where she seemed to savor the taste of Julian's cock in her mouth, she took him in her tight pussy for an extended ride. He kept quiet as she did a lot of talking (something a lot of guys like) in a multitude of positions, tasting herself off his penis from time to time. In the last few minutes of the boning, she took him in her ass, engulfing about two thirds of his shaft in her backside which is no small feat considering the length and width of his penis. As with the other scenes, she used both hands to jerk him off onto her face in this moderately warm scene.

Scene Three: Gen, a lean gal with a plain face, wore a red dress for her scene. It didn't stay on her very long before she showed off her body for the camera in a pretty good masturbation sequence. Her appeal has always been in the way an average looking gal seems to have fun in front of the camera and this scene was no different. Of all the gals, her chemistry level (some would say acting ability) was the highest, a tribute to her skill and talent at milking a nut. Julian's penis was rather large for this gal but she admittedly took it easily as she bounced up and down on it, ending the scene with a kung-fu grip of death on his member as she jerked out his load. In all, it was a good scene.

Scene Four: Nikki, a blonde gal with a lean body and large breasts, could be said to "look" most like a porn performer out of this crowd. Her pierced clit, slightly hardened face and small gap in her front teeth were all endearing traits that could be used to pick her out of a line up. She wore a simple panty and bra combination for her tease action and stripped down within moments to masturbate before taking on Julian. Like a couple of the others, she was somewhat over the top with her moaning but at least some of the time, I believed she was getting off. Her oral skills were solid and I wish that part lasted longer but her true strength lied in how well she took it in her pussy. It ended like the other scenes with her taking two hands to handle his whopper and the facial was somewhat minor (he's getting too much sex I'll bet).

Scene Five: Brandi, a lean brunette with the most experience on camera out of anyone in the movie except Julian himself, was up next. She has always struck me as a middle of the road performer with decent skills but somewhat of a harsh face (when the lighting is just right and the make up done properly, she can be quite fetching though). Her combination of red top and panties accentuated her all natural body as she did the usual oral and straight sex acts with the big guy. While the heat wasn't what it could've been and she looked like she just rolled out of bed for the scene, she did take a couple minutes of anal. The disparaging part was the look on her face though; she could've been meditating in a Buddhist temple with that look of stone cold concentration.

Scene Six: Jassie, a very lean brunette with the most physically attractive face of the entire cast, had the final scene. She wore a little leopard print outfit to the show and had a somewhat more subdued scene than most of the others but it fit her style well. Fans of very young looking gals will want to take note that she looked too young for porn (as always) and that might be enough to make them want to see the scene all by itself. While she didn't yell at the top of her lungs or vocalize everything as though she were on fire; the smoldering performance actually worked pretty well for me. Typically, I don't like the performers that appear to be underage (I know she's not though) but this was a breakout scene for her in my eyes. Julian looked very large for her tight box and she handled him well so the scene was a good way to finish the show.

Summary: Okay, only a few of the scenes really worked for me. Gen, Jassie and Nikki were my favorites for their overall scenes but the technical limitations and lack of chemistry between Julian and some of the others made me think this volume was kind of hit or miss. I'm going to rate it as a Rent It although there was enough to like that big fans of POV sex and the cast might want to increase the rating somewhat. I think Julian has learned enough from his mentors (including cameraman Brandon Iron) that he's almost there but he needs to take his time and find just the right cast to work with and improve the lighting for later volumes. In short, he has a lot of untapped potential that might just surprise his critics if he seeks to develop it further.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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