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Oral Consumption #6

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 10/8/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Fetish

Director: Chico Wang, Khan Tusion

Cast: Roxy Jezel, Egypt, Madison, Jasmine Lynn, Mason Storm, Victoria Sin, Elizabeth Lawrence, Ariana Jollee, Vicky Vette, Bella Maria Wolfe, Ramona Luv

Length: 2 Hours 19 Mins

Production Date: 5/23/03

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Bonus BJ scenes, Cum Shot Recap, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video was presented in full frame color. The picture quality was fairly average, with a minor grain in the picture. Lighting wasn't fantastic and neither was the camera work. At times the scenes were poorly lit or the camera was a bit too shaky. The audio was okay. There wasn't anything really good or bad about it.

Body of Review: Oral Consumption isn't exactly what it sounds like. It's not a title like the Throat Gaggers series, where girls get paired up with guys and suck their dicks. No, this title is something a little bit different. It's a fetish title that encompasses a little oral sex, with a lot of rimming (ass crack licking) and toe sucking. There's very little action in terms of sex in this title. So if you're looking for something traditional, you probably should look elsewhere. Otherwise, if fetish is your thing, stick around, as I painfully divulge the details of this title.

Scene 1: Roxy Jezel
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Roxy is a very attractive girl. However, in this scene, she doesn't look nearly as good. It's amazing what make-up will do. She looks littler rough. In this scene, she's treated pretty roughly, with lots of choking, slapping, gagging, and some nasty deep throating. This scene is not for the faint of heart. All things considered, neither is the rest of this feature. The scene opens with a long dialogue, which moves into Roxy licking Tony T's butt hole. If rimming's your thing, here it is. The blow job in this scene is decent. I just wasn't very turned on by it. Roxy gave a decent performance, but the rough element just didn't do it for me. While I don't mind it and tend to enjoy it, it just didn't feel right.

Scene 2: Egypt
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Egypt is a decent looking blonde girl, with an okay body and a nice set of tits. In this scene she gets to dominate Tony. He gets pushed, slapped, whipped, thrown, etc. The action opens with Tony getting his head shoved in her pussy. Soon after, she's sucking him off. There's also some rimming action, which gets a little funny and a bit gross. Egypt pauses from licking Tony's butt hole to lube it up, using her finger. Tony appears to be very scared. In my opinion, there's just a little too much time spent on Egypt licking Tony's butt hole. Once that's over, Egypt licks his feet a lot. It's as if she's afraid to suck his dick. Anyways, when Egypt was actually giving a blow job, it wasn't very exciting. Overall, I was less than excited by this scene.

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Scene 3: Madison
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Madison is a very homely looking chick. She opens her scene getting her tongue deep in some dude's butt hole. She also spends some time licking the guy's feet. Afterwards, we have a really weak and boring blow job. Madison really failed to make the act enjoyable. The action ends with Madison taking the cum shot in her mouth and spitting it out.

Scene 4: Jasmine Lynn
Acts Included: Oral, Cum Swallowing
Jasmine is a pretty cute looking girl, with a nice tight body and a flat chest. The action opens with Jasmine rimming some guy's ass. However, she gets to use whip cream. I'm not sure if that makes things taste better or worse, but it still looks pretty gross. Like the previous scenes, she spends sometime licking feet, but with whip cream. The guy's face even gets covered with whip cream. Jasmine licks other various body parts, before she sucks the guy off. Overall, it was a scene filled with fetishes, none of which I enjoyed.

Scene 5: Mason Storm
Acts Included: Oral, Cum Swallowing
Mason is a fairly cute girl. She has a large rack and a decent body. In this scene, there isn't very much oral sex. She opens rimming Dick Nasty. Afterwards, she jerks him off, sucks him a bit, and she swallows. It was a short and boring scene.

Scene 6: Victoria Sin
Acts Included: Oral, Cum Swallowing
This is another scene that Tony T gets dominated by a girl. Victoria, a rather unattractive girl, slaps his ass, spreads his butt cheeks, licks his crack, and sucks on his toes. Unlike the previous scenes, there seems to be a little more time spent with the actual blow job. At first the act looks horrible, but as Victoria gets her tempo going, it seems a little more fluid. However, the scene still wasn't very good.

Scene 7: Elizabeth Lawrence
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Elizabeth has seen better days, much better days. She really doesn't look that good in this scene. Her eyes are bloodshot red, with dark circles under them. The action begins with some traditional butt hole licking with a little whip cream. The blow job features a lot of nothing, with the guy jerking himself while Elizabeth licks his balls. I really was unimpressed with this scene.

Scene 8: Ariana Jollee
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Cum Swallowing
Ariana is a sexy girl who has some tremendous oral talents. She's had chances to develop them in titles like Interracial Throat Bangers #4 and The Gangbang Girl #35. This scene opens with a tease that is worth noting, because Ariana makes it look hot! She also slaps the camera with her boobs. The action opens with rimming. Soon after, we have some sex in missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and spoon. It's fairly enjoyable, but it's a bit short. Considering the first half of the scene, it's hard to enjoy.

Scene 9: Vicky Vette
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Vicky is a decent looking girl, attractive at some angles and not so great looking otherwise. She does have a nice body and a great rack, which unfortunately isn't detailed very well in this scene. The action opens with Vicky sucking toes and licking ass. The blow job has Vicky putting candied sprinkles on the guy's dick. It's an interesting twist, but really not that exciting.

Scene 10: Bella Maria Wolfe
Acts Included: Oral, Cum Swallowing
Tony is back for another scene of embarrassment, rather domination. Bella is an okay looking girl. She ties Tony's hands to his feet. Once in this odd fetal position, Bella licks and slaps Tony's ass. Afterwards we get a brief blow job, which involves a little titty fucking. Overall, it's a big mix of nothing exciting.

Scene 11: Ramona Luv
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Ramona is a cute looking girl. She ties some guy up, puts an apple in his mouth like he's a pig being cooked, slaps his ass, and licks his butt hole. She also squeezes milk out of her nipples and drips it on the guys face. She also spits chunks of apple on the guy. Overall, he's pretty dominated. There's an uneventful blow job that concludes the scene.

Concluding Words: I'm not sure where to begin. If you read the scene by scene, you may have gathered my disinterest with this title. There's very little for a person like me to enjoy. Considering that the fetishes didn't do it for me, what can I say? I really did not like this title. On the plus side, fans looking to see some rimming action, it's really presented in detail. Well, unless this title looks like it has something you might like (rimming or foot fetish), you probably should look elsewhere, because there just isn't anything else to this title.

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