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Down Your Throat #3

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 10/9/04

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Danny Quinn
CAST: Monica Unco, Electra Angel, Jaqueline Stone, Victoria Swinger, Melanie, Nikky, Judy, Lianna, Cora Carinna, Laura Blue, Noemi, Izabella, Christina Bella, Dia, Betty, Renato, Mike Foster, Lauro Giotto, Chris, Zoltan, Mario, Dominic, Bruno, Clark and Richard

The Main Event
Down Your Throat 3 is an homage to the wonderful act of oral sex, as performed by the ladies. It's all hummers, all the time. So if you like your hole to be in the middle of a face, this disc should be interesting.

While cleaning a koi pond, the guy sees Monica perched on the rocks, dressed like an angel and playing with her pussy. In a startling example of labor unrest, he stops working and gets a tongue-bath in her mouth, before coating her face with cum. Truly heavenly.

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[Monica Unco | Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Because she lost a game of chess, Electra has to check her mate's cock out with her mouth. Gripping the shaft at the base, she uses long strokes into her mouth to get her man off, but only after her fucks her mouth from above. A faceful of manjuice is her prize.
[Electa Angel | Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Laying in the backyard puts Jaqueline in the right place to get a guy's meat in her mouth. When all is said and done, she's been glazed like a doughnut.
[Jaqueline Stone | Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Amanda's a more ambitious girl, so she takes on a pair of guys in her scene. Getting fingered while giving a blow job is somewhere on the difficulty chart with patting your head while rubbing your stomach, so bully for her! Her two-fisted cock control should be studied by universities. The POV shots certainly don't hurt.
[Amanda | Oral (M/F), Fingering, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Victoria's running a bar while dressed as a stripper when she meets a wizard and blows him. Upon typing that sentence, I realize I really don't need to say any more.
[Victoria Swinger | Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

I'm going to write this one BEFORE I watch the scene and go back and see how I do... OK... Melanie is doing something mundane, when a guy shows up, so she gives him oral. After a lot of cocksucking, he blows his load on her face. Now let's watch. [A few minutes later...] Well, I don't consider masturbation mundane, so I didn't get that part, but the rest was dead-on. Go me!
[Melanie | Masturbation, Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

There was some talking at the start of this one, but I'm not going to pretend like I listened to it. After getting her tits licked and sucked, Nikki does the same to a meaty bone. A bit of POV titfucking is a nice touch to break the monotony, as is the cunnilingus. But it always comes back to the tongue covered in splooge.
[Nikki | Oral (M/F), Titfuck, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

I never thought I'd say this, but all of this oral sex is getting boring. Why don't you try mad-libbing this one. GIRL'S NAME gives a CUTE TERM FOR FELLATIO to a EUPHEMISM FOR PENIS. The guy ANOTHER TERM FOR EJACULATION all over SAME GIRL'S NAME 's BODY PART. That was fun, right?
[Judy | Oral (M), Fingering, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

There's something about this girl, whether it's her large head or overbearing make-up or pimple, that doesn't do it for me. She can give a hummer quite well, focusing tremendous attention on the helmet, but it didn't seem as sexy as the other BJ artists on this DVD. The facefuck later in the scene makes up for earlier sins.
[Lianna | Oral (M), Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and armed with a vibrator, while laying on a leopard-spotted bed means Cora's out for one thing. A spot on Britney Spears' next tour? No...a big cock in her face. Amazingly, she gets two, and brings them both off to completion, licking some big balls along the way.
[Cora Carinna | Oral (M), Fingering, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

While reading a magazine in the backyard, a guy is greeted by Laura Blue, in a see-through dress, and she gives a wizard a blowjob...wait...I think my DVD player is skipping. No...Laura just blows the guy in the backyard, and does a damn good job at it.
[Laura Blue | Oral (M), Fingering, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

Bringing up the rear, it's Noemi, as a table dancer in the world's worst strip club. Well, it's not that bad. At least she gives oral instead of lap dances. It hard to take her seriously though, with the clown make-up she wears.
[Noemi | Oral (M), Fingering, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]


In these scenes, shots could have been from three different movies at times, the quality is so varied. A scene that looks good will suddenly become too dark or washed out, all with the change of a camera angle. It's definitely distracting and amateurish. The audio is almost inaudible throughout much of the disc, though there's not a lot of dialogue and the music is mostly inconsequential.


The main extras are three bonus scenes, featuring Izabella, Christina Bella and Dia and Betty. It's more of the same stuff seen in the main feature, but Christina is worth checking out. You also get the usual photo gallery, previews and website screen.

Concluding Words

If your main kink is oral, you'll probably want to own this DVD, since that's all you really get. But for everyone else, an act that is usually sexy ends up feeling overdone. This is a rental for those nights when all you want to see is a lot of BJs.

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