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Best of Dayton Raines

Studio: Jill Kelly Productions » Review by ScrumpyFU » Review Date: 10/11/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch It Online

Genre: Straight/Girl-On-Girl Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Dayton Raines

Length: 1 hrs. 21 mins.

Date: 10/2003

Extras: Extras are sparse on this Jill Kelly Productions offering, with only "Scene Selection" and "Slideshow" available.

Audio/Video: Dolby Digital 2.0 mono makes an appropriate companion to this bare-bones release. For two of the scenes on this compilation disc there's only the soundtrack - and while it's not horrible porn music it's still just that: music only. But it's still an adequate job here, keeping the levels consistent throughout six scenes from different movies. Being a compilation the image styles differ greatly, from soft-focus, dream-like settings to obligatory exploitational sets. The images are all sharp and clear, for their part, even if their lighting and set decoration styles differ drastically.

Body of Review: This is a decent compilation for an underwhelming performer. It offers two 3-girl scenes, one girl-boy scene, and two girl-on-girl scenes from Ms. Raines career. She's apparently more comfortable performing with other women which is not necessarily such a bad thing. However, she's rather quiet almost to a fault and lacks the pizzazz one would expect when viewing a compilation feature offering. Cute in her own way, she just seems to be going through the motions in most of these scenes. At least there's only one guy on this disc you have to look at so that lessens the disappointment.

Scene 1: Dayton Raines, Ashton Moore, Nina Dolce
3-way girl-on-girl action from the film, "Anniversary Dreams." While there's three hot gals going at each other in this scene it would be nice to have their audio heard instead of just the musical soundtrack. The setting is as if they're in the clouds with snowflake-like items drifting gently about them. Oddly peaceful considering they're giving each other oral in various yet simple 3-girl combinations. They do bust out a cylindrical vibrator and a smaller AC stimulator for use on Dayton, the center of attention in the scene, but that's about as crazy as it gets.

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Scene 2: Dayton Raines and Ian Daniels
This scene features Dayton's single straight scene with longtimer Ian Daniels. She's masturbating on the couch and he enters without much setup except for the fact that he's only wearing a baseball cap. About 2/3 of the way through the scene he finally loses that cap, too. The couple's audible noises can at least be heard over the soundtrack in this scene; however, the lighting quality is so poor as it's a shot-on-video scene that a whole new host of technical objections can be raised. After giving him oral they move to doggy style which features more of his butt than anything. He then moves in for oral on her. They move through reverse cowgirl and missionary before he hops up and finishes in her face. She seems very bored throughout it all.

Scene 3: Dayton Raines and Tabitha Stevens
This scene, with Tabitha Stevens, is from the appropriately titled, "Trashy." Tabitha is obviously the qualified and dominant leader here as she pretty much doesn't stop talking throughout the entire scene. They build slowly, undressing each other and kissing alot on the bed, moving into oral exploration for a while. Dayton uses a two-ended dildo on her for a bit which they end up sucking on together later. Tabitha then introduces a weird shaped dildo and uses it on Dayton for a bit, letting her clean it off after she's done. More toys are introduced that they use on each other and on themselves, finishing by orally cleaning them for sanitation purposes, I guess.

Scene 4: Dayton Raines and Summer Haze
Now, Dayton gets to play lead with Summer Haze from the movie with a title that needs to find its way into more everyday parlance professionally, "Webmistress." It's a horrendously cheap set dominated fortunately by a large bed that they make the most of. Summer explains that she's being asked to perform a lesbian act for a voyeuristic client and feels nervous about it. Dayton, the ever-aware mentor that she apparently is, takes this as a learning opportunity. Lots of oral and strap-on use later, Summer has thankfully been relieved of all her apprehensions, going so far as to get nearly fisted by Dayton in the process. Knowledge is indeed power...

Scene 5: Dayton Raines, Sunrise Adams, and Faith Adams
It's then time for yet another 3-girl-action scene, now featuring Sunrise Adams and Faith Adams (apparently no relation) from, "Club Kink." Sunrise is with her man watching Faith and Dayton making out in light bondage gear on a bed. He basically commands her to go join in which, naturally and fortunately for the sake of narrative, does. Lots of oral and 69'ing later, they work into the classic "triangle" position, each joined together orally, mouth-to-vagina style. Dayton is the registered qualified "bottom" as she works over first Faith then, with a new vibrator, Sunrise, much to everyone's enjoyment (except, perhaps, for her vaguely emotional man-friend who's still watching). Then, in what appears to be a trapping of compilation discs, another character is introduced, focused on in the background of the scene, but without any explanation or introduction. The scene kind of trails off and ends on this awkward note.

Scene 6: Dayton Raines and Haven
The final scene from this so-called "Best of" comes from the movie, "Power Sex" and features Dayton with Haven. In yet another horrible set they utilize a seemingly magical glass dildo to their own exhaustion. Haven heads south of 43rd Street first, using said dildo to maximum effect on a missionary-prone Dayton. The tables turn and Dayton uses the dildo on the now bent over Haven, moving to a combination with her oral abilities, until she's climaxed. Next, Dayton is bent over and Haven uses the magic dildo to get Dayton to a rousing, noisy finish. They collapse side by side on the bed, totally spent, and gain the sleep of the satisfied. An unidentified female hand comes into view and steals away this precious magical dildo, leading one to believe in its inherent power to inspire acts of criminality in lesbians that would steal such a thing from another sleeping pair of lesbians.

Concluding Words: Her abilities are not much beyond adequate as she's seemingly upstaged when paired with the likes of Tabitha Stevens or Haven. But still, that may be where her appeal lies - perhaps she seems more accessible by not coming off as "polished" as other blonde female pornstars in today's market.

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