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Tales From The Script 3

Studio: Legend Video » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 10/13/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director:  Jerome Tanner.

Cast: Shy Love, Teagan Presley, Pandora Dreams, Luccia, Marie Luv, Evan Stone, Valentino, Reno, T.J. Cox and Matt Bixel.

Length: 1 hour 23 minutes

Extras: Back Stage "Behind the Scenes" featurette [12m 36s] , Bios, Still Gallery, Hot Action [aka Phone Sex ads [4m 25s] and Internet information.

Audio/Video: The video was shot in the full-frame 1.33:1 ratio and the picture was pretty sharp and consistent with features shot on video. The audio was clear and presented in 2.0 stereo.

"This is my promise to you: Give me 90 minutes of your time and i'll give you a hell of a show every time." - Jerome Tanner

On that promissory note, we begin our flick with Evan and Pandora on a red velvet couch. During their three week relationship, Evan's been desperately trying to get into Pandora's pants. His first attempt this night is thwarted by her assertion that premarital sex leads to bad things. To prove her point, she tells Evan about her sister's best friend's roommate...


Luccia and Valentino
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Nope
After a fight with her parents that ends up with her being banned from seeing her scumbag thief of a boyfriend Valentio, Luccia sneaks away to meet him. She tells him that her parents are set in their way and he suggests that him "cumming on her beautiful face" would really piss her parents off. He tells her that getting throat fucked is a rite of passage for every girl and eventually she agrees. She immediately starts stripping off her clothes and bends over to give his dick a good sucking. She gets on her back for a quick fucking of her tan lined titties before he dives between her thighs to give her pussy a thorough licking. She keeps her legs spread for some missionary before bending over to get hit from behind. Next up is reverse cowgirl. Now, the whole scene so far has been hot as hell, but this position nearly caused a meltdown of volcanic proportions. Watching Luccia and her sexy tanlined body ride as her titties were bouncing was the very definition of the word hot. Unfortunately, the scene ends shortly afterward with Valentino "cumming on her beautiful face".

Needless to say, this was the hottest scene on the disc. I liked every single thing about Luccia and she was definitely working it here. Okay, I take it back...she could work on her moaning. Other than that, she had it all: sexy eyes, thick lips, a nice set of natural tits, a sexy ass and thick thighs and some killer tanlines. This scene DEFINITELY could've been longer.



After this scene, we cut back to Pandora as she tells Evan that once a girl gets a taste of cum, she's insatiable. We cut back to Luccia and Valentino as they're driving in a car. She pulls his dick out and, as she begins sucking it, we hear tires squeal and we see Luccia wake up in a hospital room. She's told that Valentino didn't survive the crash. When she asks the doctor to get in touch with her parents, she's informed that they were in the other car -- she's the sole survivor! "Wow. That's freaky." replies Evan. Pandora insists that that's what happens when one has premarital sex. Even insists that it's just an urban legend and that a lot of cum has never hurt anybody. To prove her point, Pandora tells him about a cheerleader who promised to suck and fuck the entire football team if they won "the big game". Pandora explained that it was supposed be a joke since their football team sucked. Unfortunately for her, they won the game that day, and we join Marie in the locker room as she finishes off one jock by getting him to cum in her mouth before she calls for the next one...

-- sponsored by --


Marie Luv & T.J. Cox
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Nope..
 After walking over to the bench, T.J. immediately heads straight for her pussy to give it a good licking. Once he's done, she undoes his jeans and gives his dick a lengthy deep throating. He moves her to the end of the bench, lifts her legs up and begins giving her some missionary. She hops on top for reverse cowgirl before bending over for some doggy before T.J. cums on her tongue. When he's done, she calls for the next jock. 

This wasn't a bad scene. Marie's a cutie, but she could use a sandwich or two.



We cut to Pandora, who tells Evan that they had to pump a gallon of cum out of Marie since she swallowed the entire football team [including the mascot!]. After Evan does some quick math regarding how much sperm the average male produces, he concludes that it's mathematically impossible; thereby shooting down another of Pandora's wild stories. When he tries to make another move, she begins to tell him about yet another tale of premarital sexual woe. This time, the unfortunate victim is a neighbor who, in a bit of anxiousness before a blind date, decides to break out the trusty 'ol anal intruder and relieve some tension...

Teagan Presley & Matt Bixel
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Scissors.
Condoms: Nope.
As Teagan is on the couch putting an multi-bulbed anal intruder to work, she jams it in her ass and can't take it out. She throws on a trenchcoat and heads for the hospital where Matt immediately rushes over to treat her [even before treating a patient sitting next to her that was shot in the head four times!]. Once he removes the dildo, she complains that her ass still hurts so the doctor suggests numbing it; not with ice, but by fucking it "until she loses all feeling". He starts going to work on her pussy for a while as she fingers her ass until he drops his pants for Teagan to deliver a pretty good blowjob. She hops back on the hospital bed and spreads her legs wide for some missionary before bending over to get hit from behind. Next up is some anal scissors before Matt shoots a load right on her pussy.

Teagan looked real cute as she was working that dildo into her ass. She was even cuter when Matt was removing it [see screencap to the left]. As for the action, it wasn't that bad. Anal scissors being the best position.



So Evan asked Pandora if Teagan was able to get back in time for her blind date. She tells him that she made it in time, but her date embarrassingly turned out to be the doctor who "treated" her. Evan tells confesses to Pandora that he has a story of his own. Apparently, one night after leaving her, he goes home to jack off and when he falls asleep he has a weird dream...

Shy Luv & Reno
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Nope.
We see Evan walk into a building trying to find a way out. He finds a body bag on the floor and after unzipping it, Shy opens her eyes and says to him "There's room for one more". The following day Evan, in New York visiting a new client, runs ten minutes late to the meeting and when he gets there, there's no receptionist at the desk. He walks into the client's office and sees Shy on her knees sucking Reno's dick. She pauses and tells Evan "There's room for one more". Evan declines and leaves as Shy continues giving Reno a good sucking. Once she's done, she sits on a chair and spreads her legs for a good licking before he slides inside of her for some deep missionary. Next up is some reverse cowgirl followed by doggystyle until she takes a shot on her mouth. 

Even though Shy has enough silicone in her chest to prevent further planes from crashing [see comment below], I still found her sexy as hell. And while she sucks a mean dick, I was disappointed that there was no doggystyle. Also, I don't know how I feel about what supposedly happened next [I know i'm getting ahead of myself...keep reading]. 



Evan tells Pandora that he knew they'd be fucking for a while, so he left the building to get a hot dog. "That's when the plane crashed into the building" Evan says. "Oh my God! 9/11?" she asks. He nods and she tells him that his dream was a warning of what would happen if he had pre-marital sex. He tells her that bad things happen to people all the time and she shouldn't be scared of "opening up". Apparently, this argument worked...

Pandora Dreams & Evan Stone
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Cowgirl. Missionary. Sideways Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Evan takes Pandora's top off and, after giving her nipples a quick licking, drops his pants so she can begin sucking his dick. She gets a quick licking before he spreads her legs for some missionary followed by some great sideways reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl is up next and, boy does her thick ass look great bouncing on Evan. Unfortunately, the scene ends shortly afterwards with a shot on Pandora's lovely peaks. 

I've liked Pandora since the first time I saw her in action. With the exception of some sorely missing doggystyle, this scene is no different. As I mentioned above, her thick ass looks great while she's bouncing on Evan and her tits look great during the reverse cowgirl action. While the scene is woefully short, the action is hot nonetheless.



Obviously not into post-coital cuddling, Evan gets starts getting dressed after doing the dirty deed. Pandora says "I thought you were going to stay the night." He berates her and, in typical male fashion after getting a girl to give it up, he tells her not to become a "clingy girlfriend" and that he "needs his space". He jumps into his car and Pandora walks over and asks him if the relationship's over. He tells her that he doesn't think it's working out. "Fine", she huffs as she looks in the back seat and sees something that startles her. He drives off, not hearing Pandora call his name to warn him. As he's driving, his cell rings. It's Pandora. She tells him...

Nah. That'd be giving it away. 'sides, you DEFINITELY don't want to miss Pandora's Oscar caliber acting during this final segue [nor the way her luscious breasts bounce as she's jumping up and down while calling after Evan].


Concluding Words: Surprisingly, a porn director has made good on a promise! This was a pretty entertaining flick that had a bevy of attractive starlets and is definitely suitable for couples [especially those looking to "seal the deal"]. However, Jerome owes us seven minutes. Clocking in at 83 minutes, he's 7 minutes shy of his "promise" and those missing 7 could've been tacked on to any of the sex scenes, particularly the first, and it would've been a welcome addition.

Regardless, this top notch effort from Mr. Tanner is a Highly Recommended flick.

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