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Lingerie A Go-Go

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/19/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lingerie A Go-Go (Best Of Private #58)


Genre: Compilation, Lingerie

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Sophie Evans, Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas, Nikki Blond, Katalin, Caroline Cage, John Walton, Kevin Long, Laura Angel, Frank Gun, Shay Sights, Wanda Curtis, Nick Manning, Joy, Roberto Malone, Bettina, Cassandra Wild, Gili Sky, Kata Lynn, Monique Covet, Alex Mantegna, Nick Lang, Oscar, Robert Rosenberg, Michelle, Monica Cameron, Frank Major, Maria Bellucci, Michelle Wild, Alberto Rey, Thomas Stone, Lydia, Myrka, Alain Deloin, Delphine Delange, Francesco Malcom

Length: 151 minutes

Date of Production: 6/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: The extras were the standard package that Private offers; some trailers, a photogallery, some fictional biographies of the women performers, various languages for fans around the world to enjoy the show, and a few production notes that outlined the cast and details of the scenes. To be up front, I expect better extras from a DVD these days but the amount of footage in the feature itself was enough to make me not care much about the extras this time.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame format in all but two scenes, preserving the original aspect ratios of the scenes. Like all compilations of scenes from a wide variety of sources (not to mention such a lengthy time span between them), the picture varied a lot from one to another. While a few were crystal clear with solid production values all the way around, others looked weak by comparison, with grain, shadows, and video noise (typically, film doesn't translate well on the porn-sized budgets of DVD transfers). That said, the overall quality wasn't bad on most of the scenes here. The audio varied just as much although my listen of the stereo English soundtrack proved that Private could provide some decent production values here too, they just need to lose the voiceovers and droning music some scenes were cursed with.

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Body of Review: Private is one of those foreign companies that has long been a staple in my viewing habits due to their ability to provide some of the hottest women, the biggest budgets, and most creative directors in the field of porn. Unlike most American companies, Private seems to be willing to spend what it takes in order to make the kind of porn its audience seeks, and the resulting growth of the company has proven to the world that such an audience exists. While I have taken issue with some of their releases in recent years, even I can't argue with the success of the overall vision they've had, albeit they have primarily sought a European audience rather than a domestic one (each has its own strengths and weaknesses). As a company with a lengthy history and back catalog, they also have a lot of scenes to make compilations with, my most recent review of which was Best Of Private #53. Well, as a fan of lingerie on hot women, I'm pleased to announce their latest compilation, Lingerie A Go Go: The Best Of Private #58, has just what I want to see; hot gals wearing hot undies. If you want to see the same thing, you'll want to check out the movie, since it has so much material that even a crusty old porn reviewer like myself was entertained more often than not. Here's my quick take of the DVD:

Scene One: Reality 3: From Behind Is Okay: D-Johnny Drop: 6/2001: Sophie, the gal hot enough to rate the front DVD cover, had a scene with Ramon and Toni on an elevator. Wearing a set of white garters and lace, she didn't take any time at all to shed most of her clothing and get right to business. They warmed her up and the oral, straight, anal sex took place in earnest. Even as she gave them head though, she was dripping wet and the energetic scene and the twist was how the scene went from okay to a slow motion fuck-fest with her dominating them (spanking them, biting them and taking charge) to her becoming a sort of cowgirl nurse and serving them as needed, including a DP. I liked the creativity of switching settings midstream although I admit it was a bit discomforting at first. In all though, it was a very warm scene to enjoy and a good choice to start the movie.

Scene Two: Double Confusion: D-Frank Thring: 5/1999: Nikki, Katalin, and Caroline were all very similar in terms of their lengthy legs, sleek bodies, and blonde hair (Nikki was the most facially attractive to me). They had a scene with a couple of unnamed guys (I believe them to be Kevin Long and John Walton) on a couch while all wearing some nice lingerie. I really liked the body stocking the most but another wore vinyl and the third was in a spider-patterned dress. The sex was sometimes mechanical but I still enjoyed it as they boned, sucked and rode each other hard. The most extreme it got was with a powerful DP but the gals usually didn't seem all that into the sex so I had to dock it some points.

Scene Three: Italian Flair: D-Antonio Adamo: 4/2000: Laura, one of the most attractive brunettes Private ever made popular, and well known porn stud Frank had the next scene, set in a private bar. They spent more time than average on foreplay but she didn't hesitate to give him some sensual head either. He returned the favor and before long, they were fucking like bunnies. The sex included vaginal and anal sex with a slower pace than most Private offerings but I thought it connected them a lot more than usual so I liked it. For those who care, she wore a black corset and matching stockings that were very complimentary. Whew!

Scene Four: Acid Dreams: D-Michael Ninn: 6/2002: Here's what I wrote when I first saw this scene: "Wanda, Shay, and Nick had another mind bending scene. More effects and while it was also kind of interesting to watch-particularly for the fetish costumes the gals wore, it was kind of limited by the trapping of Ninn's style as well." I think my comments hold up with the passage of time since the style Mr. Ninn projects in his movies is one where people either love it or hate it (I've sometimes taken one stance over the other due to changing tastes on my part).

Scene Five: The Gigolo 2: D-Pierre Woodman: 6/1995: Joy, an extremely attractive brunette, played a rich gal who was being chaffered in a Rolls Royce by Roberto in the countryside. They pulled over and she got out to give him a striptease, showing her curvy body inside a red dress, black thong and stockings to full advantage. They did the usual stuff, including anal, but she was more energetic here than most gals Private has showcased over the years. I've seen this scene before and think it's really well made with plenty of heat.

Scene Six: Private XXX #4: D-John Millerman: 3/1999: Bettina, Cassandra, Gili, Kata, Monique, Wanda, Alex, Nick, Oscar, Robert, and Toni had an orgy in a darkened club. Not all of the performers got much camera time but it did sample them nicely at regular intervals. I've never been a huge fan of director Millerman but he had, from time to time, displayed that if given a chance, he could make some hot porn like this one. There was a ton of oral, lots of straight and plenty of anal with a few DP's to make anyone happy, I just wish some of the cast had more time to shine.

Scene Seven: Virginia's Story: D-Kovi: 9/1999: Michelle, Monica, and Frank M. had a group grope of their own, this time in the countryside under the midday sun. The sex was slow and graphic with each getting and giving as they were able. The gals wore more standardized lingerie here but I can't say that they weren't appealing to me. There was anal for fans but the mechanical nature of the sex was distracting to me and the way the gals looked at the camera a lot, bothersome. The good news was that they kept on their lingerie throughout the scene; something I really liked.

Scene Eight: Brides & Bitches: D-Kovi: 3/2001: Michelle, Maria, Alberto, and Thomas, were all dressed as though they were just married (the premise of the scene, in fact). The two couples had a lot of chemistry here and the energy, particularly by Michelle, was outstanding. From the oral to the anal and facial, there wasn't a moment I thought she wasn't having fun, making the scene really solid for me.

Scene Nine: Tatiana 2: D-Pierre Woodman: 8/1997: Lydia, Myrka, and Alain had a scene on a small boat in a setting from hundreds of years ago. I'll be the first to admit that the lingerie enhanced their looks but the chemistry was weak and the energy not there in any major way. Don't get me wrong; I'd fuck either one of them after a long day at work but I sure wouldn't have paid to do so (or even paid to watch them). There were technical glitches as well but the shadows during the anal and limited camerawork marred an already weak scene (it could've been very inventive if done properly).

Scene Ten: Paradise Island: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2002: Delphine, a blonde that looked older than the average porn performer (especially from Private), was waiting for Francesco on a couch. After a bit of plot device in the form of a black psychic guy (don't ask me, I didn't see the original movie), the couple made out on the couch. I enjoyed the lengthy foreplay and both of them appeared to be talented in the oral, straight and anal sex but since her look didn't appeal to me from the beginning, I couldn't promote the scene as anything special. Even her lingerie seemed mundane, making the scene a filler at best.

Summary: A good compilation doesn't have to provide something for everyone, just a nice sampling of stuff for those of us into the particular niche the compilation is focusing on. I'm rating this one as Recommended based on the attractive women, the amount of fuck for the buck at a great price and the overall production values. I'd have liked to see more fetish lingerie but at least Private can point out that they provided exactly the type of action advertised, something many domestic companies can't admit to in their own compilations. It wasn't my favorite Private compilation but it was sure decent to watch and it earned a spot in my library.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of many domestic performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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