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Private Life of Jessica May, The

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Private Life Of Jessica May (Private Life Series #18)


Genre: Compilation, Jessica May

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Jessica May, David Perry, Julia Taylor, Julia Crow, Michael Blue, Francesco Malcom, Bettina, Julie Silver, Sandra Russo, Gabriel Montoya, Remigio Zampa, Franco Trentalance, Lucky, Steve Hooper, Nick Lang, Rodolph Antrim, Alberto Rey, Joachim, Sandy Style, George, Cristina Blond, Toni Ribas, Corina Cora, Phillip Dean, Max Cortes

Length: 110.5 minutes (feature itself without all the bonus material and scenes)

Date of Production: 6/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: For the purposes of this interview, I won't count all the extra bonus scenes as extras so much as continuations of the feature itself (this is a compilation after all) but it should be noted that there were a ton of extra scenes included here, making this the best Private compilation to showcase Jessica May. The other extras included a Secret Interview with the star, a 2.5 minute shower scene with her, an additional 4 minutes of interview of her tastes (on top of the footage used to put the scenes together), an extensive filmography, her Private film shoots, 12 trailers, a quiz that rewards you with a bonus scene and some striptease footage if you answer questions correctly, a double sided DVD cover, a whole bunch of production notes, and some hidden Easter Eggs that aren't really tough to find. In short, both discs were full of material and any fan of hers will find enough stuff to justify getting this two disc set regardless of whether they have her other releases.

Condoms: Rarely

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in a variety of aspect ratios that all appeared to be in their original ratio. Many of the scenes were in full frame but some of the best looking ones were in widescreen (all were in color of course) with a lot of visual detail to enjoy. A few of the older scenes were grainy and had visual problems that weren't stylish attempts on the part of directors (like Mr. Adamo) to entice the viewer but the overall impression I got was favorable. The audio was also presented in a couple of different modes, from the usual monaural to the stereo we all appreciate so much more, but some of the scenes were (badly) dubbed and that ruined some of the heat for me. There were some scenes where the music was pleasant rather than the typical droning porno soundtrack but the vocals usually weren't the best.

Body of Review: In the last few years, Private has really shown the world that it can make a number of types of porn in order to address a variety of markets, from the hardcore fuck fests to the features with all the bells and whistles to the compilations using scenes taken from their extensive library of smut. One of my favorite series has been the Private Life series where the goal is to truly showcase a single performer, using two discs worth of scenes, interviews, and material not available anywhere else, to provide some top notch entertainment for fans. I've enjoyed Jodie Moore, Rita Faltoyano, Kate More and even the beautiful Michelle Wild, in their volumes of the series and while I wish I could say I've seen all of them, I can't. The latest release in the series is The Private Life Of Jessica May, focusing on the lean hotty that so many fans have enjoyed as she made scenes for Private, Evil Angel, and other top companies, making me only wish this compilation had scenes from some of her other companies since she has done so much more than just Private. This compilation was very good though and fans will want to check it out for all it has to offer them, so here's a breakdown of the material by scene:

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Scene One: Matador Series 3: D-Jean Yves LeCastel: 9/1999: Jessica, in her first movie with Private, took care of David on an outdoor staircase. The sex was oral, vaginal and anal with her showing an aptitude for energetic performances, making this a decent scene to watch. Fans will enjoy that she did ATM here (ass to mouth) long before it become popular).

Scene Two: Pleasure Island: D-Antonio Adamo: 7/2002: Jessica, in her first movie directed by Antonio Adamo, had a sort of orgy scene with Julia T., Julia C., Michael, and Francesco in a small cottage. The gals did all the usual acts and some of them even outshone Jessica but I did enjoy the action here.

Scene Three: Fallen Angel: D-Antonio Adamo: 11/2002: Jessica, Julia, Bettina, Julie, Sandra, David, Gabriel, Remigio, and Franco, had a true orgy scene at a party where the gals wore masks in a classy room. I didn't like the slow motion used here (it was used far too often) and the vocals seemed dubbed really badly but if you turn down the volume and watch it, you'll probably like seeing the cast take one another through their paces. The down side is that the scene was short and the sex sometimes mechanical.

Scene Four: Mafia Princess: D-Antonio Adamo: 11/2002: Jessica, Julia, Bettina, Remigio, and David, had a scene in front of a group of spectators that also had the usual camera tricks employed by Mr. Adamo. If you like seeing a lot of visual trickery in your porn, you'll like the scene more than I did but it wasn't a terrible scene, just weaker than it should have been.

Scene Five: Cleopatra: D-Antonio Adamo: 2/2003: Jessica, Julia, Lucky, Steve, and Nick, had a scene in the royal bath house that started off with a lesbian touch but soon evolved into a full blown orgy of lust. The oiled bodies, oral, vaginal and anal sex and all the other elements combined to make it fun to watch for me. I wish I saw this big budget release (Private makes only a couple of huge budget films a year) but I heard it was well worth watching (much like this scene from it).

Scene Six: Tropical Heat: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 6/2002: Jessica and Rodolph had a slightly warm scene outdoors in a tropical setting by some waterfalls. I loved the scenery but the sex was mechanical and I never thought she was doing more than going through the motions. If you're a slavering fan boy (SFB) of hers, you'll like the scene but it certainly wasn't her best work.

Scene Seven: Theatre Of Lust: D-Susi Medusa Gottardi: 10/5/2003: I think my original assessment of the scene holds up where I said: "Jessica, an attractive gal with a lot of energy to spare, took care of Gabriel and Alberto on a stage with some red velvet couch behind her. After the oral, they started banging her pussy and ass, eventually giving her a DP as they verbally abused her. She mostly hung on for the ride here rather than participated as she did with the excellent oral she gave them and this scene also made me long for Kovi's brand of fetish that Private used to offer consumers."

Scene Eight: Caribbean Vacation: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 6/2002: Jessica, sitting by a pool outside with her roots showing, had a limited scene with Joachim on the deck. It started with some lizard kissing and progressed to a vaginal screw that seemed more mechanical than anything else. I didn't get the impression that she liked screwing him, perhaps because of his color.

Scene Nine: Dream Girls In St. Martin: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica, Sandy, and George all looked pretty good in this tropical location shoot but the scene was very short and that weakened it considerably. Most of the sex was oral with some vaginal on the side.

Scene Ten: Dream Girls In St. Martin: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica and Cristina, both very good looking on a boat at sea, posed for their photographer, George. Eventually, the trio started in on one another and the results were pretty satisfying since the sex was warm with a bit of spark to it.

Scene Eleven: Theatre Of Lust: D-Susi Medusa Gottardi: 10/5/2003: "Julie and Jessica, both looking like something out of an 80's music video, had a scene with Franco in a dark room. They were actually pretty wild here, using fingers, tongues and spanking to enhance the mood. They did oral, straight and anal with some ass tasting action by the gals. It wasn't the best fetish scene I've watched (in fact, there wasn't anything fetish about it) but I liked watching them have sex."

Scene Twelve: Living In Sin: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 7/2001: Jessica, dressed up as a stewardess of sorts, was in a small room learning how to play pool with studly Toni on a crappy pool table. The scene had some energy, some chemistry, and she looked good but the camera angles and length of the scene were limited in too many ways to make the action exceptionally better than many of the other scenes on this compilation.

Scene Thirteen: Sin Island: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica and Sandy, both hot looking gals with lean bodies and willing attitudes, started this scene out by making out in a tropical alcove on a lush beach in the water. They were soon joined by Francesco who gave them the hot beef injection as an older pervert watched them from a few feet away. On a mechanical level, the sex included everything you'd want, from the oral to the straight to the anal with some tasting of his penis and a facial but the scene also had a moderate amount of energy as enhanced by a bit of chemistry. In short, it was a fun scene to watch.

Scene Fourteen: Sin Island: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica, Corina, George, and Phillip, all paired off to have a scene in a dark pub at night. While both the gals were hotties, the action struck me as kind of mechanical since there was no connection or spark between them. There were some flashes of heat but my overall impression wasn't favorable due to a number of factors, none of which really would've killed it on their own. The old pervert was back too, something that didn't work for me at all.

Scene Fifteen: Sin Island: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica, dressed up in a classy outfit, had a scene in the back seat of a nice car with Phillip while the old pervert watched them. The scene also lacked anything special and could've been directed by any number of domestic hack directors, unlike some of Alessandro's previous work. Like the majority of other scenes, the sex included oral, straight and some anal but it was still weak.

Scene Sixteen: Exclusive New Scene: D-Little Al: 2/2004: Jessica, sporting darker hair and a lot of clothing, was a photographer taking pictures of a cold mountain range when Toni skied on into her life. Naturally, the couple set to screwing in a number of positions, doing a small amount of oral beforehand. It was fairly limited and I'm guessing that's why it was never in another movie before this, but it wasn't the worse scene of the show (I hated the music and wind noise though).

Scene Seventeen: A Hidden Pleasure: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 10/2003: Jessica, looking like she had some extra weight on her hips (it looked good though), had a romantic scene with Max along a picture perfect beach on the shoreline. Like her other tropical experiences, it looked good although the heat wasn't as high as some of the other scenes she was in. This was the scene you "won" if you played the pop quiz and answered the questions correctly.

Summary: Like the other volumes in the series, if you like the lovely Jessica May (i.e.: the star of the compilation), you're going to really enjoy the action here. While a number of the scenes were kind of weak, I can't deny that the overall impression I got from the show was worth a rating of Highly Recommended. The cast was very attractive, the settings variety enough to give lots of replay value, and the extras were excellent. If you find her unattractive, I can see why you'd dislike this one but aside from minor technical variations, it was a good deal at current prices.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several local performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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