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College Invasion Vol. 4

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 10/24/04

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Genre: Gonzo, Pro-Am

Director: none credited

Cast: Randi, Jayna, Calley, Angelina, TJ, Jerry

Length: 2:26

Production Date: June, 2004

Extras: Behind the Scenes, "Lost Footage" (a bonus scene), interviews, cast bios and a photo gallery

Audio/Video: It's pretty likely that the entire production was shot on a Canon XL1 (digital video) with the on-board mic. The picture is not bad, and fits for the sexumentary feel of the feature. Sound is fine, though at some of the parties, the high-pitched "whooo" can cause some distortion.

Body of Review: Shane's World created some controversy with its "College Invasion" series when students at the University of Indiana were disciplined by the school for taking part in a shoot. So, when all else fails, go to Canada. Why not; after all the rest of the film industry is heading there anyway.

(NOTE: As this is a gonzo film, and much of it is just connected scenes of people partying, breaking it down into "scenes" will be somewhat difficult. Your mileage may very. Void in Utah. Very, very void.)

Scene 1: Nadia Styles, Mr. Pete
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal
Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, spoon
Condoms: No.
Angelina is going to miss her flight because Nadia and Mr. Pete can't keep their hands off each other, including while they drive her to LAX. They drop her off and head back to someone's apartment for some mid-afternoon lovin'.

I've never been a fan of the whole gagging-while-giving-head thing that's in effect at the beginning of the scene, but once it gets beyond that it is hot. Nadia in particular is really vocal and "into it."

Scene 2: Jayne, some college guy
Acts Included: Oral (blowjob), vaginal
Positions: doggie, reverse cowgirl, missionary
Condoms: No.
Meanwhile in Canada, Randi and Cailey have a topless snowball fight. I won't argue.

They get to the party, and it is frat boy heaven. There's a lot of yelling "wooo." A lot. And a lot of hair gel in spiky hair-dos.

The contests start here, with the winners getting to have their way with one of the porn stars. First up: Pie-fucking. Jason Biggs woud be proud ... or pissed that this will be all that he'll be remembered for.

-- sponsored by --

Anyway, a winner is determined by secret ballot and on the 10-point must system, and he's led to the back by Jayna, a dirty blonde who has clearly done this before. She doesn't look like she'd be too out of place at this party, actually, and the college boy holds up pretty well. He looks distant, though, as if he's worried that his parents are watching or something (hey, if your parents are watching Shane's World videos...more power to you, I guess?). He finishes on her stomach.

Scene 3: Cailey, some other guy
Acts Included: Oral (blowjob), vaginal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, doggie
Condoms: No.
Meanwhile, in the living room, more "woo"ing commences. A kegstand contest reminds us that alcoholism is fun, fun, fun!

Everyone here is a winner, which leads to three guys piling into a bedroom with Randi, Jayne and Cailey. Slight problem - alcohol impairs certain sexual abilities. None of the three guys can "report for duty," so we end up with a title card: "After a few hours of sobering up..."

Act two of our little drama ("And now, on a very special episode of Blossom") picks up back in the same room, this time down to two guys, Randi and Cailey. Randi's boy still can't get his equipment turned on, so the focus slowly shifts towards Cailey and her man-o-the-moment, until he rather quickly unloads on her back.

Scene 4: Randi, another college guy
Acts Included: Oral (blowjob), vaginal
Positions: Cowgirl, missionary, spoon, doggie
Condoms: No.
A push-up and pussy eating exercise is underway in the living room. The guy that wins is led by Randi (who, poor girl, hasn't found herself a victim as of yet) into a back room. This guy does the best thus far, lasting the longest and running through the most positions. It's not what I would classify as "hot," per se, but he didn't embarass himself, so well done there.

Scene 5: Randi, Cailey, Jayne
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal
Positions: Cowgirl, doggie
Condoms: No.
Three guys and two girls for this one, along with a female observer from the party. The sex is alright, but the woman watching becomes the focus, as the pornstars try to get her to join in. She never really does, though, and she's banished from the room. But after she's banished, we never see the rest of the scene. Editing mistake or the drawback to only having one camera?

Scene 6: Cailey, some guy
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal
Positions: Doggie, missionary
Condoms: No
Angelina joins us the next morning as the porn stars return to the scene of the crime (well, the crime in several American states. Who knows 'bout them crazy Canadians). But first, Cailey gives the loser of the push-up/pussy eating contest his runner-up prize, which looks suspiciously like the grand prize.

You can tell the difference when the college guys aren't drunk. It almost resembes a sex scene now, rather than just some guy with spiky hair drooling over surgically-enhanced hot chicks.

Scene 7: Randi, Jayne, TJ
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal.
Positions: Doggie, standing, missionary, cowgirl
Condoms: No
Meanwhile, Randi and Jayne kidnap TJ and lead him into a back bedroom, where they try to remind us what actual porn looks like. It's easily the hottest scene of the film, though that may not be saying too much.

Scene 8: Angelina, TJ and Jerry
Acts Included: Oral (both), vaginal
Positions: Doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
Condoms: No
Angelina went all the way to Canada to seemingly only have sex with LA porn stars, it seems. Both of the guys, strangely, look like they'd rather be somewhere else. They move from the couch back to a bedroom. One of the guys finsihes much quicker than the other, but comes back around (the joys of the early-20s).

Angelina is actually the main drawback of the scene - she's a screamer, and not in a sexy way as much as an ear-shattering, distortion-causing way. This scene also goes on forever - it's just 20 minutes of her screaming.

Concluding Words: I'm sure some people will really get into this type of feature. It's certainly different from anything else out there on the market. But if you're looking for good sex, this isn't it, and if you're annoyed when you have to listen to idiots (Randi, Jayna and Cailey combined couldn't power a 40 watt bulb), then this isn't for you either. But it's worth a look for what it is - a bunch of hormones, fueled by alcohol, running rampant.

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