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Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 10/24/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Straight Compilation
DIRECTOR: Robert Herrera
STARS: Desire Moore, Bobbie Eden, Destiny St. Claire, Mia Mason, Gia Jordan, Joey Ray, Barrett Blade, Drifter, Peter Shaft, Sasha
LENGTH: 150 mins with bonus material

How many of you believe the DVD sleeve hoopla? Show of hands? Come on now, how many, REALLY? Interesting. It would seem that the jury is out on whether adult industry copy has any effect on the purchasing proclivities of its demographic. One would assume from the lack of imagination and invention in the writing that whomever is designing the material believes that tits and twat, not text, are far more interesting to the audience. And they would have a point. Do you care more that Teagan or Jesse Jane is in a particular picture, or that the wording on the box screams of "hot fucking" or "showers of squirts"? Thought so. Whatever the case may be, some companies still seem to take pride in puffing up their product in any way they can. Let's take the latest from Illicit Pictures and Simon Wolf Bold, a scene compilation with the comically crass title of Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10. On the cover, we see a couple of naked babes, not too bad on the eyes (the blond is bootylicious) and a bunch of brash ballyhoo. The headline reads "Their Pussies are Sopping", yet not a single scintilla of snatch sauce is visible. The banner on the backside, below all the snapshots of ladies getting larded with log loads continues the carnival barking:

"Creamy pussy juice is flowing. As these delicious young nymphs spread open their sopping pink slits and tight little assholes to satisfy every sexual appetite anal, DP, vaginal, ass rimming, fingering and cock sucking."

Aside from the fact that said statement is, at the very least, grammatically suspect, the truth is that nothing but the acts described in this overblown bullshit can be found in this film. No cunt cognac streams. A few of the fleshy folds are noticeably non-slit like. And while several of the standard hardcore hankerings are indeed fulfilled, not all suck and fuck circumstances are embraced, nor is there enough time in the remaining history of the world to explore and exploit EVERY sexual situation. In the realm of truth in advertising, Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 apparently fails the lewd litmus test. But all bunkum aside, this is actually a pretty decent scene compilation with none of the half-assed hype the advertising copy wants to convince you exists.

The DVD:
When one sees the name Robert Herrera on an adult film, certain concepts immediately come to mind: basic clip comp creativity with little plot or point; crazy camera technique which mixes handheld aspects with cinematic stumbles, all of which occasionally undermines the passion; a penchant to use one or two hired hard-ons for the entire shoot; and skinny little ladies who've all been rejected from the itty bitty titty club for being TOO flat-chested. Don't get the wrong idea though, not every issue recorded above goes against the stiffening satisfaction within one of his titles. But in the long line of inventive, evocative porn directors, Robert is just a journeyman better than a gonzo geek, less attentive to detail than the legendary lensers. Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 is nothing more than a nonsensical name there is no squirting, sopping or any other liquid-based alliteration to be found here. The scenes are straightforward, and for the most part, perfectly palpable. Herrera is not doing anything on this DVD that he hasn't already explored in Nothing Underneath #3 or Sizzling Hot Tamales. Indeed, he actually expands some of his preferences. In Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10, we actually get FIVE different male performers, a veritable boner bonanza for a Herrera.

Individually, the scenes all have their positives and negatives. Some clearly work better than others. By going through each one, point-by-point, we can see how successful or distressing they really are. We begin with:

Scene 1: Desire Moore, Joey Ray
It needs to be said right up front Desire has the GRAND CANYON of cunts. This woman's womb would be visible from the rings of Saturn. When Joey goes down to give Ms. Moore a little lick and stick, you're afraid he will disappear inside her snatch. You know the old joke about having a vagina so large that, not only could you lose your car keys in it, but the Cadillac as well? Desire's douche canal has the potential to cradle that dinosaur of a gag quite comfortably. All massive gaping aside, Joey works overtime in this scene, perhaps because he's having a hard time getting any sugar wall sensation. As typical with most smut intros, there is cabaret and foreplay. Desire sucks cock and Joe jones on pussy and pooper (he really likes to toss salad). Every position plowed through reverse cowgirl, standing cowgirl, regular cowgirl, standing scissors, anal doggy, anal reverse cowgirl, straight anal is broken up by the standard sampling of shaft, known as V to M or A to M. In the end, Mr. Ray releases his super seed all over Desire's face and she appears less than happy to be taking a taste. Aside from her stick figure form (a prerequisite for a Herrera film) and the chewed up chasm known as her privates, Ms. Moore matches up well with the rambunctious Joey. If you can get beyond a certain 'roomy' aspect of this scene, you may actually enjoy the Desi/Joey junction. Score: 6 out of 10.

Scene 2: Bobbie Eden, Barrett Blade

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Under Herrera's direction, the usually bumbling Barrett Blade seems to excel, and this scene with the bubbly, bodacious Bobbie is the best in the set. This is no nonsense sex with lots of steam and heat. The couple spends a long time in foreplay and fondling always good for goading the passion. Mr. Blade also understands the joys of crotch cuisine and he really gives Ms. Eden's entrance a substantial sampling. He is between her curvaceous legs for a L-O-N-G time. Bobbie battles back with a bountiful BJ, incorporating some ball action to supplement the pole polishing. The duo then dives into the penis/pussy parameters and runs the routine of cowgirl, spooning, and reverse range riding. The money shot is planted directly on Bobbie's waiting mouth and comely chest. This is a fantastic bit of slow, sensual sharking. Bobbie and Barrett are perfectly coordinated and both give their all to tease and please each other. You can see the satisfaction in both of their eyes. If for no other reason and there are a couple this DVD would get a recommendation. This is what hardcore porn is all about good chemistry and hot fucking. Score: 9.5 out of 10

Scene 3: Destiny St. Claire, Drifter
So, where exactly is it written in the porn director's handbook that the best scene of the compilation must be immediately followed up by the worst? Is it under the section called "Dicking Dichotomies"? Or maybe it's in the "Polar Opposite Porking" portion of the tome. In any case, the real reason why this scene sucks and not in a good way is the trailer park persona of Mr. Drifter (if ever a XXX name perfectly fit a performer, this dude's nomenclature is dead on). We eventually learn that this is Destiny's real life ramrodder, and upon hearing such information, we don't know whether to laugh, cry or call 911. After some very minor foreplay, Ms. St. Claire and the Drift dive into oral (our rambling man has a penis the size of a pencil) and some poor white trash pussy eating before entering into the Wal-Mart discount dicking. Once our underfed fornicator leaps upon his lady, the couple abandons all principles of performance. They simply screw each other, moving through straight, pile driver, scissors, doggy, and reverse cowgirl like they're just trying to get comfortable, not carnally copulate. Once our wandering wang finds the hinder, it's time for more awkward antics. There's some butt bow-wow, pooper pile driver and asexual straight anal. Eventually finding the muscle tone to unload, Drifter drops dick dime on Destiny and she seems completely disgusted (this bodes well for their personal relationship, eh?).

While this obviously 'made for each other' couple have a small amount of chemistry, it's not enough to overcome the unprofessional pounding that occurs throughout the scene. This should be a lesson to all female fuckers. Your significant others may seem like a safe sex partner onscreen, but unless he has the skills to frill the gills, keep the glomming geek at home. Score: 2 out of 10.

Scene 4: Mia Mason, Joey Ray
For a start, someone needs to get Mia Mason a meal, stat. This is one almost anorexic bitch. She's rather cute, with a fairly funky onion. But malnourished monkey business is a fetish best left unexplored. And wouldn't you know it, but Herrera pairs her up with the big, beefy Joey Ray, a man who hasn't missed a meal in years (sorry Joe, no hard feelings). Once she finishes frenching Joey's jock, there is a long visit to Connie the Linguist. Mr. Ray really enjoys his randy roughage, as he tosses Mia's salad with glee. Next, Joey lays back and Mia climbs on top as a fairly refreshing session of 69 commences. There's even a little male A to M as Joe's fingers find Mia's bunghole, sampling the savory shitter snack. Before we know it, it's tool to twat time. This couple tries to copulate in every conceivable COMFORTABLE position, since Ms. Mason appears to be capable of breaking in two at any given time. Still, they manage the varying cows, the spoons and some slow stroking. Mia enhances each act with a bonk-breaking bit of V to M. The action then moves to the ass, and bovine balling is still on the agenda. After all the cowgirling and A to M, Joey makes member mud all over Mia's mouth and she is NOT thrilled with the treat. After all, there are 14 calories in an average male ejaculation along with 3 grams of protein for the carb conscious and there's a risk she might actually gain an ounce.

The mark of a true porn professional is someone who is able to work with anyone, or any type or temperament, and make the scene work. Joey is such a skilled practitioner. Mia is just not BUILT for hardcore: whenever Joey thrusts into her body, you'd swear he was spearing several vital organs. Beside that, Ms. Mason seems cramped most of the time, generally because of her incredibly diminutive size. As a result, the scene is neither horrible nor horny. It's just decent sex shenanigans helmed by a performer who knows how to handle the situation. Score: 5 out of 10.

Scene 5: Gia Jordan, Peter Shaft, Sasha
Our final scene is the typical threesome free-for-all. On the plus side, Gia, Peter and Sasha counter each other quite well. But there are some rather obvious negative nuances. One gets the distinct impression during this drilling that all the performers are basically going through the motions. They are trying to make sure that all the XXX bases are covered, and as a result, there is no real passion to their plooking. Additionally, as with any triple tooling, the action is anarchic and very hard to follow. It takes a truly talented director to keep all the chaos in some semblance of order. Herrera is not that guy. What we get then is lots of tit play, blowjobs, double dick dipping, orifice filling from every facet (whether she's in doggy or dumper domain, Gia's always got a cock in her craw) and some of the most mundane DP ever filmed. Whether they are pushing peter in the cow or reverse cowgirl realm, one dude just lays there like a lox as the other pumps. Ms. Jordan may as well have a toy in her tank for all the inert nothingness a second shaft gives her. Combine the dull double pen with the cold, clinical feel to the overall fucking and this final sequence is sedate, not sexy. While not as horrid as Drifter and his dream date Destiny, this boring sin session ends Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 on a decidedly depressed note. Score: 4 out of 10.

Consistency is not one of director Robert Herrera's strong points. One gets the sense from both the scenes and the Making-Of material included on his titles that Bob-o doesn't script out or choreograph his action. On the one hand, this is good. Sex is always better when it's free, flowing and fun. Make it too heavily scripted and critics like The Dirge will be screaming about how sterile it seems. But when you've got obvious amateurs, or performers plying their trade for the first time, a little DIRECTION would go a long way. That's the title they've given you, Robert, don't wear it out...WEAR IT! As a result, a typical Herrera DVD is a rollercoaster ride of aggravating enticement. One scene, you're grabbing your groin in sweet meat relief. But before you know it, the next atrocity comes crawling out of the cathode ray and you're ready to toss your cookies, not your rocks. Porn is in the performers that is why gonzo can be so god-awful. If you wanted to see barmaids making crank calls on infected customers, you'd go down to the local longshoremen's union and grab a beer. But this is so-called professional product. There is no excuse for hackneyed hardcore.

The Video:
Looking really good for a home movie style sex film, Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 has nice color correction and detail-oriented contrast to its 1.33:1 full screen image. The sequences maintain a nice balance of shadow and light while only occasionally lapsing into undecipherable framing. The overall transfer still looks a little on the cheap side, but otherwise, this is a professional quality DVD presentation.

The Audio:
Never fully utilizing the Dolby Digital Stereo, this is camcorder microphone theater at its most tinny and hollow. The actors' voices and noises echo off the drywall acoustics of their performance environments and what little music that's used (mostly as bumper between scenes material) is dull, derivative techno trash. While somewhat better than most low-end productions, the aural elements of Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 offer nothing to tempt your eardrums.

The Extras:
Simon Wolf usually provides a plethora of added content on their porn product and Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 is no exception. We are treated to the standard shizzle of trailers, ads and subgenre menus (pop shots and anal antics). Additionally, the Behind the Scene featurette is becoming something of the norm on XXX titles, and the version presented here is no different. We get a Q&A with each of the actresses not really an in-depth discussion, but we do learn some interesting facts. It is here where Drifter and Destiny announce their off screen situation. Gia proclaims her desire to fuck someone named Rocco and how much she "LOVES" Jenna and Bella (the namedropper). Mia proclaims a proclivity for anal and porn, just not in that order. Desire discusses how her husband (the poor guy) gives her performance pointers, watching her films and focusing on ways she can improve (a twat tuck might help for starters). And Bobbie loves to masturbate to her own movies (is that narcissistic, or just naughty?). Filling out the bonus bonanza, we get an additional scene:

Bonus Scene: From Til Sex Do Us Part (2002)
Featuring: Kate Frost, Tyce Bune
Director: Cash Markman
Far more fetching than any of the girls in Dripping Wet Sex, Kate Frost does her damnest to give Tyce Bune his boner's worth in this additional scene. Sadly, Mr. B is off his game and the results are a little reckless. After some intense petting and a face-sitting session of pussy eating, the pairing plow through cowgirl, straight, deep penetration and doggy. When Tyce is ready to rod ralph, he spills his spew all over Kate's pert pucker. There is no real passion here (unusual for a Tyce scene) and the chemistry is barely visible. Kate seems to be having a grand old time, but 50% sexual satisfaction leaves half the circumstance unfulfilled. Score: 5 out of 10

Though not as fully fleshed out as a Vivid title (damn, how do they get all that hardcore and hard sell onto one single DVD?), Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 has a nice sense of package puffery that should make most consumer cream their financial jeans.

Final Thoughts:
As Public Enemy said, "Don't Believe the Hype" and nothing would be better suited to such a shunning as Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10. Nowhere on this disc do the promised waterfall wombs or spraying snatches make an appearance, and a few of the lasses here even have to resort to layers of lube to get through the ball busting. Still, on a level of frank, fathomable fornicating, this DVD is decent. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 earns a honest 6 out of 10 and is recommended. As with most Robert Herrera productions, there is nothing vile or repugnant here, and as a result, couples will rally around this old-fashioned fuck fest. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is awarded. While no one is looking for Madison Avenue style marketing in the world of pornography, it would be nice if the interns crafting the come-ons for adult tiles would actually LOOK at the product before shelling out the spiel. Nothing on the cover of Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 describes Desire's spacious snatch, Drifter's tired truck driver dynamic or Mia's scrawny skeleton. Had it been a veritable wellspring of pussy pop, maybe all the porn propaganda could be forgiven. But there is no need to exaggerate sane, sensible XXX action. Dripping Wet Sex Vol. 10 is a nice, naughty collection. That's a rap you can believe in.

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