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Feeding Frenzy 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/3/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feeding Frenzy 5: Oral Overdose: Director's Cut

Evil Angel

Genre: Oral Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Alexis Malone, Kami Andrews, Melissa Lauren, Missy Monroe, Lena Juliette, Sophia, Venus, Alex Divine, cast of many anonymous sperm donors

Length: 172.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/21/2004

Extra's: The extras were pretty light for a change with only a photogallery, limited filmography, and pop shot compilation of the scenes to be found on the DVD. The good news is that the show was very long (nearly three hours!) and it appears that Evil Angel simply gave the world more sex there than in some deleted scenes or bonus footage.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the typical 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that most porn is shot in. There were some lighting issues that caused grain and video noise but overall, it looked pretty good. Most of the time, the problems were caused by either too many guys crowding the female (so the camera couldn't see her for them) or the set up shot with the lighting behind her, washing her out by comparison. There were even a few moments of lens flare but with nearly three hours of footage, I doubt more than a couple of minutes could've been edited out to make it look more technically perfect (losing some of the heat in the process, making the final version just fine by me). The audio was your basic stereo English with minimal separation and dynamic range but it was good enough that you could hear what was said in most cases.

Body of Review: Porn movies usually don't focus solely on oral action alone since guys want to see it all. That said, with the ever crowded marketplace these days, companies are quickly finding that a movie without a way to distinguish itself will soon fade away and that means fewer sales so oral has made a come back in these days of circus act sex. With titles like Feeding Frenzy 4, Feeding Frenzy 3, Cum In My Mouth 2, and Blow Me, fans can now easily find something to satisfy their need for spreading seed whereas a few short years ago, only the third tier companies provided this type of show (doing a poor job more often than not I might add). The latest release in Evil Angel's oral extravaganza, Feeding Frenzy 5: Oral Overdose: Director's Cut will easily satisfy your craving for cock sucking whores that not only look great, but find semen more filling (if you catch my drift). In all eight scenes, the gals swallow the semen down like the cupboard's bare and they haven't eaten in a week, doing so with plenty of talent along the way. Is it any wonder why last year's Feeding Frenzy 3, was the top oral pick for the DVDTalk Top Adult Movies award? In any case, I'm beginning to think the series' two releases this year may be sharing a place on this year's list but with so many hot oral movies coming out, I'll reserve my judgment until next month. With that said, here's a breakdown of the great oral-only scenes this DVD had to offer:

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Scene One: Alexis, an attractive blonde that looked like a younger, hotter version of Jill Kelly in her prime (she's on the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover), started off the movie by playing a bank liquidator surveying Jules' house for lack of payment of his house note. Dressed in a business suit, pearls, and white lingerie, she took her all natural body upstairs to see what he had worth selling in an auction to satisfy the lean when they appeared to make a deal for services rendered. His moving crew got some oral loving (man did she have a sweet ass too) as she teased and sucked them off like a professional with a taste for semen. I've seen her several times in the past but this scene was probably her very best, even though it was just oral (great oral at that). There was a lot of energy here and her oral prowess was superior to many women I've watched give head in recent months. Fans will enjoy how easily she swallowed down a whole lot of sperm with gusto.

Scene Two: Kami, the featured gal on the front DVD cover, appearing on the dead center of it, was up next as she showed off her very curvy body while wearing a pink fishnet body stocking. I thought it was funny when she kept telling Jules that it wasn't an anal movie (a shame to be sure) and I have to admit that I've never really thought of her face as all that attractive in the past. That said, like Alexis, I think she was made up to look quite alluring in a trashy sort of way and I only wish she was in a full blown scene (sorry for the pun). Her oral skills were even more energetic than the last gal although I didn't notice as much chemistry this time. It didn't matter much since her performance made me a believer that she wanted to inhale male ejaculate, a feat that took place in the end with a lot of attitude. The guys weren't all that great but they seemed mostly adequate for the task at hand, I just think she'd have been even better had she been given more to work with. The scene had some teabagging, titty fucking and gagging with more warmth than I'm used to from her.

Scene Three: Melissa, a very attractive blonde (certainly more so than the last two gals, if not most gals in porn) was the next gal and she could be seen featured on the front DVD cover as the second gal down from the top on the left hand side wearing a blindfold. She started off the scene handcuffed, blindfolded, and wearing a corset, thigh high boots, and a collar that all accentuated her great body. The crew stuck dildos in her mouth to test her resolve before giving her some real meat to orally satisfy, which she did in spades. While still bound, she was forced to submit to their will and she did so without reserve (some would say that this is groundbreaking due to the way even light bondage with real sex has long been taboo in American porn). When they finally unleashed her, she gave them an even more energetic session with plenty of gagging before swallowing them down. Whew!

Scene Four: Missy, a hot blonde wearing a fish net crop top, some short shorts, and a metal collar, could be found on the front DVD cover in the lower right hand corner. I liked the way the movie was showcasing ever more attractive gals as it went along and the scenario here was a porn police line up where she was seeking out the "bad boy" of the group. As she moved from guy to guy, teasing them and sucking some mean cock, I never had the impression that she was in it solely for the money (to be fair, I never got that impression with any of the gals but it seemed more natural saying it for this scene somehow) and her energy levels were right up there with Melissa. She deep throated with the best of them, did some gagging, and ended up swallowing every last sperm in her mouth after gargling them in yet another blazing hot scene (I thought Mark Wood and Mr. Pete were going to blow their loads out the back of her head they were so pumped up by the end).

Scene Five: Lena, one of the best looking Latino gals in the jizz bizz, wore a punk rock midriff shirt and plaid skirt for her scene after toying with a glass dildo. She can be found on the left hand side of the lower front DVD cover but like Missy, looked far more attractive in person. In keeping with the Feeding Frenzy tradition, she was all natural and willing to suck cock like a champion, something she did nearly as well as the best of the show (it gets difficult judging who does a better job since they all bring different styles to the table, but I'm trying). They circled her and she alternated between them as she toyed, teased, and otherwise satisfied them in a number of oral ways. It ended when they left the bedroom and went to the stairs where she sucked them through the railing, making for some interesting visuals before they moved yet again as she swallowed all their loads.

Scene Six: Sophia, a gal with bleached blond hair and brunette highlights (the second such gal in the movie; is this a trend?), started off her scene wearing a sexy white outfit that showed her curves without showing much skin. She was the second gal from the bottom on the left hand side of the front DVD cover and looked very attractive on the cover as well as in the scene. By this point in the movie, the promise of skin actually worked better than the blatant display of flesh and the scenario was built on her fear of sucking cock. Jules hypnotized her (sheesh) to enjoy sucking cock and I admit that I found her attractive as ever here (the make up made all the women look better; something I rarely notice unless it really makes a difference). She hungrily attacked the group of men for their members and gave one of the more energetic performances of the show, no small feat I might add, doing the oral in all its glory.

Scene Seven: Venus, a tall, lean brunette with larger than average breasts, reminded me a bit of a curvy version of squirt queen Cytherea (pre-hair dye though) as she entered the room in her slinky black dress with matching gloves. The scenario was less developed here but she gave no pause as she took on the guys energetically like she was going to get a bonus for milking their nuts faster. She was showcased on the middle of the lower front DVD cover, looking sweet but naughty (by all accounts, this is normal for her), something I think most straight men would agree with. She was very good here although not quite as good as some of the others, in a solidly warm oral scene. I'd have loved to see them tap that sweet ass of hers but I can't deny that she gave great head.

Scene Eight: Alex, the blond on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover, reminded me a lot of mainstream star Reese Witherspoon (maybe someone will pick up on this and make a porn movie titled "Legally Boned" or something) as she pranced in the doorway wearing a pink top and white skirt. To be fair to the others, she was attractive but had bags under her eyes, a fact that was soon lost to me as she began working the group of men orally. I liked her dirty talk but with her mouth full, she couldn't keep it going for long (fine by me, I just think she could've been allowed to work it more first). She did the gagging, deep throat, and jerking off that the others did and had plenty of energy doing so, at times appearing lost in the moment. For the record, she also had the blond with brunette highlights once popularized by Teri Nunn, the lead singer from Berlin (an 80's band with great songs).

Summary: This was yet another release worth a rating of Highly Recommended, based on the attractiveness of the women (virtually all of which have never looked better onscreen), their energetic and chemistry filled performances, and the technical values combined with a tremendous amount of fuck for the buck. If ever there was an argument that Evil Angel's director Jules Jordan was at the top of his form, this would be it in the oral category. My only real complaint is that Jules gets too vocal in directing the cast while he's off screen and I'd prefer the gals just play out whatever scenario they were in instead but that's a minor issue compared to what took place in the show. Once again, I tip my hat off to Mr. Jordan's skillful direction of a great cast having fun, something more companies could pick up on.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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