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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/5/04

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Wicked Pictures/Magic Dragon Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Pason, Mario Rossi, Randy Spears, Michelle Lay, Julia Ann, Holly Hollywood, Trevor Zen, Audrey Hollander, Jack Lawrence, Jay Crew, Otto Bauer

Length: 97 minutes

Date of Production: 3/7/2004

Extra's: The best extra, by far for most consumers, would be the bonus sex scene between Julia Ann and Randy Spears from the movie Love & War. It was too short for me but I've always thought the two had some chemistry and the scene was decent in most ways. Personally, I enjoyed watching the 17 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, All Access: The Making of Housewives by David Crawford (now there's a name I haven't seen with Wicked in a long time), as it gave most of the cast a chance to goof off and have some fun. The other extras included a 2 minute long Box Cover Shoot, some trailers, Wicked Pictures DVD catalog, numerous photogalleries, Star Stats of three of the women, promotional reels (including the 2004: Precious Metals campaign), Wicked Casino for DVD Rom, award winners and nominations, company profile, a double sided DVD cover, and all the usual stuff you'll find on a Wicked Pictures DVD.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color, not the usual full frame that most porn is shot in these days. I thought the lighting was a bit too stylish for me, with too much grain as a result as well as some moments where the flesh tones were off, and the camera angles slightly askew from what I've come to expect from Michael Raven's previous works. Whether or not this is a good thing will depend on your personal tastes but it left me slightly off balance so I'm not in favor of this attempted style. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English soundtrack but the vast majority of vocals and music came from the two front speakers, leaving me to believe that someone screwed up the audio track. When the center channel doesn't have much audio, something's wrong. The music was light and fluffy and the vocals a bit hollow but I didn't hate it (I just wondered what took place to make such a bizarre circumstance).

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Body of Review: Fans of particular stars in porn have long held that they'll stop watching when they stop getting off to the performances of their desire. This seems like a basic bit of logic but much of the industry fails to keep it in mind as they chase the latest flavor of the month performer fresh off the bus from Bugtussle, Nowhere. If you look around the shelves of your local smut store, you'll find hundreds of titles that focus on "Barely Unique" or "Hardly Legal" gals, thinking all consumers are fixated with the new gal rather than time tested favorites. One of the most alluring gals in porn these days is the gorgeous Julia Ann, a gal with a track record for hot performances longer than my arm (and everybody knows my arms scrape the ground when I walk upright), having started in the industry some years ago as part of the successful Blondage team. In recent years, she's become a Wicked Pictures contract performer, the pinnacle of success by most standards in the industry, showcasing her talents in numerous ways before the camera. Her significant other, director Michael Raven, also signed up with the company in order to get the most out of his talents and the two teamed up make some very satisfying porn. Their latest release together is a little show called Housewives, a set of three stories centering their attention on married women. In the first story, Pason plays an android love machine, much to Randy Spears chagrin; in the second, Julia plays a woman compelled to have sex with anyone who crosses her path and in the third story, Audrey Hollander plays the last woman on Earth, happy to please all the remaining men. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, read the following breakdown of scenes by cast:

Scene One: Pason, a redhead with a fine young body and nice smile, gave Mario a blowjob while Randy watched them (but didn't participate) in the living room. Her energy levels were decent, if not her highest in recent months, and she was very attentive to his needs as she playfully milked his nuts of a good sized load. Using her hands and eye contact, she managed to almost redeem the scene's limited nature and made me want to see more of her immediately.

Scene Two: Pason, in a bath tub with Randy, washed him skillfully before moving the action onto a nice bed. The impression I got going into the scene was that it would be tame and kind of boring but they ended up doing a lot of anal sex too. While it was slower than I'm used to seeing (gonzo porn makes it hard and fast while feature companies tend to slow down the action allowing viewers to savor it more), I thought she looked great riding him as if she was really having fun. It ended with a facial, some going into her lovely mouth, and the chemistry between them was obvious (or her acting ability was very good).

Scene Three: Michelle, a brunette with some nice curves, if not the star material the others seem worthy of here, took on Randy in a reunion scene on a bed. Her oral skills were exceptionally good and he gave her a slice of fun too before they screwed in several positions. I thought the doggy style was great with her ass held high in the air and it ended when she jerked him off in her mouth. To be fair, while she wasn't the best looker of the crowd, she did a good job if you enjoy the more sensual nature of a couples movie.

Scene Four: Julia, looking fit and curvy as she did on the front DVD cover, had a lesbian scene with Holly on a lounge swing outdoors in the mid-day sun. I thought they looked very good together, contrasting each other's look and style just enough to make for a visually interesting scene. It was primarily licking and rubbing but I'd be lying if I said I could take my eyes off them for a second either time I watched it. Still, it was weaker than I would've preferred as I think both of them have great reserves of sexual energy to spare that weren't completely utilized in the scene.

Scene Five: Julia, in a decent follow up scene, masturbated all over a fancy living room with a great view. Toy after toy plunged in and out of her sweet pussy before she was joined by Trevor. They sucked and fucked in several positions, looking good as a couple and making me believe she could be a housewife. The way she rode him in his lap was warm and it ended with a pop shot to her abdomen. While not the best scene she's been in over the years (heck, I still fantasize about her Blondage days), I enjoyed it since I'm a fan.

Scene Six: Audrey, the red headed little vixen with a kinky mane of hair and curves to match, had something of a different scene to finish the show. As she laid back on a couch, Jack, Otto, and Jay all streamed in, one at a time, to satisfy their needs in a world with one last woman. The sex was kind of tame at first but soon enough, she was taking anal as well as any gal in a Wicked Pictures release ever did. I suppose I should applaud Mr. Raven's style and willingness to break from porn conventions here but it simply didn't work for me this time. Her fans should take note that she looked good here even if the sex wasn't her best.

Summary: The artistic limitations of the movie combined with the limited sexual tension and heat made me feel compelled to give this one a rating of Rent It. Don't get me wrong, the ladies were all attractive and knew how to please a partner but it could've been so much more that anything higher would've been unfair to better releases. I still have a thing for Julia after all these years of watching her but even a slavering fanboy knows when to be evenhanded. The extras were a little light this time too and I can't help but wonder if Wicked Pictures is focusing their efforts more on the younger contract stars rather than the established veterans like the lovely Julia Ann. I'll keep watching for more signs but unless you're a fan of the cast, approach with caution.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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