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Can You Be A Pornstar? Episodes 1&2

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 11/9/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Feature

Director: Faye Kneighm

Episode 1: Kate, Jessica, Princess, Christy, Tabitha Stevens, Mary Carey, Dr. Ava Cadell, Ginger Lynn, Bill Margold, Asia Carrera

Episode 2: Nicole, Lonnie, Leila (Cytherea), Stephanie, Tabitha Stevens, Mary Carey, Dr. Ava Cadell, Ginger Lynn, Ed Powers, Shayla La Veaux

Length: 2 Hours 52 Mins

Production Date: Episode 1: 10/30/2003, Episode 2: 1/16/2004

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scene, Slide Show, Trailers

Audio/Video: The video was presented in full frame color and it was digitally remastered for DVD. The picture is fairly decent, but the quality tends to vary. There is a grain in the picture and the lighting quality also varies. Some scenes are lit well and others are not. However, most poorly lit scenes are non-sex. The audio was presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds pretty good. Most of the time there are no troubling issues, but sometimes dialogue can be difficult to hear. There is also background music, which does not interfere.

Body of Review: While many adult studios that produce feature porn tend to play off of the popularity of releases in the mainstream genre, not all of those titles are done very well. They typically are poor excuses to introduce sex scenes. As of late, one of the more popular successes of mainstream television has been reality TV. Can You Be A Porn Star? plays off of that popularity by producing an adult version of reality TV. In comparison to feature porn that attempts to play off of a story in the reality mannerism, Can You Be A Porn Star? actually does a pretty good job providing a story-free, yet somewhat entertaining series. In this release, we get to see the first 2 episodes. This show originally aired on Pay Per View and was limited in the hardcore content, but this DVD releases shows a lot more XXX action.

So just what exactly is Can You Be A Porn Star?? Well in a sentence, it's a reality television show where a group of girls compete to become porn stars by competing in various activities known as sex challenges, actually performing in sex scenes, and finally being voted by viewers like you. So what's the motivation? The girls get a chance at a contract with VCA studios and $100,000.

In each episode 4 girls compete against each other. Some have had prior pornography experience (Cytherea as Leila) and others are brand spanking new. Like many other reality TV shows, we get to see the social interaction along with the actual "competitions".

The Girls
The Teases
Princess: She has a pretty cute body, with a small set of tits. I enjoyed her striptease, because she really knows how to shake her ass and move her hips.

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Kate: Kate is a cute girl, but she's not overly stunning. She has a nice tight body and a small set of tits. Her strip tease plays off of the school girl fantasy. She wears a sexy outfit that resembles a school girl, but in the color pink. Her tease is done well, but I didn't find it overly exciting. She's cute, but not hot.

Christy: I think that Christy is a very attractive girl. She has a great looking face, beautiful eyes, a nice tight body, and a small rack. Her tease is pretty hot. I enjoyed watching her slowly reveal her goods.

Jessica: I personally find Jessica the hottest girl of the bunch. She has an awesome bust. In her strip tease she really shows them off in a sexy manner, not fully revealing their goods completely until the end. She also looked very good in her tight seductive outfit, leather, mesh, and fishnets, what a combination.

The Sex Challenge
Here the girls compete against each other (and with each other) to get the approval of various guest stars Ginger Lynn, Bill Margold, and my favorite Asia Carrera. The girls are given a variety of sundae toppings (whip cream, chocolate, nuts, candied sprinkles, etc) and are told to go to town on each other. They cover each other making sexy sundaes. By the end, the girls are a mess and they do their best to lick each other clean. Afterwards, there's a sextra credit, where the girls compete against each other to see who can put a condom on a banana in the most sensual and erotic manner.

The Sex
Princess & Jessica : In this sex scene, Princess plays a gal who is having the jitters on her wedding day. Fortunately one of her bridesmaids, Jessica, is there to console her in this time of need. The girls open with a little foreplay and plenty of kissing. They move into oral sex and take turns eating and fingering each other. They conclude grinding (rubbing their pussies together). Overall, it was a decent scene. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Jessica in a boy/girl scene.

Christy: In this sex scene, Christy plays a girl in the gym, who meets a guy she likes a little too much. The pair strips off their clothes and gets into action. They open with some light face fucking. Christy doesn't seem to be able to take it, so they switch over to some pussy eating. Later she gives another attempt at a blow job and it's pretty exciting. Christy does well with the act. The sex is fairly enjoyable, but a bit plain. The scene ends with a facial.

Kate: In this scene Kate plays a girl looking for a guy in a country setting. She finds herself a cowboy to help her out. They open getting hot and heavy and move into a blow job. She sucks the guy off and it's a bit dull. This was mainly because it took a while for the guy to get erect. The sex is decent, but nothing I'd watch again. Since I really didn't find Kate too attractive, watching her pounded wasn't the most elevating experience. They end with a facial.

The Girls
The Teases
Lonnie: Lonnie is a very cute blonde girl with a nice tight body and decent sized tits. For her tease, she takes the gym fantasy and wears a tight sports bra and shorts. She looks really hot. I loved seeing her stretch, showing off that tight little ass. And once she begins removing her clothing, it gets even better. It was a very hot strip tease.

Leila : Most know Leila as Cytherea. She's a very hot brunette, with a hot body and small breasts. She's a very sexy girl and she shows it in this tease. She gracefully shows how to shake her ass and makes every moment exciting.

Stephanie : Stephanie is a pretty cute blonde chick. She has a great smile and pretty blue eyes. Her striptease is done pretty well, but I didn't really care for the outfit she started with. It was a red bra and a short skirt, with stockings.

Nicole: I really like Nicole's dark hair and full lips. While I wouldn't say she's sexy, she sure is striking. There's something about her that makes her attractive. She looks pretty good in her outfit, which is a revealing black teddy. Her tease was done well and made me want to see more of her.

The Sex Challenge
Here the girls compete against each other (and with each other) to get the approval of various guest stars Ginger Lynn, Ed Powers, and Shayla La Veaux. The girls are all looking great, wearing two piece swimsuits. They're supposed to play twister, but the catch is topless and they get rated on their performances. Afterwards, the girls go for sextra credit. In this activity, the each girl is blindfolded. Without sight, they have to taste the pussy of another girl. In order to pass, she has to identify which girl she's eating out, purely on taste.

The Sex
Stephanie 1: In the very beginning of the second episode, a play cop shows up at the house. The girls are in trouble for being too loud. So naturally, one of them gets taken away. Stephanie manages to talk her way out of it, by having sex with the cop. They open with a nice blow job and move into some decent pussy eating. Afterwards, they have sex. The action is pretty good, but not steamy hot. The action ends with the cum shot on her stomach.

Lonnie & Nicole: Damn. I really wanted to see these two girls in a boy/girl scene. The scene begins with the two girls enacting a scene. Lonnie is trying to convince Nicole to try Cocoa-Butter flavored waxing, because it is so smooth. Of course, the touch turns into a kiss, which turns into girl/girl action. The scene is pretty good. I really enjoyed watching the two girls suck on each other's tits. The oral sex was pretty decent. I really liked watching Lonnie squirm with joy. The toy usage was okay. It involves a double sided dildo and the girls put it to good use.

Stephanie 2: In this scene, Stephanie plays a girl who isn't feeling too well. She visits the doctor in hope of a cure, which happens to be in his pants. The action opens with the cute gal sucking off the dude. She gives a poor blow job. However, the fault isn't with her performance, but rather the fact that it took the guy a while to get erect. The sex is also pretty good. There's some really nice clean pussy pounding action. The scene ends with the cum shot on her lower stomach.

Leila : Leila looks really hot in this scene. She's wearing a blouse that is too small for her and it reveals her cleavage well. She plays a secretary who is more than willing to help out her employer. The action begins with Leila giving the guy a blow job. She sucks him off like a pro. The act looks even better because of the outfit she's in. Afterwards, there's some nice pussy eating. At this point, Leila strips off the rest of her clothes. I was a bit disappointed, because she looked so damn good in that blouse. The sex is very exciting. The two worked well together and Leila looked really great throughout the action. The scene ends with the cum shot on her feet.

Concluding Words: I enjoyed watching this release. It was a nice diversion from hardcore sex. However, with that in mind, I can't say that I'd ever expect to watch it to get "excited". While there are some steamy strip teases and some pretty exciting sex, it's all too short. There just isn't enough streamline action to really enjoy. Overall, I think that this title makes for a good rental.

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