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Pirate Box Set, The

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/17/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Pirate Boxed Set
1) Fetish Hotel: Pirate Video 1
2) Day Dreams: Pirate Video 2
3) Rich Bitch: Pirate Video 3
4) Women On Top: Pirate Video 4


Genre: Fetish, Vignette, Foreign

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: varied per scene: see below:

Lengths of the movies:
1) Fetish Hotel: Pirate Video 1: 69 minutes
2) Day Dreams: Pirate Video 2: 61 minutes
3) Rich Bitch: Pirate Video 3: 70.5 minutes
4) Women On Top: Pirate Video 1: 70.5 minutes

Dates of Production:
1) Fetish Hotel: Pirate Video 1: 1998
2) Day Dreams: Pirate Video 2: 1997
3) Rich Bitch: Pirate Video 3: 1998
4) Women On Top: Pirate Video 4: 1998

Extra's: The extras were plentiful here in absolute terms but most of them similar on each disc. Each disc had a number of trailers (typically one for the feature and five others), a Production Notes section that gave the cast as well as some limited general information, various foreign language and subtitles, profiles for the female cast members, and photogalleries. On top of that, each disc had a Behind the Scenes feature called "The Report" which allowed many of the cast to be introduced (some in English, others not but with a voice over). The first one was a bit over 8 minutes long, as was the one for Day Dreams (this is where I point out it looked to be the same exact one), the third one was a bit over 21 minutes in length and the last one was 11.5 minutes long. The set was inside a single DVD case that held all four discs with a double sided DVD cover made for this set rather than putting smaller versions of the originals covers as I would've preferred.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The pictures were presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that they were originally recorded in. Most of them looked very solid in terms of accurate colors, minimal video noise, and few other visual flaws, leading me to believe that they were remastered somehow (although that probably wasn't the case), There were some minor issues with lighting that led to grain and other problems from time to time but they were artistic matters for the most part so I'm not going to rip the set a new one over it. The audio was presented with the usual choices of a stereo English track or a number of others for fans from another area of the world. This has long been an area in need of improvement for Private and these four movies were no exception but they could've been a whole lot worse (I've heard a lot worse from the company in the past). In all, I think the technical aspects balanced out fairly well, especially for the age of the original releases.

Body of Review: Private Pictures has long been a leader in providing foreign porn for domestic audiences that appeals to numerous market niches in this country. From their features to their compilations to their edgier material, the company has tried to provide for the needs of a great many people and one area they have ecelled at has been with their fetish lines of movies. From Fetish Machine 11 to Fetish Machine 14 (with more to come), the emphasis on attractive women who wear fetish outfits as they take hardcore action has been something fans could go to Private for and limp away spent for many years. While the directors of the various fetish series change over time, with Kovi, Susi Medusa Gottardi, and Frank Thring being the more well known of the bunch, the initial DVD movies that launched the premise were the Pirate Fetish line by Frank Thring. Now, for the first time ever, his first four volumes of the series are available in a 4 disc set for the cost of a single movie, Pirate Boxed Set 1. If you like leather, latex, stockings, thigh high boots, and want all the kink you can handle, check out the following glimpse into the action of the four movies, which looked to be essentially untouched from their original releases:

1) Fetish Hotel: Pirate Video 1
Scene One: High Heels, Black Stockings 1: Jessica, Reka Majonee and John Walton were first up when they pranced over to his couch, located in the middle of an estate's lawn, in their corsets and stocking fetish outfits. There wasn't a lot of story here and the gals essentially were his servants as they fed him grapes before feeding on his penis. They then took turns climbing onto him for a ride in the scene for some anal sex. The gals gave each other lizard kisses while taking his member and the scene was kind of tame by current standards.

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Scene Two: High Heels, Black Stockings 2: Brigitta, Hajnalka and John had a scene where the gals were tourists and he assisted them in taking a friendly Polaroid in the city square. They were thankful and the next thing you know, they were dressed up in high heels and black stockings, teasing him in a bedroom. The fetish aspects of the scene were much more readily apparent this time and the scene included a decent blowjob, straight and anal but the tease ruled the scene in my opinion (and rightfully so). This was much more like what I wanted to see from the movie than the last, primarily generic, scene.

Scene Three: Rubber Dreams 1: Reka, an average looking brunette with a hot body, initially had a masturbation scene in a bed at night. It wasn't terrible but kind of limited if you know what I mean. She fantasized about wearing a pink rubber fetish outfit and warmed up for the following scene.

Scene Four: Rubber Dreams 2: Reka, seeking help for her fetish by going to a shrink (director Frank Thring played the role), got to play with Jessica, Billy Ray Kid, and a young Robert Rosenberg in a large living room where the gals each donned a rubber outfit. Reka's was black and red while Jessica's was bright blue; each of them doing the usual oral, straight and anal sex acts you'd expect. It wasn't a bad scene for me although I'm sure rubber fans will love it.

Scene Five: Fetish Hotel: Viviann, dressed up in a rubber maid outfit, took on both Billy as well as Peter Rossa, giving each of them a sample of her oral skills in a small room. The oral was good but most fans will appreciate the screwing action more as it was pretty good, if somewhat mechanically done.

Scene Six: Fetish Hotel 2: Reka, dressed up in a rubber maid outfit, had to blow Billy after he caught he peeping on a little group action starring John Walton, Laura, Sofienne, and Hajnalka where the gals were lined up to satisfy his needs. Robert was on hand too but not used as effectively as he could've been, and the same could've been said of the gals.

2) Day Dreams: Pirate Video 2
Cast: Alexandra, Laura, Sofianne, Viviann, Billy Ray Kid, John Walton, Peter Rossa, Robert Rosenberg

Scene One: Day Dreams: The first episode on this DVD dealt with Alexandra and gal pal Viviann having a warm little lesbian scene in a forest during the day time. It was primarily licking and sticking but seemed like a lot of fun.

Scene Two: Teaching Sex: Alexandra and Laura were next up as they trained Robert in the ways of pleasing a woman. Using her riding crop on his ass, she played horsy with him, even placing a saddle on his back while she rode him about the room. Laura had the most energy of the three but the sex included oral, straight and anal for those who care.

Scene Three: Haunted Chateaux: Laura, looking a little rough in a night scene in a bedroom lit by flashlights, took on Billy, Robert and Peter (at least it looked like Peter behind the mask) using all her holes and skills to milk their nuts. I thought she was okay in terms of energy but the chemistry was sorely lacking during the scene.

Scene Four: Twin Latex: Vivianne and Sofianne, a couple of lean brunettes that referred to themselves as twins in the BTS feature), were up next in a scene where they dominated Robert and Billy as they smoked cigars. The men licked boots and legs as they worked their way up the crop-wielding legs of the ladies before the straight and anal with DP began. Other than the fake moaning, it was a pretty good scene with the gals dressed up in fetish outfits (the standard type of apparel in these DVDs) with some nice energy.

Scene Five: Chateaux of the Loire: Laura, dressed up in a rubber maid's outfit, took care of John and Billy on the staircase to the great hall. I liked the way her breasts heaved up and down as well as the way she energetically attacked their cocks, making it a warm scene to enjoy repeatedly. For those keeping count, it had oral, straight and anal with a DP.

Scene Six: Alexandra: Alexandra was up next as she was serviced by John who licked her feet and shoes, working his way up her body. She looked more like Chasy Lain this time so fans of that gal might want to check this one out for that reason alone. She returned the oral favor and then they screwed vaginally. It was okay but the fetish aspects were downplayed too much for me and while I wouldn't have turned her down for a freebie, I wouldn't have sought her out either.

3) Rich Bitch: Pirate Video 3
Cast: Judith Grant, Holly, Myrtille, Silvia, David Perry, Frank Gun, Ian Daniels (billed as Manny Santos here)

Scene One: Domina Dreaming: Myrtille, a lean brunette and Silvia, a redhead (from a bottle IMHO), were up first as they took charge of Frank at a seaside resort. Myrtille showered in a solo scene that was cut into her action with the other two but thankfully that didn't last too long since the bouncing back and forth bugged me no end. Either would be fine to watch by themselves and such editing weakens both scenes in my experience. The gals wore the usual type of fetish outfit that I like so much and the sex included all the basics with a limited amount of passion and chemistry but it was a lot of fun in other ways so it all balanced out in the end for a decent scene.

Scene Two: Rich Bitch: Laura, playing a mean rich lady sunning herself at a posh resort by a pool, treated Frank poorly, causing him to want to punish her. He got his wish in a fantasy sequence where she was tied up and he whipped her a bit as she squirmed on the pole for him. He wasn't above giving her some fun too and went down on her before sticking the whip in her ready, wet orifice, and then the boning began in earnest (note to Earnest: I'm not talking about you pal.) She sucked his toes and licked his boots before hammering away at her pussy and mouth in a warm scene.

Scene Three: Waiter Submited: Laura, Silvia, and Myrtille, played the flip side of the last scene with the gals using Frank as their personal love slave. While I would've let them enjoy my somewhat larger body (not to worry Frank, I'm larger in all dimensions than you, not always considered a good thing), Frank seemed to have fun as the gals toyed with him in a variety of ways. The sex included all the usual oral, straight and anal so fans of the cast will be happy (they might like the way the semen were licked up off the glass table too though, something I wasn't into).

Scene Four: The Invite: Judith, a fair looking blonde with an inviting body, asked David to come up to her mansion for some fun. He did so and was surprised at her rubber outfit as she lay out by the pool. The two did oral and straight before being joined by Ian Daniels (under another alias) for the DP and facials. I liked the scene for the energy and even some of the chemistry that was lacking in several of the other scenes here.

Scene Five: Delightful Invitation: Laura and Silvia were up next as the blonde and redhead took care of Frank and David on a couch by the deck near the ocean. He orally pleased them and they returned the favor before the group started screwing like crazy. It ended with a DP that looked like fun.

4) Women On Top: Pirate Video 1

Cast: Judith Grant, Clioe (Marianne), Myrtille (Ilana Moore), Silvia, David Perry, Frank Gun, Ian Daniels (billed as Manny Santos here), John Walton

Scene One: Footman 1: Judith, a hot blonde, wore the kind of fishnet body stocking and corset combination that drives men wild (myself included) as she craled to Ian's side. He jerked off as he rubbed her pussy and ass, giving her feet a little oral attention in the process. He didn't skimp on the other oral hot spots and was some boning her where he licked with a measure of passion he almost never showed in his domestic movies. He gave her some anal sex too with her licking his boots clean of ejaculate to finish off a good scene.

Scene Two: Footman 2: Myrtille, the gal on the front cover (she changed her name midway through the series), played a high priced call girl that Ian and David hired for some foot fetish action in a hotel suite. Her vinyl blue thigh high boots accentuated her legs a lot and the guys went nutty for them too. In any case, she smoked a cigarette (some people like that kind of thing but I'm neutral) while he licked her and the screwing of her pussy and ass took place after that with a short DP to round things out. She took the facials nicely but didn't swallow, a surprise considering the nature of the show.

Scene Three: Pool Love 1: Judith and Marianne were up next in a lesbian scene by a pool. The gals were colorfully dressed in skimpy outfits and thigh high boots as they licked and sucked one another off in a warmish fashion. The action went a step further than I thought it would when they pulled out some small anal beads and used them as intended, rimming one another afterwards. In all, it wasn't a bad scene, just somewhat limited.

Scene Four: Pool Love 2: Marianne, obviously needing more than what she got in the last scene, had a romantic dinner with John while dressed in a blue latex body outfit. She blew him and he boned her by the table before they took it into the pool (it was a night scene but the pool was well lit) where the fun continued. I thought the action was well photographed underwater (even if it looked to be done during the day in a continuity snafu) and the scene was very warm for me.

Scene Five: We Need Your Sperm 1: Myrtille, all decked out in her blue latex outfit with red gloves, dominated Frank and John who were tied up before calling in reinforcements (Judith and Marianne) who orally serviced the young studs. Myrtille used a weird device on John while Frank was getting blown and the scene ended fairly quickly with the guys spending their loads before much action.

Scene Six: We Need Your Sperm 2: Judith and Marianne, both in lovely sundresses that left little to the imagination, danced around and otherwise teased the men until the couples broke off to start the action. This was the weakest scene in terms of fetish material but the longest and most standardized scene for everything else, including the usual DP. It wasn't bad, just not as good as it could have been if the fetish elements were played up better.

Summary: In terms of fuck for the buck, you'd be hard pressed to find as much value as some of the recent releases by Private, including this boxed set. For that reason alone, the rating should be Highly Recommended for fans of the various fetish activities and clothing on display here. While many other types of action could also have been included and some of the scenes weren't exactly show stoppers, the overall quality of the picture, the attractive cast and the hardcore sex they had, made this a good offering for fans on a budget. Rather than focus on the limitations, I'm choosing to look at the big picture and it seems to tell me that Frank was on a roll back when these were made (the first two and second two were shot together from what I gathered) so I look forward to the next set coming out soon.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of newer performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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