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Ass Worship 6

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/23/04

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Ass Worship 6: Special Extended 2 Disc Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Anal

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: August, Tyler Wood, Jayna Oso, Mark Wood, Sascha, Vanessa Blue, Jada Fire, Marco, Katja Kassin, Mandingo, Gia Paloma, Scott Lyons, Arnold Schwarzenpecker

Length: 217.5 minutes!

Date of Production: 9/15/2004

Extra's: With two discs worth of material, you know the extras are going to be great or that the movie itself is going to be jam packed with material. Disc two continued the movie itself with an additional 78.5 minutes of footage but also had 17.5 minutes of great deleted footage too and a fetish menu (but enema stuff?!? Ewwww!). Disc one had the usual photogallery, cast list, trailers and filmography. In all, while the extras weren't all that plentiful, the main feature was incredibly long, making the extras a bit redundant (after all, would you rather have more deleted footage or a longer…feature?).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot. For the most part, the colors were accurate and the visual composition well done by director Jules Jordan. There were some minor cases of lens flare, grain, and distracting back lighting but each of these problems were so rare that only an anal obsessive nitpicker would fuss too loudly about them. The same holds true for the occasional instance when Jules forgot to change the setting on his camera (usually when moving indoors) for the lighting. I suppose the only real bother for me was the occurrence of compression artifacts when watching the movie. Let's face it, there was a lot of footage on this two disc set and to maintain a high quality picture, some extra compression was needed. I watched the movie twice and noticed the biggest problem to be when I sped to another section (writing a review of a DVD this long requires me to go back and look at individual scenes) but you could see the blocky pixels otherwise here and there too. It wasn't frequent enough to greatly lower the rating of the picture quality but if your DVD player is overly sensitive, it could become a factor for you more than me. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English with minor separation between the channels and a decent dynamic range with most of the focus on the vocalizations of the gals, typically begging for more penis to fill whatever nook and cranny needed extra filling at the time. While nothing to tax a mid to high end stereo set up, it was well done enough that I forgot about it except when consciously trying to think about it.

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Body of Review: With all the gonzo porn on the market today, it can become difficult to decide what to choose for your personal pleasure. Most of the directors are simply following the trend of the moment but a handful of them stand out as leaders in the field. One of the most recognized such leaders is the infamous Jules Jordan; a man who has been claimed to single-handedly revitalize the Evil Angel empire with his brand of edgy, balls to the wall gonzo. Personally, I think he's still evolving, not at his peak yet and the other directors at Evil Angel are far from done with (Stagliano, Silvera, and Leslie are still better at so-called "old school" gonzo) but the writing is on the wall about the subject. I haven't seen much of his work until this year but he continues to improve and his heated vision of porn is causing ripples in the industry with all the followers chasing his lead so is it any wonder that his latest work, Ass Worship 6: Special Extended 2 Disc Set, was so intense? The movie was so long it had to be spread out on two discs and the casting was so well done that pretty much everyone into gonzo will have something to enjoy. Without getting ahead of myself, here's a look at the show, noting that all the cast took anal with a smile:

Scene One: August, an attractive, lean gal wearing a tight bikini, started off the show with the usual tease footage. This is something that Jules excels at, especially when his cast has such a great rump as she did here. Whether it was her walking away from the camera inside or playing outside by the pool; the girl had it going on. Her partner for the scene was the fairly generic Tyler, who looked like he was on an early release program from the state penitentiary, and he began using her by oiling up that sweet ass for the camera in a continuation of the tease. His penis was kind of small but she treated it as though it were the best thing in the world when giving the oral, leaving streamers at times and jerking him off while engulfing it all the way down. He then took her from behind in doggy (her ass in the air looked great) on the noisy lounge chair for a while before they moved inside (with more tease footage). They had some more vaginal sex before he spread her ass apart with toys to prepare her for a pounding anal (with ATM). Her vocalization about "fucking that ass" was pretty hot too. This was reported to be her first anal and she's the cutie on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover if you want to take a gander at her sweet body but you'll have to see her in action to find out how much energy she had here (with some nice chemistry to boot)! It ended with a large facial and lasted for the better part of 45 minutes (a long time but worth every second).

Scene Two: Jayna, the lean gal on the far left side of the front DVD cover, was up next. Her tease started outside where she wore the same outfit as the cover; a black top and yellow shorts (shades of killer bees!). Her curves were slighter than August's but I've seen her burn up the screen with her moves so my expectations were high as she walked inside the house. Typically, I like my performers a bit curvier but she has come a long way in my eye to changing that opinion in recent months and this scene was no exception. After stripping, she got a bit extreme by giving herself a milk enema (yuck) and farting some of it out (the heat level was dropping quickly for me) but it wasn't long before Mark and Sascha were on hand to take advantage of this gal's sexual talents (hopefully, to make me forget her licking up the milk on the floor that came out of her ass). She stretched her ass with toys to prepare for their arrival, using a huge dildo on her pussy as well, before the guys took turns getting oral and tapping her fine body. Things progressed to them doing a DP on her with all the usual circus act sex and ATM's but aside from the acts themselves, fans should be made aware that her energy levels, chemistry, and performance were all top notch. Even the guys were in rare form here; giving her all they had as she begged for more (in a most inviting manner). It ended when she licked up their spew from a glass table, having helped to jerk them off their instead of her face.

Scene Three: Vanessa, and, Jada, were up next after they teased the camera outdoors. They were shown in the upper middle of the front DVD cover but fans of very curvy black women will know exactly who they were. While not the most attractive gals in the face, they had the kind of bodies made for comfort, not for speed and after some lesbian licking to get warmed up, they took the show inside where a tied up Marco was the object of their attentions. They stretched themselves out with toys and did some of the usual taste testing but that was all an aside to the action where they dominated the guy who did all that they commanded (licking them all over, for example). The gals got in on the oral too, sucking him off before riding him in both holes (each gal too). There was also spanking and lots of vocals so you'll be in for a great show here and even someone not really into the gals (like me) will find it very hot. There was lots of energy and both gals proved their ability to milk a nut to completion with a kind of spark usually reserved for the better performers. They ended with a facial that had some cum swapping and swallowing as a treat to fans too.

Scene Four: Katja, the redhead featured on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover with the great ass, has been something of a phenomenon over the last year in the porn industry so you'd have to have been stuck in a cave with Osama Bin Laden to be unaware of her presence in the industry. Starting the scene with lots of tease dressed in a black bikini top and a set of pink short shorts, I had little worry that she'd be any less energetic than the other gals in the movie. To be blunt; she's never let me down and her unique look has been something of a godsend for fans sick of the Barbie doll type so often featured in porn (although admittedly, I do like that type too). If a more talented cocksmith exists in porn at this time, I'd like to know who it is since I'm very familiar with the talent pool these days and Katja is top grade pussy and ass. After showing her assets by the pool, she moved inside to give the camera some more before taking on one of the largest meat puppets in porn; Mandingo. Normally, a gal isn't expected to fully satisfy this guy since his penis is something best described as a small child's arm but Katja's special and her abilities reach far beyond those of mortal men (and women). Warming herself up with a knobby glass dildo, she was soon sucking him off with the kind of energy reserved for the greats of porn, using eye contact, lots of slobber for the streamers, and tongue action to get him very wet (something needed for what was about to take place). She took him very deeply into her pussy but balls deep into her sweet ass (with ATM action). From her erect nipples to the Goosebumps on her legs to her moaning for more, it was readily apparent that she enjoyed the scene a whole lot and if sparks flew from some of the earlier scenes, lightning bolts came out of this one, ending with cum gargling and swallowing. Whew!

Scene Five: Gia, one of this year's true up and comers, was featured on the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, wearing a stripper version of the infamous Catgirl outfit worn by Halle Berry this year. I loved the outfit and only wish the tease took place outside since natural lighting goes well with natural bodies and any scene following Katja's magnificent work is going to face an uphill climb. Gia has an energy all her own though and for nasty, trampy performances, she's easily in the top ten of her field so while the likelihood of her performance topping Katja was minimal, I could safely say that Jules knew what he was doing when he selected her for this scene (he seems to try to cover a lot of different bases in order to broaden the appeal of his work). She was hot and fresh in this scene and after providing some lengthy tease footage, including shoving a large dildo "tail" up her ass, she took on Mark, Scott, and Arnold. There was a ton of oral, lots of straight and a bountiful booty of anal with major DP action taking place before the DAP (double anal penetration with two cocks in her ass at once). I can safely say she lived up to her reputation here of being one of the hotter slutty types and this was her best scene to date.

Summary: I'm willing to admit when a performer doesn't appeal to me but I still give them a chance to impress me; after all, that's part of why a review exists. That wasn't as big an issue here since only one scene had gals that I'm not into but even then, the sex was great. Further, the other scenes were so heated, so technically solid and so appealing to me, I knew right away that I was watching something special. For the huge amount of footage, the excellent cast, and all the other factors that go into making a great movie, I'm rating this one a DVD Talk Collector Series. The sexual performances were among the best I've seen all year from these gals, the settings complimentary, and all but a few moments of weirdness were superior to the vast majority of the releases on the market today. Jules may still be improving but the writing is on the wall with regard to his eventual dominance of gonzo porn; the man has the golden touch (and the golden eye). If you're one of those fans that wants to see it all; from the tease to the oral to the anal with everything in-between and all the tricks of the trade, you'll have to watch this DVD set.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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