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Double or Nothing

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 12/1/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo Group Compilation
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
STARS: Sylvi, Noemi, Andy Brown, Liz Honey, Angelina, Melissa Black, Kathy Anderson, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Tony Ribas, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Manuel Ferrara
LENGTH: 150 mins with bonus material

Once again, it's time to sing the praises of a good old fashioned muffin stuffin.' You can hear the Dirge preaching, can't you? A hardcore hump-a-thon where it's five guys, two gals and more cock in craw or crack than you'll witness in a woodpile of porn titles. No storyline to soften the body blows, no dialogue to dummy up the dive-bombing. Nope, just flat out nuclear nookie where the radiation really randies up the rauchiness. Girls being used like glorified orifices without concern for their pleasure...and perhaps pain. Men enjoying the sight, the security, the SMELLS of other men as they share snatch in an Ironman attitude of pussy parlaying.

Such is the world of Manuel Ferrara, a fierce, craven kingdom where ladies are larded with more guy glock than they could ever imagine existed, including double and triple helpings. It's a place where pork is prized and the parameters of the pluck and pierce are held in the highest esteem. In this terrain where the lewd lounge among the gapes and gaits, where penis prowess in measured in miles, not inches, lives the legend of Double or Nothing. In this twisted rubric's triptych of titillation, no holds are barred, no position is prevented, and all roads lead to the release of the sacred sack sauce. For nearly 150 minutes, we witness a trilogy of testaments to the temerity and tenacity of tools and twats. So breathe deep, fellow fuck fans, and drink in the demented thunder doming this DVD delivers.

The DVD:
Manuel Ferrara, a fan favorite in front of the camera, has now decided to try his hand at helming the hardcore, and if Double or Nothing is any indication of his potential, the man has got the skills to thrill the gills. This Parisian ponce, with an uncut baguette that makes the ladies swoon with supersized delight, obviously believes in the concept that one can never say 'nyet' to another surfeit. With quite a few titles to his name, including the well regarded Anal Expedition series and the equally enticing Euro Girls Never Say No collection, he really excels at capturing sex in a no-frills, maximum fuck fire fashion. Double or Nothing is no exception. Using several evocative European hotties, in connection with some equally convincing continental cock (Michael Stefano and John Strong seem to be the only outright American performers in this global gangbang), Ferrara attempts to set the Guinness Book of World Record's mark for most positions performed in a single sex scene. Amazingly enough, he usually succeeds. This film is brutal, a bold statement to an almost mortifying machismo mannerism of treating women like dirty cheap grim whore hosebags. If the gals didn't look like they were enjoying it so much, the Geneva Convention would have to be notified for potential wanton war crimes.

In all seriousness, Double or Nothing can be quite impressive. And as you look over the general set up of this review, you will notice a few important novelties. First, there are indeed only three scenes (though each segment does have multiple parts). Since the film is approximately two hours and twenty minutes long, that means each individual sequence lasts an astonishing, and exhausting, 45 to 50 minutes. Also, because so many different dick and dumper/penis and pussy particulars are explored in these marathons to monkey lovin', it is impossible to write out complete act descriptions. So instead, a laundry list of lewdness has been used to indicate the varied voltroning that occurs between the performers. Individually, the effectiveness of the sex is strangely reliant on the people, not the positions, meaning that even the more hyperactive hound dogging can result in a less than satisfying sense of shark. Let's begin by looking at all that happens in:

Scene 1: Sylvi, Noemi, Tony Ribas, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Manuel Ferrara
Acts Performed: Part 1: Sylvi and Manuel Ferrara (holding camera) Cabaret/ Fingering/ A to M/ Tit Play/ Blowjob/ Cowgirl/ Reverse Cowgirl/ V to M/ $hot in Mouth
Part 2: Noemi, Sylvi and the Men Blowjob with Lollipop Action/ Vaginal Lollipop Fucking/ Anal Lollipop Taunting/ Doggy/ Dueling Head/ Kissing/ Face Fucking/ Foot Job/ Tit Sucking/ Standing Cowgirl/ Ball Action/ Cunnilingus/ Straight Anal/ Multiple DP from Reverse Cowgirl Position/ Multiple DP from Cowgirl Position/ DP from Standing Cowgirl Position/ Massive V to M, Individual and Shared/ Massive A to M, Individual and Shared/ Gaping/ Anal Spooning. Pile Drive/ Spitting/ Deep Throating/ Multiple $hot in Mouths/ Snowballing
Part 3: Noemi and Manuel Ferrara (on camera) Mouth Fisting/ Kissing/ Tit Pinching/ Blowjob/ Spitting/ Foot Job/ Ass Eating/ Salad Tossing, Female/ Vaginal Spooning/ Anal Spooning/ Anal Doggy/ Toe Sucking/ Salad Tossing, Male/ Aggressive Fingering/ Face Slapping/ Squirting/ $hot in Face

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One of the first things you notice about these scenes is that Ferrara is far from a passive observing. Right from the get go, he is jumping in with full johnson and getting his jollies jolted just like everyone else. Sometimes he will indulge his dong in the first person, POV, handheld camera mode. We, the audience, are then in the place of this panderer as he gets his log licked. Other times, he steps from behind the lens to launch his limb with reckless abandon. One thing about the sex in a Manuel Ferrara film, it is not light and fluffy. This is hard assed humping, balls to the wall licentiousness that occasionally borders on the violent and the violating. Each of the lovely ladies here can only be categorized as exceptional troopers, as they are drilled and dragged out like an about-to-be-recalled blow-up doll. Like the XXX equivalent of a Timex watch, they take nearly an hour of sticking and just keep on flicking.

From a pure performance standpoint, this is sloppy, near surreal personal plowing, with more than enough elements of erotica to satisfy even the most persnickety porn proclivity. The 'call and response' nature of the naughtiness can occasionally be a little too whiplash wild. Just as we get comfortable with a couple (or trio, or quartet), the camera swerves to sample yet another variation of vice. The best moment here, therefore, is when Mr. Ferrara leaps from the director's chair and gives Noemi a more-than-good going over. This couple really steams up the scenery when they get down to advanced ant hilling. And any chance to see a comely lass cop a sexual squirt is the liquid icing on the cake. Like trying to open a long dormant safe, or concocting a delicious chunk of cheesecake, the right ingredients in the proper amounts makes all the difference in the world. Aside from certain aspects of Scene 3, this is the best bit of glam slamming in the set. Just make sure you're properly hydrated and have rested sufficiently before moving on to the next batch of babe broasting. Score: 8 out of 10.

Scene 2: Andy Brown, Liz Honey, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Tony Ribas
Acts Performed: Setting #1: Lesbian Cabaret/ Stripping/ Foreplay/ Blowjobs/ Hand jobs/ Dueling Head/ Face Fucking/ Doggy, Vaginal and Anal/ Cowgirl, Vaginal and Anal/ Reverse Cowgirl, Vaginal and Anal/ Multiple DP from Reverse Cowgirl Position/ Multiple DP from Cowgirl Position/ DP from Standing Cowgirl Position/ Multiple $hot in Mouths.
Setting #2: Toe Sucking/ Foot Fucking/ Spooning, Vaginal and Anal/ Scissors/ Tit Slapping/ Anal Pile Driver/ Ball Action/ Gaping O'Plenty/ A to M/ Salad Tossing/ Straight Anal/ $hot in Ass/ Cum Crapping

Okay, here is the opposite end of the spork spectrum for Manuel and his group grope maneuvering. For some reason, the addition of Stefano and Strong seems to lower the lustiness in the scene, though not for anything they do. Perhaps it's just too much cock and not enough coot. Maybe it's the overwhelming mendacity of the lovemaking (no one seems really into it). Or it could be, that after already sitting through an hour of hot, happenstance humping, our propensity probes are down for a necessary revamp and reset. Whatever the reason, this second session of carpet licking babe bombing is just too much of a mostly mundane thing. Instead of registering on the scale of salaciousness, this ripe bit of bodice raping is overkill in electrolytes. It is not until one of the wenches gets wicked with a pair of these prigs that we experience anything remotely passing itself off as passion. But even then, the final moment where our lady pinches off a load loogie directly from her swollen sphincter is a bit much to tolerate, especially in way-too-extreme close-up. Taking into account all the cistrons, both pro and con, this still scintillating scene warrants an above average grade, if merely as compensation for the surplus of snatch antics. Score 6.5 out of 10.

Scene 3: Angelina, Melissa Black, Kathy Anderson, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Manuel Ferrara
Acts Performed: Part 1: Angelina and Manuel Ferrara (holding camera) Groping/ Touching/ Cabaret/ Tit Play/ Finger Sucking/ Blowjob/ No $hot
Part 2: Angelina, Melissa Black, Kathy Anderson, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte Blowjobs/ Cowgirl, Vaginal and Anal/ Reverse Cowgirl, Vaginal and Anal/ Multiple DP from Reverse Cowgirl Position/ Multiple DP from Cowgirl Position/ DP from Standing Cowgirl Position/ Double Dick in Ass/ Gaping O'Plenty/ Massive V to M, Individual and Shared/ Massive A to M, Individual and Shared/ Substantial Salad Tossing, Male and Female/ Gape Eating/Spitting/ Deep Throating/ Multiple $hot in Mouths/ Snowballing/ Swallowing
It's back to our original ideal with this final fuck formation. Ferrara starts us off with a little pre-performance piston popping, as he gets Angelina to taste and tease his torpid tool. While she's not the most evocative performer there is a real 'lost in her own wounded world', 'deer in the high beams' ideal about her persona at least she knows how to treat man meat. The final free-for-all is also missing another member of the original orgy posse. For some reason, Mr. Ribas does not return, and frankly, he really isn't missed. Between the three ladies, the four main marauders and Ferrara's sideline spelunking, this ribald revelry easy matches the brazen ballistics of the initial group glory holing. Again, there is still a too-much-of-a-gratuitous good thing going on here, an overwhelming wave of debauchery that threatens to drown the aficionado in rump roasting. If taken in moderate, fractioned doses, Double or Nothing will more than binary up your delights. Too much though could be deadly. Score: 7.5 out of 10.

If there is such a thing as partaking of a hazardous amount of pornography, Double or Nothing will definitely provide such a XXX OD. Far be it for the Dirge to say it, but it is quite possible that this is the most hardcore action he has ever seen in a scene compilation (and he's reviewed those Cherry Boxxx chores featuring 20 sequences of sex). The amount of ass amperage and cunt conductivity presented is just amazing, and it's hard to fathom how the ladies involved managed to survive such a cohering. They go beyond the basic parameters of human capability to turn this twisted twat-a-thon into something expressionistic and phantasmagoric. All personal safety and sanity aside, Double or Nothing is the perfect product for people who enjoy DP, anal and the 'big man-small girl' dynamic. While none of the players here are superstar attractive, they manage the amazing task of being both used up and nice-looking at the same time. Though there is a reliance on the rather redolent raccoon-eyed look among these promiscuous waifs, they do provide the necessary snicks for our guys to ply with pud putty. Obviously something this over the top is not for everyone. But if you give it a chance, you'll probably get a lot more than zilch from this celebration of cluster fucking.

The Video:
As with most camcorder creations, Double or Nothing can suffer from too many handheld hindrances focus pulling being the most prevalent. Amazingly, Manuel manages to keep most things crystal clear as he fills his 1.33:1 full screen frame with sharpened sex, even in first person POV mode. While there is no artistic pretense or fancy schmancy attributes to pretty up the perversion, Ferrara still has an interesting compositional conceit that gladdens the Dirge. He understands that by staying away from too many close-ups and extreme angles, the passion of even the most hysterical hump-fest can be palpable and prevalent. Whether behind or before the camera, this smut maestro really knows his naughtiness. Aside from all the pork product, the visual element adds a great deal to Double or Nothing's erotic excellence.

The Audio:
Like a rollercoaster ride of the ribald, this is one schizophrenic soundscape. Half the time, the performers appear to be purposefully keeping their mouths closed (perhaps to cover up their varying locale accents???). Other times, they are screaming so loudly that Zeus himself would demand that they cut that noisy shit out! Be prepared to rush for the remote during certain sequences, less your neighbors think you are a professional horndog (or, more than likely, a vicious serial killer). The Dolby Digital Stereo is clean and hiss free, but that doesn't mean that there's not annoying facets to the audio attributes here. If you like your fuck and suck on the bombastic, shrill side, you'll love the decibel bending boisterousness of Double or Nothing.

The Extras:
Of the rather routine bonus material here, the most outstanding has to be the additional footage, featuring the filmmaker and his favorite fleshpot:

Bonus Scene: Angelina, Manuel Ferrara
Obviously filmed as part of this presentation, but left for the cutting room floor for length concerns, this added bit of ball and suck-it between the blank blond Angel and our mighty man of the hour is fairly straightforward and rather refreshing. Manuel is still a little too aggressive (just what is all that mouth fisting and oral orifice spreading about???), but such bravado really helps when you're jacking off some chick. After finding a private place to fuck, the couple kisses and fondles each other. Immediately moving into some salad tossing, Mr. Ferrara is all over Angie's pussy, giving it the old finger licking sticking. After getting his pole pulled, Manny is ready to rumble and he rousts Angel's aqueduct in the mish, spoon, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and standing stump pump positions. After some additional oral and a little groin gaping, Angel is ready to unload. Manuel loosens her juices and she squirts all over her primed paramour. He responds with the standard face full of funk spunk. As with any time he is actually onscreen, Manuel does a dynamite job in the shaft sturm and dong drang. Angelina knows how to respond in proper porn parameters, meaning we get a nice bit of audible arousal during the scene. Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Everything else here pales in comparison. There is an 8-minute striptease feature which gives the gals additional cabaret screen time (it's nothing very special) and 5 minutes of photo shoot sequences that really don't add anything to the film or its presentation. And aside from seeing said still photos, there is no need for a gallery here, nor do we require the unnecessary web access information. Thankfully, the extra scene makes the added elements worth at least one look.

Final Thoughts:
Every once in a while, you have to clear away the cobwebs of compassion, toss aside the salad of the sedate and just get down and dirty with a delicious diversion of in-depth dicking. While it can become far too much of a groin grind thing, Double or Nothing really stands out in the ersatz gonzo realm of the actor/auteur. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Manuel Ferrara's master class in cunt and ass earns a very respectable 8 out of 10 and is highly recommended. If you don't go in for outrageous orgies where nothing is forbidden and every facet of fucking is explored, you will probably despise everything that happens during these scenes. Couples should also be warned that much of the material here tends to harbor an attitude that women are only good for being used and borderline abused. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is withheld. As with most up and coming creators of carnality, there is a tendency to rely on the tried and true to sell their vision of vice to the public. Here's hoping that Ferrara only gets more fierce and frisky. Double or Nothing heralds a watershed in wicked wildness. Just remember, exposure to this much non-stop sharking can result in a dimension of desensitized delight. And no one wants to have their preference for porn plundered, do they?

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